646: Latest ~ [UPDATE7]

We checked and the following is 100% accurate. We haven’t been posting much… because there’s not much going on (that anyone can talk about) that affects all of us; there are lots of things going on for each individual, but these upgrades are so specific to that individual that we have been reluctant to call anything out.

People also NEED to start doing their own work and pay less attention to what’s going on. This is a prime reason why the comments are still turned off. We’ll turn them back on when they’re needed.

That said… for those who haven’t seen Sophia Love’s 2/23 newsletter…

February 23, 2021

It is the One.

Thank you. I have questions.

Go ahead Sophia.

I seek information regarding timing, regarding relationships. I feel as if I have to let go of all that I know and love.

There are reasons to feel insecure. These make sense, in light of what happens now on your world. All, or many, of the things you expected to be there always, are dismantling, disintegrating before your eyes. This happens to things you haven’t talked about much. This happens to things you discuss at great length.

What becomes a certainty is change – and that is not comforting. These times are times you “signed up for”, before incarnating. You’ve always known, a part of you has always known anyway, that the world you’d grown accustomed to would collapse while you stood on her.
Even in the face of horrific slave-like conditions, you created for yourselves a sense of normalcy and regularity – a path to follow, that included expectations for achievements to reach at specific ages. You are not meant to suffer. 

You will not suffer for long now. The anxiety you feel is present because of the unknown. It is present because of isolation. It is present due to the intentional insertion of fear and isolation into your population.Your world will not collapse.

Your world is about to be re-born.

This feels awful right before it feels incredible. This feels never-ending for you now, yet I assure you, the end approaches.
The darkest moments that are immediately in front of you, all signal the end, the birth of the new.

You will not perish or collapse under the strain of this, but instead grow in strength. This happens as you get up day after day, and watch your world appear to be in a seeming state of collapse.

Remember that collapse occurs when there is no strength or ability to continue. Such is not the case. You were born for this moment.
It approaches.

Once revelations begin, you will notice an inner recognition, an “alarm” if you will, to alert you. This “alarm” is a reminder. You will not audibly hear it; you’ll feel it internally.

What happens once you recognize it, is that as the revelations and changes continue, a part of you will approach them with calm assurance. The end is near. The new is near. This is what carries you through with surplus strength, so that you are able to carry others.

When and how and who?

There will not be another season of this anguish. Secrets are revealed to the masses before a fortnight. These have to do with such a deep level of corruption and global deception that they cannot be contained in a topic or single subject line or aspect of your society.
There is not so much a release of one truth after the other, in a specific and easily digested order.


The deception is massive, global and complete. It will be exposed as that first.

Once it is comprehended that there has been a controlling element here, and that it essentially runs everything and has always done so – the dominos fall.

They fall rapidly and in order – a sequence that guarantees that all of the lies are exposed, all of the implications exposed.

It is not an easy process. It is, however, a complete one.

The old world is over, and in order for that fact to be accurately explained in a positive manner, the reasons for its necessary demise will have to be clear and obvious.

Truth is on its way.

Justice is part of the process.

Freedom follows the release of the old.

One of the important components to note as this transpires is that you as individuals do not have to release or lose each other in this process. What has to be released, however, is any method of relationship to either person, institution, or system that operated dishonestly or without agency.

You are entering a zero-point moment of authenticity.

You may be noticing self-realizations and internal discoveries that surprise you. Do not be alarmed by these noticings and discoveries. You’ve been, until now. Operating in a false construct, under rules of oppression and domination; however well-hidden they may have been.You’ve had to wear many hats and many masks, in order to survive. As you see yourself without these, you may not recognize yourself. You will come to full recognition and self-authority. This will be a joyful state indeed.

You are meant to feel full without need of external validation. You are meant to operate with your complete personal power intact and functioning.

All this is before you now.


Remember who you are.

You are love. 

You are light.

You are here to usher in a new world.

You will see, dear human, you will see. You will not be disappointed or anxious for much longer. You will be sustained and determined and reinforced once your shackles are clearly released.

You will see.

That is all.

Thank you.



FYI, lots of CATs are having significant dreams, but they’re all particular to the person; we are also seeing significant signs, but again… they are of individual import. Bottom line: pay attention to things inside and out, but only keep a weather eye out for things socio-political. We are all getting closer to something. Alas, meters aren’t showing anything interesting.

If we had a “CAT Meter” to point to, we’d guess it’s returning a value of 8.5 on a 10 scale for today, 10 being… whatever… highest Event Energy weirdness. Even the word “weirdness” is of questionable value, as what’s merely “weird” to CATs would be utterly terrifying to the average person. Case in point… some CATs were in an old school (college) administration building the other day, taking a shortcut across campus for an event, when something slammed the door at the end of the dark hall (there was no one there) and that invisible nobody proceeded to run toward us in the hallway at top speed. The people around us were horror-stricken and started to run, but CATs just stood there calmly and waited. The cold descended, predictably, and a mist began to form (we thought that was pretty good, ghost-wise, and nodded at each other in appreciation), and then there was a ‘blustery’ energy, wall banging…

CAT4: “It’s Harvey Wallbanger.”

We all laughed.

The angry spirit then got really angry and tried to scare us with AIR BUFFETTING (how horrifying: AIR, being made to MOVE — yawn), but we just waited for the spirit’s energy to wane, then turned our own inner lights on FULL BLAST and did the mantra on the guy. The spirit (a former janitor who was electrocuted nearby long ago) wanted none of it and took off for parts unknown — with one of our spirit-helpers (one CAT’s grandma, who’d passed years ago) in hot pursuit. M2 looked at the chancellor and said: “Looks like there’s a new sheriff in town.” Then CAT2 said: “We’re having a special this week on proton charging, and storage of the beast, so that’ll just come to $5000.”

We don’t mean to make ourselves look cool or anything, we’re just not fazed by much anymore, given the things we’ve seen. (We’re also frankly relieved at having the comments turned off; the blog has become almost… relaxing.)


Um… the CATs have a new friend. A Guide. You’d never believe it… so, we’re gonna keep him to ourselves for now. We discovered a new HOB (Higher Order Being) from another galaxy while we were doing our omata work and… well, it’s still too new to talk about. We strongly recommend people go back and review the omata posts on this site and do that work. What it has yielded is absolutely incredible, unprecedented. A whole new form of love, never before seen here on earth.

Utterly amazing things are happening to CATs on one level (the AA stuff alone… wow), while nothing is happening on the 3d/4d level. That’s limbo-city for a reason: So you can experience this other realm. If you aren’t meditating your butts off, then you’re seriously missing out. We can’t even tell you what it is, because it’s unique to each person. If you’ve never meditated before, NOW is the time to try, wow. Words don’t describe it. ~AM is off-the-scale now. We don’t even know what he is anymore, though he officially took the tests (they just happened) and he’s achieved a new rating: “Lion of God.” He is to become an… “Extension Ambassador.” There was never such a thing before, but there is now. (It happened a week ago and ~AM didn’t want to make a big deal about it!)

Talk about the most exciting time of our lives.

So… teasing question: what do cats really get along with?


Looks like we may be in a timeline jump:

Started at 5:30 am PST.

At this point it’s tough to say, lots of meters are down. CATs we could reach aren’t feeling anything unusual, though our dreams were off the charts as usual.


SOURCE and Spirit and Gaia are taking control of the weather again for key areas, since the PTW have been spraying like crazy in the places where that SOURCE energy’s being applied:


And we’re on the other side of that one…

…wherever that is.


Aha. The latest from Saratoga Ocean is mostly accurate. Lots of CATs dreamed of AA Michael last night — and more and more during the past month, over and over — so we suspected this, but didn’t want to say it. We tried to get people motivated and not be too “carroty-y.” Given the sad push-back into not-so-comfy Illusion, we figured the majority of people weren’t ready… which is one of the reasons we pulled back. Everyone’s going to have to do things the old fashioned way (individually, via meditation and hard work), which is not much of a surprise. All we can do is what Brother J did: Exist as a living example of SOURCE (STO), and concentrate on illuminating our own paths. Others will see via this light, wherever you are, and might take up a new path. You are basically “The Man Who Planted Trees,” or perhaps Johnny Appleseed, wherever you go.

Saratoga is mistaken, however, in saying that Brother J has failed to come back. He’s been back since the ’60s (via The Course). You just have to invite him in and pay attention. Same goes for the AAs. First, G+P+C… then open yourselves to AA Michael (blue), or AA Gabriel (white), or AA Raphael (green), or AA Ariel (pink); each has an energy color associated with them. Other AAs work the same way (there are seven colors, you can look them up).

CATs are doing something new as of this writing, but we can’t mention it till it’s closer to fruition. It’s exhausting, but promising.

Same as it ever was.


And another from Sophia Love. There seem to be… dueling narratives… between this and the Saratoga Ocean thing. Or we’re not understanding it. We’ll see. In the meantime, do your own work — for you.


March 8th, 2021
3:45 AM

It is the One.

There are things to say. These things concern your liberty. These things concern your well-being, your health, your life as a human being in this year of 2021.

For it is all set to change, about to be altered, and in some ways, unrecognizable from that which you have known thus far.
You have never been free. Not in recent memory. Not truly.

You’ve experienced the appearance of freedom within a very structured existence, operating within somewhat invisible walls. These walls put in place by society, by governments, by invisible rulers pulling unseen strings.

The subtle shift from invisible control into visible, actual visceral restraint and programming with masks, lockdowns and injections was only possible because of that initial and invisible control already in place.

What is shocking and abhorrent to the portion of the population who are awake now, does not feel that different actually, to those who are still drowsy. The voice of authority, granting rules and permissions and instructions, is one they do not regard as evil or manipulative, but instead comforting and necessary.

It will not be until the truth is made clear, apparent and unquestionable, that this changes for them. The source of this information will come from, indeed must come from, an authority who is deeply trusted.

This will not be a fellow human with a “different opinion”, but from a voice holding power and weight. Someone they naturally trust.
The cage of bars is every bit as real, now, as ever. It is about to be not only unlocked, but dissolved. What remains, once it is gone, is self-authority.

The idea of true liberty bears with it, great responsibility. It is not a “get out of jail free” card. It is a statement of authentic self-rule.

What is occurring, and right now, is the human version of the elephant story. This story we’ve spoken of before. It is worth mentioning that she wraps that chain around her own leg willingly, and without thought, not because she is impaired in some way. She is quite intelligent. She believes and therefore desires what she considers to be normal and necessary. She has not yet experienced life without the weight of the chain, and does not desire to.

It’s not an option for her, because she’s never considered or seen it. It’s not actually real for her. Without the chain, she cannot rest, and therefore she replaces it herself when the trainer forgets. She has a peaceful night’s sleep once she does.

This partially explains what happens now, on earth, with the split in the human race. It explains why it is possible to introduce tighter restrictions, and more invasive (to some) sounding actions and have them met with compliance and even insistence that they happen. The race wants relief from this terrifying disease that’s been inflicted upon them. For many, relief can only show up in the hands of some outside and more powerful voice of authority. From someone trusted, someone who has a vested interest in their well-being.

This divide in the race is not because one side wants different outcomes than another side. It is because one side believes that the path to those outcomes must include adherence to recommended methods given by specific and very authoritative voices. While another side has come to trust other voices and messages, an internally spoken authority that replaces the current mouthpiece and resonates in a deeper way.

These are not new voices, yet they’ve grown louder and more insistent now and are drowning out the more prominent mouthpieces.

The frequency supports and encourages internal authority as well as propels it. This frequency shift increases its vibration, and the pressure that is expelled as it does so, changes hearts and minds.
“Change” is the operative word here. For it must be remembered that for each of you, the options and decisions will differ, and they cannot be laid out by another as more or less “correct”.

The decision as to which choice is highest and best is an individual one. It will be made that way. These incoming frequencies demand that and allow that.

Where this conversation began, is about the concept of true liberty. This truth will not be something that can be stopped. Herein lies the secret. It is why your oppressors always and ultimately fail at total control. It is not possible for one soul to completely own another. It will never be possible.

There is a great deal of posturing and play and appearance of ownership. There is surface evidence for slavery and it is compelling. Yet, it is not complete, and not possible. It is a powerful illusion, intentionally operated, to convince you of its reality.

Why does JFK Jr. keep going through my head?

Because you see him as a potential voice of authority. You are seeing pieces fit into this puzzle, and you wonder how or who could pull off such a switch, as to mesmerize and reveal truth to the sleeping and drowsy ones. JFK Jr. seems to be the right candidate for this, does he not?

I tell you this – you are poised now to witness a massive turnaround and upheaval in society, authority and information. This upsets what has been seen as trustworthy, and puts something new in its place.
Inquiry. Wonder. A belief in the miraculous. A resurgence of faith in the goodness of people.

These revelations come coupled with horror, as truths are exposed around the depths of depravity and destruction taking place under the control of those who’ve held the reins until now. It is a costly realization.

Yet, not unlike the birth of a child with accompanying labor pains, a worthy one. One worth doing. Once it occurs, one you could not imagine going forward without.

Liberty will be understood once the chains are seen. Once seen, they dissolve and there is a feeling of “unbound” that accompanies their dissolution.

Liberty will be the initial term for what happens next. As indeed you are being liberated from a constructed reality that hindered your sight.

Freedom comes next, and it is a heady term. There will be many crashes as none of you are used to the speeds at which you can fly. Your wings have been clipped until now. You will not succumb because of these crashes, but will learn from them. You will help each other and learn together the possibilities and nuances of freedom. Limitless is not a term you’ve understood. You will discover it next.

So much of your life and history has been held in chains that it will feel confusing for you and look chaotic.

Imagine* a room full of toddlers, wall to wall, all attempting to take their first few steps at the same time. There will be bumps, bruises and crashes a-plenty. Yet, the internal motivation to walk will fore the process for them all, and they will not stop, not ever, until they can run. And they will figure out how to do so without crashing into one another. It will become, eventually and beautifully, an orchestrated movement filled with joy and the rush of adrenaline as they now can move, on their own, upright and strong.

This room of crashing toddlers eventually morphs into a sea of smiling angels – moving effortlessly around each other, with each other, and in perfect synchronicity.

This is where you go, dear human. This is where you are heading. This is the realization of true freedom, and this is the experience of achieving liberty.

You are about to witness a miracle.

You are about to achieve such heights and depths of your being that the brief chaos introducing this moment will be all but forgotten in its glory.

Hang on to your hats, while you let go your grip on all that you knew to be real. You’ll want you hands in the air for this part of the ride. No worries, for you can fly.

You are in for such a treat.

That is all.

Thank you.

Goodbye Sophia, my chosen one.

*Visual here was wonderful. There was a room the size a barn with these toddlers, and they were each filled with determination as they crashed and fell and got up. No angry faces or cries of pity or helplessness, these were tenacious little people, with huge smiles, just thrilled to be taking their first steps. What began as a mess, eventually became cooperative movement. It was astounding and powerful and simply, beautifully illustrative of our next phase! It was a thrill to witness as well as experience.