Pillar of Light Meditation [UPDATE5]


Ok, we’re tired of doing nothing. Time to turn our Pillars of Light up to 11, FLEX those new muscles, and push away the darkness.


Let’s try a group meditation at the time of the lunar eclipse, to use as much of the alignment mojo as is superhumanly possible:

Saturday @ 9:30 PM PDT (4:30 UTC)

In this meditation, BE the Pillar of Light you are. Remember and feel SOURCE and the infinite inside you. Use that to grow and PUSH the darkness completely away. Throw in some rainbow to it, too.

After you G+P+C, ask (positive) spirit and ET brothers here locally and out in the cosmos to join in this task — as well as Guides and J and SOURCE.

We’ll do a pre-meditation as usual the night before, Friday @ 9:30 pm (4:30 UTC). You can always meditate and ‘beam’ any meditation to the proper time if you have a time conflict. Once more into the light breech, dear friends.


We keep hearing this.



We know this is during fireworks. This is intentional. You’ve seen fireworks before. We’ll make our own fireworks.


Corrected the UTC time. We keep forgetting that London time is an hour LATER than UTC. Sorry, folks.


Ever do a meditation in a(n energy) hurricane? You’re about to.


We aren’t sure if our pre-meditation had anything to do with this, but…

Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 11.13.56 AM

…we’ll see after the one tonight.


For those called… after doing the Pillar of Light thing in the meditation for 10 minutes, you might want to try creating a “LIGHT Axe.” Heft it and feel its import. Then, look for the line between LIGHT and DARK… hold the axe high… breathe in SOURCE a few times… and strike hard in the middle to separate the two. Give it a few solid whacks. Do so without anger or prejudice. Do so with SOURCE.



196 thoughts on “Pillar of Light Meditation [UPDATE5]

  1. Well, about 5 min? ago started to feel very seizure-y and shaky – going to lay (with dog) in willingness and intent to be with SOURCE and Brother j and anyone else designating on my highest goods team for the evening – Highest good of all – whatever is the highest for ‘them’ at this time – and therefore for all, as much as my seizure-y brain can comprehend at this time – I’m sure SOURCE can figure out my intent – better than I, no doubt –
    May all be well…

    See you later in what ever way – slightly the same … or different…
    much love to all,


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    1. I like everything you write Kg. I don’t always comment.
      I used to live in Santa Fe from 1972 to 1974 and kept going back, those were some of the best times of my life on earth.

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  2. I began early (and may jump back in at peak eclipse). As I was swinging the axe, the visual I saw was, I was cutting an umbilical cord that separated the “old” from the “new”.

    Earth giving birth to “new” Earth.


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  3. very powerful meditation with a pillar of light coming from the sky and we as a group in a circle around and slowly going into the light pillar❤️🙏❤️
    feeling infinite love around me and inside
    so much love to all of you ❤️ INFINITE LOVE ❤️

    P.S. @ Lilly
    I hope you and Elsie can get some sleep

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    1. Pillars of Light mentioned, both 3rd & 4th of July,
      by Gabriel Raio Lunar:
      Pleiades 1 Messages July 4 2020
      Pillars of Light support Angelics in physicality. The Light Celebrates!
      Ancestral Waves expand.
      MiD/ Minions in Distress fanciers are notified of arrests.
      Frontiers continue to dissolve for alignments.
      Proper cuts continue to happen.
      Internal mirrors show what they hid. The Light Celebrates!
      Appropriate cooling starts.
      Tectonic adjustments continue.
      Clearing blows continue as Gaia ascends.
      Pleiades 1 Messages July 3 2020
      Ancestral healing begins.
      Conditional loves dissolve NOW.
      Terrans are validated on cosmic reentry. Galactic frontiers open up.
      Attention Terrans for new conscious visits.
      Central access starts to be allowed.
      Appropriate removals are initiated.
      Nova Terra visualizers reverberate.
      Specific Codes being delivered. First reception >>> 86%
      Pillars continue to be installed in the Terran System.
      Superior visualizations reinforce Divine Protocol.
      Multiplane passages are expanded.

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    2. Alnilam ❤️ Thank you! I did get some sleep but was really nauseous in the night, something odd was happening last night and things feel even more peculiar today!


      Much Love ❤️🙏❤️

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      1. dear Lily❤️

        I am feeling the same
        like walking over clouds
        lighness in the head, but very good mood

        we are approaching NE…. taking it easy
        it is all her allready because there is no time
        so we take the choice when we have the frequency that
        matches the shift…. event… NE

        ❤️🙏❤️I am confident❤️🙏❤️
        in the Tarot cards my card is the fool

        love to you and Elsie Alnilam❤️🙏❤️

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  4. I recalled Archangel Michael’s sword of Truth I have contained within my being. I meditated on receiving this many years ago. I know it was genuine as I literally found myself in a stone tomb with flame torches on the stone walls. It looked very old and very very real. The ceremony was sacred and Michael was there, as his sword of truth was placed upon my chest as I lay down and it sunk inside me.

    During our pillar meditation I brought it forth, saying “I Am Light, I Am Love, I Am Truth!” and severed the link between light and dark, feeling the compassion and authority coarse through me. I also saw and felt a light connection from here to SOURCE. We all joined together as light and rejoiced in success.


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    1. Yes, @ Mark, thank you!
      Same happened to me.
      I was often slashing with Excalibur, Sword of Light,
      actually in full force, in pretty many battles…
      So now, I took my Sword of Light again, instead of the axe,
      given that I knew how to handle it,
      and was slashing powerfully.
      I released Light into Freedom,
      and darkness to nothingness.
      Saw lots of celebrations in heavens.

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          1. Alnilam ❤️ Yes, trying to be as positive as possible, think look differently when you are exhausted, some sleep will help I am sure!

            So much Love & Light & High Rainbow Vibes! 🌈❤️🙏❤️🌈

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      1. Agree…Very disappointing…

        What is next? No disclosure or massive ships or fake alien invasion?…
        You think we will have a second wave of COVID in October?…

        Why do we have live on this planet?… It is all confusion and deception…Money rule everything…I can not find my purpose anymore…
        My little beautiful kitten is so sick with ear mites, some skin conditions and more …He was my joy for the past week…and now he is miserable too…The lady that sold him to us lied about his parents, age, vaccination and his health…
        People are so mean to each other and animals… Makes me feel so sad… 😦
        Sorry for my rant, it must be an eclipse energy…

        I hope you are all well!


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          1. Thank you for suggestion, Christina! I will try!
            He also has ringworms 😦 They just showed up a few days ago and growing very rapidly. We received quite a task from our vet how to treat it, with lots of cleaning and isolating and bath washing for this baby and for our family. It is very contagious to humans…Now I am afraid that someone in my family will come down with it…I’ve also started to have a severe allergic reaction to him …
            I feel like universe is pushing him away from me! 😦 😦
            I am extremely sad and do not know what to do with this beautiful innocent kitten… :(((
            I feel like SOURSE sending another challenge to me…
            I am already at breaking point with everything else in my life!…


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  5. I’m nervous, no Cat update? Maybe they are whacked out from the energy and effort, and Independence celebrations?

    But what if they’re all gone, for good?

    We need a roll call, WHO’S STILL ON 3D?


    Mark (sucking thumb)

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      1. CATs… PLEASE, do you deliver? 😀
        I woke up earlier craving ice cream, can I have everything, then sink into a nice diabetic coma??? no such luck… 🙂

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      2. @Cat’s

        I send you pastel de nata
        and Galao (portuguese style latte in glas with almond milk)

        you are so brave cat’s…. I very much appreciate y’all ❤️🙏❤️

        love Alnilam❤️🙏❤️

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  6. Dear Cats and M’s. I don’t know where I am today. Last night’s meditation didn’t go as intended, I’ll start with that. I was only able to BE, nothing else. And it went much larger than I was anticipating. Violet was predominant, as well as the white and a shade of blue.

    The real strangeness began when I went to cut dark from light. The first time I did it prior to the meditation, it was like cutting a seam in liquid cloth, but then I saw diamonds form at intervals. Half deepest mirror black, half mirror clear (if that makes sense) The light and dark weren’t touching, but the diamonds seemed to be not portals, but gateways. I can’t think of the right word. Sentinels maybe. And not all the way across.
    The 2nd time I cut, during the actual meditation, it was cut all the way across, except for one single strand of something. I used several different implements and nothing would cut that string. So I went in closer for a look. The closer I got, the more golden, sun like it got. And up very close it wasn’t a strand, it was a whole tunnel or something. Glowing beautiful. Laughter was coming all along the line of it. It went from the dark to the light. I wasn’t able to see or hear more details, just fragments, like I was traveling too fast.

    I came out of the meditation. But then went back in a few minutes later, pulled back in. I swept the whole tunnel with violet, like a fire rushing through it. And it remained the same. After that I was simply by it, for awhile.

    But it really threw me, since it came out of nowhere and I don’t understand what it is.

    And this morning – things are different. Again.
    I woke up really late. Luckily I sheduled a vacation day for today, so that was good.

    I was reading something, and someone was in emotional pain, and my instinct was to reach out and send love. Only midway thru that reaching out, it turned right around and went to me. To the place in me where that pain is. Not out there.

    I went to water my garden and the deep emotional connection is missing. It’s beautiful. I love it. I played the mix of herz music they like. They seemed a bit out of sorts since I was late with it all. But the DEEP connection I’d had just last night is not there.

    And then I started looking around. And things are off. Just slightly off. I can’t explain better than that. Almost like it’s a re-creation of where I was, an interval space.

    Since the site is still here, I’m assuming versions of most are here with me. But clarity would be helpful. I’m not panicking, but it is disorienting.

    Thank you, it is very nice to have a place to be able to write what I just did.
    Love, Angela

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    1. ~ Angela ~ thank you for such a detailed report of your experience. As usual, you have brought some vague sense of my own into clearer focus for me. I’m mulling a lot over from yesterday, night and today.

      My day also ‘feels’ oddly so far. No words yet.


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    2. Angela… I feel for you … I’m lost today too, my experience during the meditation was just … I just stood in a shaft a bright golden/white light… everytime I tried to think of a direction to take, to do something, I was still standing in the shaft of light… nothing seemed to work for me … very strange indeed… but I did see the number 7 before returning … so as the CAT Ed’s say – I will be patient and see what happens next…and You are not alone ❤

      Blessings and Gratitude ❤

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      1. Hi Anne,
        Exactly. Every time I thought to look, to see, to do – I came back to Being. No real choice about it. And thank you, it’s so nice not to be alone. Patience.
        Love, Angela

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        1. Ha ha, reminds me of The Tao of Pooh, “I always get to where I’m going, by walking away from where I’ve been”. oh bother

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    3. Hi ~ Angela ~ some thoughts have just gelled for me about this ‘darkness’ focus in the meditation. Might connect with something for you and your imagery, perhaps.

      I have been pestered a bit with the idea of what that darkness is… the reason for my question to the CATs on the other post… and have been listening inside since even before the pre meditation to figure out what wanted my attention.

      My current understanding considers that ‘pushing away/ severing’ effort of the meditation had an unexpected consequence. Perhaps that darkness turned out to be the collective reluctance to FORGIVE, in all its aspects, and no wonder it was so difficult to deal with by all reports! Perhaps now there are some new openings/ pathways (golden tunnels?? 🙂 that make it easier for all of us to forgive others/ situations and ultimately ourselves.

      Since ‘judgement’ has to be released before forgiveness can give its release, your black/white diamonds seem connected with judgement, and the golden tunnel with laughter coming from “the dark to the light” inviting all who pass the polarity diamonds to find their way to forgiveness… laughter IS good medicine! 🙂

      Always a tricky thing to comment on someone else’s imagery – I hope I’ve not interfered.

      love, friend

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      1. Hi friend, not at all! I appreciate your thoughts and feelings. I talked it over with my daughter today and we came to roughly the same conclusion. She calls it Twilight. The new space born of the wishes and dreams of those who request autonomy. A space to be sovereign on their own terms. A space between. Without the extremes of complete dark or complete light. Like a mecca, a vacation space that will always be. You can leave whenever you choose. Adventure in dark and light. And it will be there to come back to. It’s been created now, and it feels like it is in our past and our future. It’s convoluted. It couldn’t have been created without everything that was gone through. Yet now it exists always. Any adventuring into an imbalance of dark or light takes you out of it, thus it will never be compromised. That was the goal. It’s a beautiful loving golden space filled with laughter and celebration and friendship and beauty. A vacation from too much light / ease, or too much dark / suffering. Can’t wait. Vacation time is scheduled in!
        Love to you too. Angela

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      2. Often when I am meditating, I go very very deep.
        Sometimes, my eyes will suddenly open by their own volition,
        and all I see is the velvet darkness.

        the matrix re-pixilates the visual of whatever space I began my meditation in.

        That’s why I told people that, when they die, to go to the Velvet Darkness,
        and not to the light or to people they’ve known.

        The Cats and M’s, however, gave us an update about that, so there is no worry anymore about the recycling wheel.

        The velvet darkness is the womb of creation…the stillness… potentialities…
        and nothing to be feared. No more than you would fear your own self.
        No more than you would fear Source.

        Big Hugs
        ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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        1. Hi sparklygoldendiamondrainbowhuebeing, yes, there is a distinction. My daughter always brings that to my attention. The deep velvet darkness/stillness you refer to is different from the dark / evil. I’m not clear on it myself. Maybe too much? Too far on the gradient either way, is a denial of the other – which in my opinion – always leads to blind spots and issues. But I definitely have room to grow in understanding how it works.
          There is Source. Source is all. Is Source – Light? Or is Light a secondary creation from Source.
          Was there originally only Light, which then created darkness to contextualize, deepen, enhance, become other? Or was there always both, because there can’t be one without the other. And “creation” was simply acknowledgement of “other”.
          So many things I don’t have understanding of. And I guess that may be a good thing. It would be kind of sad if there was an “end of the inernet” to find. Never ending…

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          1. Exactly!
            Yes, we need to keep asking questions. 🙂
            Questioning is GOOD.
            Ultimately, the only truth that matters for you, is your truth for you. Mine for me. Each for every.
            And our truth evolves and expands as we do.
            Your daughter sounds very wisened, with an open heart-mind.
            It is precious how you listen to and hear what she has to share.

            Reading your questions, the thought came to me that the velvet dark I see when deep deep deep might be the womb of creation, and whatever is created is birthed out into the Light? 🙂

            I have fun, like you, looking at many angles, flipping it, all-inclusive. Mental gymnastics keep us fluid, expandable.
            NO ONE knows for sure, so I’m glad we can go with whatever resonates to our own heart, and be able to change it when needed.
            Especially so when it matters not if anyone agrees.

            I didn’t realize it for many years until all of a sudden one day I noticed that all of my art has the entire rainbow in it/on it somehow, usually so subtle you probably wouldn’t notice. Layers. Full Spectrum.

            Yes… I get what you mean about some light and some dark…
            a wholeness, balanced…

            I feel you may be onto something…
            maybe embodying the way out of divisiveness & duality…
            maybe you are part of bridging the unnecessary gaps between people…? Important work!

            Big Hugs, Angela and Daughter
            ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


            1. Thank you! I will pass that hug on to my daughter. And we’ll try to keep open on all of it, (fluid) as really we have no choice. Might as well enjoy it 🙂

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      3. YES!
        Real, pure Laughter is ALWAYS wonderfull !!!! 🙂

        Diamonds, as in a deck of cards, can represent values, resources…both black and white could indicate a balance, a polarity, a duality, a wholeness.

        Diamonds as in sparkly could indicate the process we are all currently going through, with all the intense pressure turning our carbon based bodies into crystalline bodies.

        It IS nice to have some kindred spirits to interact with.
        It is also nice to be comfortable with oneself.
        To have both.

        Thank you for sharing.
        I do not always know what I think or feel until someone says something I can relate to,
        and then,
        there I am, thinking and feeling about that.

        Big Hugs
        ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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  7. For the past week, I’ve had sharp pin point pain at the top of head.
    It’s not a headache. It doesn’t last but a second. Very random.

    Is this a crown chakra thing? Or what is it?

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  8. I must say that I am disappointed, I expected that something will happened yesterday or today, some disclosure or massive ships appearing for everyone to whiteness, but nothing happened ☹

    Really, how much longer we need to wait, feeling so let down 😔

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      1. I’m feeling somewhat lost today too… very sluggish and to the point I feel like I caught a cold lol … which can’t be because I still don’t go to public places or see people except my family as we’re still somewhat “locked up” here in New Brunswick… my concern is Blossom’s channel… after reading it a couple times I began to get the feeling that “truth” was missing from the words typed … like the speaker is someone else… not her normal channel … if you can find some time would you mind looking into this?

        Blessings and Gratitude ❤

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      2. I’m as sick and tired of this as anyone, but.

        Judging from what’s happening with the sun and the energy down here right now, I’d say we’re right in the middle of something. From my experience so far, it always feels icky in the middle, then much better after the release.

        I’m thinking maybe we’re doing it wrong by focusing so hard on critical dates, as the consequences take some time to manifest.


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      3. Okay, I agree with that sentiment.as well, HOWEVER, that said, just remember WHO WE are. Use your discernment and realize that WE are omni-powerful beings who don’t need the permission of any federation to give us guidance . Thank you very much for all you do Blossom. (as I was writing this a brilliant gold finch flew to the fountain under my bedroom window for a drink and a golden-yellow presence of golden-yellow reassurance. WE be good!!!

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    1. Honestly, I was really hoping for something huge, too. As it is, General Flynn did make a Twitter post of him and his family taking the oath that Q posted a few days ago. Which is considerably more than a Q proof; it’s a Q confirmation. Still, I was hoping for NESARA or ETs or JFK Jr, not just the continued slow crawl. Blossom’s Federation of Light says that we’ll be longing for this boredom soon enough, but damn….. Speaking of which, what did you CATs make of the FOL saying that the pillar of light pictures from NYC were real?

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      1. Here’s something interesting. I’ve been putting a few loose threads together and JFK Jr. might have been at the Mount Rushmore celebration after all. There are a few pieces to this, so bear with me. First of all, six days ago Simon Parkes said on his blog that the last video he posted had been banned by Facebook and YouTube because it contained the voice of Q. It was this video, by Joe M.
        There have rumors for ages that Joe M. is actually JFK Jr. and there are videos out there that do voice comparisons, like this one:

        With the sound of that voice fresh in your mind, here’s a voice-over from the fireworks. It might sound familiar:

        So, it kind of looks like Joe M equals JFK Jr. equals one of the Q team! I sure hope these don’t all post as videos; my apologies if they do. But ain’t it cool?

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  9. Well last night was totally terrifying for both me and my dog and cats – nonstop LOUD fireworks all over the neighborhood, nonstop until 1 am, so obviously didn’t do any meditating! And not to mention it’s so dry here I was afraid the woods or my house would catch on fire. And I look at various twitter accounts today and everyone is like, “oh it was so wonderful all those noisy explosives showing patriotism” – WHAT?! Doesn’t ANYone ever think about the birds and animals while it sounds like an actual war is going on!? THIS is how people show love of country??!! I don’t think so. I am SO OVER this place, please shift happen soon, like today before I have to go through another night like that!!! I just want to check out of this reality of idiots so badly, I just don’t know how much longer we’re supposed to hang on!!!! OK thanks for letting me rant, I know everyone else here feels the same way and is still hanging on, but SHEESH! ;(
    Oh and this morning another nice surprise.. in addition to spent fireworks all over the road, my neighbor threw a big sheet of glass across the street from his house at the edge of 2 wooded lots I bought to keep it somewhat wild around here, and of course it shattered all over the place for animals to cut their feet on, and also threw a board full of nails – pointing up – next to the glass. That was fun to clean up, yep, today is off to a great start 3d wise….

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    1. kt1111, How awful!!!
      In Spain there are no such celebrations, but there are fireworks and marching bands that play well into the early hours of the morning at the village festivals, which are held every weekend in summer.
      I only think of the poor scared animals and how absurd humans are (and I do not say we are, because I identify less and less with this species).
      And that of your neighbor is unmentionable, I am fed up with empathetic zero beings, who only dirty and cause discomfort wherever they step.
      My condolences, and a big hug. Hold on !!

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  10. I was right there with you guys before sleeping, cutting that black, goopy layer of our reality with my purple lightsaber (yep, not an AXE!!!).

    I slept soundly and even dreamed of a massive disclosure involving some huge vessels being spotted in the air, but I woke up today only to be disappointed again. I don’t sense much of a change has occurred since what we did, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

    All I know is that saying I’m over all of this now would be the understatement of the year.

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      1. I do not know, my double sided pure white axe was cutting it after three or four blows, but maybe I had a previous experience with it, who knows 😎

        Only when I hear that loud cracking noise coming from the table just to my meditation position, which startled me at first, so much that at one point started to thinking if that axe done some damage on my 3d table, but it did not, my wife would killed me, but at least, that would kill my waiting time, so it would be win win situation for both 😁

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        1. Just to add to that, I did ask my HS in the second meditation to give me the helping hand with axe cutting action, so as with latest Gaia meditation, I transferred again to big white 4 winged angel, maybeee that helped a little 😁✨

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    1. I was talking to a friend last week who keeps getting pulled in to the drama and chaos of current affairs, covid restrictions, rioting, politics.The biblical story of Sodom & Gomorrah, and the angels telling Lot and his wife to not look back, came to me, as turning away from 3D, which I shared and it resonated.

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      1. @scott

        I am doing the same and also Lots wife came in my mind
        as a warning. And even the hare (rabbit) came to our garden wanting to dig
        a rabbit hole but has stopped. This are clear signs to not get lost in the rabbit hole…. in low frequencies.

        There are some people now telling that we have to take the red pill and we have to digest the evil. Okay I know a lot about, but it’s not necessary to keep going on.

        the end scenes of the movie little Buddha shows it very good: all the Maras coming as temptations…. sex, wars, tsunamis and earthquakes. And he is sitting still like in heaven.

        love Alnilam 😁✨

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        1. @alnilam~This shows again how we’re all connected, the insight came in meditation, I confess I had to it up in my bible. Thanks for sharing the Little Buddha link, that was a good movie, Neo and Buddha, go Keanu. lol. Much Love~scott

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  11. Do you all remember the song “Dooun worry; be happy” immediately after reading the last few comments – this floated in… Enjoy – really!
    The last few days have felt I was living on a few different timelines/realities – never quite sure where… Maybe there is some adjusting to do and being that our human imaginations are sadly deficient compared to SOURCE how could we possible imagine how things will progress – “I wait in stillness” comes to me – It’s ok…

    love you all…

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    1. — just if clarification is needed a bunch of comments got approved after I wrote this, so no offense was meant to ANYONE anyway – if anyone thought I was offensively referring to a post of yours – wouldn’t mean offense anyway… just to be perfectly un-offensively clear, lol

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  12. If it helps anyone, I have an inner smile and calmness – no matter what things are working or not working in body or mind – there doesn’t seem to be any stress worth worrying about – I know that sound strange and maybe degranged, but there it is… I think expectations might be the new ‘dirty’ word – I know it’s almost not to want to have them – I know part of me looks out the window or around me each new day and thinks, “guess, not yet” but really what do I think I WILL see.
    I guess I’ll know when I know…

    I feel like I want to give you all a lollipop and a extended push on the swing, with the greatest love – and I have NO idea what that means – I guess, be in Peace – You are loved…


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      1. luv ya, J – can’t wait til we can share some key lime pie and some of your special c-bean beverages. 🙂


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  13. Have the meters shown anything from the work we did last night?

    My meditation was really deep and felt powerful. Pushed dark far, far away.

    And I clipped the connection between light and dark with a big pair of rainbow colored scissors. (The axe couldn’t cut all the way through.)

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  14. Felt compelled to share this excerpt from ACIM:

    “Have faith in only this one thing, and it will be sufficient: God wills you be in Heaven, and nothing can keep you from it, or it from you. Your wildest misperceptions, your weird imaginings, your blackest nightmares all mean nothing. They will not prevail against the peace God wills for you.”

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  15. I did the pre-meditation on Fri. and then
    the meditation last night. I was having a problem with the axe, even though it was an energetic one. The story of Lizzie Borden, who in 1892, was accused of killing her mother and stepfather, with an axe, but was acquitted, kept going through my head. A ballet was even made, based on Lizzie’s story, called “Fall River Legend.”Instead of an axe I created a diamond 💎 sword that was incredibly strong and encrusted with rainbow gemstones. I raised it high above my head, came down with all my strength seeing the splitting of light from dark. Before that, I was in the Pillar of Light where the rainbow streams of light spiraled up through the pillar and and then began to pulse.

    With love ❤️ to all,


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    1. Ha! Other CATs reported the same thought about Lizzie Borden and felt a little weird hacking at something with that in mind, so they switched to chainsaws and light sabers and circular saws. It needs to be something you’re comfortable weilding.

      -CAT Eds.

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  16. Started early with meditation and saw everyone’s light pillars, sent Christ consciousness energy to any pillar that would have more energy and expansion. Went to use axe and was specifically told that darkness does not exist and that light just need be added and there is a source for light. Went to work adding light to the dark. Love that ACIM states separation never happened. Loved experiencing the oneness with you all ; )

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  17. Good Lord above, feel like a train wreck this morning. For some reasons my joints are hurting, particularly my fingers and hands? TLJ?


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    1. @rusirius44~ Mark I woke up feeling like I ran a 10K yesterday, muscle soreness though. A friends hands and tips of fingers were hurting over the weekend~scott

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  18. New Gaia Portal
    Hula of the Stars is telling the stories
    by ÉirePort

    Hula of the Stars is telling the stories.

    Spirals of Ascension are embraced.

    Uplifts come.

    Partners are revealed.

    Stratospheres collect their pilots.

    ÉirePort | July 6, 2020 at 06:06

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      1. Thx 4 answering. Diana was once in a lifetime! I remember being a little girl begging my parents to let me stay up all night and watch her get married! 😁. Lol

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