Goodbye Charles: A Rare Recommendation

Ok. The CAT has never done this before, but we all agreed this should be recommended. We’re all musicians and have fallen in love with this tune from Over the Rhine, a small group out of Cincinnati (which means “curly” or “ringed” in latin, though Cincinnati itself is named after Gen. Ulysees S. Grant’s favorite horse). Regardless, we’ve been playing this tune over and over again all morning, primarily because we’re suckers for anything Vince Guaraldi. (No idea why there’s no solo section.)

This was written by Linford Detweller as an homage to both Charles Schulz and Vince Guaraldi, and… we hope he doesn’t mind… but Da-da transcribed this piece (just for himself) — first four chords: Cmaj9(#11): Dbmaj9(#11): Cmaj9(#11): Bbmaj9(#11).

Give it a try. The tune is free on Amazon Prime. (We’re in no way affiliated with Over the Rhine, btw, or Amazon Prime.)