Whaa? [UPDATE]

We have no idea what’s going on.       UPDATE1: Ok, the M’s looked at this, and said it’s (yet another) timeline shift; a new timeline’s come on. (For those new to this blog, the CATs are of two varieties: M’s or “Meowracles,” who are 10X psychic than the rest of us — and who hate that term, “Meowracle,” btw; and CATs, who are also … Continue reading Whaa? [UPDATE]

Quick Meterage Update [UPDATE4]

Are we having fun, yet? Sorry, we were slightly busy earlier today with annoying 3D business — and frankly, Wave X recovery. Early the morning of 9-5-18, around 1:00 am PDT, half of us were royally roasted with upgrade energy… which ostensibly almost killed a couple of us, or at least it felt like it to them. Most of us felt the waves coming in, … Continue reading Quick Meterage Update [UPDATE4]

Notes From The Event: Falling Forward Into Light

Everyone asks the same question. As many of you know, we post what we see and experience pretty much as soon as it happens. We assume a certain amount of flexibility in findings as the spiritual world has a much different (ha!) timeframe than we do. Much different.

Continue reading “Notes From The Event: Falling Forward Into Light”