Dream Warrior CAT Techniques

Note: Please don’t throw babies and swords… at the same time.

Hooboy. Since the calamari (what we call them, you know who) have only 17 days of existence left  (hopefully), they’re ramping up the dream mayhem. Almost all of the CATs were attacked last night — all night long, even after waking and going back to sleep — but some good came out of it. We learned some great new dream techniques; here are some, along with ones we already use, that are fun and useful:

1. TIME STOP: In the dream, clap your hands and say, “TIME STOP!” This gives you a breather to get a better angle on whatever’s going after you. (Don’t forget to say,”TIME IN.”)

2. IMPOSSIBLE SWORD: If something’s got you cornered, just say “IMPOSSIBLE SWORD!” and watch as your IMPOSSIBLE SWORD manifests. If you’re feeling particularly badass, you can say, “IMPOSSIBLE SWORDS!” Be gentle.

3. PORTALS: Imagine opening portals on the floor beneath beastie XYZ, banishing it to the lower dimensions. Bye!

4. MANTRA: Use that Coursian mantra on it. Look at the thing trying to get you (even after the fact), and say: “You are perfect, immortal spirit, brother, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.” If the thing is an actual being, it’s probably terrified of having its connection to SOURCE thrown in its face. If it’s not real, use the previous techniques. (Note: It’s also nice to use this mantra on everyone around you, wherever you are, in this world, even in the past; if you can see them in your mind, you can do it.)

5. SOURCE ARMOR: Just say, “SOURCE ARMOR UP!” and watch as you start to glow. Good luck getting through SOURCE armor, you hogs. All CATs use this technique for meditation protection. If things get hairy, we also say, “SOURCE ARMOR UP ONE BILLION PERCENT.” This should actually be #1 on this list.

This is all a bit academic, as knowing that you yourself are impervious, immortal spirit already attached to SOURCE, makes dreams a lot more manageable. And like in real life, if you can think it, it can be. So, think wisely, and keep up the good work.

Warrior CAT is on the job.


8 thoughts on “Dream Warrior CAT Techniques

  1. I read (some long time ago) that putting a copper wire (100% copper) around the bed, in a circle shape, with ends well wrapped together, protects against this type of attack. Also, wearing a copper wire (circle shape) is also good for same purpose.I hope all warrior cats are alright. 🙂


  2. So long as you're not a less than a quarter mile from a portal, then this acts as a portal antenna! Get cooked (spiritually) while you (try to) sleep!Can't say I feel like a warrior these days. More like a punching bag.-CAT8


  3. I concur.Dreamtime has been compromised!Not pleasant at all.Be well and thanks for the timely advice.Home straight now guys.Mark


  4. FYI, there was no Hawaii missile. It was simply sicko fear-mongering by the PTW. (And the local fear was so think, it showed up on some of our meters; we didn't know that could happen.)~M2


  5. Hey Cats. Totally used 'Time Stop' in my dream last night and it worked flawlessly. There were like a group of people all arguing on top of each other in a frantic way, when i called time stop, and was then able to reorganize and prioritize them, which turned the dream into a super fun mood where i taught a kid it was cool to dance. just had to say thank you to the group and for introducing these tools. Cheow


  6. Dear Cats, I don't think I have dreams. I don't remember any when I wake and what's more, I don't remember HAVING any. I would like to have dreams so that I could get messages from the other side, but I don't really understand why I don't. I have asked to remember dreams as I lay my head down for sleep but that seems to change nothing. I am not worried about this as I know it will resolve itself at the right time, but since the topic is dreams, I thought I would ask if there is anything I could do about it. Thank you for your lovely website. -Also One Who Believes


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