CAT Tarot: 10 of Cups [UPDATE2]


Frustrated at being blinded by energy and feeling like crap, one of the CATs asked the (lone) Tarot CAT (the only CAT who does tarot)…


“Is The SHIFT, and all of us going to the New Earth, going to happen really really soon??”

As the Tarot CAT shuffled the cards (he uses the Marseille Cat Tarot, guided by Brother J and Guides)… this card popped out onto the table:



This is arguably the most positive (group) card in the deck.

“The Ten of this suit traditionally signifies family and community, often showing a celebratory scene including many generations, crowned by a rainbow signifying the end of hard times.” [src]


Introduction: The 10 of Cups is another of the most uplifting of cards that you can receive. This card points to happiness in general, perhaps in a more mature, grown-up, global kind of way as opposed to the more personal, less global, wish fulfillment promised by the 9 of Cups. Either way it’s a good card.

General: In general the 10 of Cups speaks of a happy family life, (even if you are single,) and to general well being that goes beyond you yourself to include those that you are most concerned about – parents, siblings, children, etc. Being spiritually fulfilled is also part of the picture here. This is a good card to see; regardless of the question. [src]


Reaching the end of the development process, the path that the heart brings us to generous love is visualized by the nine empty cups below the largest covered cup. That cup is no longer in the process of giving-receiving, but it is longing to work as a saint, who calls himself Lord’s tool and is waiting for Him to give orders. In Christian legends, it is the divine love that turns into the worldly nature to spread the love around the world and to serve, regardless of the price. The card implies that the heart has reached its fullness, a specific act is about to take place (by becoming the Ace of Pentacles) and that the realization of emotions has taken place.

10 De Coupe Tarot embodies happiness, joy, satisfaction and emotional fulfillment, especially in the area of ​​relationships and family. It is almost an idyllic state of peace, harmony, and love where all of your dreams and wishes are fulfilled, and you are looking forward to your luck. Let’s stop for a moment to appreciate what you have accomplished and appreciate what life is giving you right now.

Just like a happy family living in a cozy house, this card perfectly illustrates a harmonious family life. All members of the family get on well, there are lots of fun and love shared with each other. Nobody argues or causes tension. It is an environment of peace and happiness leading to affectionate and caring relationships. The presence of the ten cups can even reflect a family vacation where you can rest, relax, and create great memories.

A family reunion can take place. It is a wonderful time to strengthen ties and extend an enjoyable future. [src]


This same (Tarot) CAT is also the one who has teams of happy spirits in his house constantly arranging things into smiley faces. He has a whole book of these. Here’s the bowl that held sauteed mushrooms for a stew just last night…


…and the stew itself:



Yes, someone else did this one.


As you might imagine, coordinating communications across a number of people in different areas is difficult, so at times there are misunderstandings, miscommunications, etc. In this case, not all CATs realized that, not only did one CAT have the 10 of Cups card pop out of the deck while shuffling, but SIX OTHER CATs also had this happen (at approx. the same time), independently. This is why we wrote this post. Those who wrote this up thought the other CATs were kidding. The odds that seven of us had a similar thought and acted on it — and had the same card pop out of the deck — are beyond astronomical. Needless to say, Spirit wants us to know and communicate that good things are a whisker away, right around the corner.


Ok, this is interesting. We just looked at the site scoreboard and this post has 1111 hits for today so far.

96 thoughts on “CAT Tarot: 10 of Cups [UPDATE2]

  1. People keep going on about cryptocurrencies.
    Are they worth investing in or will the Shift render digital currencies unusable/irrelevant/pointless?

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      1. Those going to the HIGHEST frequency New Earths, have no need for currency, AND no need for bartering.

        We use Instant Manifestation.

        The power of our mind, restored to us. Direct connection to SOURCE.
        This is available for all who wish to experience the 5d –> 7d New Earths.

        My dead family has had me practice the instant manifesting/creating/instant fixing process, for the past 10 years, in my sleep state….to prepare. Only took a couple of “instant” lessons. Instantly EASY.
        There is a time delay, of only a few seconds, at those higher levels. That is, from the time you ‘intend’, to the time it appears right in front of you.
        Even seeing the spinning Vortex energy of the creation while it is manifesting, is incredibly cool to witness.

        Now THAT, is “jaw dropping”, to see.

        p.s. PLEASE understand that there is a ‘New Earth’ for each separate individual. Each person’s different frequency, is matched automatically to one (or more) of the many New Earths.

        Your human brain keeps trying to make you think that there is only ONE New Earth. You will have to kick that old programming to the curb.
        Because it is the complete opposite.

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          1. I think people think bartering is only in the form of a market (isually to get a cheaper price for something).

            People barter amongst themselves regularly, they don’t count it since they consider it repaying a friend or neighbour.

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          2. I feel that just because we can manifest what we like we will still appreciate the love and effort that goes into making something with your hands and will trade things for these sort of items, also I will bite the bullet and ask any indication of what really really soon is. No dates just is it worth booking a camping trip for the end of August?

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          3. To put a little Light it seems that we think of barter as if it were something of hippies or tribes and for items of little value.
            Today I appealed to a neighbor to have a traffic ticket taken away from him (I’m a lawyer) and in return he took a rosebush from me that covered a thirty-meter wall. That is a 21st century barter.
            Like this there are many other examples.

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            1. It will become especially prevalent once people start being artisans at the next level. Turning raw materials into usable durable works of functional art — or into specialty danishes and pastries — is how the ancient world used to work. There’s a reason why no one used to have kitchens in their houses: the food was too good elsewhere.

              -CAT Eds.

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            2. ~ CATs and All ~ I had a wonderful vision a few years back, of living in NE, being a maker, and walking along the ‘Street of Makers’ where each shop was studio or workshop for every sort of craft, art, invention, etc. The atmosphere was very alive, colorful, and filled with both peace and highly focused energy.

              The best part was that any maker had only to go to the appropriate shop to get the materials or tips or borrow a tool, or lend a hand to achieve their chosen project vision… there was only imagination and bringing it to fruition, minus any fretting over costs or marketability forcing the shape of their imagination into a preset form. Like an incredibly drawn out ‘jam session’ of inspired musicians but with artisans creating…

              I’m hoping that will be one of my first stops!! lol


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            3. Oh what a wonder that you say Cat Eds!!
              Since there will be no conflict in the new land, there will be no need for lawyers.
              What for me is very liberating.
              Among my skills, in what I am really good at (as a lawyer I am mediocre, because I don’t like it) are: cooking, gardening and herbal medicine.
              So I can start a business where I grow my own fruits. Vegetables. And aromatic and medicinal plants, and then cook or encapsulate them as needed.
              You are all invited to the inauguration. 😉

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            4. ~ Cristina ~ PERFECT 🙂. You are now at the top of my ‘who to call’ list when I need more info like that! I have noted your suggestions here in the blog and already feel confident in your approach. I’m imagining this sort of care will really shine on NE. And find new applications since perhaps we will enjoy an enlarged “wellness” to begin with!
              What a great retirement strategy from the Abogado business you have 😄❤️

              Love, friend

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      2. chickens are cool-but alot of work-and vigilance for those who live way out in country-bartering an always occurence-so many are tied to the buck dollar yen pound ruble thing they cant shift or acclimate-love the stew happy pic-and yes 10 of cups gr8 times-

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  2. ❤Love❤Love❤Love
    I am ready
    We are ready
    Humanity is ready
    (whether consciously aware or not)
    Time to go.
    Time to party.
    Thank you ALL! ❤

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  3. Every experience here is different, but I write this with the intent to relieve anymore fears to do with COVID…

    Last week sometime I let the fear completely overtake my being, allowed myself for a moment to slip and really question if it was possible to contract this thing. Immediately started having multiple symptoms, and as the fear doubled over itself I caught myself and knew that this was just a test. I calmed myself, meditated, and by the next evening all the symptoms I had just as suddenly manifested, completely disappeared.

    there is only one choice you need to make and only one spirit you need to come to terms with

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  4. I’ll take a cuppa That! Cgi or talent w/toothpick? I wake Happy most days, every day, soon. Rainbow bubbles of Joy for All. Peace.

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  5. Smiley face making spirits sounds very entertaining. ☺ Has anyone else been entertained by the sky here lately? It seems much more…. powerful? I find it hard to describe what I see and pictures just dont do it justice.

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    1. When there are puffy white clouds in the sky, I’ve noticed that they’re on different levels and have different textures. The lowest ones are kind of thin and misty; it gives the sky a very ethereal look. And a few days ago, there was one dark cloud much lower than the others in a suspiciously disk-like shape…..

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  6. we are All ’10 of cups’ with our own unique individualized creative gifts & we each have many different ways of perceiving &/or expressing ourselves, & this uniqueness also applies with how we are affected by Ascension energies. I started feeling the double spike on Friday & by Sunday night it felt like I was hit by a Klingon disruptor gun, my cells are only now…. slowly beginning to stop vibrating, paining & burning. On a brighter note, here’s someone who certainly personifies “the Art of showing Creative Uniqueness !

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    1. Thank you for the video…made me cry, but in a happy way. I’ve been blessed with some of the most fabulous cats ever. Intelligent protective and funny as all get-out…love my felines and have since I was old enough to pick one up.

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    2. bev37 H30 ❤️ Hope you feel better, sending Love & Light for a swift ‘pick you up’ 😊

      Thank you for sharing that incredible video, what a talent! ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. thank you Lily for your kind words!….better today, hope you & Elsie are doing better as well ! I love her creative vision & love how it is meaningful too in visually holding a special forever memory of our beloved pet …..would love to have her do a portrait of my cat Connor who passed a few months ago….xo

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  7. Happy Tarot Cat ❤️ I think you have just made my year, please do have my last Malteser and a big kiss on the ….errrr….Whisker!

    Happiness runs, happiness runs (as Donovan sang!)

    Much Love, Light & Cat Cups to ALL ❤️🌟🐱🍵🐱🌟❤️

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  8. I went ahead and also pulled out a card from my tarot deck. I pulled out Strength. I don’t know if this helps. Thanks!

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  9. Love the pictures and the encouraging message. Does wonders to ones spirit when beeing too tired…
    Thank you💖🤗

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    1. We’re relieved. We’ve never mentioned tarot before, as so many use it via darkness (often without even knowing it). One of the CATs’ new gifts is being able to do tarot REALLY ACCURATELY via Guides and Brother J, and we’ve all really enjoyed the readings. It’s a nice change of pace, with easier-to-use symbols; half the time Guides show us things in visions and dreams and we’re like…what the heck does that mean? But in tarot, there are recognized forms… and we get to use the Marseille Cats! The CAT in question (we all wear multiple hats) might even take clients for it, but we’re still trying to talk them into it.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. I have a couple of unopened packs of tarot cards, was always curious but remembered you CATs warning us about them before so I left them alone. I wondered if I asked Brother J and Guides to help me read them, would it then be safe?


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            1. P.S The ‘Hmmm, how did I know you were going to say that?! 😉❤️🙏’ was in response to M6’s advice on Tarot Cards!


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  10. good news and mushroom stew, I like it!
    by the way, that stew would work very well with polenta ( the thicker kind not the creamy one).😺

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      1. ~ SB~ and ~ Concepción ~ I second the ‘like’ for that very enjoyable music! Good band to find more music from – now on my list.


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    1. ~ J ~ HOW perfect! I have a delightful view of you sending off those wobbling iridescent marvels to further bless your wondrous garden. THANK YOU so much for sharing this with us…. Just the thing!

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      1. More vids to follow as soon as I can get Cecil B. Demille to send more to me. (Every frame has to be perfect) Of course, when you ALL come for lattes and key lime pie you can see and experience this place first hand. Digital is a poor substitute for the brilliant colors and scents. And yes, I’m remarkably blessed! It’s been a 12 year journey of creative bliss.

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        1. J. I’m overawed by your garden in Shangri-la. So inspiring. I binge watched your other videos too. If it can lift my spirits by watching the videos it would feed the soul to be actually there. My two favourite plants are ferns and hostas but I couldn’t keep the snails off the latter. How do you keep them from being nibbled? Thank you again for these postings.I can taste the latte and key lime pie now. ☺️💖

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    2. Hats off to you J, and Gardener! One of your earlier descriptions inspired me to get some croscomia for our hummingbirds here — due to arrive tomorrow! Very much looking forward to more videos.

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    1. By the way, was this priest appearing in talent show, X Factor or something like that, not sure now which one, as a singer ?

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  11. That’s great confirmation with the cards. 👍🏼💫 I’ve used cards for years to compliment the other senses. It helps sometimes to have something external. I used to be a SoulCollage facilitator and have made my own cards over the years and use those as my main deck. These are made with magazine and photo images intuitively drawn eyes open and now mostly eyes closed feeling energy in response to a question. Then images are glued and placed on a card 6 “x 8”. I have used this deck for about 12 yrs now. Mostly now used as a follow up to what I see clairvoyantly. Or if I’m seeing something that doesn’t make sense, I’ll put it on a card and maybe a few months later it clicks together. I love cards and it’s so much fun to make your own 🎨

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  12. Hmm, I remember some time ago you guys were saying tarot was connected to some sort of dark entity? I’m guessing it’s just matters who you invoke when doing it’s?

    Sorry, hate to be “that poster” lol. That’s an adorable deck btw

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  13. I don’t know your opinions on qanon, but Corey Goode says they’ve been infiltrated. I find this funny because he is a fraud, like Wilcock and cliff high.

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    1. cliff high no fraud or joke-way out there dude whose focus and intent are deep dives into the fabrics of time and manifestation and use of the lexicon-been following his threads on magnetics-experimentation-and can relate-to his previous alta reports as do many-or should i say did many-as we are about the same age and generational cultural exposure-guess you gotta be old and experienced to relate to others in selected ways-one thing to note his recent bout with cancer and those shares were notable-and those i viewed with the pre knowledge of having myself go thru and heal from the cancer tumor thing-so he did it his way and i learned some different perspectives and methods-even though i had mine earlier and spent a few years researching and resolving and avoiding the med industry usual protocols-cliff is hard to relate to unless you do some deep research thru his past videos and written shares-but he has a good soul and shares when needed-and the others-frauds perhaps or misinformants-old and semi blind i learned to listen to the tone-sounds-words for truth and integrity-also with age i compare their now presentations to their past and notice differences-appearance-direction and push of presentation-noting who they are now funded by or working with to discern deciet-sound is a valuable asset for humans-when one sense weakens others intensify-me thinks that there is no one single constant truth stream from any one-some truth mucho disinfo-the less disinfo the stronger the integrity of the speaker-whats amazing about these times is that we are able to access a much broader base of knowledge and have higher levels of discernment-so discern on and listen to the sounds they produce-the sound thing ties into schuman res and frequency manipulation thru msm and other eelectronic devices-so now when i listen to their words i am also away of underlying frequencies or tones embedded into feed-one thing about vision loss is that when is fuzzy it loses it glamour and attraction and highlights the abnormalities from screens such as flickering hz ect-

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  14. I really hope the “soon” isn’t years away.
    The shift has been “soon” for many years.
    I’ve personally felt the “soon” since I was a child.

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  15. Here’s a bit from a dream of 2-3 nights ago, which I feel came as a last-minute opportunity to add anything to my wishes for my new life after the shift.  Something like a last fitting for a new dress right before the first wearing…  It felt like a question from my guides/ angels.  Even to be questioned felt like a new ingredient… an unfamiliar and somewhat surprising experience.

    The dream involved a long relaxed impromptu meeting with a master in the field of animal training.  It resulted in an invitation, recommendation, and ‘credit for hours already completed’ to pursue one of my personal goals, closest to my heart, that I’ve not completed in this life currently.  It seems in New Earth, IF I wish, I MAY and CAN spend all the time I want exploring and practicing the work with animals I’ve hoped to be able to do, both physically and financially.  

    On waking, I felt the golden glow from that conversation stay with me, and a real lift of encouragement for the nearness of what is approaching.

    Have any of you been receiving questions from your guides as to your preferences?
    love,  friend

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  16. Thanks everyone. I know now why I’m not drawn to Tarot. I do have a small deck but I’m very rarely drawn to pull a card. I wondered why 💜💜
    Feeling like crap pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling too. My body responds to all this by wanting to sleep 😴 so every time I sit down it’s snooze time 😂😂
    I’m glad I’m pretty laid back about getting stuff done. As long as horses and cats are ok everything else can wait 😹😹🐴🐴
    Sorry if that makes me sound lazy Far from it , I’ve just learned to listen to what my body needs
    Take care all. Looking forward to meeting you all on NE. I’m already a great believer in bartering, I’ve often used it

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  17. Kept waking last night to a series of dreams with the same theme. We were being watched by higher order beings who were amazed at our endurance, stamina and perseverance. It was as if we were extreme athletes drawing close to the finish line after many trials and during many existences. Whew! I was glad to wake up and get some rest. Cay

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    1. J ❤️ Oh my Sourceness, I think you do actually live on New Earth! Its so beautiful! Elsie would just love it there and those bubbles! she would be giggling so much!

      Thank you for sharing your wonderland and wonder moments!

      Much Love & Light 🙏❤️🌟❤️🙏

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  18. What a wonderful message. Thank you Tarot Cat and Cat Eds😺 . Much appreciated. I echo your sentiments “sick of feeling crap”. Very well put lol.😊💖

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  19. Thanks for your advice cats 💜💜
    Friend I hope you get your wish of working with animals. I’ve been lucky to do some in this life but it had to be funded by horrible stressful 3D jobs. My pension now funds 2 rescue cats, one stray who has decided to move in and two going blind rescue horses. I was lucky my dad insisted we had rescue animals (dogs) so I was brought up having to deal with a whole range of issues. Like you I’m hopeful NE will allow me to do more

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  20. From Lisa Gawlas blog, a request for our participation 🙂 :

    “Another side note, can you please please please flood our home with bright white light (no intentions, just pure light.) My daughter is doing some really bad stuff to try and destroy Alex. She must have had someone mark her face yesterday as she is trying (and succeeding) to put Alex in jail. He was just served with a warrant for Assault and Battery from Val. She is knee deep into drugs again and not fighting for her son, but fighting to put Alex in jail.

    I have a reading soon (cops were just here) and need to find my happy place.

    I am also going to throw a special together. GiGi got so fluffy new clothes are required lol.””

    (Sparkly got fluffy, too! 🙂 )
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  21. I’m being nudged to ask for a SOURCE LIGHT POUR or sprinkling – it’s been weird and challenging here recently – our internet was suspended this morning or last night even though a payment agreement was scheduled for the end of the month having internet is the only thing that keeps the now older grandchild autistically stable – took some stressful maneuvering to get it back on and should swallow the $s my brother JUST sent (got into my account yesterday PM) for the baby and my upcoming birthday – I can’t summon caring – the energy the last few days since I had some seeming conversation time with a suitably comfortably guised SOURCE energy the other morning, extended ? dream-time? – might have been the day before this last CAT deck posting – When it first happened it wasn’t for sharing, but after this new POST within which what was said felt compatible with that conversation – then felt ok to share, but by that time most was unremembered –
    In interim was taken to the Dr’s by my daughter who is keeping track of some version of reality for my world interaction – He wants me to see a neurologist friend of his – on the older and weird spectrum side – he’s a thespian, possibly Shakespearean, but is being performance deprived these days – a Shakespearean Neurologist 🙂 Also to see an opthamologist? to make sure my visual ‘artifacts’ (he smiled at my term) are not diabetic related and are ‘just seizure related’… SHRUG… can’t seem to be bothered, just trying to ride the waves…

    The feeling since that ‘SOURCE’ conversation in relation to other family members is a sense of foggy distance, we may not be going to same places – if I manage to get some food shared by midnight- 2 am I consider myself lucky – glad I haven’t been hungry – we’ve been a bit resource deprived or at least the rest of the family is living like that is reality – so many more people’s living reality is so much worse, but my view is quite out-numbered here –
    The energy improved in me a couple few hours ago, so not sure if a Universal thing or just me having considered I could ask Y’all for some LIGHT sprinklings and it arrived ahead of ‘time’…

    Anyway – thank you in advance and well wishes to ALL – my brain still seems to be deleting itself or something – if I disappear for whatever reason, know that I love you all…


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    1. Kg. Have left a gentle shower going above your home. So sorry for everything you are going through and hope things improve in the near future.💖💖💖

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    2. Kg ❤️ Sending showers of light ☀️✨🌟

      Wish I could do more to help, holding you in Love, Strength, Peace, Comfort & Joy ❤️

      May all these struggles lift and dissipate and bring in a new beautiful dawn….

      So much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. @Lily, thank you so much, I guess everyone is EXPERIENCING… today seems a bit better in the quality and level of experiencing – Still getting used to kind of feeling like a place holder person – maybe I’m ‘Do’-ing more elsewhere? I hope so, anyway… I feel closest to ‘small-dog’ these days – feels like we’re partners –
        Well, onwards and up?wards.
        Much love to you and yours, Lily


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        1. Kg ❤️ I totally feel like that too! Being a ‘place holder’/light holder perhaps? I am also not sure of my purpsoe but dream/sleep time is hectic (when I manage to sleep) and also remembered only in bits and pieces if at all but wake up so tired!

          Yes, onwards and upwards, we can all cheer each other on ‘cos we’re all doing alright even if some of us are crawling 😉

          Much Love & Light & Strength

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  22. the rains monsoons have started in the desert-so before would use sun energy as pour now adding the energetic rain droplets and flooding streams into my light pours-the environmental cycles helping humanity-even as i walk thru the mud and debris

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