777: Winter Workshop ~ [UPDATE5]

Just turn the image sideways… and imagine you’re in that bright part.


First off, here are the photon meters from the past 24 hours:

As we’ve said before, this is Portal One SOURCE energy output, which is significant, starting up again. You can read into this what you will.

And then we have…

The Test

Those CATs who live close to portals got… well, roasted isn’t the right word. Early this morning, we found ourselves basically within the plume of a SOURCE rocket engine. It felt like the above rocket image, but not hot. (If normies slept where we sleep, this morning they’d be dead.) If (Gaia) portals had a 10 scale, around 5:00 am this morning they were turned up to 15. This was of course planned (by SOURCE).

We’d been told last night about a Christmas miracle we were to witness, but we kept it to ourselves. What we didn’t know was that it was going to happen to some of us. Anyway, CATs were given a rare Xmas gift by SOURCE: We were shown the level of energy that was coming — shown physically and spiritually — as a surprise and a test to see how we’d do. We passed — which is either good of bad news for everyone else. The sensation is impossible to describe.

The Shape

We discovered something else really interesting this morning while looking for rocket thrust pics.

Remember that cone that ~AM saw inside the sun?

It’s a thrust cone. A rather eye-opening realization.


Those of us who experienced the SOURCE energy this morning also now better understand SOURCE.

You know that SOURCE is near when you experience that utter silence and stillness that accompanies SOURCE… but now we know why that is.

The stillness and silence is SOURCE’s VIBRATION, so fast that SOURCE appears motionless and silent. SOURCE is perhaps vibrating infinitely, if there is such a thing. It was only after we felt the oscillation of the energy coming through the portals this morning that we put two and two together.

The Preview

~AM was also given a small pre-Event (“Eventizing”) experience, so people won’t be afraid of it. He can’t explain how it felt, exactly, but he said it’s “literally a quickening.” Definitely nothing to fear.

~AM was told that we could expect a few more days of these kind of “conditioning” experiences (the rain and weather have something to do with this, as well), while others are still undergoing their “dream therapy” (what we call it). One of the Archangels called it: “Event Bootcamp.”

The Merry

And that said, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


Ok, yes we changed the title to “Winter Workshop” as this is what you’ll be doing… for as long as it takes… and some CATs didn’t like the military snap of the term “bootcamp.”

No matter what you call it, we’ve been told that those of us here (on earth) officially achieved a major goal we’d been working toward for years and years back on the solstice. We’ll be feeling its effects for some time, hence the workshop. Note that the work you’ll be doing will be individual work, dependent on where you are in your development. Here’s an interesting piece on this from Jenny Schiltz.

Meanwhile, we have some interesting external energy:

Pre-New-Year’s Note: Spirit has notified us that alcohol (more than a glass/day), and cannabis, and of course heavier things, are choices AWAY from the spiritual side of things. The lane you pick goes either UP, or down.

UPDATE2 ~ 12/27/22

  • Last night (12/26) some CATs heard (w/clairaudience) ultra-deep sounds coming from all over — like sky quakes, but deeper. We heard it from INSIDE our houses, but it was more prevalent outside. CAT consensus: It’s a pre-Event thing (as in imminent).
  • ~AM reported this morning that when he checked in with Portal One, it appeared “in its formal state, all shiny and gold, eyes prevalent.” When ~AM asked what Portal One was so dressed up for, the Angel just looked at him. That is, the Angel gave ~AM the look. Read into that what you will.
  • Please note that some of you may have noticed a change — in yourselves — even more than normal! Things might appear differently for you, things you’ve looked at a million times. It’s a gradual change, but it’s there.

NOTE: If you aren’t meditating, you’re cheating yourself.

Straighten up and fly right… which is easier said than done in human company.


We’ve had our first (expected) photon (test) spike…

…and all the hospitals are full. We don’t like talking about this, but the energy/personal choices is causing a lot of transition the past 30+ days. This looks to continue, and get much stronger.


This is really funny. To show you how much regular-world things are changing… yesterday, ~AM visited a museum in San Francisco, and in one ‘biome’ part of the museum, they had these two big blue and yellow macaws, Callie & Barney (Barney is on the left):

Callie & Barney (note: macaws are a kind of parrot).

They usually just sit there and watch the visitors walk by. ~AM was in line to get into the ‘biome’ attraction and queued past the macaws at one point (he didn’t know anything about them until we just looked ’em up)… and as he looked at them, he saw the female bird (Callie) look at him, then lean over to the male (Barney) and say (in macaw), “Hey, look at that guy. Is he reading my mind?” Barney then gave ~AM the eye… not knowing that ~AM was watching them watch him, and that he could indeed ‘hear’ their conversation! ~AM then (telepathically) said, “Hi, guys.” And the birds freaked out. When he walked past them again a little while later, the birds made a ton of noise.


Interesting. This morning saw lots of CATs reporting a timeline jump in the night, as well as another ‘wake-up’ around 5 am PST where we felt time SLOW to about half of what it was before (perhaps to deal with Divine Timing?). More on that after we look at it more closely.

Here’s the jump (lots of them, actually):

And there was a CME:

And most interesting: Last night in meditation, and again this morning, ~AM saw little lights coming out of Portal One. When he asked what was going on, he was told they are “visitors getting a good seat.” There were MORE LIGHTS this morning. (Note that they might be getting seats for something other than You Know What.)