648: SWORD Meditation

The following meditation is optional. Not everyone will want to do it. We didn’t know why we were surrounded by so many Archangels, why we’d experienced that we had, or why we are on THIS timeline until we saw Saratoga Ocean’s latest video (thank you).

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A PSA You Won’t Read Anywhere Else [UPDATE3]



Well, we figured out who disrupted CAT communications — AND infiltrated our places of residence, and we are pissed off. Who was it? The answer is rather surprising.

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Here We Go Again: The Choice Approaches (STO vs. STS)




Someone admonished the CATs for not trying to stop Hurricane Michael as we tried to do (and partially succeeded) with Hurricane Florence. Anyway, this time we were told asked by Guides and higher-order ETs to not only GET OFF THE FLOOR REGISTER [but it’s so warm]…

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