646: Latest ~ [UPDATE7]

We checked and the following is 100% accurate. We haven’t been posting much… because there’s not much going on (that anyone can talk about) that affects all of us; there are lots of things going on for each individual, but these upgrades are so specific to that individual that we have been reluctant to call anything out.

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That THURSDAY Message of Unity

We meant to send this out Wednesday, but got hammered by energy. Then another group of CATs noticed a bright shiny thing and put out a fresh meter post… so… so what? Two posts in one day! Here’s an eye-opening snippet from ONE, via Sophia Love’s latest newsletter. We’ve added a little emphasis, in blue… =====================August 7th, 2018 I reach out now from a point … Continue reading That THURSDAY Message of Unity

Latest from Sophia Love

FYI, here’s the latest from Sophia Love. We would’ve just posted a link in the previous post’s comments… but we can’t seem to find one for this post. Anyway, this is veeeery interesting to those Event enthusiasts: =========== July 1, 2018 Is there someone who wants to connect? Yes, Sophia. It is I. It is One. Thank you for coming forward. I reach you now … Continue reading Latest from Sophia Love

Rising Above the Froth: "The Tables Have Turned"

We were feeling a ‘negativity and fear’ froth bubbling up all around us earlier today (and rising above our heads), so our guides told us to “float” above it, to ride it out. Then we got this from Sophia Love: Did someone just wake me? Yes, Sophia. It is I. It is One. Hello. You have something to say? Yes, there are things to say. … Continue reading Rising Above the Froth: "The Tables Have Turned"