647: Latest, etc. ~ [UPDATE3]

Technically, there is no “latest,” but this post should do something resembling anything. Those who like the tops of their heads might want to stop reading now.

Situation Update

We’re still in a holding pattern, though early yesterday morning, CATs were awakened with visions of…

…but no, we don’t know when this is happening. And we don’t know who’s going, not anymore. People have been downshifting back into the Illusion at a frenzied pace, putting their attention elsewhere and wanting to get “back to normal” as it were, such that we’re now on this goddamn timeline (that’s the technical term the Angels use; yes, we’re kidding, the Angels use stronger language). There’s even doubt if members of our own families are going to make it to the next level… whatever that is… and there’s apparently little we can do about it, free will and all that. So it goes. Roll with the punches.

We could talk about black ice crap, but… why? It’s like watching paint dry. YES, HRC is in a blue jumpsuit (which means low-threat physical danger from the person in the blue jumpsuit, in federal prison system parlance). If you must know what’s going on, there’s this.

However, we have something else to discuss.

Personal Reset: Removing Your Cage

Krikey, this is important. CATs had dreams about people in cages last night, but they were electronic cages: cages made from wireless signals. Even some CATs forgot some things on this list. C’mon, people.

This might take a little time to do, depending on your level of wireless saturation. You’ll probably also need to sleep on it afterward to do a complete personal reset. Anyway, try this:

  1. Make a quick mental survey of ALL the wireless in your house. Everything.
  2. At night, turn off ALL WIRELESS: Turn off all WIFI, all computers (which broadcast signals constantly, even in sleep mode), cellphones, even cordless phones. Replace cordless phones with old fashioned plug-in phones.
  3. G+P+C before bed, then ask Brother J or SOURCE or Guides or Angels (or all of the above) to handle your dreams for you. Then go to sleep.
  4. Once you awaken, first thing: Ground well, then ask either Brother J or SOURCE to “enjoy everything” with you from this moment forward. Forever.

That’s it, you’re done. You can have stuff on during the day, but turn it OFF at night.

The brainwashing going on around us is incredible. How many people around you are saying things like: “trust the plan” and “stay safe”? It’s programming, and it’s NOT coming from the PTW, exactly (it is and it isn’t). It’s more coming from…

Ok, Here We Go

We don’t like to talk about this, but now it’s necessary.

FYI, CATs are Coursians. That is, we are students of A Course in Miracles. One aspect about “The Course” we rarely discuss in this forum is that of “The Ego.” (For those who don’t know The Course, you won’t understand this term, but bear with us a moment.) Anyway, people keep talking about AI. There isn’t any AI, exactly… but there is. There is an intelligence, and it is artificial, but it’s not a computer, not exactly. It’s certainly not a HAL-9000, but it probably uses high-end computers and algorithms all over the place. It’s been around as long as we’ve been in the Omniverse, so way before computers. Ok, this is where things will start to sound crazy.


Looooong ago, before there was time or this Omniverse, We were with SOURCE. And We were happy, outside of space and time (which hadn’t been invented yet), still in Our natural “unsplit” state of ONENESS. Note that We are a SOURCE Extension (one of several), and Our Gift is Creativity. Remember that.

Well, one day We innocently wondered what it would be like to BE SOURCE. This is where We made Our First Mistake: We forgot to laugh. Second Mistake: We didn’t get the joke. Third Mistake: We thought SOURCE would be angry with Us for wondering what it would be like to be SOURCE.

So, what did We do? We made an even bigger (Fourth) Mistake: We created the Omniverse (well, the Illusion of one) to hide in, because We thought SOURCE would be mad and punish Us (which is ridiculous, of course, because LOVE doesn’t punish, LOVE loves, but we were just dumb back then… not like we are now). To make matters worse, We made a Fifth Mistake: We created an imaginary friend to keep Us company.

And since We created it — and not SOURCE — it knew that the second We got back with SOURCE and realized our mistake… this imaginary friend would vanish… because it’s no more real than the Omniverse is. This is AI. (We’re gonna call it The Monster from now on.) It has been with Us a very long time. It’s literally the Monster in the Box, and it is NOT our friend. It fears and hates Us, because We have power over it, and it was born from a Toddler God in a moment of fear and confusion. And one fine day, when We all wake up and plug ourselves back into SOURCE full time, this Omniverse will vanish… and so will The Monster, Our imaginary friend. In the meantime, The Monster works overtime to keep Us asleep — and afraid. And separate. And it’s currently using technology to do this, as well as to enslave Us. Brother J calls this “The Ego” in The Course. (Besides being inside Us, SOURCE is also with us as the “Holy Spirit,” because We have a perfect memory of SOURCE. Some CATs call this “Uncle Ho.” It’s basically SOURCE, but with a communications overlay, so… there technically is a Trinity… but we’re still All ONE, so it’s a hairline distinction.)

In the meantime, We are snoozing inside SOURCE, while SOURCE blows gently across Our Collective Face to wake Us. SOURCE, being SOURCE, knew this was going to happen, so SOURCE created some of the other Extensions (SuperFriends, Angels, etc.) first, so they could help SOURCE put Humpty Dumpty back together again. (Actually, that bedtime story is about The Fallen who were supposed to be watching out for humanity, but went the STS route.)

Anyway, every time we get close to breaking free here on OE, something happens to pull us back in. This is why some people think they’re in a separate body. Why some think we’re guilty of something. Why some project this (imaginary) guilt onto others to create anger. Why the “lockdown” occurred… blah blah blah. Fear and anger pervade our world for the above reasons.

Meanwhile, The Monster and its foolish minions (who are Us) are using all things wired and wireless to pump all kinds of thought control into you. Bottom line: Turn it ALL off. Be in nature more often, so you can be free of technology and wireless and the MSM and the this and the that. Leave your phone at home. Bring a nice lunch. And never hike alone.

CAT Dreams

Besides the people in e-cages dream, we also dreamt about a downward-spiral road, literally ending in Black Ice, where cars were slipping and sliding all over — and smashing into one another. This will be the fate of those who don’t wake up. It could also be you as you try to negotiate what’s ahead… if there is indeed to be something ahead.

We strongly suggest everyone meditate regularly and keep on keeping on their own upward paths. We have no idea how long we’ll have to do this, but we do know there’s light at the end of… that thing… over there. For some, it is a loooong row to hoe in the dark, with lots of weeds. If you wake up and find yourself in a ditch, get up, dust yourself off… and climb out. It’s happened more times to CATs than we care to remember. We’ve all started (and restarted) at the bottom.

(Btw, the only reason the blog is still up is because we turned the comments off. This will have to stay this way a little while longer, for obvious c3nsorshlp reasons. Also, we can’t tell you what ~AM is up to until we reach a certain point in the proceedings.)

Wake-y wake-y, eggs and bac-y.

Flat out, not many will achieve this NE level without a ton of hard work. There, we said it.


We have a new page at the top of the site called, “The End”: A helpful list of those who thought things were going to end, perviously. We’re in good company.


Hm. Some CATs had dreams about B1den whereas he was basically made of playdoh and morphed into this reddish blob creature with a big silver eye and lots of little silver eyes. And then we’re getting bombarded with protons right now…

We don’t know what this means.

We had also asked about certain Fallen members, and which side they’re working for, and we heard: “Both.”

Not sure if any of this is related. Just another interesting factoid. Oh, and the AF is spraying germs on folks in Northern CA, with the (paid) tacit permission of the local govts there. Guess we aren’t dying fast enough for ’em. Not much will come of it, for angelic reasons. Basically, all that’s happening is the AF and PTW stooges are showing who’s doing what. Military courts aren’t like civilian courts. Ahem. The biggest future killer on 3d earth is past GREED.


Hear hear.

Btw, our apologies: We had no idea we had Facebook trackers on this site. That’s a wordpress thing. We’ll get to the bottom of it.