SOC Exclusive: When Is A Drought Not A Drought?

Neatness is always the dry hallmark of planning. Messiness is its wet opposite.

We’re all former corporate communications stooges here at THE CAT, and we don’t trust anyone — especially in the mainstream media (MSM). We’ve seen how they work from the inside-out and we’re specialists in truthsifting and pattern-spotting and we know which side your head is buttered on, not to mention how to spin a sentence on WAY TOO LONG.

In the box we have: the California drought. It’s man-made. Trust us on this. No, we’re not going to prove it. Just look at any satellite view of the Northeastern Pacific over a few weeks and you’ll see. This weather manipulation has been going on for some time. But when the mainstream media (MSM) suddenly switches gears and starts talking about the “Godzilla El Nino” — across multiple outlets — our whiskers twitch foul.

Here’s the original story.

Uh huh.

This was originally on Good Morning America, which is as mainstream as it gets.

So, why would the “nude world order” cabal — or as one wag wisely calls them, “Mr. Global” — crack the MSM wise in this newly WET direction? Because Mr Global knows that the Powers That Were (PTW) are soon to lose control of the earth’s weather. WHY are they going to be losing control of the earth’s weather?

Because of THIS:

Fig. A: The “Red Comet”

This is what Psychic Lynn over at Psychic Focus calls, “The Red Comet” (though it’s known by lots of names throughout history); it’s not really a comet, that’s just how Lynn sees it. It’s an extrasolar brown dwarf that wanders through our solar system every XXX thousand years. When it’s Red Comet Season, we have earth changes.

Here’s a fresh video showing this object transiting the sun.

It’s not a UFO, it’s Lynn’s “red comet.”

We’re having earth changes RIGHT NOW, and it’s going to get worse — so much worse that Mr. Global won’t be able to do anything about it, hence the lane change.

Lynn recently told THE CAT that the “red comet” is coming closer to our orbit — and will be for the next few years — and this “Godzilla El Nino” story is how Mr. Global is covering it up instead of just telling the truth. Air Force planes regularly spray aerosols in various populated areas to cover this astronomical object’s passing in our skies.

To quote a friend of THE CAT, Mr. Johnson:

The scale of the deception is so vast sometimes, and apparently so effective, that my mind is boggled. Just imagine how many people are involved in putting just this one cover story out. If you reverse engineered all the moving parts, it must require hundreds of people, even if many of them don’t know what role they are playing. If Lyn is correct, it sounds like Cabal Inc. see this loss of weather control as a temporary situation that will be papered over by MSM disinformation. I suppose it’s the same situation for the financial crisis. They put out massive amounts of fear porn on the coming depression, and then when the reality hits and it’s somewhat less than the porn-meisters put out, everyone will be relieved that Mr. Global saved the day.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

What to do about it? Nothing. Just buckle up, it’s gonna be a bumpy road.

Wake us when it’s 2018. We’ll be in the backseat barfing.

THIS JUST IN: Apparently, a new wave of what can only be termed GODDESS ENERGY is now flowing into our reality. Sounds WOO but it’s been confirmed in the only way we know how to confirm it: by experiencing it ourselves. What some term THE EVENT, or WAVE X, is also invariably impacting the cabal and the PTW. Excelsior.

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