Task #6


A personal request from the CATs for you gentle CAT readers.

Multiple groups have been actively trying to disrupt CAT communications. This is on the PTW side AND the negative/neutral ET side. We are having to use the US Mail to communicate.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to Ground + Protect + Connect, as usual, then meditate and imagine the various CATs out in the world (in any way you want) all connected with glowing white lines. While you’re at it, include YOURSELF in that CAT network of glowing lines.


As usual, if any of you or your CAT associates are abducted by the Space Police, the secretary CAT will disavow all knowledge of your activities. Good luck.

And DON’T chew on the lights!

62 thoughts on “Task #6

  1. The SOURCE in me (me) will make this happen, without impedance or force, but with indomitable spirit and infinite love.

    This will be done, it IS done.

    Mark x

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  2. It’s done!!!

    By the way, while I saw the network of light connecting the cats, which I saw as simple bright spots, that is to say in their essence, not in their physical form, I suddenly “entered” into one cat’s house.
    He was in a room with a computer in front and several tech gadgets, in the friky computer style.
    He was a man, thin – Half curly hair and a few days beard.
    I think he wore a green and black striped shirt.
    I don’t know if it corresponds to the description of any cat.
    But I think he saw me or felt me, and turned to me. I don’t know if I was surprised or scared. At that moment I left the meditation.
    Maybe it’s just nonsense, fruit of my mind. Or maybe not.
    But if so, I want to present my apologies. It was not my intention to scare him.
    Whit Love

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    1. Well well. That wasn’t a CAT. We think you saw one of the paid-contractors of the PTW who’ve been messing around with our networks, as well as spying on people for fun. Looks like you scared him, too. Go back and scare him again! (Ok, we’re kidding. A little.)

      -CAT Eds.

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  3. This kitten loves to create mayhem for “those who don’t play nice” … if connecting furlightbabies to furlightbabies is what is required, then I’m all in. I have enough issues with “them” as it is; let’s do this and get it done fur-ever …

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    1. Lily… if you knew of the person whom has recently connected with me via spirit…. you’d ‘Wow’. Lets just say I’m part French.
      Love you ❤ 🙂 ❤

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      1. Tea Kay…Oh Wow! That’s amazing! Did you know, we have Willow Puss back with us now? I left a comment a few blog pages back. Little Kitten found a lovely home with a little girl who will dote on her and love her. ‘Elsie’ is so much happier now, I realised I had misjudged everything and just to give it time! Willow Puss is so happy too and is starting to play a bit with little balls, chasing them! Her previous owner had said that she didn’t play! Love you too ☺️❤️☺️

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        1. ❤ Willow Puss! Awww.. All the Loves 🙂 Awesome to hear its working out, and that Elsie is so Happy ❤ My heart smiles.
          also… 'Tis funny, I saw/see you in a beret too!
          hmm… maybe we were riding bicycles in Southern France at some stage…. I truly get that image and feeling… mon amie xxxxx
          French Grandmother (whom I had not met in this life cycle) on my father's side… long story.. but deep healing was necessary .. and took a very long time. Now.. she is here in Spirit, helping in ways I had asked for recently.
          Amazing experience's, and so much Joy.
          ❤ Love ❤

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          1. Wow, thay’s amazing so happy to hear that you managed to carry out the healing needed ❤️

            So funny that you see me with a beret! I used to wear one when I was younger! I also have an unexplained affinty to the south of france, loved reading Kate Mosse novels especially ‘Labyrinth’, really resonate with me for some reason! I will hopefully look forward to riding a bicycle with you on New Earth , maybe bicycles with wings and rainbow lights 😉❤️🌎 Much Love Mon Amie! xxx

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  4. You must have felt that one, my eyes twitched like a pinballgame.
    Glad to be of service. May communication run smoothly again.

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    1. And just did it again upon waking.
      Hope it helped.

      Weird dreams again. I was flying, not smoothly but definitely flying. I was trying to come closer to a bird that was made up of 3 different birds.
      Next thing I see the sky was full of planes. They all started to move in the same direction, SW, and appeared to be frozen in the sky. Hanging still.

      That’s all. Coffee time.

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  5. I saw that energy yesterday! It was in the shape of a one foot black box that I could see though, a spidery phantom matrix that had been encased in my right thigh bone, and it exited pretty quick once I was aware of its presence. There was a message, something about trying to drag me back into negative argument, like they were still right and I was wrong all along, and I went, yeah sure, and rolled over and buried my head under a pillow and went back to sleep like a recalcitrant teenager. Seriously, I did not take it seriously, and was kind of shocked by my teenage ninja kind of nonchalance. Like I really did not give a f**k.

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  6. Anyway, after the black box episode, it’s been the most amazing love fest, like peace and harmony and music like Woodstock all over again. Good luck to all! If you see my inner city ghetto dwelling floating around your peripheral vision, the Christmas lights are on day and night, inside and out, front and back. The house is over 100 years old and it was decorated that way when I moved in.

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  7. Count me in, I’ve been participating in all the tasks and meditations, since I first was led to your site by Terran. I don’t often comment, but would like to express my gratitude to all Cats, M’s, and the wonderful community that are all part of the family here. I will add my light, love, and intention to this task, and include it in my meditations. Much Love to All, I AM LIGHT, I AM LOVE, I AM

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  8. In a dream last night there was two ships in front of me and I got assigned to the second one. The first one was colorful and full of people dancing and partying and having a blast. Upon entering the second one, which was dull and white and the people aboard questioning their fate, I couldn’t help but feel like I missed out on the ride to New Earth when I woke up. Yet, throughout the day, on reconsidering again & again my decisions and life path, I believe the second ship is truly the way to NE. On the surface, not much happening it seems, but plenty of potential, open as can be to see every dark corner clean, and just enough souls wanting and waiting to create beauty.

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  9. @Cats Eds, coincidence ? 🙂 I didn’t read the new task post until I caught up on comments I hadn’t read, THEN read Task #6. I don’t know what time you posted Task #6…

    When I posted the following comment (8/21 at 2:17 pm) I wonder if I was picking up on Task #6 (mission not-impossible): “one of my all time favorite aromas is sun warmed White Pine and I love brooks’ shallow water over rocks, even better if there is moss involved and sun dappling. And those cool water skimming bugs that use water tension, they’re fun – in cool forests you can smell the water – these are from memories from lonng ago – thank you, these I can imagine. [[[ trees and in solitude I think I can feel ok for a while, supported by tree friends and sense the Mycorrhizal networks connecting all… (found that termed the ‘wood wide web’) 🙂” ]]]

    Brooks/water can store/ transmit information… flowing – Sun dappling… sun/photons are informational things, too…
    Mycorrhizal networks (I do think of these networks as glowing with mitochondrial energy) are white and fuzzy – like a Persian or Angora – communication networks – World wide… Cats like trees – I always loved to climb trees – I think I’ll go with this visual to re-enforce – hey, AND it’s underground (in all meanings, so out of PTW’s prying eyes – ewww, just thought of eyes being pried out – metaphorically, I hope…

    ALL be well,


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  10. Is the last para about being abducted by space police serious?

    Being not good in meditation, I visualise you all CATs being protected by a gynormous white light.

    Thank you for this blog – I think that I am addicted to this blog – lost count the no# of times per day that I check-in to see any update or new comments. 🙂

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  11. Mission completed! When I visualized
    the connections between CATS, as well
    as fellow commenters, the light lines
    looked very strong and secure. I truly
    hope that they are and that all communication will be restored.

    With love to all,


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    1. I was in Oz, dive attack flying monkeys messing with connection wires(etheric connections). Had higher help doing coursian and mantra on them. They were morphing into butterflies, fairies, etc. from good energies. The Cat lights went from a dull gray/white to a bright gold after the encounters. Sananda and Sekhmet didn’t walk on earth they move a few feet above the surface. Minky was there, playing “Toto”. Parents think I have a different imagination, yet, was a good show. Peace.

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  12. Cats are connected by red sprites (the high atmospheric type) in my visualization which connect to both love/light encircling as well as grounding to the earth with the cosmic ray energies. All CATS and contributors from many parts of th globe participate in warm greetings above the fray. Don’t think the PTW can tap into this current as it may fry their derrieres. Cay

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  13. Sometimes my penny drops slowly…
    Yesterday I actually found out the same thing: spying on this site.
    Sometimes I write comments but don’t press send. Like a temporary diary. It works miracles.
    So yesterday I wrote about eating lots, esp. pro-t-ein. Did not press send and deleted the comment.
    A bit later I’m on a website and Source brings my attention to an ad for… pro-t-ein.
    That ad was no coincidence.

    I actually wrote this (the comment you’re reading) to you guys yesterday but again didn’t press send because I was waiting for my clickbait (I used my own adwords) to work. Yet that didn’t work because they spy. So they read my post whereas I thought they just used a programme to filter the keywords. Nope. They read in full.

    Note to all programmers, spies and PTW:

    I love you. You are perfect and immortal spirit beings of Light. All is forgiven and released. You are free.

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    1. Yeah, they Are Perfect, remind Me of a 3 yr old wanting attention. Sooner or later they’ll come around(to the Light). Peace.

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      1. Actually I’m not. Thanks for reminding me. i think that nice guy was an alter ego I created when I suffered soul loss as a kid. I’m back at full force now. I did a soul integration in the woods yesterday, reuniting the final part of me that was missing. Behold all those not of the Light. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide…

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  14. btw… I forgot to mention… that there were NO bird gatherings, no chattering or singing, the 20th of Aug, ’19 – no early morning, 2 -ish pm, no evening chorus – have they moved on to NE – will note presence or not in about 4 or 5 hrs… Hmmm,


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  15. Loved that meditation. My string of fairy lights ended up being a flower of life network of light with CATs, Ms and all the fold who comment (including moi!) all connected. The light was beautifully bright and I envisioned this blog surrounded with source light too and everyone who benevolently participates 🦁

    I’m sure I heard a couple of miaows and purrs whilst doing this and also got some visuals too! A hairless siamese type and another kitty with a scarf on, are there any CATS in Russia or Siberia? They looked nice and cosy against the cold!

    Much Love ALL! We are the Light ✨ We are the Love ❤️ We are 😊

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  16. Um, hi there, beautiful beings — I’ve been casually following your site for some time. And though I have zero comprehension of the meterage posts, I like the vibe here very much. Today was the first time I tried to “like” anything, and I noticed that my likes did not seem to register with the system. Does one have to be registered as a member of the community in some way in order to participate at all?

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    1. @Russ Divina Russell, for many months I couldn’t figure out how to like either – it’s not the blog thing… for me I needed to sign up with word press – they’re undemanding – then you can like – recently they keep saying I’m commenting using my W P account and in ( ) s red log out/change, which confused me, so just ignored that – you don’t have to sign out or change(login?)… – sometimes I’ll check the ‘notify by email’ choice, but recently have some understanding of the notification bell feature in upper right corner – helpful – some of our gabby selves 🙂 create long comment strings under the blog posts and I’d always get kind of lost trying to find the new comments – I’d start at the beginning, scrolling down looking at comment dates trying to find the new ones. Since exploring the notification bell feature, slowly getting the hang of it – finding new comments has been easier…
      Also per Cats, etc. suggestion some months ago when replying to a specific comment(er), even if you clicked the ‘reply’ RIGHT UNDER someone’s comment – sometimes replies seem to wander – start your reply with @ then the persons name or user name, like I did with yours, and maybe refer to the comment subject… as in re:- it . It cuts down on confusion AND misunderstandings and for a while there on triggerings… 🙂 Anyway, these are things I’ve found useful here.
      I hope this was a contribution to your happier blog use here.

      Welcome aboard,


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  17. Mischief managed. I pictured us all connected by a flower of life pattern, and then lit the whole thing up to reinforce the connections.

    Regarding spying on this site, my Brave browser is currently blocking 32 third party trackers on this page, and the number is going up as I watch. I won’t miss this shiz on NE…..

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