UPDATE for 1-17-18

If there’s no missile, what are these guys doing there? We’ll tell you. We don’t want to paint a rosy picture, so we won’t. We’ll just tell you what we know. The above pic, which was captured off network TV (!) around the time of the “Hawaii missile crisis,” shows FIVE Pleiadian ships. Pretty, aren’t they? Pleiadians are proud of their ships. So, WHY did … Continue reading UPDATE for 1-17-18

The Missing Missile Mystery is Missing [UPDATED]

Sorry, folks. Stories like THIS… are a bunch of crap. There was no missile headed toward Hawaii that was shot down. It’s just the PTW trying to scare people with yet another fake distraction… though at least no one died this time. HOWEVER… this happened right about that time:   Our Guides are telling us that this is literally recorded FEAR, recorded by a meter … Continue reading The Missing Missile Mystery is Missing [UPDATED]