Jumps/Meterage 8-13 to 8-17-20 [UPDATE8]


Krikey. Last night was intense, and we were fasting. Others must be feeling it even more.

Here’s how it looked:










Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 7.23.28 AM
Remember, this is Tomsk time, so 14 is midnight PDT.

We might still be in the midst of a jump right now. Sure feels like it. BREATHE SOURCE through it, and be sure to Ground yourselves well, so the energy has somewhere to go, just like an electrical circuit.

Ugh. So far, every month of 2020 has been worse than the previous one, energywise. At least most CATs are eating again. Four days was enough. How Brother J did it 10 times longer — and yogis for 120 days! — is something we’ll have to revisit. In another lifetime.

Take me to the Taco Timeline, please!



Everyone up and at ’em. The ca8al is using their weather machinery to jack up temperatures in California to start their next artificial “fire season.” A fire is already burning in S. CA. Please everyone imagine perpetual light buckets pouring over Northern CA, CentralCA, Southern CA… and then the whole state. This will also help with hindering child trafficking activities.


From now on, important UPDATES and posts will use an asterisk [*].


We should of course open the POUR to all the other fire and explosion sites, if you haven’t already. As for the energy… we had another timeline jump, etc…. and CATs are reporting “head spikes” and body heat, but what else is new? And yes, our ears always ring, too.








And it looks like the earth AND sun (and the solar system) are getting WHOMPed by energy from… beyond. Still tracking it down.


And a weird florp:



Ugh. Energy from the portals is killing us. But the normies are waking up. Can you feel it?

Meanwhile, here’s the other side of that jump:



The following energy spikes are recent; you may or may not have felt ’em:







Now, if we could get SECCHI data in a reliable fashion, we could predict all kinds of terrestrial somatic effects… but we usually get it 4-10 days late. Here’s what we mean.

We call these BAPs. Here are three recent ones:




What you’re seeing is the sensor on the spacecraft totally swamped with energy from Portal One, the portal inside the sun. When this happens, the energy goes into our local portal system (portals are natural features that branch to all parts of the omniverse, like… well, the biggest tree in the omniverse), and blasts all CATs into oblivion since we so close to some. This effects other things as well, but it usually takes a few days for the energy to filter to everyone else.

And here’s a recent CME we found that NASA failed to report, thanks:

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 11.56.27 AM
This might affect us… on… the 15th or 16th.

There was also a little flare/CME today:

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 12.12.14 PM

That’s enough for today. Are we there, yet?

Oh. Guides keep poking us to share this in the post. We don’t want to, but they say it’s necessary. Some “truth” inside The Illusion:

Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 10.23.43 PM

Disgusting, but as many of you know, nothing is real in an illusion, so regard it with equanimity.

In the meantime, CATs remain prisoners of the alkaloids:


(Psst… caffeine is an alkaloid.)


More timeline jumps/adjustments, as some commenters already noticed, and perhaps a post-BAP (BAP: energy burst from Portal One) WHOMP (WHOMP: huge influx of energy) developing:









Well. We had a CME earlier… AND a huge (SP?) sphere-ship just exited the sun, perhaps the latter inducing the former:

That’s a Neutrals’ ship exiting Portal One, about ten times the size of Jupiter. We can’t see who they are. Shielded. Jeez, does everyone have ships 10x the size of Jupiter?

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 1.24.37 PM

We’re trying to see past their shielding. If they’re Positive, or Neutrals LEANING Positive, they’ll ‘recognize’ us and allow us to say hi. Stay tuned. If there’s any energy from this earth-facing blast, it will probably hit us around the 19th/20th… but nothing out of the ordinary. Looks more like a portal transit response.


Some big CMEs shooting everywhere but at earth. Still, we’ll feel some effects…


Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 8.01.26 AM

…and a huge WHOMP/jump in progress:










And… another CME, this one earth-facing:



…and another florp:




No joke, this was us last night:


Energy from portals — energy peculiar to our own CAT upgrades, for specific purposes — was a 14 on a 10 scale. Incredible. Yet… we did not die. No, really.

Also, to answer a bunch of recent questions:

  • YES, those are DUMBs being eradicated in OZ, and that is the source of that lockdown
  • Yes, U.S. Dems are angling to cause vote-by-mail mayhem to stall U.S. election results so Nancy Pelosi becomes President. This won’t happen, of course, but that’s what they’re trying for. What a nightmare that would be.
  • Some of the recent CMEs are actually from enormous (Neutral) ships exiting the sun, going to various bases in the solar system. ETs continue to jockey for position for post-SHIFT earth 1, earth 2… etc.
  • Some psychics are saying that the toidreps in the UK have vacated… but they’re still there. There are far too many psychics setting too little protection and allowing all kinds of Neg/Neut disinfo to propagate. Very annoying.
  • The electrical storms in CA are being directly influenced by all that SOURCE energy pouring into the state, as well as elsewhere. This process brings more SOURCE to whatever it’s pouring on and we fully support that.



297 thoughts on “Jumps/Meterage 8-13 to 8-17-20 [UPDATE8]

  1. I did not feel it soo much, meditated before went to sleep, had some lucid dream which I now do not remember, and that was it for me, I do not see too much fuss about it 😎✨

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      1. Actually, I do believe that I also live near one portal, and in one comment earlier, I asked if You can check if I ended live near portal, soo if it is not a biggie, can You check that for me, if it is possible to do it at all ?

        Thank You 😉✨

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          1. It is OK, I understand 👍

            One time I saw ship appearing from nowhere, just above my house, and flew in a low pass over me while I was out walking the dog, sooooo, ohhhh well, soon everything will be known anyway 😉✨

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            1. Ha me too no joke I figure if you have weird stuff like that you have a portal or something like it anyway. And of course my dog was always with me. 🤣 Maybe it is a bunch of ET dogs coming low to bark at our dogs. 😇

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            2. All dogs and all cats have SOME space dog/space cat connection. All of them. And people who do violence to dogs, or to cats, are actually spirit-transplants reliving that old Cat/Dog space war from so long ago.

              -CAT Eds.

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            3. What was it that happened that long ago that made them go to war with eachother?

              Thinking about our cat and dog here at home – they really can be as ‘cat & dog’ at times😃 She (cat) thinks he (dog) is unsophisticated and blunt, while as he thinks she should let down the guard and lighten up a bit because he feels life is all about having fun and play🤣 And then there are the moments when they can be really, really sweet to eachother – both are amazing Beings and Teachers💖💖

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            4. Perica,
              Although my experience of
              seeing a ship was not like yours, it was interesting. In
              the early 90’s my son and I
              were standing on a cliff overlooking the Pacific, when
              suddenly we saw what was
              half of a good sized ship right
              in front of us! I assume we
              only saw half of it because it
              had either accidentally or
              deliberately decloaked! I am
              guessing accidentally!!


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            5. Similar thing happened to me in early 80s in Dubrovnik, I observed a big red light ball hovering over the harbor in the old city 200m from me, and that was my first experience like that, I was just a teen, and together with many times waking frozen in a bad, made me to believe that we are not alone, but thing started to go in a high gear just in a last two years 😉✨

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  2. Pheweee!

    I had dreams of The Shift last night. Laura Whitworth was with me and we were in an unknown building staring at the sky which was constantly changing with beautiful colours and patterns. So much more was happening but my alarm woke me and the jolt awake wiped most of my dream memory!

    Mmmm could just eat a taco!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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  3. Doing involuntary fasting over here.. but I guess that’s because nowadays I feel like I am way up in a masthead on a boat swaying from side to side.. Oh those waves!😉

    Take care All. You are awesome💖

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  4. I think I really do feel the downloads now. Seems like I’m more of a claircognizant type.

    Just today, the word “bifurcate” just popped up in my mind out of nowhere after musing about Source. And I rarely even used that word at all. It was so clear. Checking the meaning online, and it meant to split into two branches.

    So I immediately understood that means there must be a timeline splitting at this moment. Then checking up on this post, just confirmed what my mind was telling.

    I really can feel the synchronicity now.

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  5. I wonder if the recent whomp is what set off several smoke alarms in the house Tuesday night. Some kept going off even after changing batteries yesterday. Finally disconnected the one in my bedroom as it could not be quieted. If someone was trying to get my attention they were successful. (Me, my husband and a sleepy stink eye from the cat.)
    Also I made some Kailua with the most delicious, rich coffee and dark rum and a vanilla bean. It should be ready to drink in 3 weeks. I did it as a precautionary measure for the next potential lockdown. Cay

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    1. Sounds awesome, White Russian was my drug of choice for a long time but nowadays I can’t bring myself to buy the crap Kahlua(?) they sell in the store. I’m sure it will come in handy whatever drama manifests next.


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    2. Early Sunday morning, two house fire alarms in different rooms went off at the same time (not the entire string of them, just these two). 7:30am. The husband, and the three cats, too, seemed to be as un-amused as I was. Sure blew the “gonna sleep late today” out of the water. And new batteries didn’t fix ’em – they seemed to have settled down on their own after a few minutes. Guess I know why now… Never thought of outside influences, I have to adjust my thinking….

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        1. I had my smoke detector episode sometime last year. Would not stop beeping. Eventually replaced them all ($$). love love to all in the room

          Also, faucets pouring on CA in 3 places plus the whole west coast for good measure. “Remember, Source is inside you”

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  6. Old energies were trying to show their ugly face during the last 2 blasts. Breathing, grounding, observing All, (including self ) with a hankering for lasagna. Ate over 2 meals with lots of greens, 2 plantains, purslane, goosefoot, swiss chard, beets greens, hostas, dandelion, kale, bok choy +. Wont need that for a while! Pitchers of Love/Light for All. Peace.

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  7. Ugh, I’m still feeling it at 9am here in Oregon. Miserable night, truly—not much helped. Glad to know it’s not just in my mind, it helps to know I’m not the only one. I’m breathing, grateful for that…

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      1. Hi 🐱
        What do you mean? Time to leave?
        I’ve felt devastated on tuesday, called off from work.
        Timezones are confusing me (numbers and me don’t come together), sitting here in Germany.
        Love ❤

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  8. Me thinks this comment better fits here. What I didn’t say yesterday was that C. and I were working in hidden garden#1 yesterday trimming dead branches out of the giant Loderi rhododendrons. The portal is located here. We had a profound visit from SOURCE as we were working. Words truly cannot describe the feeling. Profound, profound quiet. We had to stop and just BE in those energies. After the visit we found we were talking in whispers. Anything else seemed too much.

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      1. How could one not. The presence is filling- that’s the word. I felt filled, my entire being. Poor verbal description, but will suffice for now.

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  9. Thanks much for heads up. I have not been able to understand specifics about the meterage, I just ‘look at the pictures’ haha, which tell a lot. That last one, yowzer! I was up both last night and night before past midnight (am in PDT- AZ) And have been keeping up with GPC.

    My latest thing is tuning into my Inner Self of The One True Source Creator of Goodness, Love, and Light. And going from there. Being very specific about barring any energy not for my highest good. Thanks again for reminder about positive statements for protection!


    Maybe a miracle will happen and I will fast today and tomorrow. 😆

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  10. Speaking of Dawn’s early light… were we? – lol, yesterday I was awake at that time – my view is North with a bit of east – dawn is now north (we tend to have the sun in two opposite areas of the sky at weird times – I think for the last 6 months?- although I don’t have views elsewhere and there’s a mountain in the way Eastwards… ANYWAY, yesterday I smiled because the low horizon clouds were peachy – rest of sky clear – I like the idea of things being peachy – don’t know if that expression comes across for other countries/languages, but CAN mean fine, wonderful, dandy – sometimes used sarcastically, BUT I choose to see it in a positive light… light, get it – oh my I’m having one of those pun-ny days – I used to be insufferable when they hit decades ago…

    Hope your days are not insufferable 🙂


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    1. Well, the earth wobbles and that makes the seasons, so the sun rises in different places every day, going from one side to another. The solstices are the ends and the equinox is the middle. Still, it does look farther north than we remember at this time. We’ll have to look at that.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. If the earth wobbles, then how can it be, that there is no curvature to be found anywhere and that the earth’s rotation has been proven nonexistent in many experiments, even NASA is only talking of a flat and stationary earth in all their internal papers, that planes don’t have to ditch their nose down all the time, imagine Mach 3, or that no one has ever seen water, like the oceans, curve? Asking for a friend…

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        1. This literally comes down to your particular flavor of The Illusion. For most people, the earth is a ball; for others, it’s flat. *Neither exist.* It’s like arguing ‘tastes great’ or ‘less filling.’ Meaningless. However, in the gravitational illusion, your frame of reference normal to the planet you’re flying over requires no up/down vector. Does the moon have an up/down vector? No.

          -CAT Eds.

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    2. Kg, A few days ago, I saw a gorgeous shade of peach in sky at sunset … I froze in place to take it in. Rarely, if ever, seen that color in the skies here. : )
      Love to you dear

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    3. CATs Eds,
      Sorry I miswrote – My window faces South mostly a bit east, not North – don’t know what happened to my brain – this is why I get extra heat – what I was also trying to relay was that the sun is often in two positions in the sky at same time, as you see in south east when setting in sort of west(corrections as to seasons as you mentioned).

      I’ll put my brain back to sleep now…


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    4. Re fast…I made it til 12 hrs, then i decided a choc (dark, i do have SOME health sense 😉) covered raisin fast was in order.
      😆 😆😆

      Today I am Texas Toast… make that Arizona Toast. OMG. NO SLEEP practically, 2 nights in a row. And yes, thought has crossed my mind too if this is it for me. However, mood is good, better than in long time (except for wondering if I’m gonna make it haha 😮). And this following a major 3d episode re friend betrayal which i promptly began clearing as best i could in the compromised state i was in emo wise.

      I do believe I am very near a portal. There’s a whole range of crystals that run thru where I am too… as in a mt range, covering many miles.

      Have activated CA and surrounding areas w Light “Water” buckets. Daughter n fam in WA state. I reactivate periodically.

      Peace and Safety to All.

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  11. OK, my mind is weird – the photo of the black cat with it’s paws crossed on the upholstery, when I first glanced at it I saw the wood scrolls surrounded in upholstery tacks and fabric as owl eyes with the cat taking the comfy between eyes spot to rest/ meditate?, of course – haven’t been able to un-see – do we have owls around in any way?


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  12. I follow “the Life Regenerator” Dan McDonald on YT. He’s fasted for 40 days…he’s pure light right now. lols. I’m a newbie, only reached a 14 day water fast. It’s a beautiful thing. I feel a back & forth; excited & bored out of my mind at being here. This construct can’t collapse fast enough.

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  13. Tons of dreams last night/this morning, some (a lot) in Russian). In High school late 60’s I took two years of Latin and was dreaming some times (I believe mostly when studying for finals) vividly in Russian – esp of a small fishing vessel/boat – the kind with the cabin and radar? above deck… Don’t know why I mentioned that…
    So many dreams, so busy last night – they’re gone now… don’t think they were ‘bad’ dreams, just BUSY!


    PS: There were physical/body issues , ugh, too last night – my little – have been almost saying cat lately… my little dog (dragonette?Meerkat – her different 'looks') slept spread across the top of my head most of the night and morning – I know she does this for a reason… funny enough MY head was resting on a little stuffed dog (crouched position, white with black nose, ears and tail) that goes/says "uh, awww" sympathetically when you press certain areas – my daughter gave it to me when I was in the hospital one time – Sooo, I was a dog sandwich…
    life trivia – so exciting…

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  14. And we had a repeat performance today. Ho boy. Just as the whomp was tailing off our neighbour kindly gave us 40 lb of peas fresh from the field which we cleaned and froze. I am now in bed at 6.30pm totally jiggered.
    Thank you Cats for the charts and lovely cat pics and my favourite goofy panther. Enjoy your meals.😺🌈💖

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  15. ❤️🙏❤️Cat’s fasting and posting Taco Cat dreams❤️🙏❤️
    so funny…. hope you all are doing well

    I dreamed last night about BIRTHDAY
    and the fourth time I tooked the Tarot Card Transformation

    this is awsome….

    love Alnilam ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. yes and now high pitch ringing ears

      I wish everybody goog ❤️🙏❤️Timeline-Jumps❤️🙏❤️

      love Alnilam❤️

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    1. Three ships don’t make a fleet. And frankly they suck. They are embarrassing. Whatever deal the humans made was a bad one, ’cause those ships are not only crap, they can be controlled by most higher level ETs. And they have no shielding. The half-way decent tech the PTW have is uncontrollable by them because they aren’t of a high enough vibration — and the ETs knew this. Psych. What are they gonna do with these ships in the near future? CRASH.

      Btw Barney… your last name is Google is it not? 😉


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  16. Could part of the PTW weather manipulation include Arizona? It has been hotter and much dryer than normal for over a month, even for the desert. I read that a weather front was carrying our heat to Cali, making wildfires worse. I’ll be including AZ for good measure. The heat is really getting to me. Longing for some of that early Fall weather so many are experience. Husband and I ready to bug out!

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  17. Did the Light Pour. My physical whomp meter went off a few hours ago. Hunkering down.
    I love you All. May all be happy and free.

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    1. I felt it come in also Jane 👋
      I was standing still taking in the changes happening around me while getting ready for work, when the roof above my head made this huge BANG and only the light bulb above me made this funny fizzing sound.
      So wanted to crawl back into bed.
      ❤️ to all
      and thank you cats ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  18. I’ll take the taco timeline! Or any timeline but this one.

    Feeling very tired, weak and feverish today; so bad that I had to go out and buy falafels with fries to raise my mood a tiny bit.

    Sleep has been very restless last few days, I keep waking up after around three hours no matter how exhausted I am.

    I should be working, but it’s simply impossible to focus.


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      1. Beautiful Song ❤️

        Spent my days with a woman unkind*
        Smoked my stuff and drank all my wine.
        Made up my mind to make a new start,
        Going To California with an aching in my heart.
        Someone told me there’s a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair.
        Took my chances on a big jet plane, never let them tell you that they’re all the same.
        The sea was red and the sky was grey, wondered how tomorrow could ever follow today.
        The mountains and the canyons started to tremble and shake
        As the children of the sun began to awake.

        Seems that the wrath of the Gods
        Got a punch on the nose and it started to flow;
        I think I might be sinking.
        Throw me a line if I reach it in time
        I’ll meet you up there where the path
        Runs straight and high.

        To find a queen without a king,
        They say she plays guitar and cries and sings… la la la
        Ride a white mare in the footsteps of dawn
        Tryin’ to find a woman who’s never, never, never been born.
        Standing on a hill in my mountain of dreams,
        Telling myself it’s not as hard, hard, hard as it seems.


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        1. And of course I was woken with this in my mind the other morning 😉

          And if you feel that you can’t go on
          And your will’s sinkin’ low
          Just believe and you can’t go wrong
          In the light you will find the road (You will find the road)

          Hey, oh, did you ever believe that I could leave you
          Standing out in the cold
          Hey, babe, I know how it feels ’cause I have slipped through
          To the very depths of my soul, yeah
          Oh, baby, I just want to show you what I’d give you
          It is from every bend in the road
          Now listen to me
          Oh, whoa-whoa, as I was and really would be for you, too, honey
          As you would for me, oh, I would share your load
          Let me share your load, ooh, let me share, share your load

          And if you feel that you can’t go on
          In the light you will find the road

          Hey, oh, though the winds of change may blow around you
          But that will always be so
          Wow-wow, wow-wow, when love is pain it can devour you
          If you are never alone
          I would share your load, I would share your load
          Baby, let me, oh, let me

          In the light
          Everybody needs the light
          In the light, in the light, in the light

          Light, light, light, in the light
          Light, light, light, in the light, oh, yeah
          Light, light, light, in the light

          Much Love & Light ❤️🌟❤️

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  19. Thank you for sending your light to California. It is needed. And thank you so for helping with ending child trafficking.

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      1. Oh yes send light everywhere. I just wanted to thank everyone as I live in California and we have been affected by fires and worry about them every year. May the fall of the ca8al be soon.

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  20. *Update 1 DONE ✨✨✨

    But, why is this fiddling with weather by PTW still aloud by SF and others, is it because off that Free Will thing ?

    Even if it is, how someone can do harm to other human being and get away with that, maybe only if that humans agreed to that on soul level, ahhhh, so much my tiny 3d mind can not comprehend, ufffff 🙏✨


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  21. Last night and today have been so intense in so many ways – luckily my memory is set on sieve – so suffrage can only last so long – I finally asked my daughter what I used to use for something, not that I really thought ‘that’ was what was going on, but when desperate… she gave me about an oz of pecan pieces, a brownie, a jar of peanut butter and a salt tablet – the combo did seem to help in some ways, but now the main thing is shaking or vibrating at a high rate and headache… I have been imbibing water regularly…

    Best to all on your own personal journeys,


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  22. Yeah, pour those buckets on the entire west from east of the Rockies to the Pacific shores. I talked to a friend in Denver and the fires there are suddenly horrific. Here in my local area the fire danger is extreme with the Sunday temp. forecast to be 103. I’ve been watering the farm 24 hrs. a day and shall continue to do so through the next week. Fortunately we have for all intents and purposes we have unlimited water. Made the terrible mistake today of going out to get some groceries. People in the store were pleasant, but just being out was like being involved in a train wreck. Bumper to bumper traffic, chaos and pandemonium. Other than that, it’s been a fine day. Har! (Must go move sprinklers)

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      1. This Twitter thread is keeping track of them all; it’s up to 72. Sheesh.

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        1. ~ Kolibri ~ and ~ CATS ~ was curious enough to check that twitter link about the fires and explosions all over the world all of a sudden… as of 8/15, the list has grown to 72!! within a 15 – day span! The fires of August indeed. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for any Phoenix sightings :-))

          Today we had a rolling thunderstorm here, with some cracking loud lightning and several following cloudbursts and a bit of hail. Still moving around the sky. The rain felt like a benediction to me after the recent days of 101-110 temps at my house.

          A cool thing was seeing a pair of turkey vultures, welcoming the rain from the tiptop branches of an oak tree, spreading their wings wide to take in the rain. They had to rebalance every several minutes, with tails spread and heads checking side to side. Rather wonderful to watch. They continued until the tips of their wing feathers began to clump together, then moved elsewhere.

          ” …Buzzard will aid in transforming knowledge to bring the unconscious to conscious and teach how to soar above it and bring the transformation you are needing at this time… .” from Animal Totems

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  23. Nutz, I forgot to mention, although it goes without saying, sleep these past few days has been “fitful” to say the least.

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  24. I am putting all of California on continuous pours. I live in So. CA and never want to go through another wildfire like the one we had, in San Diego County, in 2007. I had to evacuate my home for, a week, with two cats and a dog in a station wagon!

    Love and light to all, 🌧💧🌧💦🌧💧🌧💦


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    1. Coriboy ❤️ So sorry you had to g through all that. Will continue sending light pours to you and all, wherever it is needed.

      CATs, could we possibly have a list of where we need to pour throughout the world, seems like this is all over the place?

      Much Love and Light ❤️✨❤️

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      1. Thank you, Lily. It was quite difficult having to drive all over San Diego County to outrun the fire. The first two nights were spent, with friends, in the parking lot of a mall with ash from houses burning on the hillsides above us. In addition to cats and dogs, there were people with horses, goats, and even an emu. The worst thing, for me, was when my dog, Christy, got lost in the chaos. She ran off when I went to get water for her in front of a friend’s house. I put up flyers all over the area and after several days a man said he had seen her near a school. As it was getting dark I drove about 100 miles an hour to get to the school. I called for an hour, worried as the school was near a canyon with snakes and coyotes. Just when I was about to give up, I saw the outline of a dog who I called to and ran after. Then I had a very STRONG impression to sit on the sidewalk and call her. Christy came running, very fast, circled me three times, checking my scent, and I was able to grab her collar. I felt it was truly a miracle to get her back.

        The other awful thing was that while listening to the radio, in my friend’s RV, we
        heard that ALL of the houses on our street had burned! Fortunately, it turned out
        to be a false report!

        With lots of love ❤️ to you and Elsie, 💧☔️💦🌈💧☔️💦🌈


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        1. Coriboy ❤️ Gosh, the way you told it, I could just visualise it all happening, felt like I was there. What a nightmare for so many people. Thank goodness you got your beloved dog back and your house was okay but WOW! Humungous HUG! 🤗

          Will keep that bucket running/tap well and truly on…This must be sheer desperation what they are doing, they must know their days are numbered…

          I have had horrible visions of the PTW. It’s as if for centuries they have been playing with humanity, torturing the collective like a cat does with prey before they actually go in for the final kill. Seems the PTW are in final kill mode now. Trying to keep away from media etc…I know we can rise above all this and their attempts are futile but in the meantime, people are still going through it…Source, I really hope this is not going to drag on too much longer…What is more important; that more people wake up, or that more people escape harm…There must be some reason to this rhyme but crikey…!

          Much Love & Light & Cool , Light Gentle Showers everwhere 🌧❤️🙏❤️🌧

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            1. CATs ❤️ I know, you’re absolutely right. I do have total trust in Source.

              It is so hard sometimes to watch the game unfold and knowing it hasn’t ‘peaked’ yet…

              Keep in the heart I guess, keep grounded…

              Much Love & Light ❤️🙏🌟🙏❤️

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        2. Coriboy. That was a truly awful experience for you. I am keeping a giant shower head going over CA. I don’t suffer from many nightmares, but when I have one it’s invariably concerning searching for a lost pet or animal. Love and hugs.😳🤗💖🌈

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  25. None of you probably read Fulford. He spouted in his Monday column (which was just made public today) about some secret file that was going to be made public, regarding some small scale models of UFOs identical to the Roswell crash vehicles that the Russians dug up. What gives there, CATs?

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    1. LOOONG ago, a holy man/healer from a village near where they found these things obtained knowledge that the specific material of these stone disks (there are lots of them) extracted both energy — and knowledge — from the sun. They were carved in that shape so you could sit on them and have them absorb energy from all sides. It’s not a UFO.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Fulford is a tool. Anyone can “pass” him info if they’re from an “authority” establishment (e.g., pentagon, NSA, etc.). He’s saying that both those orgs told him the Beirut thing was nuclear. It wasn’t. Look at who’s taking credit for the blast and remember them. Remember anyone who’s passing lies off as truth and wonder… why?

        The problem with The Fulford Report is that it mixes truth, half-truth, and lies… but if you have a truth barometer, you can get some useful info from him. That vaccine thing he mentions is something we’ll have to check out.


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        1. Here’s one of the pieces of truth. Good grief.


          As many of you heard Moderna is in the 3rd and final stage of their vaccine development. Here’s something many of you don’t know, guess who the first CEO of Moderna was?

          A Cornell graduate by the name of Anthony Fauci. Now let’s really go down the rabbit hole. Moderna was a pharmaceutical company that started in Germany under the name IG Farben.

          IG Farben is infamous for its mass production of Zyklon-B, the primary gas used to kill millions during the Holocaust. After Germany fell, IG Farben was dissolved and its assets sold off by a Nazi turned American by the name of, you guessed it, George Soros. Soros rebranded the company as Moderna.

          And who was the primary stockholder of Moderna until his death? Jeffrey Epstein. His role in Moderna is where he made his fortune and established his connections.


          I feel sick.


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            1. “Yes. We were surprised as well.”

              At WHAT? Any of this still surprises you?

              Haven’t you seen yet, the step-by-step pictures on Tw1tter on how to make Moloch soup?

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          1. @ ~M5
            One for one, all points are true, except for this line:
            **Zyklon-B, the primary gas used to kill millions during the Holocaust.**
            The 6 million gassed is a fabrication.

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            1. GREAT good news about London:
              “MiD draco – – – removed.
              Draco causers – – – canceled in phase 1.
              Sentinels rearmonize draco vacuum. Luminosity is anchored and purifies.
              Spaces for special visits are created.
              Masters keep returning.
              New crystalline waves reinforce immunity.
              Material balance in evidence.
              Plan – – – MiD failed. Sentinels remove orchestrator.”
              (MiD = Minions in Distress)

              by Gabriel Raio Lunar

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            2. CATs – this reply @oro reminded me about something that I read which I actually took a screenshot of a few days ago..

              – “Many have noticed the teeth of the shapeshifters going back to the original form. This design flaw also indicates that the sustaining organs are not functioning correctly either. There are great beings and not so great beings in this grouping, but what remains consistent is that they will not be able to inhabit the earth without being forthcoming about themselves and asking for assistance.

              – The energy just doesn’t disappear even in the case of a “never was” the being returns to a reset point at source where the being will reset to factory settings.”

              My thought after I read this was: Could it be that that is yet a nother reason why the urge/mandatory requirement to use masks due to the beerbug, is being pushed so hard?


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          2. I know that the deep state is strong in Australia and New Zealand but this, if true, is beyond the pale. This guy says that martial law is coming to New Zealand and that everyone will be tested, by force if necessary. I figure that either means deliberately infected or micro-chipped, but then I’m a suspicious type. I’d be thrilled if this video is wrong. What do you guys think?

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            1. NZ is a different animal entirely. The ca8al has been moving to NZ over the past 20 years and is looking to make it their new base of operations when the UK totem falls — falling back to (internationally held) Antarctica in the end (the main reptoid base is in antarctica). Like the U.S., the “shaky isles” have their work cut out for them. However, there are a LOT more Light humans (LH) than there are DH and ca8al, and we have SOURCE working the lock 24/7/365.25.

              -CAT Eds.

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            2. I cannot watch or read anything like this stuff anymore. Gave it up a while ago. Since “not” is not heard by Source/theuniverse, I don’t want to watch and say “wow I hope that does [not] happen!” and of course, I move into fear. I gave up fear last week actually, when I got to Lesson 48 in ACIM. Been working on that lesson for several days.

              “Lesson 48: There is nothing to fear.
              1. The idea for today simply states a fact. It is not a fact to those who believe in illusions, but illusions are not facts. In truth, there is nothing to fear. It is very easy to recognize this. But it is very difficult to recognize it for those who want illusions to be true.” … there’s more…

              So while pondering this lesson, I came up with another question for the CATs:

              is Mother Gaia and all of nature part of the illusion? or just all the man-made things like houses and streets and politics and money (obviously)? What about gardens and forests that we plant or food that we grow?

              love love to all in the room

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            3. No, Gaia is ALIVE; a massive communal group-spirit communal entity… that is also ONE with all of us. Garden plants and forests are all group-spirits, so they’re THE MOST REAL thing around us. Note that some houses and buildings and places can develop their own spirit — one of the CAT houses is ALIVE — anyplace where lots of spirits and higher-order ETs congregate kinda becomes a living spirit by their proximity, just by all of them being together in one spot. In some cases, groups of enlightened people get together and call Spirit to a place to make it special; this is what happened to the spot where the Stanley Park Hotel now sits, and why the hotel feels so “haunted.” (It’s the inspiration for Stephen King’s “The Shining.” But note that he made what’s actually a positive thing into a negative thing. King is NOT enlightened.) Of course, Team Dark has done this repeatedly (ESPECIALLY in cathedrals, beneath the main altars) to bring in bad things, but their day is over. Talk about time wasted.


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          3. I think Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is also somehow involved. I wonder if the new vaccines contain left over Zyklon-B since that would be in line with the depopulation agenda they promote? Some dead eyes in that bunch. Cay

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  26. I shall sprinkle my bath bomb all over (I still have no idea what it actually does) as apparently that’s the thing to do. Maybe it seeds rain 🌧️ who knows!

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    1. No matter how much “structure” they try to apply – they will never outmaneuver Love. They will try…not knowing how to Dance!

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  27. Just wanted to say an absolutely huge thank you to everyone who suggested helping Elsie and I with an AC unit. Thank you, thank you, Thank you!

    The weather seems to be cooling down now but I will keep this in mind and I really appreciate and love you all, the light here is just incredible and I am so grateful!

    Love, Light, Peace, Gratitude ❤️🌟🙏💕

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    1. However, I think I could do with an internal AC as these energies have been melting me inside out for the last couple of days, pheweeeee! 😉

      Much Love, Light and Cooling for ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Stay Cool Lily!
        I think it’s an old wives tale – drink something hot when it’s hot. Make your insides hotter than the outside, and you feel cool. Sounds really counter-intuitive….but if you try it, let us know. Ice cubes of diamond love headed your and Elsie’s way! Love, Angela

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          1. To ALL, I was thinking just this morning of rinsing out thin socks in cool water and sleeping in them… between my South-ish facing window and the opposite wall sharing the water heater closet (which is always hot), the heat from my small 3-4?cu ft refrigerator which exudes heat out the back (takes a day and a half to freeze a cup of water, to add to my water bottle- I do keep water in the frig, too), my room is not exactly comfortable – :<
            If anyone else tries the sock trick let me know how it works for you… thinking reflexology-wise maybe the foot cooling will help my whole atomic energized body…

            All the best and more…

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            1. Kg,
              Keep a spray bottle of water by your bed and spritz your top sheet to dampen for evaporative cooling effect. My friends who grew up in Mexico and had no airconditioning said it helped. A fan to blow over the sheet gives more cooling if you have power. We had a power outage last night for 2 hours after 100 F day but luckily it occurred after the sun had gone down and it was in the mid 70’s F by then. So much for the cooler summer temps. Cay

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          1. @Lily, I always thought that the spiciness was to promote sweating which help cool, but just read CATs Eds response – that works, too…


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    2. Hi Lily. Don’t buy one of those small air cooler cube shaped devices. The advertising hypes it up no end and it’s totally useless. Then it gave up working at allnafter a few days! I was daft enough to buy one. It cost me £26 to send it back to China and a nightmare of a task to get a refund. I lost the return postage. What a scam. If we go for aircon again we will have the proper one with a unit inside and out. We will save up. Xxx 💖💖💖

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        1. I think that Newlynn was talking about this:

          My wife bought one, and I disassembled it as it was leaking water, and to check the working concept. Well, there is Hepa filter which is soaking the water from the small reservoir, and behind it is 12V DC fan, idea is that fan is blowing to that water soaked hepa filter to cool the air in front off the unit, which in my opinion can only somewhat work if you pour cold water with ice cubes to keep it cool for a longer period, which I done immediately on the first use as it was only logical explanation for me, off course it is not stated in the manual, but the air speed is very low as fan itself is not high speed fan, all in all, it is just a big scam, cold water helps a little, but c’mon, whole concept is just bad, maybe you can cool down a little cat if you put that cube in front of her face 😁

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            1. Yes, overhyped piece off plastic 🙃 I learned over time that everything what is extremely advertised does not mean a quality product, actually, it is other way around 😉

              Hmmm, I expected picture off that piece off plastic to show, not a link for it, lets try without additional strings in the link.

              Do not buy this !!!

              Admin, please delete the other post with “Yrs” in the beginning, I do not know why that one was sent at all, internet connection is awful for last couple off days, maybe incoming energies are the culprit ? ✨

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ Oh no, sorry you had that happen, sounds like you have to go for the real thing or cope with fans! I wonder if ceiling fans are any better than the stand alone ones…Hmmmm!

        Much Love and Cool Days, fingers crossed!


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        1. Lily, I love the ceiling fans. Most homes have them where I live (hot and humid summers in Kentucky). Of course, most homes here have air conditioning as well. May the weather cool soon! Much love to you and Elsie!
          -jane XX

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          1. Maybe a cool breeze from here in Pa.(70’s finally) I’ve been singing sunny & 75, sooo, I’ve sent some pitchers of Coool Blue Light to All. May You Enjoy! Peace.

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        2. Hi Lily. I’ve been using both as the conservatory can get very hot even though it’s north facing. A ceiling fan is great but I also have an oscillating stand fan too. The combination of the two seems to help a fair bit. Thank goodness we don’t get lots of hot weather. It’s been lovely here today. Cool and raining. Woo hoo. Love and hugs. ☺️☔💖

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          1. Sounds promising although for Elsie’s room not our conservatory as this is south facing and more of a ‘hot box’ at 1.4m x 1.8m! It’s awful in there! Then Elsie insists on having the door open that leads to our equally tiny kitchen and the heat just pours through! Probably good for Pineapples and Mangoes but not us!

            It does seem to be cooling down a little bit, hopefully it will get even cooler. However my inner heat is still high, phew!

            Much Love 🌧❤️🙏❤️🌧

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  28. Spent the evening sitting in a restaurant back office working on getting their order system up and running.
    Behind my back I could hear the kitchen and serving staff passing orders, cracking jokes and occasionally getting upset and yelling at each other.
    Further away the background noise of 50 or so people ordering, enjoying and paying for their food.
    Coming home to my one room apartment and closing the door felt like closing the lid to my grave.
    I find it difficult to remember why this was so important, it’s not as if they give a sh*t about anything but themselves; try to remind them and they’ll hate you for it.

    I’m so done with this life.


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    1. I dunno. Might be how you look at it. All those people… are you. Living their lives… but together, in the same community, the same planet. You could find some comfort there, vicariously. And you’re never alone.


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      1. I think that’s the point, they’re together, I never was. I was always on the outside, observing. By choice, but always wishing I could immerse myself like everyone else.

        I understand that from a bigger perspective we all are, and appreciate being reminded, but it’s still difficult. As is living through other peoples physical experiences.

        But hey, no one promised this was going to be easy 🙂

        It seeems to me as if I’m looking in the wrong place, as if what I’m looking for can’t be found here. And it makes me sad, because this is where I am.


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        1. Sifoo ❤️ Big hugs 🤗 I can relate to what you are saying, I’ve often found it very hard to fit in. I think that’s why I often would have alcohol or whatever to find confidence or just to enable me to be someone else for an evening without anxiety!

          We are so close, soon none of this will matter ❤️

          Much Love & Light & Comfort ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. Thanks 🙂

            It’s the vibe, it was always the vibe. I remember taking one step inside the door at parties only to turn around and rush out because I just couldn’t stand it. And enough of that, you start simply avoiding gatherings of random people.

            But it seems that all I did this life was try out all the vibes that just weren’t right, learning to recognize and identify different levels of disharmony.

            And it’s not fair 🙂 Another thing they never promised.

            I’ve had this inner conviction going on since forever that life is supposed to be awesome. And it never is, because almost everyone are all busy chasing their tails and playing their games, and it’s no fun to do it completely alone.

            Which you never are, but it sure feels like it at times.


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        2. Sifoo, I’m giving you and everyone else who’s having a hard time a big hug filled with Love and Strength💖
          Remember: though “no one promised this was going to be easy”, you Sifoo and all the others are the Awesome Ones who can do it.. and most importantly of all perhaps;
          ARE DOING IT💎✨


          Ps. Har du provat Humms strawberry kombucha? Den e görgo! Men den med granatäpple va inte min grej – trodde de va en förklädd vinägerflaska där ett tag😜
          Kom igen nu brorsan, du fixar det här💖

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      2. I find anything that seems normal to be comforting at this point. My gym has reopened for classes held outdoors. It’s a different branch than I usually go to, and you have to wear a mask until you get to your mat, but just the sight of unmasked smiling faces makes me almost teary eyed with joy. Hot and sore, but joyful. And I found a local business that rejects masks entirely; I plan on spending a lot more time and money there. They’re totally red pilled; didn’t know there was anyone like that around here! Don’t know how long any of this semi-normality will last, but I plan on enjoying it for as long as possible.

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        1. Kolibri ~

          I live in an area of No Cal where its very conservative and the masks started being everywhere after the second “lockdown”. I guess people gave up and cooperated. Meanwhile, one of my favorite small restaurants who didn’t wear masks until threatened by the sheriff, have moved all dining to their patio and some of their parking lot, added misters and fans, etc. I applaud them for working against the plan. I have been making sure to keep them in business too. Once a week to get out of the house and be HUMAN more, I go to dinner there.

          I still refuse and thankfully many people don’t care … I do stay 6ft from people because I am being polite since I won’t wear their MASK.

          I do feel like the mask thing is eroding….. but I am not anxious for the next big stupid thing either.

          Oh and here we go again…. 100+ temps and we are going to shut off power….

          and we just put a light pour (infinity) on the whole planet?

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    2. Sifoo, I completely understand and feel your pain. I’m done with this life too.

      I’m stuck in Silly-con Valley where everyone only cares about status, virtue signaling, fancy cars and lunches. They blotivate about BLM but reject homeless shelters because it disrupts their property values. They virtue signal about how to defeat Trump but they won’t do anything about the poop on the sidewalks. I remember when the area was more relaxed, I remember when there were still orchards and trees. I need to get out, but I don’t know where.

      Why the hell should I care about these people, as you say they don’t “give a sh*t about anything but themselves”?

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      1. Hi Elemental; how about South Dakota? No mask mandates, and the governor is inviting people who love freedom to move there. Plus, it looks beautiful.

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        1. In May, the Oglala Sioux and the Cheyenne River Sioux tribes roadblocked entry to their Rez. They said the checkpoints are the only way of making sure the virus does not enter their reservations…with only an an eight-bed facility and no intensive care unit for the 12,000 people that live there, the Cheyenne River chairman said, “We will not apologise for being an island of safety in a sea of uncertainty and death.” https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52615311

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      2. All Will be/Is OK! Only Love Is Real, the rest is a test. I have to remind Myself occasionally, so I send out Light to All. Peace.

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    3. Hi Sifoo,
      I know when that feeling hits it seems easier to curl in on yourself in the usual response. Try and do something that feels wrong against that pull. Order a really fluffy book (or 50) and snuggle in. Sign up for the online scrabble on your phone and play with strangers. Talk to people about silly things, life. I think too late we realize all those silly fluffy things are life. All the worrying and assuming the worst is anti life. dying before you die. Give Life some room to surprise us. Every time I think where’s the food going to come from – I feel like Life has a few really good curve ball surprises in the wings. We can only do so much, and then Life meets us. Give it a chance to wow us. I’m really glad to have a place to let all the weirdness out. To be able to say all the things no one wants to hear, or would vibe with. That’s priceless.
      Sending a supportive hug thru the ethers. Love, Angela

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    4. @Sifoo, I could be wrong here (haven’t reached my quota yet…), but I reckon some of us are here “doing our thing” ’cause we are the ones who make everyone else feel better just by our being in the vicinity. This would mean that we have to go places that make no sense to us at the time, just to help bring balance / hope / improvement to the others. YMMV, and I could still be “full of it…” but wanted to share this with you…

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      1. Exactly so. So many in our calling feel they NEED to actively save and transform everyone… but by being transformed yourself, and just being around people, people experience you on a whole other level. When you’re really activating/”blooming”, people will be drawn to you. Brother J could influence a whole village just by standing there. Words help, too, but your spiritual example is most powerful.

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. There is always some good in everybody, You look for it and You will find it 🙏✨

          I can get along with various people, various ages, various background…. A lot off times I would be in a good terms, even at friendly terms with someone who be looked by others as not necessarily a bad person, but maybe a selfish or not a good one…, but I would see some good in them and hang out with them, helping them any way I can, and that was always strange to my friends or colleagues as how can I be friend with that person…., but they are not realizing that there is always some good in everybody out there, do not judge, be good and kind with everyone and you will get that back, even from a stranger, or from unexpected one 🙏✨

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        1. [BLUSH] Thank you – I do try to emulate those with whom I travel this mortal coil – and there are so many on this blog that I look up to….

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    5. Sorry for feeling so alone Sifoo.

      I’ve done it too, distanced myself with people because the majority are still asleep. They can be rude, mean, cruel, derisive, violent, ignorant, arrogant, the list goes on. But I have been all these too. I value my own company but I also know I need the company of others.

      Don’t fall into that trap, demonising others. Talk to them, with them, you may be pleasantly surprised. At the very least, you will be able to say “see, I told you all so!” when the SHIFT hits the fan… 😉

      Stay in peace and good of cheer brother x


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      1. ❤️🌟🙏💕 Big hug for you Mark ❤️🌟🙏💕
        you are a wonderful person

        Love to you from my heart ❤️🌟🙏💕

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    6. Oh, and after my gym session from hell when that insane woman roasted my publicly for nothing other than attempting to br friendly, I went back to the gym…

      I found myself talking to more people than I usually do! It was great. After reading the advice from the lovely commenters “here”, I decided I wouldn’t be silenced. It was one of the best gym visits ever, despite the ridiculous rules in place.

      Get this, half way through the workout, every gym member had to leave and file outside so a gym instructor could wash down the door handles with disinfectant. THESE ARE THE SAME DOOR HANDLES WE USED TO GET BACK IN THE GYM!!! 😂🤪


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  29. 2 quick questions:
    Since drinking lemon juice water makes your blood more basic even though it is acidic, do alkaloids like coffee make your blood more acidic? I think blood pH at 7.3 is desirable, slightly alkaline, so…. more baking soda water and lemon juice water, less coffee? (noooooooo, I caaaaaannnnnnnn’t)

    Which came first: portal one and then the sun around it? or our sun and then the portal one in it?

    love love to all in the room

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  30. I also wasn’t sure I was going to make it overnight – the will that usually keeps me here is the practicalities of family having to deal with the left-overs – I suppose my brother might come up with funds for body or ash disposal – Most of my total income pays the rent here…
    Nothing was working for coping with energy effects over night – remembering things to say, substances to ease body/mind, nadda – I did find some very old homeopathic or herbal nerve relaxers that were around; I reminding them they could help (intentional energy effecting them)
    Weirdest thing that I think finally helped or maybe just coincidence of timing – I played a couple videos of Metallica playing a couple of songs with a symphonic orchestra – maybe the combo of vibrations helped – Didn’t listen to their or much other music that era music back then, as I was working and average of 56 hrs a wk and taking college classes (major of Physics/metallurgy) full time, working in the print shop there, too… finally blew out my thyroid and other consequences.

    Anyway have embraced many musics I hadn’t previously the last 5-10 yrs… body/mind calm enough to try sleep and looked at clock – it was 5:55 am – took it as a good sign – look it up in the Numbers tab above – I did sleep for about 5-6 hrs finally in segments – feel like I have a hangover – I’ve never actually had one – alcohol doesn’t effect me and don’t like the feel anyway – probably due to all the ptsd related stuff – have had to remain hypervigilant in parts of my life… now I’m just babbling…

    Happy surviving, All…
    love ya’ll


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  31. This is from a dream I had early Aug 14 just before dawn, about the time of the most recent timeline jumpage:

    I was in a modern multi-storied hospital, to meet someone.  As I entered wearing my mask and walked down several corridors, I saw ALL the people NOT wearing masks, from visitors to staff to medical personnel.  A few had masks around their necks but under their faces.  Most  had none at all.  I saw many people going about their purposes, no concern for social distancing or quarantine protocols at all.  As if all that was no longer something anyone did.   (BTW, for the last weeks, mask-wearing has been in most of my dreams)

    I was stunned, and kept asking myself and those around me if I was missing something/ what had happened?! since only last week when I was there , masks were everywhere, and distancing and no one meeting eyes and all the rest of it.  I felt like there must have been some major shift or timeline jump overnight to have resulted in this much change.  It was extraordinary!  So many people behaving as if the virus etc was of little importance, and most significantly, that all the people were no longer able to be convinced and controlled with the fear of it.

    Later in the dream, I came to a friend’s house to talk with them.  I drove up to find there were several cars already there, more people gathering.  One unusual car was a very shiny black limousine, longer than usual, and towing an unmarked, equally fancy black box trailer.  The trailer apparently held an assortment of off-grid camping gear and food etc.  The car was referred to as the ‘Torpedo Express’ and was known to belong to the PTW, who were so confident they were untouchable by any social upheaval and planetary chaos since they could just drive away to their private sanctuary.  

    As that car pulled out to drive away, it was so large and long it pushed the several other normal cars off the driveway, into adjacent planter beds, over brick edging etc and pushed my own car into a shallow pool of clear water where it came to a stop.  The black ‘Torpedo’ disappeared entirely.

    After a few seconds of surprised silence, chat started up again with the people present realizing all they had to do was plant new plants and tidy up the bricks etc. – nothing of underlying value had been disturbed or harmed.  There was good natured laughter and a bit of “well, THAT’s the end of THEM, at last.  May they find their way to a better life”.

    This goes along with my sense of a strong ‘sea change’ underway especially with the ordinary folk… light finally entering through the cracks.

    love, friend

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    1. Wow, excellent SHIFT dream! We don’t want to do an official post on this, but it is becoming a general CAT consensus that The SHIFT, originally set for late in the year/early next will happen sooner. However, *all* CATs have pretty much given up on even thinking about The SHIFT. It happens when it happens.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Hmmmm, I dreamt last night of a very similar theme:

        I was sat in the (ugh!) company of Obuma, Killiary and some other political woman. They were all spouting their usual lies on what good they intended to do. Then I noticed green patches appear on their faces. I called them out as repti1ians, they said how doni know, I replied that I was one too, albeit a positively aligned one.

        Thus began a chase and battle as they tried to capture and eat me afraid I would expose their real identities. I eventually beat them all. Then some other “galactics” appeared and took them into custody. Then then showed me a large stellar map. They pointed to a minuscule dot which represented a planet on the further most boundary of our galaxy. They explained the negative repti1ians would be imprisoned and rehabilitated there.

        Oh, and something odd happened yesterday evening. I was in my sons bedroom. I looked up at his light and thought about changing it. I remembered about the new kitchen light I installed because I bought them reduced in a sale. I wondered if i could still but one reduced and install it in my sons bedroom. Then immediately after this thought, my son and i walked downstairs into the kitchen. As soon as my son switched on the kitchen lights a GU10 halogen bulb exploded! (When a GU10 goes, you know about it.)

        This was the same light I thought about installing in my son’s room just seconds before my son caused it to explode. The question is, was this simply precognitive? Was it a warning from my team to NOT install the same light in his room? Or was it perhaps some kind of manifestation energy?


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        1. Hi Mark. That was a fascinating dream you had. Makes more sense than mine where I rescued ten otters that were going to be used for lab experiments and put them into a Morris Minor car I was driving! They were very friendly creatures. I told my partner when I woke up and said I don’t know what I would have done with them. She said oh I would just hire a digger and make our pond bigger.🙄 You don’t have to be barmy to live here, but we both qualify anyway.😸💖

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        2. There’s definitely been some manifestation going on here, all of it to do with finding items that I want but that are hard to find. For example, a set of sheets in a certain size, color, and fabric; nowhere to be found online, but there they were in the first store I walked into, and not even in the tiny sheet section. In the clearance section, on sale! Only ones in the whole store.
          Most recently, someone chipped one of my favorite mugs, leaving me with one whole one. The company that sold them went out of business maybe 6 months ago. After looking for and failing to find something similar for months, I finally gave up and ordered something that wasn’t quite right. Then I got an email from the company that had gone out of business, telling me they’re back! Checked the status of my order, figuring it was too late; unbelievably, they were on back-order! Cancelled it and got the ones that match my sole survivor.
          These are tiny things, but it’s been effortless. Looks like I’m getting all the little things I want, just by wanting them; hopefully that means the big ones will come, too, especially since we all want them…..:)
          Also got some synchronicity going on. As I read with the TV on, my eyes are often lighting on the exact same phrase that someone on the tube is saying. This is happening constantly. I’ve been getting numbers for years, but this simultaneous reading and hearing is a rather new development for me. Kewl!

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    2. Thank you friend for sharing your dream. My dream recall has almost completely ceased, going on a few years now. frustrating at times, but I trust it’s for a good reason.
      When I read the words “sea change “ I didn’t feel it the same as you, I felt dread briefly.
      I felt like the new neighbors have moved in here.
      I live by the ocean in southern Victoria Australia.
      I am outside the stage 4 lockdown boarder, thankfully but it’s seriously weird down here at the moment. Even talk of “tunnel clearing” in Melbourne the last few nights.
      Sorry friend, didn’t mean to put a downer on your awesome dream 😇
      ….anyhoo, moving on. Wish me luck guys, Ive put my application in to adopt Thunder the rescue cat. Pandemic pets as they are called here at the moment. Harder to get than a unicorn
      ❤️ Sam

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      1. Hello fellow Victorian! *waves*

        I am presently living in “Inner-North-East” Melbourne. I am happy for you that you are not in the Metro-Melbourne area or the Mitchell Shire…hmmm, **why** the Mitchell Shire “as well” being locked-down/curfews?? Are there literal zombies / daemons “running about / around” that “the authorities” don’t want us “little / sub-urban peeps” to “know about”? – as in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” – type scenario?? *insert chin-scratching smilie/emoticon*

        and, now this “what-ever is **really** going on behind-the-scenes” https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8631823/Victoria-records-16-deaths-279-new-coronavirus-cases-flu-infections-drop-85-cent.html

        I wish you great life with Thunder the rescue cat!


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        1. The Alliance is taking care of “things” in NZ/Aussie area currently(from My reading)Ones lacking a-crome, I believe are the walking dead “zombies”. Use the coursian mantra, for They could use some compassion/forgiveness. Many Were tricked into the darkness They suffer. Peace.

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      2. ~ Sam ~ Thanks for your comment and added perspective. 🙂 Perhaps the ‘sea change’, if there is one, might be of the giant tide variety- like in the Bay of Fundy in Canada, or places in the UK. I read they can be 40-50’ difference!! Hardly a gentle change, yikes. I do hope the current troubles in NZ and AUS are much less dramatic, and resolve quickly for the best.
        The recent posts by Blossom, Sophia, Laura Whitworth etc. are coming close to the marrow it appears!
        Love, friend

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  32. Hello everyone. You might remember me posting about expecting a baby. I just wanted to let everyone know we had a healthy baby. Thank you all so much for the love, light, and blessings. It means so much. Thank you Cats for checking in on us. You were right. Much love everyone.

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    1. ~ Amanita ~ Excellent news, Grandmama! My best wishes for mama and baby 🌺🌈. Pretty cool message from the M, too!!
      Apparently you are all in for some sweet and wonder filled times. ( sleep optional).
      Much love, friend

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    2. Amanita. That is wonderful. I’m so pleased for you and the family. A nugget of joyous news and love much needed by all in these times of change. 💖🌈💖🤗

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    3. Amanita ❤️ What perfect, wonderful news! Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little light ✨🌈👶🌈✨

      So much Love & Light filled Gurgles!

      You just brought brought back a very lovely and funny memory for me. When I was breastfeeding Elsie when she was very young, she would finish up by bloating her cheeks and pursing her little lips together eyes tightly closed. Me and Mum would laugh because she looked like the Comedian Les Dawson! A bit like this!

      She is actually very beautiful though!


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  33. A few mornings ago, right before waking I had a small dream seeing the sun as a brilliant diamond shape, with colorful iridescent sparks of color bursting out of it. Was this related to a womp?

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  34. California and west coast covered, Light sent to all areas and all who may be struggling. I put a spigot in the Big Dipper, saw it was aligned with Leo at Lions Gate, and will leave the light on. Much Love and Light, think we all have growing pains from all the meta-physical therapy we’re getting from the X waves, have a a great weekend, get some sleep, & tacos~scott

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  35. I have heavily excerpted this piece, to express what I find most evocative of the recent CAT Eds. comment : “You relay SOURCE simply by being.”

    Perhaps it may bring a measure of respite and replenishment to you, as it has for me.  I read it as a parable for the ongoing flood of SOURCE light now and the heart of Gaia growing brighter and brighter.
    with love, friend


    “… [How might we] bring our world back into balance? 

    One of Carl Jung’s favorite stories was “The Rainmaker,
    ” …:“There was a great drought…; for months there had not been a drop of rain and the situation had become catastrophic. …Finally, they said, ‘We will fetch the rain-maker.’ And from another province a dried up old man appeared. The only thing he asked for was a quiet little house somewhere, and there he locked himself in for three days.

    On the fourth day the clouds gathered and there was a great snow-storm at the time of year when no snow was expected, an unusual amount, and the town was so full of rumors about the wonderful rain-maker that [one fellow] went to ask the man how he did it….

    He said: ‘They call you the rain-maker; will you tell me how you made the snow?’And the rain-maker said: ‘I did not make the snow; I am not responsible.

    ’‘But what have you done these three days?’‘Oh, I can explain that. I come from another country where things are in order. Here they are out of order; they are not as they should be by the ordinance of heaven. Therefore, the whole country is not in Tao, and I also am not in the natural order of things because I am in a disordered country. So, I had to wait three days until I was back in Tao and then naturally the rain came.’”

    Where are today’s rainmakers, those who “come from another country where things are in order?”

    [Remember]…how to be silent and receptive. We have forgotten how to look and listen. …for some, the best response to [this time] might be, like the rainmaker, to retire to “a quiet little house,” where … we might look inward, …to what is in balance with life’s natural flow.For those brave enough to trust something deeper, to listen to the Earth and the old ways,  [this time]  presents an opportunity to turn …to the deeper roots of our being.

    Here our soul nourishes us, here we can be replenished, and here we can help replenish our world….In the silence, we can drink deeply of the waters of life that are still pure; we can commune with the primal forces of nature; we can return to what is sacred and essential to our life and to the life of the Earth.

    Here in this “other country” …The laughter of children rings true. Stillness is here, and the seasons are in balance. In our psyche and soul there are still wild places … and the ancient knowing of the Earth is still accessible. …

    What are our dreams telling us, what is the message of our hearts? As Leonard Cohen sings, “There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in.” Is this a moment when the light can come in through the cracks…?

    … return to the simplicity of what is, a branch bending in the wind, the dappled sunlight and shadows cast through the trees. …in the midst of nature, watching evening clouds pink across the bay, knowing that over the hill water is wilder, the ocean with its rip tides and currents. …there is a different way to be, “another country” that is not so far away, but in the ground under our feet, in the movement of the wind and water flowing over stones. This is the wisdom of …life itself: mysterious, magical, waiting to be rediscovered

    ….if we are to walk into this different land—…where will we begin? Could it be as simple as returning, reconnecting with what is sacred and simple around us, the living connections that are already present but often overlooked? …learn to be present to the presence of the sacred in each moment. Every moment is unique, offering its own way to connect to what is deepest within us, to the wonder and mystery of being fully alive. … the interconnected unity found everywhere:

    How can the divine Oneness be seen?
    In beautiful forms, breathtaking wonders,
    awe-inspiring miracles?
    The Tao is not obliged to present itself
    in this way.If you are willing to be lived by it, you will
    see it everywhere, even in the most
    ordinary things.Lao Tzu

    …Maybe there is a way to be that does not consider our present predicament as a problem to be solved, … but as an opportunity to awaken from a dream …We have lived so long in …this dream that we cannot imagine what it means to be awake. …[to remember] that awakening belongs to life itself, as in the single white flower held up by the Buddha in the famous “Flower Sermon.”

    …we hold in our hearts and hands a different knowing, a different way to be. …… the value of care and community, the threads of love that connect us to each other and to life. This is one example of what we need in order to transition to the future that is waiting…

    ….the following …poem by the New Zealand writer Nadine Anne Hura, …[ also excerpted]

    …We’ll stop, we’ll cease
    We’ll slow down and stay home
    Draw each other close and be kind 
    Kinder than we’ve ever been. 
    …It’s right.
    It’s time. 
    Time to return
    Time to remember
    Time to listen and forgive 
    Time to withhold judgmentTime to cry
    Time to think
    About others
    Remove our shoes
    Press hands to soil
    Sift grains between fingers
    Gentle palms
    Time to plant
    Time to wait
    Time to notice
    To whom we belong
    For now it’s just you [the Earth]
    And the wind
    And the forests and the oceans and the sky full of rain…

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    1. Very interesting. We’ve never mentioned it before, but a handful of CATs, standing together, can affect weather most of all. Its the easiest to manifest, for whatever reason. Try it. Some of the M’s can do it by themselves. ~AM once summoned a thunderstorm when there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, hail and all.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. My friend, who has since passed away, was regularly hired at weddings to keep the rain away. It was a genuine gift he had. I miss him alot.


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      2. @Cat’s
        what about this severe extreme weather in South East China?
        will the Three Gorges Dam break?
        I am sending light there…. but nature is raging

        what do you thinka about????

        love Alnilam ❤️🌟🙏💕

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      3. For the longest time I couldn’t decide if it was ok to influence weather. Living in a hurricane state cured me of that. It has changed lately though. Still figuring the new out.

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  36. I keep hearing from previously legit people that the good guys are going to do a limited disclosure instead of full disclosure. What do you see as the truth?
    (I don’t see them as legit anymore as they’re spewing the same bs as the Wilcock club.)

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  37. It’s interesting how the latest comments shift from one subject and then back to another. Kinda’ like a wave action. My comment for the day is that even tho’ it’s going to be hot here for the next 3 days, this Saturday morning is remarkably pleasant. I’ve been joyously setting sprinklers since 7:00, now I’m going to place flags where the new hostas that came yesterday go for Gardener to plant Monday. The offshore flow has started which brings heat so I’ve closed the house for the day. I’m going to spend the next 3 afternoons reading and napping. Here in this mountain valley it doesn’t matter how hot it gets during the day because after a certain time, the cool night air descends from the 6500 foot mountain behind the house. There is still some snow up there so it is natures air-conditioning. (sending some of that to you Lily) Other than that, Gang, I plan to just BE! Cheers

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  38. CAT(s) & M’s & SuperFriends!!

    I follow/read a site jimstone.is/ but you need to type this in-to your address bar, can’t bookmark it also

    Anywhoo, this is one of the postings –
    “It appears Trump’s brother got drunk and went on an extended very salient twitter rant
    There are a few people claiming in social media that this Twitter has to be fake, but I looked into this very closely and it does not appear to be fake. If anyone rips this, and rips me, saying it is fake, don’t buy that without scrutinizing that claim closely. I obviously can’t prove this is real, but there’s no evidence at all that it is not real. Read it and LOL, this is a long and good one, and for strong supporting evidence it’s probably real, scroll to the bottom.”

    HOW-EVER, when I went to https://twitter.com/UncleRobTrump, the account had been suspended
    This is something (that I am intuiting) that will (behind the scenes) “piss Trump off”.
    https://twitter.com/search?q=%40UncleRobTrump&src=typed_query are replies to the tweets from the “suspended” account.

    As an Australian/Kiwi, there are many many issues that the Northern Hemisphere experiences that do not concern me on a day-to-day basis. HOW-EVER, this is one that is “of interest”, as to how this would affect me & Australia/NZ.

    DinMelbourne (Victoria, Australia)

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    1. I, too, have been very curious about the Uncle Rob account. The bombs that guy was dropping made it seem like it couldn’t possibly be real. And I still wasn’t convinced when Jim Stone wrote that he thought it was legit. Then the account got suspended, and then Robert Trump died on the night of the 15th! What the heck is happening? Was the account simply a fake, or was it real enough to get him killed, or was the whole thing some inscrutable psyop? So weird.

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  39. CAT(s) & M’s & SuperFriends hello again!

    May I ask a question?? Is the following “true” / “truth-full” / “of truth” ??

    Quark – Home | Facebook_this is the bombing in Melbourne, Australia overnight. Blowing the tunnels. This now proves everything. This is why they are saying cases. This is why you are locked down and on curfews.
    I do not have a facebook account, so I’m not able to provide a direct link.


    For those of you who are reading this who are *not* in Melbourne & have no idea what we in Melbourne are experiencing, the ONLY shops we have open are Coles & Woolies & IGA (our grocery shops) & https://www.costco.com.au/covid-updates & health food shops & pharmacies & banks & restaurants are take-away or delivery ONLY, we are experiencing a $200 fine if we don’t wear a face-mask outside our homes, nightly curfews (we can’t leave our homes between 8PM and 5AM unless we are an “essential worker”), we can’t travel beyond a 5 kilometre radius from our homes – again, we are fined (which is quite annoying as there are health food shops that are out-side this “barrier” that I would like to purchase food from). I have found four shops with-in the 5 kilometre radius, but I can’t travel with my partner to a Costco & do a huuuuge meat shop & fill my freezer up (there is not a Costco within 5kms of us). AND we are not “supposed” to be outside our homes for longer than an HOUR a day. AND I can’t do my job.

    I am a pretty stoic & resilient person & it is “interesting” to watch those in the same industry as I am “cope” with the restrictions.


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      1. Thankyou so much for “having a look”! *hugs to CAT(s) & M’s & SuperFriends*

        When-ever you are able to, is fine with me (and other Melbournians who are lurking *hiiiii*! & others who are interested in our “little dot on the map” so-to-speak)

        Time is now 06:17 AM Sunday 16th August, & I do wish I didn’t deal with insomnia….but, it’s due to Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis / Histamine Intolerance / Methylation / Pyroluria which is due to Vitamin/Mineral deficiencies & *my* Soul’s Journey/Soul’s Contract – Energy Clearings / Energy Healings will “fix me right up” – just have to pay for this! (and yes, my poor liver is struggling…)

        off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..


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          1. Thankyou very much for your “great vibes” lily144!

            I feel like there is a “caldron” of *energy* under my feet as I am walking around the streets of Melbourne. Like **some-thing** is going to/about to “explode”. As I was walking around the streets of the CBD in March I was intuiting that it was a great time for “the government” to accelerate the building of “infrastructure” with-out us pesky humans “getting in the way”.

            Thanks for the hugs, I’m pretty resilient / stoic / self-reliant / self-composed / self-sufficient, but, I’d really like to get my-self home to Brisbane & hug my 80-something year old Mum & before that, annoy/hang out with my friends & rellies in Sydney.


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          1. Thankyou SO MUCH for your Empathy Delfina Gasoido / Cristina! Yes, it does suck, but, I did choose this as my Soul’s Journey / Soul’s Contract.
            However, I am much more healthier than I was in my 20’s (I’m 50 next April).
            Energy Healings / Clearings are making this 3rd-density body feel muuuch better!


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            1. I don’t know Din, maybe I also signed this on my soul contract.
              But perhaps I did it like when they enlisted sailors in the Middle Ages, who got them drunk for free in the taverns of the ports and then made them sign their contracts to go out to sea.

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        1. I’ve been watching the situation in Melbourne with appalled fascination; so sorry you’re having to deal with such utter BS and sending you and your city a huge light pour….

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          1. Thankyou Kolibri! Melbourne & the rest of Australia need all the “good vibes” we can receive!

            The “general consensus” is to “hang in there” as much as we can, wear face-masks, socially-distance & not be out after 8PM….


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    1. Hi Din,
      I did read there was a very large fire at a battery factory early in the morning about a week ago.
      Thanks for looking into it Cats

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        1. hi, @ Din,
          To hang in there is too easy, by now. We can ACT.
          If you wish, pour down some mighty SOURCE-Light pitchers
          on your Pine Gap, right in the center of Australia, in full force.
          I’ll do it, too.
          In 2014/15 we were told, a massive Neg base is there.
          It was a BIG battle. Hope we annihilated it for good.

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  40. D*mn, I’m not a fan of being nudged to write about this and the feeling is a little different here, but I sense why…
    I’ve been experiencing some things, body related conditions – won’t go into and I haven’t mentioned any of it here. I have been asking about it all, today info seems to be –
    re-experiencing things in a way that the body has been through earlier in my life and some related to a time that things happened, not early life related, that in a QHHT session I was told (by my higher self or whatever) it wasn’t necessary to have in my conscious memory, blocked off – I almost ‘lost it’ just touching on it in the session…
    Anyway, I haven’t been able to perceive what I’m to do concerning it all… just live through it, do something with it, learn something I haven’t already learned? … There isn’t really any emotions involved, just body conditions – pain, constriction, etc – I just haven’t been able to hear answers about what is happening and why – if there IS a why…
    There is also a different feeling, profound sadness that in perceiving isn’t related to people or even the Earth – seems closest to higher self, but can higher self be sad – don’t they know the higher reasons for the experiences anyway…

    I wasn’t going to ask anything here and just live through it all, but… here I am typing…
    Any insights I guess will be welcome…


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    1. Words don’t go far enough so here goes…Something to give some cheer I hope ❤️

      Come on, get your coat 😉

      Lots of Love & Light ❤️✨❤️

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    2. We are asked all the time to pour light here or pour light there.

      If you are not clear yourself, how can you pour clear light everywhere else?

      Pour light into yourself. Identify the places that hurt or seem dark when you perceive them from within.

      Make hard, safe ground to earth. Reach out to SOURCE. feed the source light into yourself and on down into earth. You will find more light coming from Gaia to add even more to YOU.

      RISE to the LIGHT.

      We are behind you, adding as we can.

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  41. ✨🎂💖🌈 hello friends and Cat’s and Superfriends✨🎂💖🌈

    I simply wanna tell y’all Hello ✨🎂💖🌈 and that I feel love to y’all✨🎂💖🌈
    I still have ringing ears like crazy and feel so tired.

    The story about Modema is interesting and yes my former husband worked for Bayer and I didn’t liked the energy. I lived 4 years in Leverkusen and was so many times ill.
    But from all this contrast situation, was born the plan to move to Portugal and to open our own restaurant. So I was chef and sold my artworks (paintings on the wall of restaurant)

    And here I am in Portugal….free and in peace. We paid a high price for it but it was the right choice!

    I am eager to ascend with all you together
    and ✨🎂💖🌈Siffoo ✨🎂💖🌈 stay in your light and love

    I am still sending so much light to China
    maybee for this reason I am so tired Cat’s?

    going to bed now…. with all that cricket sound in my ears

    love Alnilam ✨🎂💖🌈

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      1. My new rescue kitten and dog are wearing me out. 🤣 Plus all the energy. 🙃 At least the new kitten loves to catch cicadas they are so aggressive this year. Even trying to get in the house!

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        1. SB. Lol. I echo that sentiment. Luna is a year old and has enough energy for ten kittens. I wouldn’t swap her for anything though, even though she wears us out wanting us to play. She brings us such joy and laughter. She did a rolling back flip today chasing the wand teaser toy. We don’t get circadas here but flies are a real pest. She thinks they are a cat toy and eats them. Eeew.😳💖😺

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    1. Alnilam. Thank you for your bubbly spirit. We lived in a small village that had a Bayer factory about a quarter of a mile from our house. It produced the most awful chemical fumes so that we would have to have all of the windows closed sometimes in summer. That was when my health deteriorated suddenly. I could not function, work or do more than one small task a day. I was totally weak and exhausted and it took me about five years to recover my former stamina. I was only in my thirties. None of the doctors ever diagnosed what it was, but I’m sure there was a link. I’m not living there now but have heard that they knocked it down and built houses there I’m glad to say.🤔💕

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      1. dear Lewlinn💖🌈

        yes indeed and I feel sorry for the time you suffered
        my mother allways told me this are the poison kitchens of the world

        well I was married with my former husband and we mostly lived in oversea
        but the hometown of Bayer is really from the vibes repugnant.

        There was a quarter with town houses near the Rhine river, people lived there and gett all ill.They discovered that it was before a chemical rubbish place, covered with gras and build houses…. it was a scandal!

        Do you see what is happening on our planet?
        We hopefully very soon will ascend to 5 D
        I had the dream about last october and I am confident it will happend

        love Alnilam 💖🌈

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      2. O_M_G, @ Newlynn!
        Find that amazing!

        Also connected to the Power of Sound –
        & Re. that spectacular Ohhhhhming father of the sweet babe,
        here some very interesting info:
        (According to my research, that gentleman in the pic is Merlin himself)

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  42. Is Camelot under the Tor? Did the UK become the base of the PTW because they needed to wipe out such light here? All the Cathedrals, all built on sites that were originally filled with Light? Was the UK once an incredible light filled place? Why did they (PTW, Royal Family choose the UK?

    Cannot believe I have been in this body 44 years and never asked that question?

    Much Love ❤️

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    1. hi, @ lily,
      to your very first question i got a big YESSS!
      The Glastonbury Tor is a huge mound, in fact.
      The word “Tor” stands for “Gate”, in German.
      Guess it degenerated to “door”

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  43. Sat. post nap report: It’s now about 93degrees F. at 4:30. Tolerable, went out to change sprinklers. I’m barely able to move or stand upright without my cane, however, the reason I posted this is because the quiet is DEAFENING! Somethin’ is up! Egads!!!

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  44. Hi All!
    I had a major energy drain today at 4ish pm central time. I guess something’s up. 🤷🏼‍♀️
    Some had mentioned smoke alarms going off without reason. I had that issue last week as well. I took the battery out after it had gone off the second time, only to learn that it is hard wired. So it chirped every 20 or so seconds without a battery. I couldn’t handle that either so I put the battery back in and it went off again. My husband ended up ripping it out of the wall 😆.
    Have a joyful day All!
    Love 💗 and Hugs 🤗

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    1. And a bit more strangeness…
      I was watching a light hearted YT video on historical clothing, and about half way through the screen froze and my phone restarted itself. Ok, fine… I probably had too many apps open. So after the phone restarted I closed all apps except the ad blocking browser I watch YT on. I got back to the place where I left off on the video, and it froze and my phone restarted again. Third time’s a charm, right? Nope. It happened again, and this time it made a weird noise before it shut down. So I guess I will try to finish watching that video tomorrow. This has only happened to me one other time months ago. Other than that, my phone never restarts itself and I have had that ad blocking browser for years. So either someone doesn’t want me to watch a video on historical clothing, or the energy is messing with my electronics. I am betting that it’s the latter.
      Fun times.

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  45. Three new posts on Terran Cognito’s blog site, two are throwbacks to 2015, before I’d discovered his site, regarding religion’s origins here and ties in the Epstein story. I have not yet had a chance to read and absorb all of it. The third post is about child trafficking and includes a video that I’ve seen elsewhere on other sites but is important and well-done. A lot of mind-boggling stuff.
    May all worlds host peace! Yours in Love, Light and Oneness, ❤ ❤ ❤

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  46. I am keeping myself busy with some old notebook which I disassembled, changed CPU as I bought used CPU, cleaned the thermal paste, put a new one, fixed the broken hinge, installed a new faster SSD drive, about to add additional RAM bank…. Now it is working as a charm 🙂

    Tried to improve my parents PC, adding more RAM, SSD, but ended up with non booting PC, probably a bad RAM bank which I bought as a new in a shop, dealing now with that, I think I will be able to get it working by swooping the motherboard with used one which I had at home laying around, will see 👍

    Maybe this is brought to my attention just to keep me busy while waiting, but in the same time to make a smile on my younger son as he used that old notebook to play a games on it and for a school, but beside improving that one, I found a used one which in the market, I will order it tomorrow from one guy who is selling it. My younger son will pay for it from his saving money, I will pay for a new SSD for it 😉. I am so glad to see him smiling over it, he can not wait to get it, I am soo happy when he is happy, he is my angel 👼

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  47. Regarding UPDATE6, as soon as I saw the animations, I voice in my head said “Those CME’s are for the other planets”.

    Hello “voice in my head”! Guides??


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  48. Cat Eds. Thanks for Update 6. My human energy barometer system, aka body, started producing data about 3pm UTC today which didn’t appear to have a cause. Fast heartbeat, wind (tmi sorry), then a tight band of pressure around my head and a headache. Now I know why. I also had to TTMB for an hour at 11.30 am . Weird day. Hope others here sailed through ok. 😳💖⛵

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  49. There are four more retro 2015 posts on Terran Cognito’s blog today. Three are very dense scientific papers from a CA think tank that I don’t believe this Boomer brain of mine wants to or needs to comprehend. The most recent post is about some possible space/time travel done by a recent former president that I had seen referenced elsewhere in the UFO community. Hmmmm…
    I am very tired. I sent Light to CA, Belarus, Australia, Taiwan and various other areas this evening. Each day this month seems like a week. To quote Joni Mitchell, “I wish I had a river that I could skate away on.” ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. 💖🌈much love to you lauraksmi 💖🌈

      I feel the same… sad because my daughter and grandchildren will fly back to their home in Germany. So I asked a dream to clarify what will happend in the near future and I saw us in aspaceship….

      love Alnilam 💖🌈

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  50. Space Weather News for August 17, 2020

    A SLOW-MOTION SOLAR FLARE AND CME: A solar flare surprised forecasters yesterday when it slowly exploded from a spotless region in the sun’s southern hemisphere. The flare sent a shock wave rippling through the sun’s atmosphere and hurled a CME into space. NOAA analysts say the CME could deliver a glancing blow to Earth’s magnetic field on Aug. 20th. Get the full story at Spaceweather.com.

    No sunspot was involved. The explosion occured in a spotless region of the sun’s southern hemisphere. A magnetic filament snapped, hurling debris far and wide. Some of that debris formed the core of a coronal mass ejection (CME), which has escaped the sun and is now billowing into the Solar System.

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  51. After about 6 hours of rest, I woke up quite late this am with my heart fluttering (felt like a strobe light, but in my heart) and Phil Collins’ song “Take, take me home” in my mind which I think I saw referenced in one of Terran cognito’s posts yesterday. Deep breaths to breathe in Source calmed my heart fluttering. Still feeling exhausted. I will need to TTMB.
    Terran is still posting. Three new posts this morning, two retro and long. I have not yet waded through all of them. The post about the origin of his name, his essence and his relationship to HATJ is fascinating. https://terrancognito.blogspot.com/
    I also read the first half of B. Fulford’s post for today. Falling asleep as I type this……<3 ❤ Laura

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  52. “Yes, U.S. Dems are angling to cause vote-by-mail mayhem to stall U.S. election results so Nancy Pelosi becomes President. This won’t happen, of course, but that’s what they’re trying for. What a nightmare that would be.”

    On Friday night I had a dream that I was in charge of counting ballots for “King County.” I thought I was done, but my friend kept finding missing ballots everywhere whenever I finished counting. I googled the location when I woke up, turns out it’s Seattle…which has favorable demographics for election tampering. Prophecy?

    Also thanks to the commenters that suggested South Dakota, I’m researching Sioux Falls (but the snow scares me).

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  53. Hi Cats, I’m so glad you all made it – upgrades intact.
    I had a really hard time sleeping last night…..maybe I heard the screaming….
    I hope you’re recovering nicely.

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  54. Being blasted silly at the moment. Strongest I’ve felt to date! Literally feel like I’m about to be flung out of my own body!


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  55. Ok… 😀 My brain has decided just now when looking at the Schumann for no particular reason as usual, that between the 3 & 4 mark ( 17-08-2020), right before the cut off to total blue – to me, there is a tiny Tardis – I’m ready for the trip to the next unknown… (I’ll go there) … without bad feelings for THIS semi-known…
    Right after my posting the other day about not understanding what my body was trying to tell me if it was doing anything except experiencing – I had felt some lessening of intensity and better able to flow with it… I’m never (I think) mad about what I’m experiencing, just don’t mostly understand why I’m to share it – took YEARS to just do it, esp when as a trained Massage therapist and before that a Home Health Aide you are trained (told) NOT to talk to or share things with patients or clients. took me years to realize there was always a reason on reflection or being told, by clients/patient that that had helped them… learned to let flow, whatever (with guidance), whatever came out… Well, THIS is taking a long tandent…
    Anyway right after that my mind started going to things I might enjoy doing in the next place of experiencing/living – how I’d like to live, things to enjoy doing without the self-consciousness or programming accepted to inhibit – esp singing and dance, gave up ballet at 8? due to some personal circumstances, similar happened with voice, but I loved doing both and art…perhaps there are more things I would enjoy even more…


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