670: ZAP ~ [UPDATE1]

NOT what we were expecting. At all.

This is complicated, read carefully.

We thought we were going to be either dead or injured yesterday after getting a historically bad thing off that was on one of the M’s (she didn’t know it, it was famous for that). We won’t use proper names, ’cause that gives things energy, so we’ll call it “The Hat.” We figured The Hat’s sense of ultimate revenge (which was legendary) — and his teaming up with all the rest of Team Dark to get rid of The CATs — would cause both groups to transition. So be it. Archangels gave us that look and warned us… but we didn’t care; some jobs have to be done no matter what, and this was one of them. Not that we dove right right in: We thought about it for a full 30 seconds before we made up our minds. And we saw that the Archangels had anticipated us, arranging themselves like a wall, in defense mode. At least they’d have our backs. (We, representing humanity, have to stand up for ourselves. SOURCE and the AAs can’t fight our battles for us, as that goes against the rules of engagement. And while none of this is real, the ‘game’ rule is, if you’re attacked, defend yourself.)

Wasting no time, ~AM and co. separated The Hat from the CAT (!) in question; he was in a vibrational shell, in-between shells, his specialty. Then they did a session on said Hat AND all entities and sundry Negatives (ETs and spirits and dark beings and everything else in between) still lurking about, all the way to the Dimensional depths. Anyway, this was a HEALING session, not an attack. An attack can foment karma and tie us to those things. However, a SOURCE healing session provokes a deep SOURCE reminder… a reminder of one’s connection to SOURCE… one that usually sends most Negs off the deep end. We’ve had to square off against some serious nasties in our time, but this latest one had killed or debilitated three of our psychic friends over the years, so ~AM did the session and we waited for the inevitable retaliation.

Frankly, we couldn’t have cared less. We’re sick of this crap, of this planet’s situation, and we were ready to go. CATs have no fear of “death” (because there is no death); we don’t care what happens to us, we’re here to do a job, and this negative crap has got to stop, even if it is Illusion. Plus, this goddamn entity had invaded ALL our dreams the night before (as a “warning”) — even before we knew he was there, thus reifying his own infiltration. He REVEALED himself, big mistake, but this ‘hidden in plain sight’ thing is part of Team Dark’s rules. So, ~AM and the majority of M’s obliged him yesterday, knowing full well that this would probably bring about our mutual demise — not that we minded sacrificing ourselves for the greater good, to get rid of these things once and for all. But as it turned out, we didn’t have to.

Last night, just as we were getting ready for the final battle with The Hat and the rest of the remaining Negatives… SOURCE stepped in. As usual, every time we get to this step…

While we were awaiting the Negatives’ reprisal, we were just brainstorming strategy and tactics when two of the Superfriends chimed in. They were two we’ve not worked with before, as they’re usually elsewhere in the Omniverse (they have very specific specialties). They said they just happened to have something they’d built a while ago, before SOURCE zapped all the dark entities attacking us on the surface, along with the entire Dark Universe (that the CERN idiots were trying to open a portal to) that they were trying to tack onto our reality a few years ago. SOURCE burned most of them, but there were still a few stragglers deep in the earth. The SuperFriends said they’d just left this device where it was, and that it’s been powering up… oh, and and they just turned it on because we were in trouble — ZAP — and that its beam is wider than the earth.

We asked them what they did.

They said they’d built, and have been charging up, what they called a “big laser pointer” (they don’t use terms like DEATH RAY) some time ago, on the moon facing earth… and they’d been charging it up with SOURCE energy ever since. (You can’t see any of their structures, given their high vibration; only a few CATs can see and communicate with the SuperFriends; it’s a specific, personal link, unique to each CAT, like ~AM’s link with Archangels.) This laser was designed to vaporize ALL of Team Dark, at a certain frequency. And they just turned it on. And left it on. It’s STILL on.

So… ok. That happened. And last night… we slept well. No Team Dark reprisals.

And this morning… it’s very calm, and quiet. And animals are happier (some of our house cats were alarmed). And when ~AM connected to the Archangels… they all GLOWED WHITE. And… there seem to be no more aerosols in the atmosphere, that we can see. Look:

Remarkably clear.

We’re not sure exactly what the effects are… but it feels like a good thing. We don’t know what it means in the grand scheme of things… yet.

In dreams, night before last, just as we woke up we were left “at the curb” of The Illusion, after a long night of of various missions. From there, we sw that could go into “the courts” (aka, the Justice timeline) and see who was being arraigned… or we could go to “The Colosseum.” Before we knew it, we all headed for The Colosseum. Now we know why.


[NOTE: We tossed a throwaway post in the stack so we’d have 670 posts, and not a silly magickal number. You might notice the extra post, but it means nothing.]


Sorry, we misunderstood what the M’s talking to the SuperFriends said. The beam only lasted for FIVE MINUTES, not all day. Some of us were tying to feel the ray today and were disappointed that they couldn’t detect it. That’s because it wasn’t there for very long — and it was on last night.