BAA: Be Awesome Always

Ok, well… don’t meditate THAT hard.

Just posted this at Lynn’s site, but it bears repeating here. Apparently, a bunch of countries are amassing war toys all over the place in Europe and the Middle East to throw at each other and start something. This will not be allowed — by you.

You all have significantly more power than you realize, a near-infinite amount. Meditate — or just imagine — that all the tanks and trucks and planes WILL NOT START. For anyone. It’s a cold and frosty morning and nothing works. Guns don’t work. Bombs and rockets are inert. Systems computers flash the Blue Screen of Death. Set a time limit of 48 hours.  Then… relax. In 24 hours, do it again. And again. 10 people thinking the same thing is 10^10th intent. 100 is 10^100th power. More is better, but even a few working together are very powerful. Don’t be sheep, be ALL-POWERFUL PSYCHIC SHEEP. Don’t be afraid, be AWESOME. You are limited only by your imagination.

19 thoughts on “BAA: Be Awesome Always

  1. Seriously. Two of the Meowracles are near-apoplectic; the other two actually growled at me. And here I was hooraying the end of August. Yay. Wave X is going to do us all in. I came back for all this on purpose, right?-CAT4


  2. This guy has EMOTIONAL connection with the masculine aspect of Source that conveys the current energetic sentiment: for the feminine, see:…Reindeer's take on Source opinion?“BAA!”Santa is gonna have to get off his fat butt and PERSONALLY deliver his “owned” genetic presents this year! Source even gets him to evolve out of enslaving elves and reindeer for his evil bidding destroying the value of life with materialistic presents that possess you!!! He wears red for a reason: he's covered with the blood of Life promoting indentured servitude, decreasing the value of life while increasing the value of toys that distract you from real love! Time for new traditions and holidays!


  3. You know… we do this for free — to help. Only to help. If you don't like it and can only criticize… then there's the door. You know who you are.-CAT Staff


  4. I've been growling at anything that moves for about a month now. Last few days I can't stop laughing out loud at random people and the games they play; more chill but I'm sure most would prefer growling. The only thing I still enjoy eating is organic pasta swimming in fancy olive oil. And I can't stop scanning the sky, even though I have no clue what I'm looking for. Pretending everything is normal is not happening anymore…


  5. Yes, this is a prison planet, and no, we were never meant to be caged like animals. From my perspective this is what I have been told and it feels true, and of course I am living proof of being such a prisoner, as indeed we all are. But to be specific, this planet was NOT designed orignally to ensnare us.


  6. This is an important read. If you must ASK for something in your meditation (why?), simply place the future-NOW in the hands of SOURCE. SOURCE knows best. You don't need to have all the answers.-CAT3


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