BREATHE. Or scream! AAAUUUGHHH!! Breathe. BREATHE. Breathe breathe breathe. The energies began this morning around 5:15 am PDT and the only way to handle them was to BREATHE through them; with each inhalation, think: “SOURCE… … SOURCE….” Otherwise, you’ll probably wind in the emergency room. The energies are just too intense. Several of the CATs thought that The (main) Event was starting this morning at … Continue reading BREATHE

Enter the PTW Tantrum Earthquake

We know what you’re doing over there. Folks, 99.99999% of earthquakes that take place at 10 km depth are man-made. Look at today’s Alaska earthquake:     =====================================    == PRELIMINARY EARTHQUAKE REPORT ==     ***This event supersedes event AT00P3054T,PT18023001.     Region:                             Gulf of Alaska    Geographic coordinates:   56.057N, 149.097W    Magnitude:                        8.2    Depth:                               10 km     Universal Time (UTC):             23 Jan 2018  09:31:41    Time near the Epicenter:          23 … Continue reading Enter the PTW Tantrum Earthquake