When is Airglow NOT Airglow? When It’s Something Else [WAVE X UPDATE 9-4-15]

Psst. That’s not “airglow,” Maurice. But is it Wave X in action?

More symptoms of Wave X are being seen — and predictably, misidentified. Again, SpaceWeather is at the forefront of reporting strange activity (they call the above “airglow,” which is typically green). Here’s what they had to say about the above image:

RED AIRGLOW OVER CHILE: On Sept. 1st, astrophotographer Yuri Beletsky hiked into the Atacama Desert of Chile for a deep exposure of the Milky Way. He got that and much more. “There was a stunning display of red airglow,” he says. It surrounded the Milky Way like a celestial bulls-eye [see image at top of post].
Airglow is aurora-like phenomenon caused by chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere. Human eyes seldom notice the faint glow, but It can be photographed on almost any clear dark night, anywhere in the world. 
The curious thing about Beletsky’s photo is not the presence of airglow, but rather its color–red. Airglow is usually green, the color of light from oxygen atoms some 90 km to 100 km above Earth’s surface. Where does the red come from? Instead of oxygen, OH can produce the required color. These neutral molecules (not to be confused with the OH- ion found in aqueous solutions) exist in a thin layer 85 km high where gravity waves impress the red glow with a dramatic rippling structure.

Note the center of our Milky Way galaxy at the exact center of the above image.

Ok. So, THIS is what airglow looks like:


And — psst — we don’t really know what causes airglow (some people pretend we do), so it might come in all manner of colors. However, something occurred to our crack staff of sensitives that leads us to ascribe this to Wave X activity:

  1. It appears that the heart of our Milky Way galaxy is the source, and
  2. 60% of The CAT staff reported seeing a RED GLOW two nights ago WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED, while meditating. Only later did we find the unusual red-sky correlation; and this with dead-levels of solar activity.

Is all this related? Not necessarily. We at The CAT take data as it comes and watch for patterns. We don’t have a model to fit data into. We have open minds. We find they work better than the pay-for-play, manipulative alternative currently being funded.

What does all this mean? It means that something amazing and unusual is occurring to bring meaning and technicolor to our sad and pathetic lives. Or failing that, to the lives of the sad and pathetic CAT staff.

As an experiment, before you go to sleep tonight, try meditating for five minutes and see if you see any colors with your eyes closed. If you suddenly become transparently glow-y and find your pineal gland turns into a sparkler, make sure you get video.

Wom Wom Wom Wom…

  • UPDATE 9-4-15: And THIS is one of the first big Wave X pulses that hit at the same time as the above activity. Check it out. Note: this is NOT microwave energy from ETs. It’s the next stage of Wave X energy entering our system.

NOTE: We KNOW Wave X isn’t a wave. It’s just a convenient name for something that has no name. Looks like Cobra’s “The Event” (a term he himself coined) is to be co-opted by Wave X. Really, who cares what it’s called. What’s important is… it’s really happening, from the inside-out. Be happy.

8 thoughts on “When is Airglow NOT Airglow? When It’s Something Else [WAVE X UPDATE 9-4-15]

  1. Hello CATs!Wow! That first picture took my breath away! It's masterpiece, a WORK OF ART CREATED BY THE CREATOR, Source!Thank YOU for sharing it.However, i humbly would suggest you to get rid of the term ” WAVE X” which gives THE IDEA OF IT BEING AN “X” =UNKNOWN event and… just that is enough to spread fear and uncertainity into human psychi.I'm very glad to see that you know about Cobra. So, i'd ask you, in the future, to call this HEAVENLY phenomenon by the most APPROPRIATE and beautiful name that Cobra called it.GALACTIC WAVE OF LOVE. Couldn't be a better term/name for a natural, heavenly VACCINE of “LOVE SHOTS” injected into the hearts, the veins and the pineal glands of every person of this world!!Let the LOVE prevail on GAIA/Terra, not the fear.With tons of blessings and Mutual LOVE to you ALL,Suzanne


  2. Consider The CAT corrected. But if we walk around saying, “GALACTIC WAVE OF LOVE” (which we know it really is), most people will think we're Far Out Space Nuts (which just dated a portion of The CAT). Some of us are actually agency naming experts, so let us work on it. Stay tuned.


  3. OK, so when G L P insta-bans you for trying to link this page into the ongoing Wave-X thread, you know something's up. They only insta-ban the real deal. Can't have it confusing the conspiri-tards, republi-tards, bible-tards & race/gay-hating-tards. They certainly don't want that sector of their readers hearing anything about a “Galactic Wave of LOVE” ( not that most of them would even be interested in that – not violent & doomy enough for them… )


  4. Well, well, well….So this is your site DA-DA?Hello there, Brother!!!Well, actually i have created a name for these energies which IMHO, is the most appropriate, and DESCRIBES the best.”THE FREEDOM WAVES”. That's what IT will bring to our SOL system and especially -to GAIA/TERRA and to HER enslaved inhabitants!And keep on going as long as you can, my friend. Doesn't matter how many more months or years…. I am so hoping that the whole “CAT and mouse” game, (pun intendent), will be over by the next Spring equinox.


  5. the freedom waves love that….people are going crazy in my neck of the woods september 10th there were murders and attempted murders in public on the roads and in shops….


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