More Wave X Evidence [UPDATED 9-12-15, 07:34 UTC]

Stay tuned for some amazing auroras coming to a neighborhood near YOU.

Ok, The CAT’s been watching geomagnetic storms increase in severity for about the past ten days and we’re ready to say that it’s NOT the solar wind, and it’s NOT the sun, which has gone beddy bye. So, what is it? It’s Wave X, Timmy. Or maybe we’ve upgraded to Wave Y, by now. Either way, the evidence is now too great to ignore.

More evidence coming Friday.

Auroras in Virginia. Auroras in Northern California? Stay tuned.

UPDATE 9-12-15 00:00: So. We’re gonna get WOO. Might as well get over it. Anyway, since we don’t have any reliable way of quantifying what’s happening, we have to use ourselves as detectors. And at 9:15 pm PDT, three of our team felt significant energy affecting first the pineal gland, then induction of what we Da-da calls The Beacon, then a flood of energy into the crown chakra. Wish there was some other way to describe this, but the incoming energy seems to map directly to chakras 1-7, up-trending till you reach the highest ones.

The Schumann Resonance was active at this time, seen here…

…but we’ve seen this kind of activity lots of times previously with NO somatic effects recorded. Still trying to sleuth out the best way to quantify this phenomenon. This latest burst delivered a significant amount of residual (wide-awake!) energy that seems to be new, at least for our team. Anyone else experiencing effects, please chime in in the comments section. More as we develop.

13 thoughts on “More Wave X Evidence [UPDATED 9-12-15, 07:34 UTC]

  1. Hi, thanks for the update re WOO Energy ;)Not sure I'm feeling anything out of the ordinary (in a big way) other than what I've come to expect at this time of the year (and with an almost New Moon upon us) however I'm staying open …Thanks,Mr Anonymous (from a few days ago)PS What's the link please to your Schumann Resonance graphic ?


  2. Wow! That first picture is from a DREAM-land!!!I'm having other -non physical- effects/experiences.It's been about 3 months now, i see this fainted glow/rainbow around the stars. Another interesting thing is seeing a flash, a spark in the night sky. It's just that -A FLASH, (about the size of Venus), and it's gone. I've been star gazer all my life, but these are something NEW.


  3. Yes, Da-da saw this flash last night as well! He's been seeing more light phenomena lately — as well as the glow/rainbow thing around stars and light sources. He thought he was merely bleary-eyed, which is still possible.


  4. PRIVET!Have you seen this?They assume that is't done by HAARP, but i think it's a portal. I've seen other things made by the HAARP, and usually it's from the ground up, or closer to the horizon, but never coming down from the “heavens”. Whatever it is, it is mind boggling!!CRAZY HAARP Activity & UFOS Over Arizona! Amazing Footage 9/20/2015


  5. I hear these as a tone in one ear, and sometimes a tome that increases and ends with a sound vacuum.


  6. *With exception to this past summer, when a few waves almost knocked me on the ground or unconscious (recent concussion made it easier I believe). Did something big happen in the summer?


  7. Definitely. Many of us were incapacitated for a day — or a week — or so. CERN's LHC didn't help any, but now it's no longer a factor. Next wave will come without interference. Those already conked in the head with the last one won't be as beat-up, but we'll need to help those who will be.


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