Ahead, Woo Factor 4: How to Make Crystal Water

If you do this right, it makes you feel all tingly. Note: if you teleport out,
be sure to have Scotty bookmark your previous location.

Yes, we know this sounds out there, but most stuff these days IS OUT THERE, so what the hell. Today we’re going to give you a weird WOO recipe for Tuesday — one we’ve all tried — and… it works. Don’t ask us how.

Yes, it’s for “Crystal Water.” Apparently, when you leave crystals in water overnight, in the moonlight, it somehow charges the water. Drinking said charged water is like having three cups of coffee, but without the jitters. It also starts the process of somatic crystallization… and I the writer am being guided here so I have no idea where somatic crystallization came from. Sounds good. Anyway, it’s good and it’s good for you. And you have to drink water anyway, so why not try this.

Place two quartz crystals (either clear quartz, or smoky quartz, citrine, amatrine, celestite, etc.), about the size of your little finger, in a quart-sized clear glass container, like a big mason jar or old milk bottle. Fill it to the top with clean, filtered water, and let it sit out in the moonlight overnight. No, you don’t need to dance around it or utter weird incantations, unless you really feel like it — in which case you should video it, naked of course, and post it on the ‘Net.

Next morning, retrieve the water (might want to put clothes on first, nature girl), then get two pint glasses. Pour some of the Crystal Water into one pint glass — then, over the sink — pour the water from one glass to another, about two feet apart, four or five times. This aerates the water, and introduces a bit more energy into it. This is basically what A Man Called Da-da calls “Yogi Water,” though in this case it’s crystal-charged.

Aaaaand… Drink.

Here’s some we made earlier. Note: if you make it right, you might be able
to walk on it… but don’t get your hopes up, Carl.

Give it a try. Note that you can find the crystals on etsy or ebay for about $10. Try to buy them from the US, as the foreign ones are sometimes heat treated and not really what they’re supposed to be. (If it looks too colorfully good to be true, it probably is.)

Now toast with us this fine first day of September. And, hey: stay off the FEAR BUS. The media will be pumping out fear like Shriners out of a B-52, so keep perspective. Better still, just turn it off.

                                                                                                                                               [#FearBus courtesy A Man Called Da-da]

Here’s an out-there crystal water link, but a good one. Again, beware any bus Dick Cheney’s driving.

UPDATE: it appears (at least to The CAT) that shungite works the best. Do some research and give it a try.

6 thoughts on “Ahead, Woo Factor 4: How to Make Crystal Water

  1. Yes indeed, crystal “structured water” works very well. I don't think I would use celestite crystals though; I think there is potential toxicity there.SHUNGITE WATER is also something very powerful that will detox/remove negative energy from a person at every level (that is not an exaggeration).There is info available on the net about which stones and crystals are safe (non-toxic) to put directly into pure water to structure it energetically.The “toxic” stones can also be used to charge and structure water, through the “indirect” method:Put pure water in a clean glass container; put the chosen stones around the outside of the glass container of water, with the stones touching the glass. I would recommend adding white selenite crystals to any arrangement of stones (you can get fancy and do an intentional crystal “grid” around the glass container if you want; smudging optional) as white selenite boosts the power of any crystal that is in physical contact with it by at least 10 times.White Selenite crystal (which is actually the mineral gypsum, like the plaster in our walls) is also the #1 choice for “cleansing” most other crystals and stones. As little as 10 minutes of physical contact (i.e. touching it) with a white selenite crystal will blast away all negative energies and charge a crystal up to maximum potential power.Love,me


  2. Hi You 8^)Yes, shungite can go directly into water- that is the preferred method.Shungite is not a crystal technically it is a rare form of carbon, that actually contains “Fullerines” also called “Bucky Balls” named after Buckminster Fuller, the geodesic dome guy.Since shungite only comes from one place, in Russia, that is actually a large lake bed, there is speculation that the lake formed in a crater from a meteor impact of some kind, making shungite partially extraterrestrial in origin, like tektites (moldavite, Libyan Desert Glass, etc). It's very interesting stuff.Lots of info on shungite online; here's some I chose randomly:http://www.dancingwithwater.com/products/shungite-fullerenes-for-water/I bought my shungite on ebay.PS forgot to add to my original post that I have a smoking type pipe made from white onyx stone.When I first got the pipe, I washed it well with soap and water, dried it and put it in contact with a white selenite crystal to cleanse it energetically while I went out for the day.When I came back later and smoked the pipe the first time, with the first inhale my crown chakra was instantly blasted with crystal energy… white colored crystals directly affect the crown chakra.


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