A Surprising Trip to the ER (or "What to Have in Your Pockets to Defeat The Death Star") [UPDATE3]

Pretty, but what does this have to do with anything?

One of our cadre spent some time in the ER on Friday. The reasons we won’t get into, but the experience is interesting. Not knowing he was going to the ER that day, our hero had in his pockets the usual: a wallet; keys; a Swiss Army knife; a lozenge of orgonite; a finger-sized citrine crystal point; a magnifying glass; and some breath mints.

So what? You have most of that in your pockets right now.

Well, this individual had had to visit the ER before on a few regretful occasions, and had always emerged rather demoralized — and ostensibly sicker than before he went in, esp. after a two-day hospital incarceration and Western med injections. However, on this most recent visit, he had in his pockets the aforementioned organite and crystal that The CAT staff has been experimenting with in an effort to defeat the (negative) energy created by CERN’s LHC, which deforms the earth’s magnetosphere so much that 2/3rds of The CAT staff felt like noodleheads when the thing is turned up to 6.5 TeV. We’ve been trying all manner of objects in our pockets, but this orgo-crystal gambit really seems to work the best (producing zero LHC effect. It’s in our pockets right now, and CERN’s LHC is desperately ramping up to try and defeat the incoming Wave X (which failed miserably), as well as open a portal to “the dark universe.” (Psst… this will fail miserably.)

So what?

Well, our victim hero also had said orgo-crystal combo in his pockets in the ER, and… while inside the ER, and undergoing a CAT scan, among other things… he felt fine. And when he left… he felt fine. This was not the case for previous visits. This pocket grouping seems to defeat negative energy environments — or any environment where there is a ton of energy that can (overly) affect the sensitive.

We at The CAT recommend you secure for yourselves a small two-inch lozenge of orgonite and a citrine crystal point (or any decent crystal) and put them in your pockets, or wear them as pendants. They need to be against your body. Try it and see how you feel. It doesn’t matter what’s in the orgonite, so long as it’s made the right way.

UPDATE 10-10-15: Through trial and error, it seems that MOLDAVITE works very well as one of the (high vibration) elements in the above orgo-crystal pocket mix. The CAT highly recommends it. We’ve also become big fans of shungite. But really, any crystal that raises your vibration is called for. Clearly, we at The CAT need bigger pockets.

We are hippie freaks, but… whatever works.

UPDATE 10-24-15: The above technique works… until you don’t need it anymore. Eventually, if you’re doing your meditation/vibrateUP work, your vibration will be faster and CERN’s LHC won’t affect you. It seems to have more of an effect on lower vibratory folks… which is not meant to discourage. All of the CAT staff were affected at first, but we’re not as affected anymore, even without pocket protectors. Still, we keep the moldavite and organite in our pockets for spiritual redundancy. We’re all about the spiritual five nines.

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  1. Which one? Orgonite or the crystals? For orgonite, I suggest going on etsy.com and searching. For crystals, I suggest eBay, but do some research, as some crystals from China are fakes. If the price is too good to be true…


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