Remembering SOURCE: Task #3 [UPDATE2]


Since we know people love having something to do… here you go, our first Task in a long while. It’s an easy one. And the most powerful. We’ve saved the best for last.


Imagine anyone you want, who’s currently alive, in front of you. Place your hands on either side of their head, like you’re blessing them, and think:

You are perfect immortal spirit, brother, whole and innocent.
All is forgiven and released.

Then pour a pitcher of light on their head. Fast or slow, it’s up to you. Some people/beings may require more light, but your pitcher is ever-full.

This prepares the way for SOURCE for that person. It also heals their mind and body. This is how Brother J healed people, by reminding them of their connection to SOURCE, that they’re actually spirit inside a(n illusory) body, reminding them that they’re an Extension of SOURCE and therefore immortal and indestructible.


Do this for everyone you can think of. It’s ideal for the sick — esp. if you can do it in person (with their permission!), but it’s also effective on those in your family (which is really everyone), political leaders, MSM talking heads, etc. We even did it to entire towns and cities, and the Earth herself. Those you do this for will have their own reactions to it, as it’s a blessing. [Note: Those who worked to master their SOURCE Rainbow Suit in the past meditation will have the easiest time with this.] You’re literally limited only by your imagination.

And yes, some people will need a bucket of light, but we have that in stock.

An East Texas variant.

That’s it. Let us know if you have any questions. You have the power to do this NOW.

Please note that you may feel tired after doing this ten times in a row (or more); just rest and start again. It can be a bit draining, but you’ll recharge. Be good to yourselves. (And yes, in a way this is a Baptism of Light.)

[P. S. This arises from a meeting the CATs and M’s had with ~AM about some CATs’ reaction to one commenter who was having trouble meditating and finding “proof” of what’s actually real. We meditated on it and this was Brother J’s gift to us all.]

Here’s one we made earlier.


Ok, that is more like a BLENDER of Light. Think of it as a pitcher of Light Margaritas.


Is this thing on?


Don’t forget to do this on people who make your blood boil. You only have to do it once, for everyone you do it for. This one act alone will help The SHIFT happen that much faster… and perhaps make November less bumpy.


Two things:

  1. Some of us have been adding this at the end: “Remember SOURCE is inside you.” And then we POUR extra light so the gooey light dissolves their heads and goes all the way to that point of SOURCE in the solar plexus.
  2. CAT7 had a good idea. For certain individuals (and regions and cities) that need not be identified, after you douse them with light, put them on “auto-deluge” and then walk away. Leave the “light waterfall” running, as it were. We just did that for DC and it seems to work well. 😉

509 thoughts on “Remembering SOURCE: Task #3 [UPDATE2]

  1. In times when much is so uncertain, Once you’ve seen behind the curtain, in plain sight and not surprising.
    Tell the night, the Son is rising, it simply laughs, There’s no horizon, a view from the skull, you keep your eyes in. As the soul surveys the view, through each and every one of you, every moment, each decision, brings us to a lasting vision. Spread Love and Light, stay the course,
    Tell Everybody Remember Source!

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  2. I want to send a yuuuuge massive thank you to everyone who poured tons of light on my mom who doctors thought her cancer has spread to bone cancer!

    Update! No bone cancer! Whew! Just stenosis and a bulging disc. Painful, but it can be dealt with. I know everyone keeps saying this isn’t real, but it feels like it. And if I lose my mom, she’s all the family I have.

    Huge hugs and kisses to everyone on this blog who helped!

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    1. duganknows ~ Thank you for sharing, that is wonderful news to hear, I hope the pain eases and she continues healing! sending Light and Love~scott

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  3. I have been imagining a cord attached to people going down into earth and doing this.. I have now redone and imagined the light. I’ve done for all the angry, aggressive people I have encountered in my village and for the earth where I live in my village as we are on a key line. And all my children especially when they fight.. I do it again! 😂 I hope it helps ❤️
    Could I ask re portals
    I was interested to find if I am near a portal. I was reading in the ‘sun and the serpent’ that there are points along the key line where the energy disappears into the earth and re-appears forming a 5 point star. These points are nodes. I noted one at the hurlers stone circle on Bodmin, and one at the base of Brentor. I went in search of the later, expecting to find a good energy. It felt very turbulent and angry almost.. I did a very half hearted blessing and left quickly. Is this common for a portal area to find odd turbulent energy swirls? I am not physic but do feel a strong sense of ‘knowing’ and synchronicity, so I could t really access answers. I just felt I shoulnt hang around there as it was almost dangerous. Any thoughts appreciated. ✨🌟


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