Important Note From American Kabuki

An important note from American Kabuki:

If Cacti is Plural for Cactus, Is Jesi Plural for Jesus?

Well it’s started. The Jesus impersonators.  

There will be many. A bit like Elvis that way.

Many were planted long before the in-vitro versions I wrote about in a prior post.
One wrote me yesterday.  Interesting energy… 
Let me be clear. There will be no savior scripts in play. Those plans have been canceled as they do not free humanity to be I AM.
You are not less than Source/I AM. You BE that. It’s just the knowing and the experiencing that has yet to happen. 
Awareness can come in a moment as anyone who has had an NDE can tell you. Does not take centuries of karma.
You won’t need centuries of Saviors/Ascended Masters/Celestials to know who you be. That only reinforces the control systems and spiritual hierarchy which has been feeding on your energies for a long enough!  Ever wonder why it is the Vatican is always involved in every discussion of a financial reset?

3 thoughts on “Important Note From American Kabuki

  1. Thank you for that Sophia Love.I have been observing that it is not just the saviour programmes that are climaxing but also the martyr programmes, the sacrifice programmes, the victim programme (Gosh yes) the greed programme. Every programme that is played out in the rich environment of Earth which people came here to experience is coming to an end so the last drop of crazy experience is being squeezed from it.That is why everything seems so crazy now.


  2. When I read “Jesus impersonators” I can't help seeing a stage in San Francisco with lots of spangled vestments, big hair and a neon halo! I would have a Mimosa for the show, but they have been banned by my Kat Advisors.


  3. Obviously, if you pay attention to the NEWS, there exists duality in humanity: those with self control exhibiting TRUE ALIGNMENT with LIFE EVOLVING and those without. Those without will percieve those who are aligned as fake emoji! Those without b come zombies, as they manifest Ed it in their lives. Those wit, SAV I OR themselves in a LIFE of TRUTH and LOVE for ALL. Save I or the zombies? 'THEY LIVE' to savor OUR brains! B sure to put on the sunglasses 2 exit -too much LIGHT from that SOURCE! 😉


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