Kitchen Sink 7-16 to 7-21-20 [UPDATE12]


There is so much going on that we can’t cover it all, but we’ll try to get most of it. First off, we’ve had another good-sized timeline jump:


Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 11.53.23 AM

All CATs felt this one coming over the past few days. Lots of weird somatic pains, dizziness, headaches, body heat, feeling like one “fell into oblivion,” etc. — even a LEVITATION, though this was associated with some Positives visiting last night. Another tour bus!

Here’s more of the recent jump:



Then we had a CME. Here’s the Portal One pre-blast…


…then the CME proper:


Other current energy fun-sizing:

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 11.56.21 AM

Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 11.56.34 AM


And now it’s time for…


Yes, various ET factions are still jockeying for position for both 3d and 4d+ Earths, making space a very hectic place:

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 12.21.11 PM
There’s so much going on here we can’t cover it. We were told you could write countless doctoral theses on these images if you knew what was in them and what was going on.


Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 12.05.29 AM
Utter mayhem.

We have no idea who’s fighting — because it’s everyone, a cast of thousands — but Positives are obviously winning the day, so much so that it’s not even funny. We don’t know why Negs and Neuts even bother, but they keep thinking they can win (psst… they can’t).


What else? Oh. Please note that the next round of shutdowns really are for your own good. There are four or five mutations going around that don’t show up on tests and are affecting people differently. Might want to really wear a mask when you have to travel somewhere with any kind of population density. No fear, certainly, but masking is now a reasonable precaution; even “social distancing” will finally be effective, but again, this is only in dense areas like grocery stores, etc. Contagion isn’t blowing in the wind, like in the minds of those people we see walking around sunny neighborhoods wearing masks and shying away from people. That’s ridiculous. Most masks themselves are rather ridiculous since their mesh is way too coarse, but it’s partially effective in certain places.

We looked at this doctor, shown repeatedly on the MSM:

Screen Shot 2020-07-13 at 2.55.37 PM

He’s tested negative five times for the beer bug because he’s been infected with a mutation, which he got through his EYES, yikes. Then again, he was on a cooped-up airplane, coming from out of the country. The original bug is in decline, but the mutations are still clawing around, so don’t be too cavalier (J). Those in the higher age range need to take reasonable precautions… but this is akin to buckling up for safety: the actual odds of being in a car accident are still much greater, esp. with so many dunderheads staring at their phones while they drive.

Then again, those who are emitting light when they go out… well, that and the mask are hugely effective. Did Brother J ever get sick? No, because light POURED out of him like Niagara Falls.

Speaking of that…

Remember Remember the POUR of NOVEMBER

Some CATs have leaked their thoughts re: November. Some CATs expect The SHIFT in November, because they see utter chaos in that month. Others of us see a light wall. Others… see things changing… for the better.

That said, it’s interesting to note that TWELVE CATs, at last count, had independently purchased fake Christmas trees — in July — assuming that the supply chain would be impacted and real trees might be hard to come by… while also not wanting to have to go get an Xmas tree while wearing a mask. Anyway, these CATs wanted to see how these trees looked… and their families really liked having them up early (even spouses, which is shocking)… and so, all but a handful of CATs ALREADY HAVE THEIR CHRISTMAS TREES UP! This may go with many seeing Christmas decorations at the time of The SHIFT… or it’s just CATs acting crazy.


However… there is a mitigating factor: All of you.


There was a curious event on November 13, 1833, in Alabama:


This came to mind while we were thinking of this post, and of all the “light pouring” going on the past few days. Could these two things be related?

We’re now thinking that this November will NOT be as turbulent as we were previously seeing — hence the latest timeline jump — since we’ve all been doing the light-pour. We plan to do a lot more of it between now and then; we’re not going to arrange a group-date for it, as the PTW had approx. 100 dark denizens working to block this and that… though they keep expiring, so now it’s more like 50. They esp. can’t handle it when our light activities are random — let alone constant. If you want, you can even imagine them sitting in their silly circle and robes and DOUSE them INFINITELY. We now call it, “Leaving the water on.”


Speaking of that… many thanks for all the LIGHT POURING going on over all the CATs! It’s been wonderful:


We didn’t expect it, but what we’re doing is having a serious effect/ramification with the world. We’re still not sure how (because it’s really complicated), but we’ll eventually get to see what we’re all doing pretty “soon” (that four letter word!). Here’s hoping that the highest timelines skate to The SHIFT.


In closing, please note that not all in the MSM are sell-outs. Here’s Bari Weiss’ resignation letter to the NYTimes, and it’s good.

In the meantime…

Hang in there, baby!
Are we there, yet?


Get ready.


Ok. So. A bizarre mitigating factor… that kinda makes sense. Some of us, some of you… are evolving… even more, and faster than before. More on that as we understand it. (Some of the CATs have received visits from teams of… higher versions of themselves. Some of us are actually GROUPS of beings, and these lower… vessels… are the business end, if you will, that we use for a variety of reasons, communication being one of them. If that makes sense.) Some of you are this way too, but we don’t have time to look at everyone in this regard; it would be an individual session and we don’t do that.

You haven’t lived till you’ve high-fived your higher selves! Very strange.


We forgot something for this post. Please note that some “GATE” is now “OPEN” and we’re getting hosed with extra… something. It’s all very vague, but we had on our group calendar “OPEN GATE” from 7/12 to 7/23. Considering what we’ve been experiencing lately, this is an apt description. Basically, expect weirdness. And for those who juice vegetables, we recommend doing so: celery and mint and green apple.


Fresh energy burst incoming. Could be the edges of the earlier CME…




…and we appear to be in the midst of a timeline jump — again:

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 4.53.19 PM


Be sure to Ground and breathe-in SOURCE whenever the energy gets too high.


Can’t say any of us have seen this meter look like this before:


What does this show? Here’s a description:

“The above plot is a recent all-sky image from KAIRA. It is formed from the antenna-pair cross-correlations, which are then fourier-transformed to obtain the output image. The projection is orthographic and the orientation is indicated on the plot. The “VHF” label indicates the azimuthal direction to the EISCAT VHF transmitter, which is a significant scientific instrument, located nearby. The other labels indicate prominent radio sources.”


This was the cosmic ray intensity meter in Mexico City three days ago:

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 7.25.58 PM

The latest “offending” data has since been taken down, but it does still show the timeline jump from the 14th:



Anyone who wants a SOURCE light bucket-pour (BP) list, you could start with the top names of those under indictment here and here and here. And these are just the highlights. Some have since passed away.


We’re in another jump:

Screen Shot 2020-07-19 at 11.17.32 AM

And the sun is being extremely singular again:

After. Massive energy blast.
Look at the EM turbulence coming from Portal One.


And again.


We thought it was just us (CATs weren’t very communicative with each other yesterday), but it was actually a double WHOMP:

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 11.27.21 AM

AND we had two CMEs, one on 7/19 and 7/20, respectively:



That’s what we get for taking the day off for a special project. These CMEs will be hitting us, though not dead-center. They’ll hit with a one-two punch on approx. 7/24 at 0:00 UTC and lasting till 6:00 UTC… however, CMEs are difficult to time, so they could be a day earlier and a week later.


We’re getting questions on masks again. So, we’re not big on the mask thing — for healthy people. But we don’t want anyone getting bullied or injured for lack of a costume accessory. We don’t think they help… unless YOU are sick. You’re really supposed to wear a mask as a courtesy to others if YOU are sick; that’s how it’s done in Japan. Healthy people don’t need masks. Basically, those who want to wear them can, but those who don’t shouldn’t be forced. You tend to touch your face MORE in fidgeting with a mask versus just breathing. We don’t wear one unless forced, personally. We DO try to keep a reasonable distance from people — since they’re so hinky about it — and we wash our hands all the time, but we did these things anyway. Just do what you’d do during a bad flu season and use common sense.


And another CME, this one right at us.


Oddly, it looks to hit around the same time as the previous ones.


And another, to hit at the same time — dead center. Something new is most definitely coming, programmingwise.



And more WHOMPage:



334 thoughts on “Kitchen Sink 7-16 to 7-21-20 [UPDATE12]

  1. Ugh… I internally questioned whether it was appropriate for me to view the ‘lists’ of the ‘to be poured upon’ or if it was better for me to approach my part differently. Guess I got my answer – thank you ‘those that let you choose with consciousness while guiding’. I WAS accompanied… UGH – scrolled quickly and without attachment and had protection – still began to have and now have quite pronounced lower diaphragm pain and painfully squeezing headache – I know I can deal with it, but glad I QUICKLY scrolled – sometimes I really dislike being an empath and other things. ALSO, so glad I no longer live in the Northeast US where I grew up – so many names I was familiar with, so energetically ugly – noted some wannabee-with-the- ‘cool kids’ energies, too. No idea whether those were accurate. Some others weren’t familiar, won’t even mention what their energy/beings felt like…
    AND that was a quick scroll —
    I will ‘DO’ something… If I do something with the other lists I don’t think I’ll view the lists at all – other things I can do…
    I’ve asked for a sharing with Brother J and a SOURCE POUR AND CLEANSE to clear – solar plexus area dulling and headache too, but eyes hurt now… Hmmm, SOURCE eyewash??Something else happened with my vision, too I think, but that has been un-remembered…

    Maybe I’ll ask for some ‘better future’ visions… or sleep?? …

    ❤ s to ALL,

    Having an increase in my things interfering in my vision stuff… seizure-y things, so better take a rest –
    Love to ALL…

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    1. Kagee3, I feel ya’ – I started to peer at the lists, but quickly decided that was not in my best interests. I just closed that browser tab, and asked Brother J and my Guides to give me a bucket o’ light to counteract the moments.

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  2. Just heard the awful news that one of our close friends sons has taken his own life, sending love and light to everyone struggling with these energy’s.

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  3. ~ CATs ~ Re: Update 1… your mention of ‘groups of beings’ has rung a gong with me. I do hope you will have more to add and share about that before long.

    As always, thank you ALL most warmly for being here in this nourishing community!

    With love, friend 🎄 🌟 💦

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  4. Blossom has a new one out today. I won’t post the link ’cause Lily or Perica probably beat me to it living in Europe and having several hours jump on me. Har!

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    1. Hahaha, the Lily was the fastest one today 👍, I accidentally erased that email from Blossom site, and was hoping that someone will post it here as it is not properly marked and not visible on his site under FOL channeling, and as always, Lily came to rescue 👍✨

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  5. sounds like a QHHT (Quantum Healing ;as Dolores Cannon speaks of)…its her higher self coming through…I listen to Todd Deviney who does this also on “Enlightened Aspects Productions” on YT. Correct me if Im off on this.

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  6. I watched the 2 after this one as well and I’m a little confused with her readings.

    She says in December 75% of people (including her and the client) will be in 5d and thus won’t be concerned with 3D. Then she speaks as if there is no shift to 5d in December by talking about things that will be revealed after the elections and early next year.

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      1. I guess it’s all in flux anyway.
        Just a little confusing when she says the people going to 5D will still experience events that occur in 3D.


  7. Strange question…
    Why do I always dream that I’m the opposite gender to what I currently am. I don’t have gender dysphoria, so it makes no sense.

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    1. Because you’ve been so many different YOU’s over the years, the eons. If you look farther back, your bodies aren’t human. Farther back from that and your body was an astronomical body. Note: When you incarnate, you can decide to be any sex you want — or neither. You don’t have to incarnate if you don’t want to. YOU are in control, now.

      -CAT Eds.

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  8. Thank you Blossom ❤️

    Thank you CATs, Thank you M’s, Thank you AM

    Thank you ALL ✨❤️✨

    Elsie and I are so exhausted today, haven’t been able to start on the list yet but will as soon as I get myself together a bit. Elsie was throwing herself around her bed last night, lots of manic laughing, stimming. It was gone 1am by the time I got to bed after being in and out of her room. Her melatonin had absolutely no effect. Tried some native herb remedy for her with passiflora, lemon balm and lavender but she was immune! She has a padded bed with high sides to stop her getting out at night and hurting herself but she has outgrown the bed and can lean right over the sides now. Thankfully we have been granted a new much higher sided bed through her Occupational Therapist which should be here in a couple of weeks or so but in the interim I think we are both going to be exhausted!

    I do hope we are going to NE and that Elsie’s difficulties are healed, I can’t think she enjoys it when she is up all night like that so restless, the stimming is getting quite violent in the way her body is moving, head banging and arms and legs all going together, must leave her so achey and exhausted 😔

    Funny, she can have a few good nights followed by just as many really bad ones. It can look like ‘fitting’ but she had an MRI and tests for epilepsy and they said she was fine. She had always had a angioma in her brain but I was told this was an incidental finding and nothing to worry about. Wish I could help her…Any more light buckets for her would be much appreciated, sorry to ask, I know everyone had been hard at work on the list ❤️

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Hi Lily,

      Still can’t do buckets, but I’m holding Elsie in that emerald green flame. And for some reason a bright bar of deep yellow came in. And mixed into a lovely shade of lemony green. Holding you too. Love, Angela

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    2. Done! w/Much Love/Gratitude. You Girls Will do fine, for We Are Your cheering section. Peace.

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  9. When I meditated on some of the images of people from update 6, instead of dousing them with a pitcher of light, I found myself throwing a bucket of water on them. To my surprise, more than one turned into the wicked witch of the West from the wizard of oz, screaming “You cursed brat! Look what you’ve done! I’m melting! Melting! Oh, what a world! What a world! Who would have thought a good little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness! Ohhh! Look out! Look out! I’m going! Ohhhh – Ohhhhhhhhhh!”

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      1. When I poured on the 2nd set of reporters, I felt one+ of Them felt sorry for what they have done. So some are realizing the damage set upon the unsuspecting. Hosting Love, Peace.

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        1. Christopher ❤️ That’s amazing1 Well done you! I haven’t started yet. I was so exhausted and feeling on a bit of a low ebb, I thought I should wait until I got my super powers back! Onwards and Upwards!

          Much Love & Oooodles of Light! ❤️🌟❤️

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  10. Strange experience today, I drove my father to his countryside house, together with my mother and my younger son.

    We spent few hours there, and at one point I took a nap, some weird dream off which I do not have any memories, but just before waking up, I could see myself laying on my sofa in my house 40km away, then back on the bed at my father countryside house, and that repeated few times ?!

    But it did not felt like a dream, it felt like I was really going back and forth, like I am bilocating ?! And I am not saying that I was really physically biocating, but what ever that was, it was strange ?✨

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      1. I will do that, but while on the guides subject, someone mentioned (Lisa ?) that after the latest eclipse, we were going to get a new guides, or one guide, but it could also be our HS acting as a new guide, I think I got my HS as a new guide, and in the past I had two, will see how it will go with my HS, he means business, not much a chit chat with him, hmmmm ?

        But beside that strange Bilocation thing, during which I was not sure where I will wake up on the end, I felt like I am in between worlds, I also felt energies on the back off my head, which is very rare, feeling bad last few days until that Bilocation thing and those energies on the back off my head, thinking that maybe I received some healing from friends in high places, as I was told they monitor my body all the time during this ascension symptoms, soo…I do not know, one good thing is that after today afternoon, I again feel “normal”, at least the body wise 🙏✨

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        1. Hi Perica
          I too noticed a energy sensation at the back of my head as I was falling asleep last night. Jolted me awake again. Tried to feel into but quickly feel asleep. No sense at all yet wot that was about.

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  11. I’m beginning to hear that we will be going onto a quantum currency.
    What does it mean? it sounds like more money slavery.

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    1. Quantum financial is a computer system that keeps people honest with backed currency, not able to be hacked. Peace.

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    2. Anonymous, from what I understand, quantum $ is a new way of thinking about currency. You don’t hold it in your hand, you don’t hold it in a bank account, it’s all online, cyber, and supposed to be unhackable. Riiight! What could possibly go wrong with that plan?😉
      I try to stay in Divine neutrality about everything, so although it sounds like another scam, maybe, just maybe it will be a part of restructuring economic systems to make them more equitable for All. And maybe it won’t matter either way because we will have mastered manifesting in an instant, or will be on NE by then. You sparked an idea: I’m going to pour buckets of light on the monetary system! PEACE LOVE JOY

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    1. @cay, very beautiful – I love ‘human’ harmony,(the ‘ ‘ es is meant to be EXTRA inclusive – I wonder what a cosmically inclusive choir would be like???) – the many coming together IN ONE – the music itself is very lovely as well…

      thank you – a lovely gift for my day…


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    2. Thank you Cay! That was sublimely beautiful and touched my soul! Tears! I listened three times and bookmarked it. ❤ ❤ ❤ Celestial Voices!

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  12. Really worried about Mum, just phoned and she’s really ill. She never gets sick! she has fever, shivering, nauseous, can’t move, really bad stomach problems. Please, if you are able, could you send her light and healing, it would be so much appreciated.

    My daughter Elsie is currently screaming. I have no idea what is wrong with her. She did not sleep until the early hours last night and is acting like she has been given something to make her high, just manic, feel like I’m losing my mind, so exhausted.

    I wish I could just go into a cave and curl up…Sorry, I know I sound negative I’m so tired, had enough.

    Much Love ALL, hope you’re all okay.


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    1. Apologies for sounding so negative. Just really struggling the last couple of days. Trying to keep upbeat for Elsie and then failing miserably when she had a meltdown, lost my patience tonight and screamed out loud. Not one of my finest moments…

      Worried about Mum too. Okay, time to do something positive and meditate on her being well rather than sitting here in an anxious heap.

      Sorry for my rambles. Not functioning too well. Need to get a grip…and some sleep.

      Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. Striving for perfection is one thing. My parents failed all the time, and so have I, yet here we are. I always get the feeling that my children understand on some level, they never seem to take it as hard as I do.

        I was trained by the world worrying champion, my mom. She still thinks she can stop bad things from happening by worrying enough. I’ve tried, but it doesn’t work; and it turns life into hell for no good reason. Consider the Lilies 🙂


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        1. Sifoo ❤️ Thank you. Yes, my Mum is a worrier too, so much that I worry about her worrying! You’re right, it doesn’t help anything at all EVER! Breathing, being still, being quiet, flame gazing does seem to help…

          Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. Lily. I have sent love and healing energy to your mum and three pitchers of source light. Now working on you and Elsie. I agree totally with Sifoo’s comments. Go easy on yourself wonder woman.💖💖💖💖💖

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      2. Dear Lily,
        don’t you dare apologize for letting off steam in this community of ours.
        You are brave among the brave, because you chose to be Elsie’s mom in this life, and you have had to do it practically alone.
        We are here to lean on the good and the bad.
        Sometimes I surf as a support or therapy group, only we are not sick or addicted, sometimes I think it is something worse, because nobody has walked before where we have to walk in these strange times.
        So dear Lily, let off steam, yell, scream and cry, if you need it, don’t relish it, nor gloat in disgrace (I know you don’t), but if it sets you free … go ahead.
        Here you have the shoulders of friends to support you, and our arms to hold you lovingly.
        Sending you a shower of warm and loving Light.

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        1. Cristina ❤️ Thank you, your words have just given me such warmth and a lift! these are really challenging days. I think Elsie and I are going stir crazy. We are still supposed to self isolate due to health reasons, both of us have immune problems etc… Poor Elsie has no idea why we are not able to go to her favourite country park and other places we used to go to. She needs sensory feedback (the park has a special best swing) motion which really helps level out her mood/wellbeing. I am just taking it a day at a time but our mental health is really up and down, both struggling a lot but I am the adult and have to try and keep my **** together! I might try and start a bit of gentle yoga when I can get Elsie back into some kind of normal sleep cycle (fingers crossed!) Thank fully she went off to sleep quite well tonight. I gave her my beautiful pocket orgonite to hold and I think it’s helped 🌟 The last day or so I have felt as if I was going bi-polar! It;s happened before usually through lack of sleep or some stress of one kind or another. I try and be the best I can but sometimes I really mess up and then beat myself up for it. There are a few blogs I have read written by other parents of children with complex needs and they are a comfort. You realise how many are going through it too, mostly silently and on their own. Some have partners to share the challenges, some do not. Mum helps a lot, bless her, she is a shining star. I feel bad for complaining, for letting it out so I’m grateful to be able to do that without judgement, I judge myself all the time! I need to get myself together health wise. I’m sitting here typing and my joints, my back, my head are really painful! I just ache everywhere. Have been having a few stomach problems too, colitis flaring a bit, hold and cold etc…Will go and soak in a bath of epsom salts and lavender while I can with a candle and then have some herbal tea and hopefully an earlyish night. this days are just… I have no words! Love to you and ALL, I am so grateful ❤️🙏❤️

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          1. More Healing/Love/Light for You! Look up bio alternatives, where You will find HA. It makes the joints young again, and it Is the highest grade.
            hyaluronic acid (HA) is essential to maintaining the health of joints and cartilage. Although hyaluronic acid is found throughout all of the bodies tissues, it is primarily concentrated in the extracellular areas of the skin and in the synovial fluid. Synovial fluid moisturizes and lubricates the cartilage found in our joints and lack of this substance may lead to joint stiffness and pain. As we age our bodies lose the ability to manufacture sufficient quantities of hyaluronic acid and supplementing often becomes the only method of insuring an adequate supply to allow smooth, pain-free movement of our joints

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            1. Christopher ❤️ Thank you, golden advice as always! my great uncle was a herbalist and I started a course in holistic healing/nutrition when Elsie was very young. Unfortunately circumstances brought my learning to an end but I am still picking up bits and bobs along the way and learned quite a bit whilst looking for ways to heal my UC. I will definitely look that up. I started making distilled water again but for some reason it upsets Elsie’s tummy and gives me a few problems too. It’s great that its so pure but it seems to make my teeth really hurt and my joints worsen. I’ve tried it with himalayan salt and also with concentrace drops but neither seemed to work. Been using the Epic Pure water filter jug then putting the filtered water in glass with charcoal sticks, seems to be okay, not perfect but at least Elsie does not get tummy pain/bowel problems!

              Much Love & Gratitude ❤️🙏❤️

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        2. Cristina ❤️ Thank you so much for your response, I am so grateful. I replied to you a few minutes ago but it seems to have disappeared! My computer is acting very strangely. Perhaps it will turn up. I will see if it does, if not, I will try and remember what I wrote ☺️ Going to try and get an early(ish) night 😴

          So much Love & Light ❤️🌟🙏🌟❤️

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      3. Dear Lily,
        the best mom’s in the world have their moments with regular children. and you have a special needs child. and this is a monumentally strange and unusual time that is testing everyone. So don’t beat yourself up about it. You are doing what you can, and that means losing it sometimes so you can release and come back into balance. Don’t let feeling so bad about it mess up that process.
        You love Elsie. That trumps everything. Do what you can for yourself, so you can keep going. I’m hearing from lots of friends that they are hitting some kind of wall with this waiting, pending situation. I’ve a feeling we’ll be looking back on this time fondly in the future, but it doesn’t make it any easier now.
        I’m holding Elsie in “her color”, holding your mom in a blend of colors, and holding you in Love. CBD oil if you can afford it seems pretty effective against this stuff. Please keep us updated on how your mom is doing. Love Angela

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        1. Angela ❤️ Thank you for your wise and comforting words. I sometimes have to stop and just step outside of the situation and view things differently, how others see us and realise I have to take time out to remain sane. Elsie won’t settle again this evening but I have the video monitor in front of me. I know she is safe so I’m taking a bit of time for myself to just sit and have some time…As long as she is not distressed and is safe…her new Safesides bed come in just over 2 weeks, it will be such a relief although I’m sure it will take some time for her to adjust to it….I’ve been trying (in little increments) to decorate her bedroom to match the new bed. Have some lovely bedding with stars on and some wall stickers to go over her bed in a little ‘star shower’! I’ve been painting the walls, one wall at a time so she doesn’t get too upset and have drawn a picture of the new bed with stars above it to prepare her etc…Hopefully it will all go smoothly! Mum is still poorly. The doctor phoned her today and said it sounded like gastric flu. If she doesn’t get better by Friday Dad will give them a call. She could talk to me on the phone for a few minutes which was a good sign, fingers crossed! Thank you again, it really helps just to feel this support here, just amazing!

          Much Love & Light ❤️🌟❤️

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          1. ~Lily~ that all sounds like a good report! SO glad to hear your mom is holding her own, and Elsie is allowing you a bit of space and respite. She must be a really amazing soul… what fun it will be when the two of you can truly communicate and have more fun together!

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            1. Friend ❤️ It will be amazing! Elsie has been so sweet today, really looking into my eyes and smiling, laughing etc…Even when her room was in a complete state whilst I painted, she dealt with it so much better than she would have a few months ago! I wonder, as we all go up in vibration, if she was already there and struggling with the lower energies from before…As we emerge out into higher frequency, she feels much more comfortable! just a though 🙂

              Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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            2. I think that is highly likely! Your reports of her new abilities and activities are rather amazing actually, in comparison to when you first started talking very much about her… the little ones are way ahead of us, many of them.

              I hope the color-full activity in Elsie’s room is sharing its freshness with you as painter – in – chief :-)) What did you choose? I don’t remember if you’ve said…

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            3. Friend ❤️ yes, she has come on so much. Actually, it all seems to have happened since the CATS recommended I do Elsie’s SRB whilst doing my own SRB meditation!

              So, her bedroom is mainly pale, soft grey with a deeper grey around her bed. The new bed is about 160cm high on all sides and is the same grey with a window for her to see out at night. I wanted to create a really soothing space for her so lovely gentle natural colours with some fairy lights at the window (cream cotton curtains to the floor) and some star wall stickers around the bed all in soft varying tones of grey. I ordered them from Etsy they are hand painted on fabric! Still in Australia when I last checked the tracking! Just trying to figure out how to make a canopy around the bed to make it extra cosy! here is the bed she will be having but in grey and with slightly higher sides:

              We are so lucky that the NHS granted us funding for it as they are so expensive!🙏

              Really looking forward to seeing it all come together! I love a creative project although I must say, my arms, back, well everywhere really is aching like crazy! I only painted the living room about a week ago and whilst the paint tin was open the other day, I decided to do the kitchen too! lots of climbing onto work tops to reach over cupboards etc… I must have lost a few pounds!

              Hope you are well?

              Much Love & Light ❤️🙏❤️

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            4. ~ Lily ~ that all sounds so beautiful and serene! You are a highly observant person I’m guessing, since your design takes so many factors and weaves a coherent peace. I really enjoyed the detail, thank you!
              The bed looks amazing.
              YOU are amazing to be accomplishing all this painting in the small amounts of free time available.

              Remember the times you’ve written here about your imagined shortcomings? How about you keep a log of all these SuperMom/ Human accomplishments for yourself, complete with sufficient gold stars, to erase any future questions as to your sheer stamina and general wonderful ness? 🤗😉🌟

              Love, friend

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            5. Friend (wonderful and very apt name!) ❤️ Bless you so blooming much that is so kind and so much appreciated ☺️ I will go easier on myself from now on! Nougat and coffee have helped!

              Elsie’s room does look really calm and peaceful. She has fallen asleep so quickly tonight so hopefully this will continue! So far, so good…✨

              We collect Skylar the Ragdoll on Monday so tomorrow I am taking the day of (decorating wise!) so I have plenty of energy to deal with any possible ups and downs. So far, Elsie seems very excited, she must realise what is happening as food bowls are out and ready, litter tray and I showed her a photo a few days ago so am keeping everything crossed for happy outcomes!

              Hope you are faring well in this ‘interesting’ wave of energies?!

              Much Love & Light ❤️✨🙏✨❤️

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      1. Perica ❤️ Thank you, I made up a little bottle of thieves oil for her a while ago, asked her to put some on the soles of her feet so I am hoping my intuition was helpful in some way…she’s a real superstar! ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. Just sent a Comfortable Healing Cave of Rainbow Light. WATL/L/L/T, We Are The One Hosting Love. Peace.

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    3. I am so sorry to hear that Lily…
      I am sending you, your mom and Elsie ((((HUGS))) , Love and waterfall of light!


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      1. Jane ❤️ Thank you 🙏I love you ALL too, so much.

        So grateful I was guided here… There is so much ‘down to earth’ Love, Compassion, Support, Truth and a dash of humour too here makes this place so blooming special! Feels like home and much, much more!

        Much Love & Light always

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  13. When everybody is wearing a mask our interaction will be with our eyes. Most will not meet our gaze. You will be able to “see” their true self through their eyes. Love will be shining through, or the opposite. No one will be able to hide their true feelings and our gaze will be potent. Have courage. Time will pass quickly. In my experience when you give people exactly what they ask you for, the soon grow sick of it. Love to all.💕💕💕😜

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  14. Hello Cats & M’s thank you for all the updates & puuurfect timing with the light pouring 🙂 Nice work everyone … Keeping the Balance!

    Yes everything including the kitchen sink is going on, July is just as intense as June, Gridwork is constant 77 days in & random 🙂 Timelines are still being sorted its been the major theme since 9th July, these are historical & repetitive having the same agenda but played out differently like in the case of the V. Ironically it was a V infection that originally distorted the Universal Matrix.
    Alignment to Sirius is part of the Gate Open between the Galactic Core & the Metagalactic Core.
    meaning Ascension Path is OPEN & you can High 5 your Higherself. This is why all the Battles going on … the negatives won’t give up the fight they have everything to lose & are fighting each other for complete world order. In the meantime while the cats away the mice will play hehehehehehe the cheese gets holier 🙂 no pun intended

    Its starting to look a lot like Christmas in July … this was the gridwork theme in July last year & have come Full Circle, the Birth of Christ Consciousness to Embodying Christ Consciousness. between 21st June & 5th July was the Royal passage way, our Royal Birthright to embodying our Natural Christ Human Blueprint. We are the Holy Ones with Royal Dna … We are all One Big Family Tree with Brother J at the top 🙂

    November I haven’t looked that far ahead however something is UP before then not sure & may even connect to the Meteor shower being sooner then later … I never thought of this I was pre-warned there will be some radio activity & I have a hunch this is part of the V mutation. Mr gates did say the next one will get more attention.

    Brother J says … always simplify or the complexity will blow their minds 🙂

    the Energy has certainly been a mixed bag of jewels. had a day feeling like I was levitating thru the Heart, feeling spaced out for over a week & now seem to be “lucid” but not dreaming lol the old cell is dying it was only sustained by false light & we are moving into the new cell that is sustained by eternal living light. Major shift of Transfiguration 🙂

    Buckets of Love to All

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    1. Good job P. I’ve been out today and missed her post. She missed her Sat. app’t w/me this week.I’ve yet to read her post, but suspect that she’s having an even harder time than usual. J

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      1. She missed her Sat. Appointment with me,
        as well, and I have not heard anything.

        I will keep sending light pitchers to Lisa.



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    1. Yes, but as she said, those of us who signed up for this are caterpillars going into the cocoon state. Buckets of light won’t do much for the psychic crowd, though it does make things feel better. This is the reason why CATs haven’t been posting as much: we’re in the same cocoon boat Lisa is, though she’s suffering more than we are.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Huh, yes, the toll on the body is taking the higher levels lately for me too, my elephant released its pressure on my chest yesterday, but I am also feeling a pressure on my throat for some time now, both was mentioned in Lisa’s today post, I was surprised with those similarities in symptoms, coincidence, maybe, I do not know, probably just individual thing, but… ?


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        1. Or I should just quit with smoking (even this heat ones are making less damage, I think ?), but I am also drinking too much Nescafe, that is definitely not a healthy thing, ahhhh 😣

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        2. I found your Elephant, on My lower back! Sooo, I’m drinking much clean Water, fresh fruit, it Is working. Peace

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          1. Ohhh, sorry to hear that, but tell that Elephant that he is not welcomed at my place anymore, I do not have either a food or a place for him 😁✨

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          2. I reduced the coffee to one in the morning, before that I would have up to 5-6/day, it seems it is helping, I think I also smoke less then before, a pack /day off Heats as opposed to pack and a half /day, I promise to quit smoking after the Shift, so if my guides wants to help me improve my health, please hurry with a Shift 🙏✨

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      2. Thanks CATs ❤️ Well, I send my Love and Light to everyone that is suffering for whatever reason, these are tough days…

        Light is ahead, I’m aware of it and sure of it but still it’s still tough all the same.


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      3. I have been feeling really off lately, and the same as Lisa, when I lay down at night, it’s gets worse. I feel like there’s a weight on my chest that moves up into my throat. If anyone would like to send some love and light my way, I’d grately appreciate it!!

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      4. I’ve been wondering about that. Everything has felt far away. Muffled. Except for my garden. Hours a day out in the sun. That feels real.
        For the masks, we’ve been wearing the buffs now when we go out. I made the decision about a week ago. It was difficult to hold the Love that I wanted to, with all the emotion coming at us. I have no problem going incognito, in fact you might call it an art at this point. If that’s what it takes to hold the Love then so be it.
        Amongst the happy snoozing. Everyone wants to DO something. To help. This is the only avenue open to them. And I love them for that. The intention to help.

        And this is not the line in the sand for me. Vaccines are. So to me, it is necessary to hold as much Love as I can to help tip the scale, so those timelines are not even a thing. Toss them to the side, past the barrier where they can’t get back in. Love does that.
        September has felt important, nudging me in the back of my mind. And now I’m starting to hear others bring it into focus. Love tips the scale higher and higher, lower and lower. Till the middle. Is a thing. A happy, joyful, free, creative thing. I’m aiming for that.

        Everything is primed and ready, all that is left is to see how we are moved by what is to come. I choose Love. Always.
        My love and respect to everyone here. Angela

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        1. ~ Angela ~   You mention ” everyone wants to DO something.  To help.  This (mask wearing) is the only avenue open to them. And I love them for that.  The intention to help”.

          I live in a very small community in the coastal wine country north of San Francisco.  The (few) local businesses are very hard hit with the shut down these last months as tourism is the main economic support.  The largest age demographic is over 55 with many long time residents settling here 40-50 years ago in the earlier ‘back to the land’ movement.  Perhaps because of that heritage, social activism is very alive and well here.  People here really look out for one another, particularly since most shopping and services are a mountain road and 30-60 minutes away.  I am very happy to live here, and appreciate that strong sense of community.

          Maybe because I am a newcomer, I’m puzzled by the way the response to this contagion hoopla has gone here.  Mask wearing is very common, even before the mandated use (often a faded bandana  🙂  The younger people are less cautious among themselves but very concerned to keep their older friends and family well.  The younger ones offer hyper distancing etc. as a first courtesy to anyone with a gray hair or two!  

          Many feel businesses should operate with extreme safeguards if at all. Many say the risk of lost lives is more important than the risk of businesses closing.
          I find a sort of cognitive dissonance happening as the voices for alarm take the media statistics at face value. The typical suspicion of ‘authority’ has adopted a stance that the statistics are too LOW, and the severity of risk is being purposely DOWNplayed by the state government, and of course, our larger- than- life man in the role of US president.  

          I’d have thought alternative viewpoints pointing out the larger picture, the political machinations, and plain commonsense in dealing with keeping one’s immune system strong would be more obvious!  This is a community of seasoned organic gardeners and natural remedy users!

          I too see your ‘sleepers’ approach as well intended, at least here. Since my two daughters and their partners are among them, I have little to add when they worry about the health danger persisting years into the future. They cannot understand their mom’s lack of similar worry and are frustrated with why not.

          For all that, I send fountains and floods of Source light everywhere daily, and while I SEE the ‘bad’… I LOOK at the ‘good’.  And I spend a lot of time outdoors in the country.

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            1. Ah. Some of our fav wineries are there. We should visit the area and support the locals. CAT2 has spent three years trying to reverse-engineer some spice cookie she bought at one of the local sandwich places!

              -CAT Eds.

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            2. ~ CATs Eds. ~ Aha!! The molasses ones with the sugar crystals on top and the crackles in the surface? those are rightfully famous around here! I MAY be able to find out the recipe, or at least, I have a few connections… will try :-))

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          1. Love it friend. That sounds like a beautiful place to live.
            I think I saw something about a cookie recipe, if that was you? I hope you can find it 🙂

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            1. ~ Angela ~ YES! it IS a most beautiful place around here. There are many times I feel I’m seeing through into NE (certainly in the Spring time).
              love to you and the best of this day it can offer you,

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      5. I am SO ready to go into cocoon mode! I’ve been way too hungry as a caterpillar, and now my body is fatter than it has ever been in 64 years! I have only a few pieces of clothing that I can wear, and nothing pretty, and nothing for a funeral if it comes up. Lisa shudders at the thought of us turning into goo before we develop our wings…but I’m game. Looking forward to the Wings! 🙂
        Will we recognize each other?
        ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  15. Wow! The Schuman is dramatic!

    Happy to say that this neurotic, daft mummy has at last found her mojo again! And Elsie is laughing too (not manically) and happy, for now! Phew! ☀️🌈☀️

    All I can say is this Earth Life is turning out to be one wild ride! 🥴🙃☺️

    Much Love ALL


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      1. karysma1307 ❤️ Yes! Thank you! May we all be blessed with Love, Light, Laughter & Joy always! oh and chocolate brownies 😉

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  16. Thought I would like to share something that has happened a couple of times over the last day or so.

    I was putting Elsie to bed last night and saw what I can only describe as a light droplet falling from the ceiling then disappearing! I had the same thing happen again later, when I was sitting down in the living room. Wondering if we are getting some real ‘fairy lights’!

    Much Love ALL ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. @Lily, that is curious you should mention this. I have also been for the past week or so been experiencing a “bleed-through” of entities into my present reality like never before. Always at night; the most dramatic was a bright blue metallic-y caterpillar-y looking entity moving around in front of me – quite unsettling! I don’t think I reacted well, my discernment was off, just having dealt with some unpleasant other beings…I just said, Enough! and decreed that no Being was going to come within 20 feet of me the rest of the night. Good, bad, or indifferent, I was too tired of their “Star Wars” to care.

      I haven’t seen that one again, but have seen others. The veil is thin. I have taken to requesting Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene to offer me Safe Harbor every night as I go to bed…

      Never a dull moment!

      Gramma B.

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      1. Gramma B ❤️ Hope you are managing to keep the curious? nightly visitors at bay and get some rest. The caterpillar is something I have never heard of before but I guess there must be zillions of beings out there that we could not even imagine! Can you put a Source shield/armour around your entire home every night before bed, declare that anything that does not have your greatest good in mind may not caome past your protection, that anything in the home that does not have your greatest good in mind does not have permission to be there and should leave immediately…

        I’ve been doing that for a bit now and it is helping a lot. I’ve been saging (is that how you spell it?!) every day too. Elsie thinks it’s very funny!

        Yes, exciting/crazy/surreal times indeed!

        Much Love & Light 🌟❤️🌟

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    2. Lily,
      I think that is the “drip, drip, drip” of the light pitcher over your house on auto pilot which I suspect has been set up by those on this blog. Cay

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      1. Cay ❤️ Thank you, yes! Of course, the light drips from the pitchers! Thank you everyone that did that, perhaps I’m actually seeing the light drips! Oh how wonderful!

        Much Love & Light ❤️🌟🌈🌟❤️

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  17. A moment’s pause to send some Light and Love to my cousin Terri (and her family) whose husband transitioned within the last two hours of pneumonia and Covid after two weeks in a VA hospital. I had sent him buckets of light the last few days, but it must not have been in his plan. He passed alone, as no family was allowed there, while the nursing staff played “Amazing Grace.” Rest in Peace, Major Bob, US Army, retired. I know that there is no death, but the loss and sorrow is very real for those left behind. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. I am sorry to hear that…I am sending LOVE, WATERFALL OF LIGHT and ((((HUGS)))) your way and to him and his family!


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    2. ~ lauraksmi ~ Hugs and love to you, and your cousin Terry and family. Yes, it takes a while to rebalance when we lose someone close to us.


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      1. Thank you to all for the words, thoughts, Light and Love for my family’s loss. We are One. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    3. Dear lauraksmi, I’m so sorry. Holding Love for Terri and her family, your family and you. For all of you impacted by his loss. And for how hard it is for the ones left living, not to be able to have said goodbye in person.

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  18. However, it will take another generation of two (or more) for the true butterfly (human) to emerge. – from Lisa Gawlas

    So CATs THE SHIFT will change nothing!? please explain to Us !

    thank you

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  19. Oh and Thieves Oil. I mix up a large batch of it, and use it as a spray before going out, or even in the house. It feels good, and it smells good. And pests don’t like it 🙂

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  20. Har! On Sunday, I thought it was Monday. It felt like Monday. Today, I got up and asked roomie when did we go shopping? It was yesterday (Monday), but it could have been a year ago. Timeline, timeline, timeline. Today (Tuesday), I think, Gardener did not come in. When we talked, she thought it was Wednesday, so obviously many of Us are experiencing timeline, timeline, timeline stuff. On a mask note, when I went to the grocery store yesterday, I wore my mask (over my mouth and chin) I realized that I was getting tired of girding my loins for battle every time I went in. I decided to enjoy this crazy movie. I actually had a pleasant conversation in the store with a mask-wearing customer. It was a nice change from being avoided. And that’s all I’ll say about that. A shipment of hostas arrived yesterday, so I must get out into the glorious morning and place them for planting tomorrow.

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    1. And everything past 2 days feels like it fell off a cliff. Gone. Not ideal for working….I have to play Mozart in 432, to make coherent decisions. Fun times. Can’t wait for pics. of the garden.


    1. Mm… meh. He’s like those who predict terrestrial weather: correct about 50% of the time. The people giving him info are increasingly suspect. We used to be subscribers, back when his intel was better.

      -CAT Eds.

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    2. All I’ll say is…
      He claims africans like the chinese.
      The truth is chinese companies don’t hire africans and africans hate the chinese.


  21. Thank you CATs for the latest CME updates — but yikes, I’m shaking in my shoes! (It’s all for the best, it’s all for the best…) 😮

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  22. Uck, just managed 22 light pourings from the list. Wow, just as I started a load of geese flew over our roof squawking and screeching!

    Feeling pretty nauseous! Will try again another time to do some more…

    Much Love & Light


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  23. dearest friends

    maybee I need a good pitch of miraculous light poured on my beloved husband who is in hospital with a mini stroke since monday. He is okay, only the speech is not 100%
    Tmorrow or after tomorrow he comes home. I love him so much and we willascend together. ❤️ ❤️

    I will stay in my center and pray to brother J Love ❤️🙏❤️
    This was a wake up call for myself and familly members (some of them)
    to stay in the heart Love ❤️

    I love you all so much and now I really need a push of light. Thank you Love ❤️🙏❤️

    love Alnilam Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. thank you beloved friend❤️

        I like all your posts so much
        your deep insight and a radiating soul

        love Alnilam Love ❤️🙏❤️

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        1. ~ alnilam ~ It must have been a wise person who first said “It takes one to know one”. You are a sweetheart! 🌈🌟💦🌟🌈

          Love, friend

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    1. Hi Alnilam,
      Holding such Love for your husband through you. Support for you both. It’s such a trauma when it happens to someone close to us that we love. Keep us updated on how he’s doing. – Oh! I’m able to do the Pitchers again. I poured a large loving one for him. Love, Angela

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      1. thank you Angela

        all your light helped us and my husband is home
        and getting better every day.

        love Alnilam Love ❤️🙏❤️

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    2. dear friends❤️

      thank you so much
      I dreamed this night about all of you and recieved so much LIGHT❤️🙏❤️

      I feel so much better and my beloved husband is feeling good and will be released to come home. I felt all the love of our group❤️

      love Alnilam❤️🙏❤️

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