667: SO MANY Things ~ [UPDATE6]


ITEMS (in No Specific Order)

Lisa G

Sorry folks, Lisa G is definitely ‘gone’… which is to say she’s transitioned to the next energy state, leaving transitory shell behind. The real her is alive and well, of course, as there is no death. (M3 still sees her as “alive” but we don’t yet know what that means.) Some of us may be in contact with her ‘on the other side,’ but.. we have SO MANY TRICKSTER spirits and “positive” entities and ETs around us (they think it’s funny), despite our shielding, that we devised a test to see if it’s really her. ~AM’s gonna do it, but half-worn out at the moment, trying to do too much; like something the cat dragged in… so to speak. Even Archangels are shaking their heads. Didn’t they know CATs are workaholics?

Other MIAs

Some have asked about SO MANY prominent names in the news and their various dispositions. QE is gone, body in a freezer somewhere for when the “royals” decide how to best manage their ever-dwindling advantage. Like lots of others, HRC is on ice at GITMO and is still alive… along with BO and lots more miscreants. And while BO and HRC are still alive, the consensus of those around them is that their aboveground condition will not last much longer. LOTS of things are definitely happening behind the scenes. (Note: There is a fairly recent site that publishes news in this vein, but it is a total fiction. They’re either knowingly or unknowingly passing on lies, but what elese is new? So 3d.)



These are NOT SpaceX satellites over San Francisco:


The above are Pleiadian ships. SpaceX and other human “space programs” are a giant lie that’s seriously pissing off certain Positive ET groups (as evidenced by that Chinese rocket that didn’t make orbit, ahem). Ho hum.

And then there’s this…


…YES, it’s that (multidimensional) Lyran ship (in that cloud) that we saw over the one CAT’s house earlier this week (seen in cloak mode here; note to Lyrans: psst… we don’t tend to get lenticular clouds around here). As to what they’re doing here… unknown, captain. Could be because of the…


We want you to prepare. There are SO MANY bubbles of different types bubbling up all at the same time: geothermal bubbles; geophysical bubbles; geopolitical bubbles; solar bubbles; cosmic bubbles; interdimensional bubbles; interpersonal bubbles; justice bubbles; cabal fakery bubbles; election bubbles; ‘spirits from all time’ bubbles; Ascension bubbles; etc. Archangels are standing around looking at their watches, looking at us… not sure what the catalyst will be, but when these pop, they will pretty much pop all at once. Try to stay balanced and calm. No idea when they’ll pop, but feels pretty soon.

That Missing Number

Speaking of that missing number… YES, a number in the CAT post sequence is missing, it’s easy to guess why. CATs belong bag-and-baggage to SOURCE and all our Extension Brothers, and we don’t play stupid ‘magickal’ number games. (We don’t want to step on every unicorn toe there is, but we have no use for numerology, or astrology, or even words for that matter. Like makeup for women, this is part of unimportant misdirection created by The Fallen — and we’ve had enough of them, too.) Can’t say CATs are that fond of “channelers” (no offense) because so many of them set NO protection whatsoever and channel every Tom, Dick, and Zaphod floating about. Some go about it in a positive way, but too many are being used by something else and… well, we might have to do something about that. (FYI, we actually added a post in the past to thwart this silliness.)

Why We’re Still Here

No idea. We thought YOU knew. Anyway, CATs are apparently the last team out. We aren’t all that special in the grand scheme of things. Just a ragtag band of… ragtag bands. (Archangels shaking their heads again. YES, they said they’re a lot funnier.)


EXPAND Yourself

Go into meditation and GROW yourself bigger and bigger, until you can hold the earth in your hands. Then keep going. See how far UP you can grow your idea of yourself. Which is not to say grow a big head.

Humility and gratitude — and good manners — are hugely important in this journey.

Healing Escrow

We dont know if this will work, but The Seven set up a ton of healing energy, held by SOURCE in escrow, for those who have taken the vax and now regret it. (That might be enough of a free will change to matter.) We don’t think this can heal the free-will damage that’s been done, but it will be beneficial in some way. Often the work we do won’t be realized till later. You’ll see what we mean when you eventually see it. Wish we could do more, but even SOURCE can’t overcome the free will of even a tiny fraction of a SOURCE Extension.


…overdo it (~AM!). Still, most need to meditate more, to get and integrate what The Seven are doing for everyone… but we understand that you’re all tired. We need a (NE) vacation.


Really, who cares?

Share & Enjoy

Finally… YES, the rumors are true. The CATs sent out thousands of these specially constructed “mindfullness pods” to all members of Congress/Legislative Branch, SCOTUS/Judicial Branch, “Executive” Branch in the U.S., as well as all alphabet agencies and tech companies — and their counterparts in all other countries…

…each pod specially designed to enclose the “super special VIP” within its calming confines… and then never re-open. The pod then launches itself into the sun. We call it “The Upgrade Package.” Share and enjoy.

Are we sharing, or are we enjoying??


For those feeling the energies…

We’re in process of getting a big ZAP. Lots of somatic effects, heart flappies, and body heat cranked up to MOLTEN. This corresponds precisely with something ~AM and The Seven have been doing for everyone who wants it… but we’re not yet sure if it’s a coincidence; odds are it is, but… miracles are happening every day, and we are doing work we thought impossible.


Potential Cure for the vx

CATs have been talking, and ~AM and J and the AAs have been ruminating over this vx problem endlessly the past few months. So far, our spiritual/metaphysical experiments have not been able to heal those who got the shot; we’ve relieved some of the inflammation — and the energy held in escrow by SOURCE (see above) can help with that and the shedding — but the kernel of the thing is still there. That said, besides what’s noted in this post, here’s something else that might help.

What to do

For those who truly regret their vx choice, and who are also Brother J believers, they can calmly go into prayer or meditation… then ask Brother J to help them… then go to the time of the shot in their minds and ask Brother J to “please enjoy the shot with me” as it happens. This might remove much of the curse of it. The shot is basically a free will contract: those who got it (foolishly) gave their free will and trust to those who developed and delivered it. So, it’s going to take an active free-will SUSPENSION of free will — handing your free will to SOURCE via Brother J — for any headway toward healing to be made. This is why Brother J is the guy. This could even be one of the prime reasons he came here in the first place, to be that SOURCE bridge, as a unique and singular Extension of SOURCE.

Note that waiting to the last minute and doing this out of desperaton probably won’t work. You can’t use fear as a driver to love. Even a miracle can’t overcome free will without you doing the work to get it to someone who can help. This is because everyone is basically a miniscule scale model of SOURCE, with all the same powers, only significantly less magnitude (finite vs. infinite), and SOURCE loves and respects that, to a depth that is… well, infinite.


More energy. It’s been pretty rough.

And more CMEs… but something funny’s going on:

Earth-glancing. Something’s funny, though…

Here’s the NASA list of CMEs:

If you reference this against the Belgian/European data, it doesn’t match up. Here’s this again:

We all felt that last spike, which here registers as CME 0008…

These numbers paint more active incoming energy — energy we can FEEL — but the Belgian numbers below don’t track against the NASA numbers above (we aren’t feling the NASA ones):

Something isn’t right. Are we measuring different suns? Different timelines? Or is someone scrubbing data? Or making it up as they go along? It’s not like there’s a scientific oversight committee anymore, or an honest press corp keeping people honest. On the above Belgian CME table and chart, there was a good-sized CME in the waning hour of the 28th, going very fast and heading right for us. Nothing like that showing on the NASA charts. We figure at 1954 km/s, that CME will hit us in 21 hours from that time, or 20:12 UTC on the 29th. It’s 00:10 UTC now and lots of CATs hae been falling asleep the past thre hours. Then there’s another fast one heading kinda for us an hour or so after that (CME 0010). If you feel sleepy… sleep.




This barrage knocked the CATs right out:


A glimpse of where we’ve been:


Upgrades have been intense. Even the normies are feeling it. Seems things are easing up a bit. Hardest May ever.

Again, we’d show meters supporting this, but we all kinda left the meters behind; precious few are registering what’s happening, since those meters are stuck in 3d. We have to use ourselves exclusively as meters, now. Several CATs are surprised to still be alive, the upgrades were so intense. (Some had been ‘staying behind’ in their upgrades a bit in order to push everyone else along, so they had to just recently play catch-up. Very painful.)

Are we there, yet?

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