YATJ & MORE Wave X Drama [UPDATE7]



A bit of drama for the end of the week:

We felt this last night and noticed it this morning:


Turns out it wasn’t just a whomp, it was a timeline jump AND a teeny CME:

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 11.08.57 AM
This is a muon detector.
Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 11.10.09 AM
Raw numbers from the above. Note the start/stop time in the muon stream to the far right. The one next to it has been showing indication of what we call “The Rip” since mid-August.
Here’s the CME… which is more like an CSE (Coronal Scoche Ejection). Tiny, but we felt it.


Look at Abisko riometer temps the day before…


…now look at this:

Here’s the link for WAV listening. These are VLF recordings of Wave X coming in. Sounds like bees, but those are upgrade codes on steroids. No wonder people (and CATs) are feeling feverish!

More as we find it.



Oops. Forgot this Wave X stuff on MIMIC:

Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 12.03.21 PM
Started on the 16th…
Screen Shot 2019-09-20 at 12.03.00 PM
…and got worse. Check out the animation.


Yow. When this hit, the CATs took to their beds:








We just added a new ‘Take to Your Beds’ warning to be used from now on. TTYB!


We’re not out of the woods, yet:

Many of the Cumiana meters look like this at present.
And note the far right-hand side of this one…


We had another timeline jump at 5:49 pm PDT. Everything blanked out for a moment and switched back on (in terms of our senses). It’s like a momentary blackout, but it feels like you just nodded off.


Here comes another one. Hang in there.


Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 11.22.22 PM



This is one that’s passed.

Now check this out. These are pretty rare:

These are called “whistlers.” Pretty rare as we said… and we’ve had more than 25 in the past 18 hours. Go here for the WAV links to hear them for yourselves.

And, for whatever reason, lots of us are hearing the theme from… “Rocky”:



So… we did have a wave last night… but it was it gave most CATsa feeling of euphoria — and also kept us wide awake till the wee hours of the morning. We’re looking at this coming week and… well, let us look at it some more.

120 thoughts on “YATJ & MORE Wave X Drama [UPDATE7]

  1. Every single day I’m being swamped at some point and literally collapsing.


    Still, on a plus side me and my family made it into the news by protesting today against capitalism. My eco warrior daughter held her poster high and told reporters how important our planet is, and that there is no planet “B”. I beamed in admiration, and grinned inwardly knowing that wasn’t entirely correct…

    Mark (Power to the people! ✊)

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    1. Actually, I was thinking about the day of protest yesterday which came to our city too. It was branded as “climate change”, but if it was against capitalism too, then that explains the large numbers. Apparently, many were very young kids and they have a future to consider. But I would like them all to know that every planet in our solar system is experiencing this. That might re-calibrate the view.

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      1. MaPanther. Exactly what I said to my partner re the whole solar system heating up. The climate change bandwagon would hate our kids to see the bigger picture.😲💖

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          1. NewLynn,
            I remember the stuff from the seventies …and the eighties…and the nineties….and the two thousands…. and now….

            But I wasn’t around in the 30s. LOL 🙂 I didn’t know it went that far back till I saw that article.

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            1. Anon. I agree. I was very surprised it had been going on that long too. They play a long game. I was born mid fifties and I am sick of games and lies. Truth would be wonderful and not to have dig for it.🤔

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  2. I dreamed an intense light was all over the place it turned everything crazy rainbow colors and my dog and I just ran from it but we couldn’t get away from it. I just feel so precogy like something big is going to happen everyone seems on edge and every other forum I look at people are reporting similar behavior. I just uttered to myself: Oh F—. Well, here we go I guess….lol..

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  3. “Take to your beds!” It’s so cute…and really true. Had to sleep from 11pm PST last night, stayed in bed due to exhaustion (except for food) until 4pm today.

    Despite of (or maybe because of) the difficulties living in daily life…I like my dreams. They’re always nice, drama-free, with a lot of exploration of strange new places. Of course, if I’d spent all my time dreaming I’d become fat and homeless…sigh!

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  4. Gorgeous sunset tonight – but mega chemtrails – at least 8 and counting crisscrossing the sky. I see two planes out there right now creating more. Some sort of battle scene I am witnessing?

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    1. Tons of chemtrails here in upstate NY yesterday, too. More than I’ve seen in a long time. Looked like a demented person was scrawling on the sky; lots of little Xs.

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  5. Uhhh, I also had to do that emergency nap at about 22-23 CET, not sure now exactly, for maybe half an hour or whole hour, and it is 4AM local time, and I am still awake, what is going on ?

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  6. Whatever energy came through just now everyone in the house was dancing and the 10 yr old dog was running up and down the hallways pulling up all the rugs LOL. Good thing I already had Prince on so we didn’t look totally wacky. Before this everyone was asleep most the day.

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    1. SB. My partner just showed me a photo taken last night in the middle of the UK. Wonderful violet, purple and pink skies and the comment was Prince and Hendrix must be having a jamming session! Hope this is the precursor to the shift with the purple sky.🌈

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      1. Newlynn 💜 ‘Prince and Hendrix must be having a jamming session’ Love that so much, I used to listen to Hendrix so much and when I was a teenager I wore long purple tie dyed skirts and Doc Martens, long hair with purple and wine coloured streaks! Also had some purple Doc Marten shoes, now they were cute!

        Lots of Love and Purple Light 💜🌟💜

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        1. Lily. Cool. You described how I imagined you at that age. I had hippie fashion sense. Had a long red embroidered Afghan coat with an orange lining and silky fringes. I loved that coat. I tried purple streaks in my early sixties but even the permanent ones faded too quickly. It’s hard work to grow old disgracefully!🌼🌻🌼

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          1. Newlynn I bet you looked super cool with those purple streaks! ☺️

            I bought a tan Afghan coat from Covent Garden market, it had a bit of a musty smell! I wore a long cream dress and used to put plaits in my hair. My brother joked and called me Maid Marion lol!

            By the way, we had amazing purple skies here last night, so beautiful!

            Much Love ❤️✨❤️

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            1. Lily. Henceforth you will be known as Maid Marion then lol.☺️ Loved the guinea pigs video. Are you feeling any better? I think the energy has calmed a little this morning.xxx

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            2. Newlynn ❤️ Hehehe, he also called me Lady of Shalot but she didn’t come to a very happy end! To be honest I’m feeling pretty awful though I’m trying to think myself out of my misery with humour and positivity! The ecema has changed and I looked up the rash and it seems I have shingles, it’s almost all down my left side especially on my arm and upper chest now. I have painful bumps and red splotches! I look like a bad painting! Have just started to really try and detox liver with supplements and celery juice and now homeopathic treament and L-lysine. I am reading Medical Medium’ book ‘Secrets Behind Chronic and Mystery illness and How to Finally Heal” and he links ucerative colitis to the herpes virus and shingles, it all makes sense in my particular case. Been trying to do Paleo and of course this is largely (organic) meats and fats etc.. which have an impact on the liver. Gosh it’s so complicated and I’ve been on this path for years trying to heal. Stress and diet can really hinder healing. Am going to try and juice as much as I can and eat lots of leafy greens etc..Sadlu, I am having to let Willow Puss go and think the stress and upset form this has taken it’s toll. She is getting quite territorial and aggressive and i am unable to go near her without her hissing. I spoke to a wonderful lady at Ragdoll Rescue and we had a long chat. She advised me that it would be best to have Willow assessed and re-homed. Because she is a Ragdoll, she needs regular brushing and if I cannot get near her its a bit of a problem. Because my immune system is so battered, if I got a scratch or bite, I would be in trouble and if her coat got matted, Wlilow would be in pain and most likely become more aggressive. The thought of her biting ‘Elsie’ is not nice and would put her off cats for life.

              ‘Elsie’ is so upset. I promised her we would find the right cat and the lady I spoke to advised an older one of at least 4 years old and will try to help us find the right kitty. She will be picking Willow up on Monday and will ensure she is looked after and placed in an appropriate home probably without children.

              How are you feeling? Is your heart better?

              I think you’re right, things do feel much calmer as the day goes on so hopefully we will all get a chance to have a nice rest before the next lot or The Shift perhaps…!

              Much Love and Hugs and Copious amounts of Light ❤️🙏✨


            3. Oh gosh, my daughter and I were just talking last night about how nice it would be to have a ragdoll kitty. We had one years ago when she was little, and he was special. Shame I can’t come and see yours and see if she would fit for us. I wish you luck with rehoming her.

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            4. Ann K ❤️ Thank you. Ragdolls are so lovely. Unfortuantely, I suspect the breeders we bought Willow from had kept her in a room all her life with their other cats and never socialised her. They told me she didn’t play but is currently batting a toy mouse around! She is so scared of people bless her. I wish we could keep her but she has so much ‘fear’ aggression that I cannot take the chance with my daughter having such complex needs/disabilities. I could see how easy it would be for my daughter to scare Willow (without meaning to) and end up being harmed. We have a lovely lady from the charity Ragdoll Rescue coming to collect her on Monday. They will assess her behaviour closely and provide any cat therapy needed before re-homing her very carefully.

              Much Love ❤️🙏❤️


  7. Well, now I know when cops and helicopters are all over my neighborhood and I walk out there to take the dog out and get lights shined on me I can run but be scared at the same time lol. Another fun night in Kansas.

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    1. You know what was so interesting nothing in our local news no amber or silver alerts no loud cop cars and they used silent helicopters. But, they had a huge foot patrol canvassing. A relative even flagged one down later and asked and they just said looking for someone never would give a description. They were shining lights in our houses even so odd. Anyone got any ideas on what they were looking for? This is Kansas and a military town……

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  8. @ Cats and Ms. Thank you for the charts. I felt the waves pass through my head. That woozy whoa what was that feeling. Glad I had a good grounding in the sea yesterday. It was calling to me. 🐈🤔

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  9. Tried to have a Lisa reading today, but had to reschedule for after the equinox and the upcoming new moon. She says all she’s seeing for most people today is windshield wipers, but she saw me in the midst of a huge electrical storm; no rain. Lots of lightening and silent thunder making changes, but very peaceful and painless. I was actually going to ask her why I seldom have much reaction to the incoming energies; it makes me worry that nothing is happening or that I’m being passed by. Guess I don’t need to worry; the storm is upon me! Feeling good and it’s a glorious day; guess I’ll go divide my hostas and daylilies and try to make my gardens somewhat presentable. More sauce preparation in my immediate future, as well; good thing I like spaghetti….

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    1. You Are The Wave! As We become the wave, we feel “good”/in the flow. I Am The Light/Love, I Am. By the way, hostas are great in my smoothies/salad, and good for Us. Peace.

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      1. Thank you, I had no idea that they were edible. I did divide them; the original five had turned into over one hundred. There are now hostas tucked into every shady nook of my property and I found good homes for the rest!

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  10. For that last WHOMP, some CATs had what we would term “time issues” with some feeling sick while caught in what one called a “time eddy” till they took that necessary Emergency Nap, then things reset. Another was awakened by a big WHOOSH along the side of their house. Some felt absolutely nothing. No rhyme or reason to it.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Instead of the quiet pillowy feeling that has been prevalent here at the farm for the last couple of weeks, the quiet has become move electrically vibrant if that makes any sense. The energies are quickening (as if we didn’t already know that) Other than that, I know less than nothing!

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  11. hi @CATS & Ms Can you explain this? do you ever keep your eyes open w/ your eye lids shut? i woke up and my eyes hurt and my eyes were open but lids were shut and i could “see” the silhouette of faces looking at me. I moved my eyes side to side…saw different faces…backdrop was a sky….not tangible faces. what was that????

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      1. Um, lol,I kinda thought I was awake. Not like u @CATS, haha. I guess that goes along w the dream I had. A woman was trying to shake me awake the other day telling me it’s time to go on an adventure? Lame question …what more can I do to WAKE up?

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  12. FYI, another psychic (who’s kinda high maintenance) is predicting a “high wave” to hit before the equinox. We saw a whole bunch of high waves about ten days ago… and we just had one on Friday… but we looked at things just the same… and it looks like we are gonna have another ouchifier. Some of the M’s are already feeling it. More buckling-up.

    -CAT Eds.

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  13. Re Update 6. Listening to the vibrational fluctuations was amazing. I woke this morning thinking the atoms in my body are in a jiggley mess. Then I looked at the update and realised why. The Ace Magnetometer has two breaks in it too. Is it a TTYB day lol.🤔

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  14. Last day or so? was going to place a comment, but sort of just stared at the little box, not having the energy to form an even semi coherent thought – gave up… Yes, had nap-itis the last two days, late afternoon/evening. this past same time frame (9/21) kept bobbing up and down into and out of my Kindle – read a sentence or two, down again, but not quite enough to go into sleep – bob up, then down – rinse and repeat for HOURS! Headaches, but not deadly ones…

    @ Cats Eds ^,^ I caught up on this post’s comments after midnight sometime then decided to check my fb feed(which I rarely do) and found something for Lily and one for All and a memory from my teen years – came back here to share and you had updated the post – thank you for the divine timing. 🙂

    Came across two things after (I thought) last checked in here before sleepy-time… one for Lily
    @lily144 – found this article in my fb newsfeed around 1:00 am (9/22) won’t put link as per ‘da rules’ 🙂
    “Dandelions Are Not Weeds
    Only in the twentieth century did humans decide that the dandelion was a weed. Before the invention of perfectly manicured lawns, dandelions were more less praised as a natural medicine, food source and out-right magic. Back in the day, grass was dug out to make room for the dandelions – just imagine!
    For millennia, dandelion tonics have been used to help the body’s filter, the liver, remove toxins from the bloodstream. In olden times, dandelions were prescribed for every ailment from warts to the plague. To this day, herbalists hail the dandelion as the perfect plant medicine: It is a gentle diuretic that provides nutrients and helps the digestive system function at peak efficiency.
    **** ”Dandelion is an excellent detoxifier and antioxidant, making it one of the best herbal remedies for treating acne and other skin problems like, *** PSORIASIS and ECZEMA***. It helps purify the blood, and improves liver function, both of which result in beautiful, glowing skin. The major chlorophyll content in dandelion greens is also a win-win for skin health.” ****
    Stronger Bones
    Dandelions are calcium-rich, which is the main element required for the growth of strong, healthy bones. They are also high in antioxidants like Luteolin and Vitamin C, which protect from loss of bone density and bone weakening.

    Liver Health
    One of the greatest benefits of dandelion is it’s effect on our liver. Dandelion improves liver function by removing toxins, encouraging bile flow, and re-establishing hydration and electrolyte balance.

    Dandelion helps stimulate the pancreas to produce insulin, and helps regulate blood sugar levels. It is also a natural diuretic, and thus encourages urination. What does this have to do with diabetes? It helps remove excess sugar and salt from the body, and reduces sugar build-up in the kidneys (thus helping reduce the risk of renal problems in diabetics).

    Urinary Health
    As mentioned above, dandelions are a great natural diuretic, and so they help eliminate toxic build-up in the kidneys and urinary tract. The anti-microbial properties of dandelion also prevent bacterial growth in the urinary system, which is great for individuals suffering from recurring urinary tract infections (UTIs)

    There were two sections on different kinds of cancer, too.

    @lily – I guess I’ll let you have the fun of researching how to use and prepare for different uses – the article also mentioned getting (good) seeds online and growing your own patch of dandelions – wouldn’t that be perennial spring, a big pot of indoor cheery dandelions? But then again, maybe we’ll all be elsewhere and not need any of this. 🙂

    @All, – I didn’t have pictures of rock stars or anyone else on my walls as a teen ( in the 1960’s) The only ‘celebrity’ on any of my walls was a small picture cut out of a Sunday New York Times article?, of Einstein placed on the alcove wall-entrance to my bedroom – place of honor and inspiration – and his energy.

    This is a new-to-me quote from him to me and to share with y’all…

    ~~ “We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.”

    Albert Einstein
    It is now my favorite quote of his.

    Much love to ALL,


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    1. Regarding dandelions: A few years ago the local discount store had a shipment of vegetable seeds from someplace in Eastern Europe. The descriptions on the packets were written in a foreign language that I didn’t recognize, although the photographs made it quite clear what the contents were. Amongst the carrots and cucumbers and peas were packets of dandelion seeds! Although I know that people used to plant them as vegetables, and ate plenty of dandelion green salad in my childhood, I’ve often wondered if anyone bought those….

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    2. Kg 🙏 Thank you so much, really grateful for the tip and just strengthens something I read in a book by The Medical Medium (Anthony William) which gives lots of amazing information on fruits, veggies and herbs for healing including Dandelion! I will try and grow a load! My guinea pigs will benefit too, they love dandelions!

      Hope you are well, Love & Light ❤️✨❤️

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      1. I grind up roasted dandelion and chicory root with my coffee beans every morning, the flavor blends right in and it means less caffeine and a happier liver…such a great herb!

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  15. Am feeling utterly ‘whomped’ could barely get out of bed this morning, so heavy, head feels like a rock and symptoms multiplied, wretching with nausea whist simultaneously sitting in the throne is not pleasant!

    Dreams have been odd. First one:

    ‘Elsie’ and I are in a big three storey house. Airy and light with a spiral staircase made of wood but those gaps in between each stair at the back. She is in the top floor and I am on the ground floor. I need to get up to her because she cannot use stairs and I know she would have an accident if she tried to get to me. There is a man downstairs who is not pleasant at all, saying I have to have a smart meter fitted. I tell him I don’t want one and can he please leave my home. He will not go and says it is law to have one of these meters….I woke up.

    Second dream: Mum, Elsie and I go to look at a bungalow we are offered by social housing. Mum takes Elsie to the car whilst I carry on looking around. As I leave the front door, outside has turned into a huge complex of cinemas, fairs, coffee shops and play areas like something out of Disney land. Mum is with me again and we suddenly realise ‘Elsie’ is missing. She is wearing a pink coat in the dream. I see many children with pink coats but they are not her. I see a small child in blue curled up on cinema seats and it looks like he is not alive. I touch him and realise he is a doll. I carry on looking for ‘Elsie’ for a long time, crowds everywhere, disorientating. Then we go outside where there are lots of chairs lined up. I see Elsie and run to get her and scoop her into my arms. She is much younger than her age now. There is a tall, creepy man there who I realise took her…I wake up!

    Much Love ALL ❤️❤️❤️

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  16. ….”is predicting a High Wave to hit before the equinox”.
    Have barely begun the recovery from yesterdays crescendo of energies. And then there is a nother one on it’s way? Oh man, not one more…..!

    It was the gruesome pain in every single joint in my body that really brought me down… Nothing worked. Focusing on my breath eased the pain a little but since I felt so overwhelmed by all the other sensations, I could’nt maintain the focus for that long. So I asked for help/guidance, but no response and that made me almost feel as if I was left on my own. But at the same time, I had a strong feeling that they were there somewhere yet did’nt engage – rather they were waiting on me to handle it, to come to the right solution.

    I was really getting close to tap ‘time-out’ when I remembered: intention, thought, action. And then I felt a strong desire as a kind of last resort to go outside on to the lawn. So I stumbled out, hunched down, placed my hands deep into the grass, looked at Sol in the clear blue sky and Mothers beautiful nature around me and begged for their help. Immediately I felt joint after joint ‘unlock itself’ while I saw the energies being set into motion in my arms and hands, so I thought better kick them shoes off too! That relief that went trough my whole body from placing hands and feet into the grass was heavenly and that made the rest of yesterday bearable. Afterwards I saw them, nodding their heads – they sure did wait on me to solve it! (damn, they can be so though on me sometimes!)

    Today I’m soo tired. All of us at home are so very very tired today. Nah, this won’t do – now where did I place that sparky energy in me that shifts me from Parking into Drive-mode?😉

    Loving hugs🤗💖

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    1. Uli ❤️ That’s incredible, what an amazing experience! Big mental note yo remember this and try it!

      Much Love & Light, so happy you’re all unlocked! ❤️✨❤️

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      1. Lily❤️
        It was such a magic moment.
        That slow domino-effect of feeling one locked joint after the other opening up while the pain faded away, and to also be able to see this with my inner vision…it was truly amazing. For a couple of minutes in that very special moment of Now, it was as time ceased to exist…

        Do try it, Lily – it helped my body greatly to release the jammed-up overload of energies and get them flowing effortlessly again. Remember – it’s all about finding the right ‘key’ to certain locks😉

        Sending joyfull hugs to you, Lily🤗✨💖

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        1. Uli. I lay flat on my back on the lawn on Sunday trying to get as much contact as I could. I’m finding the need to ground is so important to me. I even walk round in bare feet at work all day. My boss doesn’t bat an eyelid bless him. Hope you have stayed unlocked.xxx

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          1. Newlynn❤️

            Your boss seems like a really cool guy😀

            Yes, I feel so too.
            That lesson also taught me that it’s way more important for me than I even realized, to regularly get out and not only do the ordinary maintenance in the garden, but to intentionally ground myself more physically with my bare hands and feet into the ground. It’s just that the climate here where I live makes it somewhat difficult to go out barefoot now a days – today it was only 12 degrees Celcius/53.6 degrees Fahrenheit midday and the autumn has only begun….🥶

            As for my body/skeleton/joints, I feel great! [doingthehappydanceoverhere]😁

            Newlynn, sending you joy and happiness and I hope and wish that your heart is doing well💖

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            1. Uli. Yes we are going into Autumn but its unseasonably warm at the moment with huge amounts of rain. Monsoon like! I can go on the lawn between showers though. Thank you for your good wishes re my heart. Its been good since last weekend. Hope you carry on with the happy dance lol. 💃

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    2. This is why We Love Our Gardens/Woods. We go out barefoot and accept All waves w/Love/Gratitude. Thank You Source/Universe/Elementals (Aya,Faya,Gaya,Maya). Peace.

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  17. Thank To All Here & Now. Love Is in the air and getting stronger. I can feel it whether inside or out. Yet it seems more comfortable out. Yesterday it worked me over, I was beat. Today I’m at it again. I Am! Peace.

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  18. 9/22 morning – Soooo, sooo, soo, so, TIRED!- hope that changes or granddaughter is super easy today – she’s been up since 5am…

    Haven’t felt like doing anything, life plan-wise, even normal day to day stuff is Meh…
    Will be dog visiting this 27th, Fri-Sunday – except for opening and closing patio door and feeding her I wonder if I can sleep the whole weekend…

    This Tuesday afternoon, 9/24, we have an appt for our financial review for HUD lease re-certification for apartment – have to gather all proofs of income etc. – always fun and not as easy as you’d think, tons of paperwork each year – I wonder if it even matters any more…

    My whole head, forehead and thick band temporal region to temporal region is ‘worn out’ exhausted, non functional…

    I wish coffee enlivened me – it just has mostly medicinal ‘regulatory’ effects on me… which can be useful.

    Wishing you all miracles this day,
    Much love,


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  19. This is what keeps going through my head. It makes my inner body vibrate, I think the human voice is the most beautiful instrument which can calibrate our nervous systems with harmony. Cay

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    1. Was in a deep relaxed state when a very loud noise jolted me, it came from within and sounded like when someone is testing a microphone and tap it with their finger. Really startled me and yes SOURCE protection was up.
      Would welcome any thoughts.
      ……are we there yet?

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  20. Huh, two off my posts are not showing, even with that “awaiting moderation” message, are they going in trash automatically for some reason as before ?

    Or am I in the twilight zone 😁

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      1. So, do I need to type it again, or you can recover it from the trash, or there is some other reason to not releasing that posts, I mean, it is OK, just write back, so I know if I am going to retype it or not ?✨


          1. Hmmmm, very strange, maybe PTW had something to do with it as that story is a little bit controversial ?

            I took a screenshot off one off this messages, maybe that will go through ?


          2. By the way, I also Asked Kabamur on his Twitter profile about that story, but di not get any answer from him, but I got two new followers, one is ex military and other nice looking lady is active navy officer, hmmmm, that is really controversial story it seems 😎


            1. Now I see them (awaiting moderation), but there, and moment before I couldn’t see either one, hmmmm, strange ?


  21. I feel exhausted today – just wanted to rest, but no, there was a big water leak
    near the street. Called the Water Dept.
    and someone came out and told me I had
    to call a pump service, as it was a back
    flow problem. While waiting for that
    company I discovered that one of my
    Canary Island Pines was lying on the ground. It looks like gophers must have attacked the roots. I have an owl 🦉 box,
    as owls like to hunt gophers, though
    apparently they have not been on the job!
    I am going into town to get a treat, of some kind, as I am so tired 😴 of all these
    problems! Hope everyone is holding up
    as well as they can in these energies.

    With love to everyone,


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  22. Guys, Gals, Cats and M’s… did anything significant occur at around 3pm today? (Sunday 22nd September)

    I suddenly felt incredibly dizzy and the room spun around for a nano-second. Thought something had shifted…

    If not, the hair colour I was having applied by hubby playing hairdressers must have been ‘off’! hee hee xxx

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    1. Anon. I wondered what had happened too, as mid Sunday afternoon my heart went haywire and also my tum. I couldn’t sleep last night from 2am until 5am either, and have a feeling of a tight band around my head. A thought popped into my head that it’s like pushing through the birthing process. Trying to rouse myself to have a shower and go to work. Welcome to the Autumn Solstice energies. I’m whacked. Perhaps they will ease off this week.🙄🙃😴

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      1. Newlynn ❤️ That is such a good way of describing it, like the birthing process, pressure around the head was so strong earlier, felt so sick but yes, thinking of a baby coming out and the pressure around head…Have we nearly been (re) born yet?!

        Much Love All


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    1. Hi Lily, this was a video of Matt’s from several years ago – I liked watching Matt a couple of years ago and some things he suggested seemed to help me cope quite a bit… Some where in the two weeks of the year change over – last week in the year, first week in this year, his mom died. There seemed to be a big change in his energy since then – to my perception, anyway. You would expect it to effect him, of course, but it became increasingly difficult to watch his new videos when he came back to posting after a break dealing with the emotions of the death and some things he mentioned about is upbringing.
      It may have just been a change of frequency and I’m not compatible with his frequency anymore or have wondered exp in the last one or two months if he has been compromised in some way – I hate to think that – the last week or two have had a hard time even seeing his pic in the suggested side video things on You tube, even having to click the ‘not interested’ on one, one day last week, so they didn’t show up – I’m sorry if I’m upsetting anyone – I believe his older videos are probably still very worth watching – they were to me at that time. There’s just something about the ones from this year.

      I know I would get upset in the past if someone made comments or judgments on someone I enjoyed that interfered with my future enjoyment – so, my profound apologies if this comes across that way… I’m just concerned that there has been interference with him in this year…

      Maybe the Cats and Ms, etc could look into it?
      😦 If it’s just me and you can ignore this comment that would please me…


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      1. Kathleen. I am the same. I watched one of his vidios a few years ago but couldn’t watch any more. Not sure why but I followed my feelings.x

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      2. Kg ❤️ You haven’t upset me at all, quite the opposite. This is the first video of his that I have watched in full. I watched a few minutes of another one well over a year ago but for some reason never finished it. Sounds like something has happened that changed his energy, such a shame. I wasn’t sure about the first part of the video concerning the Pleiadians but like the way he described (or non existence of it) and timelines etc… As with many videos on you tube I take what resonates and leave the rest 😊

        Much Love and positive sparkly energy 🌟✨🌟

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      3. I think after his divorce and Mom’s passing he must be going through a steep learning curve. We have all been there or are there currently. I too find that I can no longer watch his videos as I did in the past. Another case of missing joy. Cay

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  23. Today is my last day in my hometown of the last 28 years. Saying goodbye to my wonderful girlfriends, my children, grandchildren and granddog, not to mention my beloved ocean, oak trees, hawks, owls, etc etc. have been crying off and on all day, in love with this place and yet knowing I Am called to a new and different area. I have had to just lie flat many times and just BREATHE thru it all. Thank you to everyone who opens their heart on this blog. It means so much. 🌈

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  24. Sheeesh.. I just gotta say how utterly thankful I am for this beautiful community of honest and loving Beings, and I’m SO SO thankful for the knowledge shared here. Tonight has been particularly emotional for me.. it started with a full day of feeling angry/bitter yesterday (9/21) for no apparent reason, and transformed into feeling hopelessly sad and defeated today. I’ve always welcomed healing with open arms, but this round of healing has been a doozy for me! I feel I’m at the end of my rope with survival, and I’m so ready to JUST LIVE… The problem is that I honestly can’t even remember what it’s like to “just live” my life. I’m trying so hard to unlearn the patterns of simply surviving, and instead relearn fun, play, freedom and presence, while ALSO, not giving/feeding the essence of lack that I’ve been feeling. Ugh. It’s definitely a topsy/turvy wave I’m riding. Lol. I hope everyone is surfing along their own wave effortlessly with ALL the love and light. Love you all! 🖤

    Liked by 23 people

    1. All that sounds familiar: at least six CATs said almost the exact same thing over the weekend. One CAT suggested buying a cheap kite and trying to fly it, as they claimed they never did anything for fun (we’ve all been so tired, it’s the last thing we think about). It was an interesting discussion to watch as some wanted to buy a cheap kite and see if they could make that work while others wanted to make the kite wholly from scratch anywhere from a DIY hefty bag perspective to using advanced space-age materials. While they were good-naturedly arguing about the best way around this, I made a quick paper airplane and threw it into their midst… and then the resident tuxedo cat at this location jumped on the paper airplane and broke its neck for good measure. Topsy turvy indeed. 😉


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      1. @Cat-2… familiar territory – one of my most difficult challenges, letting fun into my life – of course, it was mostly beaten physically/emotionally, verbally out of me early on, but have attempted to encourage it at times – even took a twelve week tele-call class once in how to bring/receive joy back into your life, Being Joy – I think I got as far a profound contentment – I think I could have a bit at times before my daughter’s family moved out here and in with me – she’s told me how she has hated to see it disappear in me as we have lived together( she has the ‘everything wrong in the world is my fault’ syndrome, lol – probably caught it from me early on or it’s a triple Scorpio thing…
        Hopefully there will be classes in play and joy on NE or just not the need for such…


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        1. hmmm, sounds like I was blaming my daughter or family in this last comment – not intended – just some added circumstances to/in life since that time.


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      2. Cat2, I absolutely LOVE that Tuxedo Cat attacked the paper airplane. I can FEEL the chuckles that must have followed after everyone having a semi serious debate about the best way to add more fun into the mix. Absolutely PERFECT 🖤

        Thank you for the reply and the giggle AND helping me less alone throughout the topsy turviness 😊

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  25. Spring Equinox has passed at 4:50 pm 23rd September (Melbourne time). I’m rugged up in quite a few layers of clothing and my long winter coat. Feeling “just” warm. Light rain on-and-off today and the previous days. Temperature 11.7 and declining in Melbourne, and is 23.3 back home in Brisbane – very unusual for this time of year. Need to go out scampering to the shops to buy food. Physical feeling of vertigo/internal body “spinning”.

    Thankyou CAT(s) & M’s & Higher-Order Beings for contributing.


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  26. Thanks Cats & M’s for the Updates … on 19th during gridwork the Tone/Buzz of the Bee was quite prominent, I knew it was full of codes because my teeth where literally vibrating. From the 19th – 23rd there is a major focus on the New Earth Timeline, holding it in place even thou there are hiccups occurring we are holding strong 🙂 after listening to the Rocky Theme Song I couldn’t help but Punch the Air … YES … trying harder, getting Stronger, Gonna Fly … Celebrate we are Flying High Now!

    I had the momentary blackout that one hit hard & the next day I had bizarre memory moments time twisters like items or objects from the past appearing & disappearing making me question why its not there & then realising it was in the past not now … topsy turvy you say 🙂

    Liked by 9 people

    1. @Michelle – I’ve had a weird combo wonkiness somehow relating to dizzy-ness/ spinning in the last week, esp last few days – plus a few episodes of strong teeth chattering for short periods, not related to coldness, interior or externally this past week…



  27. Spacecase1029,
    There was a big part of my life where little fun happened and I lost touch with “joy”. I was responsible for myself, daughter, husband, Uncle, Mom and pets (theirs as well as mine). It seemed that my existence was to care for others physically and emotionally at work and home. I did this out of necessity, love and a sense of duty ( nurse for 28 years). My daughter is grown and on her own. My parents and older relatives have moved on to their next phase of existence. It is only my husband, myself and one cat. Fun is different from the “hide and seek ” thrill of childhood. It is more of the quiet joy of watching plants grow and animals or small children explore their surroundings with wonder. I have rediscovered that riding a bike seems to be a reliable way to bring a smile to one’s face. I treasure this period of respite between life’s lessons/challenges for however long it lasts. Good luck on finding your way back to joy. Cay

    Liked by 13 people

    1. Cay. That’s a nice way that you have described your joyful moments. I find the older I get the simpler the pleasures. Or do we just recognise them more when we are not rushing through life.🤗

      Liked by 6 people

    2. Cay, So beautifully said. Thank you for the reply! 🖤

      I completely agree. It seems I’m in the place you once were.. My cup has become empty from taking care of/guiding others, and it has been a re-learning experience to remember what “Case” wants and/or needs…I can’t deny the absolute joy and intuition my growing plants, synchronized stranger smiles and my creative/vibrant children bring me! I’ve just recently had days of a less than my ideal perspective, and I’m working on separating from thoughts that don’t belong to me. I appreciate you!

      Also, bike riding is a MARVELOUS idea. I’ve been craving it actually, so it’s interesting you mention it. I’m Libra born, so perhaps I’ll request a violet bike for my birthday 🙂 much love Cay, and thank you for spending the time to respond 🖤

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