688: Untitled ~ [UPDATE5]


Note: For those still working on DNA upgrades (which is a lot of us), an alkaline diet seriously speeds up the progress. Not just alkaline supplements, per se, but eating alkaline food, drinking things that are alkaline… and avoiding acidic food and drinks. There are some good free sites out there for this info.


  • The following is NOT to alarm you. ~AM was attacked last night by something we’d prefer not to get into because it would scare people. However, there was never any danger as it was a planned thing — a final ‘surprise’ test — something the Archangels allowed to happen (in a controlled way). ~AM passed the test. Mr. Nasty could not touch him. ~AM then went the extra mile and, this morning with the AAs, drove all those things (Ultimate Nasty Things) that had moved up back DOWN (with love and healing, actually). He and the AAs then expanded all Gaia portals OUT to touch all other Gaia portals — and then expanded them all till their energy fields touched and the entire earth was saturated; they then healed all the air and water and surroundings circling said portals, and all parts in between. ~AM then did something (again, this morning) no one has ever done before in requesting and enlisting another SOURCE Extension — one known for healing that we’d never heard of — to perform a massive healing session on this entire planet. [Yesterday, he and the AAs knocked ‘The Ego’ (aka ‘AI’) back a whole parsec, so it is no longer in our locality; we aren’t sensing it anywhere near us, now.] Lots going on that you can’t see.
  • For those with the ability to do so, please turn yourselves into Light Pillars in meditation. Scheduled group meditations are not ideal for this planet currently, as lower-vibe beings try to take advantage of things right afterward, because people are tired. Best to individually meditate 2-3 times a day, regularly, for your time zone. In this way we keep the light on in relay.
  • For those who aren’t quite there yet, you will soon be reminded of who you really are and what you can become with hard work. In the meantime, there is much free will being bandied about in terms of 3d intrigues, with some heavy stuff coming up.
  • Some ascribed this image to angels. Alas, it as merely HAARP and weather control:

Those are just glitches at the top, and not UFOs. However, our ET friends HATE when the PTW uses HAARP, so we fully expect them to be a lot more active about suppression in future.
  • Note: We’re going to call these secondary additions “CAT Updates” as some people are citing them here and there.
  • You may have surmised from the above that something good has happened for ~AM: he got a promotion. 😉


To answer some recent questions:

  1. We don’t know what will happen with the CA recall election. Too much free-will in the mix, blowing like the wind.
  2. YES, there was a recent “ocean boiling” event all along the CA coast. It was methane.
  3. YES, the recent mothman sighting near the Denver airport is true. It’s a super low-vibe thing that feeds on fear, just like the one from Pt. Pleasant, WV in the ’60s. It slipped in via a ‘managed portal’ nearby (run by lower-level ETs).
  4. SHIFT-wise, it’s looking like we’re going to have to live through a tough time… then exit. Yay.
  5. That strange “mystery roar” cosmic noise discovered back in 2009 was actually just ET communications.
  6. A certain tech CEO with a space interest and electric vehicles pays for reporters’ sex junkets so they’ll write whatever he wants. So much corruption. The MSM is over.
  7. Abe was not honest. He was a philanderer… which is rather surprising. You wouldn’t expect it.




FYI, SOURCE LOVES IT when you use your creativity for STO (Service to Others) projects, both here and on the NE (for you personally, in terms of what you want to do and what you want to learn). You are limited only by your imagination. You can change the weather, put out fires, help and heal people, stop aggressive actions, etc. — all for the better. (Note that if it’s meant to be, you can’t change the outcome.) Just ask SOURCE and the Archangels to handle the details (~AM calls that “Greatest Possible Outcome”).

Leave it vague so SOURCE and Co. can fill in the blanks. All STO ideas are gold. Note that, in situations with lots of free will involved (like the CA election, for example) the outcome is more fluid… and might even provoke a timeline jump. But don’t try to steer things or be overly controlling, leave the details to SOURCE et al. Think Big Picture. And don’t order: Say, PLEASE. It’s very important to show respect and gratitude to all those beings helping us. None of us are doing this alone. This is the ultimate team activity.

For example, here’s a it would be nice if the Supreme Court actually did its job and paid honor to the Truth as a body, and publically had everyone’s Greatest Good in mind, and that ALL their judgments reflected this… Brother J and SOURCE and requisite Angels please perform this SOURCE Transmutation on this group for us, with Greatest Possible Outcome. (Then literally blow a big SOURCE bubble of energy around the nine members of the SCOTUS… then pop the bubble. That’s it.) This kind of action reminds those you’re working on of their SOURCE connection, and everything else falls into place. Do it on your families. Do it on anyone you’ve ever known. Do it on $oro$. The only stipulation is that it has to be FOR SOMEONE ELSE. You can’t ask for yourself, as that is STS (Service to Self).

Your SOURCE gift is creativity. So… use it. Anything you can think, can be. You are an infinite, eternal being. You can spread love and light most anywhere, and AT ANY SCALE. You have no limits, whatsoever, save those you place on yourself for the Greater Good of all.

Be sure to do everything with love, and not fear or anger. If you feel anger or fear creeping into what you’re doing, stop, and think about why you’re angry or afraid. And remember that all are your spiritual brothers, even the ones who you want to throw rocks at. They are YOU, you are them. (Except for The Ego/AI: That’s not real; it’s a mental contruct of Ours, as ONE, from way back. Still, SOURCE can work love mojo on it, as a Thought in Our Mind.)

WARNING: You cannot afford a negative thought in this mode, toward yourself or anyone or anything else. Keep it positive. If you spawn an attack thought, catch and label it: ATTACK THOUGHT! Attach a rock to it and drop it to the center of the earth. If you say it out loud, you can take it back by thinking of three red X’s and say to yourself, “I take it back.” Even ~AM uses this. No one is perfect.