Enter the PTW Tantrum Earthquake

We know what you’re doing over there.

Folks, 99.99999% of earthquakes that take place at 10 km depth are man-made. Look at today’s Alaska earthquake:


    ***This event supersedes event AT00P3054T,PT18023001.

    Region:                             Gulf of Alaska
    Geographic coordinates:   56.057N, 149.097W
    Magnitude:                        8.2
    Depth:                               10 km

    Universal Time (UTC):             23 Jan 2018  09:31:41
    Time near the Epicenter:          23 Jan 2018  09:31:41
    Local standard time in your area: 23 Jan 2018  01:31:41

    Location with respect to nearby cities:

    260.2 km (161.3 mi) SE of Chiniak, Alaska
    576.7 km (357.6 mi) S of Anchorage, Alaska
    587.0 km (363.9 mi) S of Eagle River, Alaska
    608.3 km (377.2 mi) S of Knik-Fairview, Alaska
    920.1 km (570.5 mi) WSW of Juneau, Alaska


    event ID                     :  us 2000cmy3
    version                      : 
    M-type                       :  mww
    number of phases             :  207
    rms misfit                   :  1.06 seconds
    horizontal location error    :  6.5 km
    vertical location error      :  1.8 km
    maximum azimuthal gap        :  66 degrees
    distance to nearest station  :  286.6 km

    Flinn-Engdahl Region Number = 15

Subscribe to the USGS earthquake feed (for 4.0 and above, otherwise it’s too much data) and keep an eye on the depth. The PTW’s earthquake weapon can only convect into the earth’s mantle at a depth of 10 km, which is very shallow. 

Today’s AK quake is the PTW throwing yet another tantrum, primarily due to the #FISAmemo, but also as a bargaining chip for getting their way. We can’t believe that they’re still allowed to have this weapon, let alone HAARP and their geoengineering fleet of “secret” Air Force aircraft. The karmic hole they’re digging is epic. Note that we’re not sure who all has this technology; it might be more than just the PTW.

Hi! We see what you’re doing! Have fun in prison!

One thought on “Enter the PTW Tantrum Earthquake

  1. The quake energy was deflected by our ever-watchful ET friends. Many many thanks you them, yet again!When we initially looked at this, we saw the crazy cabal sitting in an office pushing buttons to see what would happen. What morons. Truth be known, it seemed like they were originally directing it toward NoKo and screwed up (that was our first reaction).~M3


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