648: SWORD Meditation

The following meditation is optional. Not everyone will want to do it. We didn’t know why we were surrounded by so many Archangels, why we’d experienced that we had, or why we are on THIS timeline until we saw Saratoga Ocean’s latest video (thank you).

We’ll get right to it.

This is an extremely important meditation for this timeline, indeed the most important meditation we have presented. Do the following as often as you can, for as long as you can. We’d suggest doing this as a group, but it will be more effective with a ragtag group of rogue meditators. Why do you think there are so many movies like that? Because now its real.

SWORD Meditation

  1. G+P+C
  2. For those who can, plug into your greater spirit group, your omata. Feel your omata around you.
  3. Take command of all your DNA and upgrades and put them in SOURCE’s hands: Permanently. No one else’s. Make this irrevocable.
  4. Imagine yourself a living relay between SOURCE and Gaia, a vibrant chunk of living white SOURCE energy between the planet and all of those Higher Order Beings out there who are sending us positive energy. You will act as a living energy bridge. SEE yourself GLOW with this energy. NOTE: The more you do this, the more discomfort/Ascension ouchiness you may feel. Don’t do Step 5 until you start to feel the effects of Step 4.
  5. Imagine an INFINITE white SWORD, made from SOURCE. This is a gift from AA Michael. (It is infinite because after it’s in place inside you, you can draw infinite SOURCE swords from it and do various things with them.)
  6. Imagine integrating this SWORD into yourself, hilt at the top, sword-guard at your shoulders, blade replacing your spine down into your root chakra — like a long cross within you, the way medieval knights used to pray before battle, by sticking their swords into the earth and kneeling before them.
  7. BREATHE in SOURCE. Make this integral SWORD a permanent part of you.
  8. Now, wrap your DNA spirals around it. Make this permanent.
  10. Once you’re comfortable with the above, direct the energy flowing into you into Gaia. This energy will then be fed into Gaia and all those who live on this planet.

Saratoga Ocean is exactly right: Humans are meant to be a link to higher forces, to co-create the evolution and Ascension of a planet. We are indeed like a hologram of the planet itself. So, BE the living link, the relay between the earth and higher light beings with this SWORD gift from AA Michael. (The SWORD was a gift ~AM received from AA Michael after passing his “Lion of God” test. He now directs this gift to all CATs, and all those who support Gaia and SOURCE. Your body is now its scabbard.)

Ascension is an acceleration of evolution. So… EVOLVE. NOW.