Jumps/Meterage 8-13 to 8-17-20 [UPDATE8]


Krikey. Last night was intense, and we were fasting. Others must be feeling it even more.

Here’s how it looked:










Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 7.23.28 AM
Remember, this is Tomsk time, so 14 is midnight PDT.

We might still be in the midst of a jump right now. Sure feels like it. BREATHE SOURCE through it, and be sure to Ground yourselves well, so the energy has somewhere to go, just like an electrical circuit.

Ugh. So far, every month of 2020 has been worse than the previous one, energywise. At least most CATs are eating again. Four days was enough. How Brother J did it 10 times longer — and yogis for 120 days! — is something we’ll have to revisit. In another lifetime.

Take me to the Taco Timeline, please!



Everyone up and at ’em. The ca8al is using their weather machinery to jack up temperatures in California to start their next artificial “fire season.” A fire is already burning in S. CA. Please everyone imagine perpetual light buckets pouring over Northern CA, CentralCA, Southern CA… and then the whole state. This will also help with hindering child trafficking activities.


From now on, important UPDATES and posts will use an asterisk [*].


We should of course open the POUR to all the other fire and explosion sites, if you haven’t already. As for the energy… we had another timeline jump, etc…. and CATs are reporting “head spikes” and body heat, but what else is new? And yes, our ears always ring, too.








And it looks like the earth AND sun (and the solar system) are getting WHOMPed by energy from… beyond. Still tracking it down.


And a weird florp:



Ugh. Energy from the portals is killing us. But the normies are waking up. Can you feel it?

Meanwhile, here’s the other side of that jump:



The following energy spikes are recent; you may or may not have felt ’em:







Now, if we could get SECCHI data in a reliable fashion, we could predict all kinds of terrestrial somatic effects… but we usually get it 4-10 days late. Here’s what we mean.

We call these BAPs. Here are three recent ones:




What you’re seeing is the sensor on the spacecraft totally swamped with energy from Portal One, the portal inside the sun. When this happens, the energy goes into our local portal system (portals are natural features that branch to all parts of the omniverse, like… well, the biggest tree in the omniverse), and blasts all CATs into oblivion since we so close to some. This effects other things as well, but it usually takes a few days for the energy to filter to everyone else.

And here’s a recent CME we found that NASA failed to report, thanks:

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 11.56.27 AM
This might affect us… on… the 15th or 16th.

There was also a little flare/CME today:

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 12.12.14 PM

That’s enough for today. Are we there, yet?

Oh. Guides keep poking us to share this in the post. We don’t want to, but they say it’s necessary. Some “truth” inside The Illusion:

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 10.23.43 PM

Disgusting, but as many of you know, nothing is real in an illusion, so regard it with equanimity.

In the meantime, CATs remain prisoners of the alkaloids:


(Psst… caffeine is an alkaloid.)


More timeline jumps/adjustments, as some commenters already noticed, and perhaps a post-BAP (BAP: energy burst from Portal One) WHOMP (WHOMP: huge influx of energy) developing:









Well. We had a CME earlier… AND a huge (SP?) sphere-ship just exited the sun, perhaps the latter inducing the former:

That’s a Neutrals’ ship exiting Portal One, about ten times the size of Jupiter. We can’t see who they are. Shielded. Jeez, does everyone have ships 10x the size of Jupiter?

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 1.24.37 PM

We’re trying to see past their shielding. If they’re Positive, or Neutrals LEANING Positive, they’ll ‘recognize’ us and allow us to say hi. Stay tuned. If there’s any energy from this earth-facing blast, it will probably hit us around the 19th/20th… but nothing out of the ordinary. Looks more like a portal transit response.


Some big CMEs shooting everywhere but at earth. Still, we’ll feel some effects…


Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 8.01.26 AM

…and a huge WHOMP/jump in progress:










And… another CME, this one earth-facing:



…and another florp:




No joke, this was us last night:


Energy from portals — energy peculiar to our own CAT upgrades, for specific purposes — was a 14 on a 10 scale. Incredible. Yet… we did not die. No, really.

Also, to answer a bunch of recent questions:

  • YES, those are DUMBs being eradicated in OZ, and that is the source of that lockdown
  • Yes, U.S. Dems are angling to cause vote-by-mail mayhem to stall U.S. election results so Nancy Pelosi becomes President. This won’t happen, of course, but that’s what they’re trying for. What a nightmare that would be.
  • Some of the recent CMEs are actually from enormous (Neutral) ships exiting the sun, going to various bases in the solar system. ETs continue to jockey for position for post-SHIFT earth 1, earth 2… etc.
  • Some psychics are saying that the toidreps in the UK have vacated… but they’re still there. There are far too many psychics setting too little protection and allowing all kinds of Neg/Neut disinfo to propagate. Very annoying.
  • The electrical storms in CA are being directly influenced by all that SOURCE energy pouring into the state, as well as elsewhere. This process brings more SOURCE to whatever it’s pouring on and we fully support that.



297 thoughts on “Jumps/Meterage 8-13 to 8-17-20 [UPDATE8]

  1. It’s interesting how the latest comments shift from one subject and then back to another. Kinda’ like a wave action. My comment for the day is that even tho’ it’s going to be hot here for the next 3 days, this Saturday morning is remarkably pleasant. I’ve been joyously setting sprinklers since 7:00, now I’m going to place flags where the new hostas that came yesterday go for Gardener to plant Monday. The offshore flow has started which brings heat so I’ve closed the house for the day. I’m going to spend the next 3 afternoons reading and napping. Here in this mountain valley it doesn’t matter how hot it gets during the day because after a certain time, the cool night air descends from the 6500 foot mountain behind the house. There is still some snow up there so it is natures air-conditioning. (sending some of that to you Lily) Other than that, Gang, I plan to just BE! Cheers

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  2. CAT(s) & M’s & SuperFriends!!

    I follow/read a site jimstone.is/ but you need to type this in-to your address bar, can’t bookmark it also

    Anywhoo, this is one of the postings –
    “It appears Trump’s brother got drunk and went on an extended very salient twitter rant
    There are a few people claiming in social media that this Twitter has to be fake, but I looked into this very closely and it does not appear to be fake. If anyone rips this, and rips me, saying it is fake, don’t buy that without scrutinizing that claim closely. I obviously can’t prove this is real, but there’s no evidence at all that it is not real. Read it and LOL, this is a long and good one, and for strong supporting evidence it’s probably real, scroll to the bottom.”

    HOW-EVER, when I went to https://twitter.com/UncleRobTrump, the account had been suspended
    This is something (that I am intuiting) that will (behind the scenes) “piss Trump off”.
    https://twitter.com/search?q=%40UncleRobTrump&src=typed_query are replies to the tweets from the “suspended” account.

    As an Australian/Kiwi, there are many many issues that the Northern Hemisphere experiences that do not concern me on a day-to-day basis. HOW-EVER, this is one that is “of interest”, as to how this would affect me & Australia/NZ.

    DinMelbourne (Victoria, Australia)

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    1. I, too, have been very curious about the Uncle Rob account. The bombs that guy was dropping made it seem like it couldn’t possibly be real. And I still wasn’t convinced when Jim Stone wrote that he thought it was legit. Then the account got suspended, and then Robert Trump died on the night of the 15th! What the heck is happening? Was the account simply a fake, or was it real enough to get him killed, or was the whole thing some inscrutable psyop? So weird.

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  3. CAT(s) & M’s & SuperFriends hello again!

    May I ask a question?? Is the following “true” / “truth-full” / “of truth” ??

    Quark – Home | Facebook_this is the bombing in Melbourne, Australia overnight. Blowing the tunnels. This now proves everything. This is why they are saying cases. This is why you are locked down and on curfews.
    I do not have a facebook account, so I’m not able to provide a direct link.


    For those of you who are reading this who are *not* in Melbourne & have no idea what we in Melbourne are experiencing, the ONLY shops we have open are Coles & Woolies & IGA (our grocery shops) & https://www.costco.com.au/covid-updates & health food shops & pharmacies & banks & restaurants are take-away or delivery ONLY, we are experiencing a $200 fine if we don’t wear a face-mask outside our homes, nightly curfews (we can’t leave our homes between 8PM and 5AM unless we are an “essential worker”), we can’t travel beyond a 5 kilometre radius from our homes – again, we are fined (which is quite annoying as there are health food shops that are out-side this “barrier” that I would like to purchase food from). I have found four shops with-in the 5 kilometre radius, but I can’t travel with my partner to a Costco & do a huuuuge meat shop & fill my freezer up (there is not a Costco within 5kms of us). AND we are not “supposed” to be outside our homes for longer than an HOUR a day. AND I can’t do my job.

    I am a pretty stoic & resilient person & it is “interesting” to watch those in the same industry as I am “cope” with the restrictions.


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    1. We’ll have a look. It’ll be a day or two, as CATs don’t meet on weekends, typically. (We can look individually, but we like to have a ‘consensus-look,’ as it’s the most comprehensive.)

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thankyou so much for “having a look”! *hugs to CAT(s) & M’s & SuperFriends*

        When-ever you are able to, is fine with me (and other Melbournians who are lurking *hiiiii*! & others who are interested in our “little dot on the map” so-to-speak)

        Time is now 06:17 AM Sunday 16th August, & I do wish I didn’t deal with insomnia….but, it’s due to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis / Histamine Intolerance / Methylation / Pyroluria which is due to Vitamin/Mineral deficiencies & *my* Soul’s Journey/Soul’s Contract – Energy Clearings / Energy Healings will “fix me right up” – just have to pay for this! (and yes, my poor liver is struggling…)

        off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..


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        1. Sending Love DinMelbourne ❤️ Sounds like something pretty big is going on in your neck of the woods….

          Hang on in there, Big Hugs 🤗❤️🤗

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          1. Thankyou very much for your “great vibes” lily144!

            I feel like there is a “caldron” of *energy* under my feet as I am walking around the streets of Melbourne. Like **some-thing** is going to/about to “explode”. As I was walking around the streets of the CBD in March I was intuiting that it was a great time for “the government” to accelerate the building of “infrastructure” with-out us pesky humans “getting in the way”.

            Thanks for the hugs, I’m pretty resilient / stoic / self-reliant / self-composed / self-sufficient, but, I’d really like to get my-self home to Brisbane & hug my 80-something year old Mum & before that, annoy/hang out with my friends & rellies in Sydney.


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          1. Thankyou SO MUCH for your Empathy Delfina Gasoido / Cristina! Yes, it does suck, but, I did choose this as my Soul’s Journey / Soul’s Contract.
            However, I am much more healthier than I was in my 20’s (I’m 50 next April).
            Energy Healings / Clearings are making this 3rd-density body feel muuuch better!


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            1. I don’t know Din, maybe I also signed this on my soul contract.
              But perhaps I did it like when they enlisted sailors in the Middle Ages, who got them drunk for free in the taverns of the ports and then made them sign their contracts to go out to sea.

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        2. I’ve been watching the situation in Melbourne with appalled fascination; so sorry you’re having to deal with such utter BS and sending you and your city a huge light pour….

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          1. Thankyou Kolibri! Melbourne & the rest of Australia need all the “good vibes” we can receive!

            The “general consensus” is to “hang in there” as much as we can, wear face-masks, socially-distance & not be out after 8PM….


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    2. Hi Din,
      I did read there was a very large fire at a battery factory early in the morning about a week ago.
      Thanks for looking into it Cats

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        1. hi, @ Din,
          To hang in there is too easy, by now. We can ACT.
          If you wish, pour down some mighty SOURCE-Light pitchers
          on your Pine Gap, right in the center of Australia, in full force.
          I’ll do it, too.
          In 2014/15 we were told, a massive Neg base is there.
          It was a BIG battle. Hope we annihilated it for good.

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  4. D*mn, I’m not a fan of being nudged to write about this and the feeling is a little different here, but I sense why…
    I’ve been experiencing some things, body related conditions – won’t go into and I haven’t mentioned any of it here. I have been asking about it all, today info seems to be –
    re-experiencing things in a way that the body has been through earlier in my life and some related to a time that things happened, not early life related, that in a QHHT session I was told (by my higher self or whatever) it wasn’t necessary to have in my conscious memory, blocked off – I almost ‘lost it’ just touching on it in the session…
    Anyway, I haven’t been able to perceive what I’m to do concerning it all… just live through it, do something with it, learn something I haven’t already learned? … There isn’t really any emotions involved, just body conditions – pain, constriction, etc – I just haven’t been able to hear answers about what is happening and why – if there IS a why…
    There is also a different feeling, profound sadness that in perceiving isn’t related to people or even the Earth – seems closest to higher self, but can higher self be sad – don’t they know the higher reasons for the experiences anyway…

    I wasn’t going to ask anything here and just live through it all, but… here I am typing…
    Any insights I guess will be welcome…


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    1. Words don’t go far enough so here goes…Something to give some cheer I hope ❤️

      Come on, get your coat 😉

      Lots of Love & Light ❤️✨❤️

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    2. We are asked all the time to pour light here or pour light there.

      If you are not clear yourself, how can you pour clear light everywhere else?

      Pour light into yourself. Identify the places that hurt or seem dark when you perceive them from within.

      Make hard, safe ground to earth. Reach out to SOURCE. feed the source light into yourself and on down into earth. You will find more light coming from Gaia to add even more to YOU.

      RISE to the LIGHT.

      We are behind you, adding as we can.

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      1. oooo a map? ! I love maps. Can you tell us what is special about it?
        love love to all in the room

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  5. ✨🎂💖🌈 hello friends and Cat’s and Superfriends✨🎂💖🌈

    I simply wanna tell y’all Hello ✨🎂💖🌈 and that I feel love to y’all✨🎂💖🌈
    I still have ringing ears like crazy and feel so tired.

    The story about Modema is interesting and yes my former husband worked for Bayer and I didn’t liked the energy. I lived 4 years in Leverkusen and was so many times ill.
    But from all this contrast situation, was born the plan to move to Portugal and to open our own restaurant. So I was chef and sold my artworks (paintings on the wall of restaurant)

    And here I am in Portugal….free and in peace. We paid a high price for it but it was the right choice!

    I am eager to ascend with all you together
    and ✨🎂💖🌈Siffoo ✨🎂💖🌈 stay in your light and love

    I am still sending so much light to China
    maybee for this reason I am so tired Cat’s?

    going to bed now…. with all that cricket sound in my ears

    love Alnilam ✨🎂💖🌈

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      1. My new rescue kitten and dog are wearing me out. 🤣 Plus all the energy. 🙃 At least the new kitten loves to catch cicadas they are so aggressive this year. Even trying to get in the house!

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        1. SB. Lol. I echo that sentiment. Luna is a year old and has enough energy for ten kittens. I wouldn’t swap her for anything though, even though she wears us out wanting us to play. She brings us such joy and laughter. She did a rolling back flip today chasing the wand teaser toy. We don’t get circadas here but flies are a real pest. She thinks they are a cat toy and eats them. Eeew.😳💖😺

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        2. Cicada finally got in the house and she got it for me bless her. 😟 The dog and I just ran away she took it on brave kitten.

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    1. Alnilam. Thank you for your bubbly spirit. We lived in a small village that had a Bayer factory about a quarter of a mile from our house. It produced the most awful chemical fumes so that we would have to have all of the windows closed sometimes in summer. That was when my health deteriorated suddenly. I could not function, work or do more than one small task a day. I was totally weak and exhausted and it took me about five years to recover my former stamina. I was only in my thirties. None of the doctors ever diagnosed what it was, but I’m sure there was a link. I’m not living there now but have heard that they knocked it down and built houses there I’m glad to say.🤔💕

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      1. dear Lewlinn💖🌈

        yes indeed and I feel sorry for the time you suffered
        my mother allways told me this are the poison kitchens of the world

        well I was married with my former husband and we mostly lived in oversea
        but the hometown of Bayer is really from the vibes repugnant.

        There was a quarter with town houses near the Rhine river, people lived there and gett all ill.They discovered that it was before a chemical rubbish place, covered with gras and build houses…. it was a scandal!

        Do you see what is happening on our planet?
        We hopefully very soon will ascend to 5 D
        I had the dream about last october and I am confident it will happend

        love Alnilam 💖🌈

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      2. O_M_G, @ Newlynn!
        Find that amazing!

        Also connected to the Power of Sound –
        & Re. that spectacular Ohhhhhming father of the sweet babe,
        here some very interesting info:
        (According to my research, that gentleman in the pic is Merlin himself)

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  6. Is Camelot under the Tor? Did the UK become the base of the PTW because they needed to wipe out such light here? All the Cathedrals, all built on sites that were originally filled with Light? Was the UK once an incredible light filled place? Why did they (PTW, Royal Family choose the UK?

    Cannot believe I have been in this body 44 years and never asked that question?

    Much Love ❤️

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    1. hi, @ lily,
      to your very first question i got a big YESSS!
      The Glastonbury Tor is a huge mound, in fact.
      The word “Tor” stands for “Gate”, in German.
      Guess it degenerated to “door”

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  7. Sat. post nap report: It’s now about 93degrees F. at 4:30. Tolerable, went out to change sprinklers. I’m barely able to move or stand upright without my cane, however, the reason I posted this is because the quiet is DEAFENING! Somethin’ is up! Egads!!!

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  8. Hi All!
    I had a major energy drain today at 4ish pm central time. I guess something’s up. 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Some had mentioned smoke alarms going off without reason. I had that issue last week as well. I took the battery out after it had gone off the second time, only to learn that it is hard wired. So it chirped every 20 or so seconds without a battery. I couldn’t handle that either so I put the battery back in and it went off again. My husband ended up ripping it out of the wall 😆.
    Have a joyful day All!
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. And a bit more strangeness…
      I was watching a light hearted YT video on historical clothing, and about half way through the screen froze and my phone restarted itself. Ok, fine… I probably had too many apps open. So after the phone restarted I closed all apps except the ad blocking browser I watch YT on. I got back to the place where I left off on the video, and it froze and my phone restarted again. Third time’s a charm, right? Nope. It happened again, and this time it made a weird noise before it shut down. So I guess I will try to finish watching that video tomorrow. This has only happened to me one other time months ago. Other than that, my phone never restarts itself and I have had that ad blocking browser for years. So either someone doesn’t want me to watch a video on historical clothing, or the energy is messing with my electronics. I am betting that it’s the latter.
      Fun times.

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  9. Three new posts on Terran Cognito’s blog site, two are throwbacks to 2015, before I’d discovered his site, regarding religion’s origins here and ties in the Epstein story. I have not yet had a chance to read and absorb all of it. The third post is about child trafficking and includes a video that I’ve seen elsewhere on other sites but is important and well-done. A lot of mind-boggling stuff.
    May all worlds host peace! Yours in Love, Light and Oneness, ❤ ❤ ❤

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  10. I am keeping myself busy with some old notebook which I disassembled, changed CPU as I bought used CPU, cleaned the thermal paste, put a new one, fixed the broken hinge, installed a new faster SSD drive, about to add additional RAM bank…. Now it is working as a charm 🙂

    Tried to improve my parents PC, adding more RAM, SSD, but ended up with non booting PC, probably a bad RAM bank which I bought as a new in a shop, dealing now with that, I think I will be able to get it working by swooping the motherboard with used one which I had at home laying around, will see 👍

    Maybe this is brought to my attention just to keep me busy while waiting, but in the same time to make a smile on my younger son as he used that old notebook to play a games on it and for a school, but beside improving that one, I found a used one which in the market, I will order it tomorrow from one guy who is selling it. My younger son will pay for it from his saving money, I will pay for a new SSD for it 😉. I am so glad to see him smiling over it, he can not wait to get it, I am soo happy when he is happy, he is my angel 👼

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  11. Regarding UPDATE6, as soon as I saw the animations, I voice in my head said “Those CME’s are for the other planets”.

    Hello “voice in my head”! Guides??


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  12. Cat Eds. Thanks for Update 6. My human energy barometer system, aka body, started producing data about 3pm UTC today which didn’t appear to have a cause. Fast heartbeat, wind (tmi sorry), then a tight band of pressure around my head and a headache. Now I know why. I also had to TTMB for an hour at 11.30 am . Weird day. Hope others here sailed through ok. 😳💖⛵

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  13. There are four more retro 2015 posts on Terran Cognito’s blog today. Three are very dense scientific papers from a CA think tank that I don’t believe this Boomer brain of mine wants to or needs to comprehend. The most recent post is about some possible space/time travel done by a recent former president that I had seen referenced elsewhere in the UFO community. Hmmmm…
    I am very tired. I sent Light to CA, Belarus, Australia, Taiwan and various other areas this evening. Each day this month seems like a week. To quote Joni Mitchell, “I wish I had a river that I could skate away on.” ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. 💖🌈much love to you lauraksmi 💖🌈

      I feel the same… sad because my daughter and grandchildren will fly back to their home in Germany. So I asked a dream to clarify what will happend in the near future and I saw us in aspaceship….

      love Alnilam 💖🌈

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  14. Space Weather News for August 17, 2020

    A SLOW-MOTION SOLAR FLARE AND CME: A solar flare surprised forecasters yesterday when it slowly exploded from a spotless region in the sun’s southern hemisphere. The flare sent a shock wave rippling through the sun’s atmosphere and hurled a CME into space. NOAA analysts say the CME could deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on Aug. 20th. Get the full story at Spaceweather.com.

    No sunspot was involved. The explosion occured in a spotless region of the sun’s southern hemisphere. A magnetic filament snapped, hurling debris far and wide. Some of that debris formed the core of a coronal mass ejection (CME), which has escaped the sun and is now billowing into the Solar System.

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  15. After about 6 hours of rest, I woke up quite late this am with my heart fluttering (felt like a strobe light, but in my heart) and Phil Collins’ song “Take, take me home” in my mind which I think I saw referenced in one of Terran cognito’s posts yesterday. Deep breaths to breathe in Source calmed my heart fluttering. Still feeling exhausted. I will need to TTMB.
    Terran is still posting. Three new posts this morning, two retro and long. I have not yet waded through all of them. The post about the origin of his name, his essence and his relationship to HATJ is fascinating. https://terrancognito.blogspot.com/
    I also read the first half of B. Fulford’s post for today. Falling asleep as I type this……<3 ❤ Laura

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  16. “Yes, U.S. Dems are angling to cause vote-by-mail mayhem to stall U.S. election results so Nancy Pelosi becomes President. This won’t happen, of course, but that’s what they’re trying for. What a nightmare that would be.”

    On Friday night I had a dream that I was in charge of counting ballots for “King County.” I thought I was done, but my friend kept finding missing ballots everywhere whenever I finished counting. I googled the location when I woke up, turns out it’s Seattle…which has favorable demographics for election tampering. Prophecy?

    Also thanks to the commenters that suggested South Dakota, I’m researching Sioux Falls (but the snow scares me).

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  17. Hi Cats, I’m so glad you all made it – upgrades intact.
    I had a really hard time sleeping last night…..maybe I heard the screaming….
    I hope you’re recovering nicely.

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  18. Being blasted silly at the moment. Strongest I’ve felt to date! Literally feel like I’m about to be flung out of my own body!


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  19. Ok… 😀 My brain has decided just now when looking at the Schumann for no particular reason as usual, that between the 3 & 4 mark ( 17-08-2020), right before the cut off to total blue – to me, there is a tiny Tardis – I’m ready for the trip to the next unknown… (I’ll go there) … without bad feelings for THIS semi-known…
    Right after my posting the other day about not understanding what my body was trying to tell me if it was doing anything except experiencing – I had felt some lessening of intensity and better able to flow with it… I’m never (I think) mad about what I’m experiencing, just don’t mostly understand why I’m to share it – took YEARS to just do it, esp when as a trained Massage therapist and before that a Home Health Aide you are trained (told) NOT to talk to or share things with patients or clients. took me years to realize there was always a reason on reflection or being told, by clients/patient that that had helped them… learned to let flow, whatever (with guidance), whatever came out… Well, THIS is taking a long tandent…
    Anyway right after that my mind started going to things I might enjoy doing in the next place of experiencing/living – how I’d like to live, things to enjoy doing without the self-consciousness or programming accepted to inhibit – esp singing and dance, gave up ballet at 8? due to some personal circumstances, similar happened with voice, but I loved doing both and art…perhaps there are more things I would enjoy even more…


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