Dragons Over London [UPDATES2]

Wow. This is an incredible video. No, this is NOT a bunch of pigeons with LEDs strapped to them (though that has been done, as crazy as it sounds). It is, instead…  …a SQUADRON of dragons! (This was the term they themselves chose, as… well, frankly, dragons are feisty and like to fight.) So, this DRAGON SQUADRON was swarming over London as an anti-monarchy thing, … Continue reading Dragons Over London [UPDATES2]

Your 5D Earth Help Desk

What some astronomy enthusiasts call “Steve” is actually… a “Love Dragon” (there are all different kinds). Yes, it’s a special dragon just for all of us at this time. Pretty darn nice of them. Hi. In a really remarkable personal session one of us had today, we learned for the first time that the 5d New Earth — 5th density earth, as opposed to the … Continue reading Your 5D Earth Help Desk

Here Comes… Something

One guess what this is. We’ll tell you at the end. We’ve been waiting for something dramatic to happen before posting yet another “meters” post… and besides the graphic above (which we’ll tell you about shortly), here it is: Three big gamma ray bursts (GRBs) in the past two days alone. Lookie: Boom. Boom… boom. BOOM. Neutron meter in THULE, Antarctica. We’re unsure if these … Continue reading Here Comes… Something

Dragons vs ETs Over Milwaukee [UPDATE3]

LOOK. AT. THIS. Folks, those aren’t UFOs… those are RAINBOW DRAGONS !! Look at them all. Note that they are literally everywhere on earth, keeping the Light up, fighting off the Dark… and, well, having fun.Look fast before this video gets taken down. We suspect that there was a positive energy swell there and they were reacting to it. The M’s are looking at it … Continue reading Dragons vs ETs Over Milwaukee [UPDATE3]

Dragons vs ETs Over Nevada [UPDATED]

Ok, we have to make this its own post, it’s so amazing. The M’s finally looked at this in depth. We started the video at 2:18, where the raw footage starts, as it’s much more dramatic. Folks… those are the TWBs (what we call the Tall White Bastards, nasty ETs) fighting with…  rainbow dragons! Now the weird part: we know those dragons! They are the … Continue reading Dragons vs ETs Over Nevada [UPDATED]