Rare Repost: "Right! Said Fred"

THIS, from American Kabuki, is very interesting: Sphere Alliance Message #183 Right! Said Fred… The Veil/Membrance Completes its Departure!PS: IT is NOT YALDOBROATH! By American Kabuki TERRAN NOTE: This is a very important step necessary for the galactics to be seen.  Its all progressing very rapidly now! Nameless showed up in the Tipping Point “doing”, and I thought I knew who it was… but I … Continue reading Rare Repost: "Right! Said Fred"

Important Note From American Kabuki

An important note from American Kabuki: If Cacti is Plural for Cactus, Is Jesi Plural for Jesus? Well it’s started. The Jesus impersonators.   There will be many. A bit like Elvis that way. Many were planted long before the in-vitro versions I wrote about in a prior post. One wrote me yesterday.  Interesting energy…  Let me be clear. There will be no savior scripts in … Continue reading Important Note From American Kabuki