Rising Above the Froth: "The Tables Have Turned"

We were feeling a ‘negativity and fear’ froth bubbling up all around us earlier today (and rising above our heads), so our guides told us to “float” above it, to ride it out. Then we got this from Sophia Love:

Did someone just wake me?

Yes, Sophia. It is I. It is One.

Hello. You have something to say?

Yes, there are things to say.

I would now continue.

Okay. Thank you.

This time you are in right now is becoming catastrophic in its effects upon your daily life. The energy you enter, as wonderful and cleansing and powerful as it is, wreaks havoc on people, relationships and systems of control. You cannot continue to control these things in such a vibration.

I will describe for you why this is true. The frequency of love is the core element here. This is a freedom frequency. It is one of permission. It allows. It grants a sense of grandiose abandon to all beings, efforts, and systems of control.

It cannot be contained by any equally powerful effort, not in the current circulating vibe on earth. The tables have turned for everyone.

This means that everything camouflaged as beneficial, helpful or free, that is not, is being seen for what it is.

It is why, Sophia, you see people differently. You can no longer tolerate deception and falsity. These things are abhorrent to you. It is why you are having to face yourself and stop the control you’ve put on your heart.

You are facing the ultimate moment. Anything, everything, anyone, everyone, that or who functions within tightly controlled movements will be busted wide open in these frequencies.

Nothing that is not love will withstand the force heading for you now.

This force will break organizations, people and relationships that do not operate for the benefit, in transparency, of all involved.

These break-apart events may happen instantly or may begin now, but for sure, all that is not love will expose itself and be healed or in some way exit.

What is love?

Love allows. Love does not dominate or assume ownership or a “necessary” form or display of control. Love does not harm. Love exists as the beginning. It is being shown now as that initiatory force for all of life.

As such, it asks nothing. It is merely coming forward, being exposed, and being witnessed, as the force that it is.

Love cannot be stopped. It will no longer be hidden. Love erupts now and as it does, all that is not love moves to give it room.

Love does not conquer all, love is all.

There is nothing that is not love.

This truth has been hidden from humanity.

Humanity instead has been taught that obedience was love, and that love had requirements to be met before it was parceled out.

These things are not true and not in your best interest. They will be seen as the forms of manipulation that they are.

Love is the beginning and the end. It becomes the ground on which you stand and the heavens you reach for as you grow. It is not an option any longer. Love is the only choice. It is the thing you will all be doing.

It is the thing being figured out inside your hearts, your friendships, your marriages, your families. It is what is being figured out in all relationships you have – those to each other, to your god, your laws, your societal rules and behaviors.

Love becomes then, the constant.

Love is not always going to feel good for you. As the changes are made you will experience a sense of loss. People and things that you have counted on will be exiting your lives in a variety of ways. These exits will not be a bad thing. You will have to remain open, to allow the change and weather the storm, as its effects color your life.

What may feel like damage is a necessary ending so that the new can begin.
You are learning what love looks and feels like in a level of density that defined and used love as if it were a tool, a gateway to control.

You cannot control love.

It is a sense of limitlessness.

Coming into a love state, from a slave state, will or could appear frightening. It will feel as if no one is at the wheel or holding the reins.

This would be true, yet there is no reason to fear. What is happening is that you must let go now.

You do not need to hang on so tightly to manage what love can do or how much love can enter – your life.

This frequency blasts through the gates around your hearts. Ready or not, here it comes.

You will discover a joyous, wondrous, light-filled world. It exists beyond the tightly controlled one you now occupy.

This energy volume will blow the speakers. Most of you have not allowed it turned up this high – ever. Not while human anyway.

See what happens next with a filter of light – your light. It will help you to remember and to feel the full import of this alteration.

Hold the light always. As you look at things break down, end, and emerge, remember it is the force of love that instigates all of it now.

Allow, allow, allow.

Trust. Follow your intuition.

Go at your personally determined pace.

What emerges and surrounds you now is love.

That is all.

Many thanks to the Oversoul for brining this message to us. It is important to note that all expressions of love are maximal. That is: show love, and it becomes the most powerful thing in the omniverse… because it is.


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  1. Hey Cat's & M's,I must have read several times that some ET's or should I say interdimensional beings are not “positive” at all. Though their level of consciousness is higher than 3D beings. So each time people link higher level of consciousness with love and abundance I wonder.What's up really?Sen


  2. Had to participate an hour earlier on the group med.I saw it.The wave did appear as a nebulous chromatic cloud. As i caught a glimpse an excited voice mentioned something opening up, a portal maybe? I felt it's energy, it was bliss.Mark


  3. Hm. In today's equinox meditation (which I jumped out of early), I saw (in the meditation) the windows of my house get REALLY bright, so… it is either here (and I'm seeing the energy all around us) or The Event is almost here. I think we need an “Event Signpost” post, on things to look for that will let you know it's imminent.~M5


  4. All the portals around me have been just BLASTING energy forover a week, so I'm beat. Some of the other M's are in the same portal boat, which is why we've been so quiet. Between that and the Wave X energies… ugh.~M4


  5. I am still a Beginner meditator so I did not see or feel anything but I was participating! I hope I will feel the Event and have bliss like you all, when it comes. -Also One who Believes


  6. Well, I'm a very experienced meditator and I've been a bit stymied by the recent energies, for at least a month. This can happen, sometimes, as you process things. I can definitely feel the energy coming in, but I haven't been able to see a thing. A bit frustrating, but normal.-CAT12


  7. Yes, easily twice as much energy (or more) as during full moons and supermoons. I've been trying to find a reliable detector for portals, but so far all I can find is ME! (And other CATs.)~M2


  8. Had the Event dream few nights ago, hard to explain but when if you focus on pure love and for a few seconds your able to feel nothing but bliss, it's that times 100, it felt like a mild explosion within my being, a break through of a barrier, this happen within me and on the outside


  9. During today's meditation did anybody experience us all holding hands in a circle around this reality-this planet? I could see crystal clear images of people 'us' holding hands? We are very close indeed


  10. Hmm, try focusing on something in your life that brings you into that feeling, pet, kids, partner, or hobby whatever it is, capture that emotion and bottle it, use it as a tool to open the door


  11. Yikes! About noon today PDT I was sending an e-mail and suddenly parts of my computer screen became transparent. I got up and looked into a mirror in the bathroom and, lo to behold, I couldn't see my eyes. That part of my face was transparent. I walked into the garden and there were missing pieces of what I looked at. Those pieces were transparent too. After about 15 minutes things returned to “normal” Talk about seeing “reality” with new eyes.


  12. For me anyway, that pure love bliss feeling isn't something that can be conjured up just because I want it. It sneaks up on me, sometimes while dreaming, but it's also washed over me while I'm just sitting on the couch with my cat in my lap. It's amazing when it happens and I laugh and cry at the same time. It's so powerful that I can only stand it in small doses. I suspect that it will feel like that when the Event occurs, but there will be no way to dial it back; wonderful and overwhelming at the same time. Is it possible to die of joy?As for today's meditation, I wasn't visited by bliss, nor did I see anything, but there was certainly some strong energy flowing. It was quite pleasant, but I doubt that it was the Event. Maybe it will just sneak up on us like a lovely tidal wave; watching something stupid on TV one moment, drowning in bliss the next…


  13. Whoa. Heads-up, everyone: Some of the Italian meters are all going berzerk; another Russian meter has jumped three orders of magnitude; and the GOES magentometerjust dropped FOUR orders of magnitude. No idea what this means, yet.-CAT2


  14. Anyone else have a Monster headache?? Also MAJOR chemtrails today and yesterday for the first time in two weeks. (ontario canada).


  15. Another question on meditation: Is is accurate to say that (for beginners like me), the main purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind, and not expect to hear voices communicating, faces, messages, downloads, visions, etc? I have found that since starting to meditate, I am able to carry that quietness throughout the day, which enables me to notice answers to questions that I have. The answers are not in the form I listed above, but rather in intuitive feelings and synchronicities. I am super happy with the level of connection that I have because I no longer feel alone. However, how (when) will I be able to see visions, feel “energies”, talk to beings, get messages, etc? I am so excited to be able to do those things….Thank you for your wonderful website and all the wisdom you share.-Also One Who Believes


  16. Most of us have had all the requisite aforementioned symptoms in the last two weeks or so, with some cropping up several times. Those chemtrails are the result of the PTW trying desperately to stave off Mother Nature, who is reasserting her dominance. The East Coast and West Coast storms are natural, for a change.-CAT6


  17. We understand your frustration, but none of us knows exactly what the Steps are doing. This one, like the last three or four, actually occurred (at least for most of us) about two weeks *before* the deadline; these countdowns are more of a guideline than a hard deadline. Everyone advances at their own pace. If SOURCE just whipped the sheet off The Event two years ago and let us have it all at once, it probably would've killed half the population (some of us, too). This is all designed to be a gradual experience, save (hopefully) for one or two “big ones.” We have seen all kinds of visions of things that were to happen over the last few years that still haven't happened… here. They may have happened on other timelines, or things changed and had to be rearranged for whatever reason. Everyone just needs to be patient. Things are changing, ust not as fast as you'd like. What SOURCE is trying to do — with seven billion humans and at least a million ETs and what I call “aetherics” (higher order beings), not to mention TWO whole planets full of life and sundry, PER TIMELINE — is so complex as to be impossible… unless you're SOURCE.-CAT6


  18. Yes. Quieting the mind is the first step, and takes time. For me, it took two years (years ago, when meditation was harder); monks call this period of unquiet mind the “moneky mind,” as if your mind were an energetic monkey jumping around all over the place. That used to be me. But everyone is different. And the energies now are super-inducive to supporting FAST GROWTH, fast results, so this is a prime time to hone your meditation skills. That stillness you find within… THAT'S SOURCE. SOURCE is utter stillness and peace (SOURCE's natural state). Once you experience It (and it seems you already are) there is nothing else like It. (I say “It” as SOURCE is neither male nor female, but both; we actually created duality. Creativity is our gift from SOURCE.)And, as always, it is our pleasure to serve. ;)-CAT6


  19. Oh, I forgot… in terms of “visions” and feeling energies, you will probably find this happen all at once, I'm guessing. But note that it comes and goes, so if you have an experience and then it doesn't happen again for a while, that's normal. AFTER The Event, it will happen for all those who wish it to happen. A lot of times, your abilities are not allowed (by YOU) to come online to preserve your safety and sanity. There are some rather nasty/trickster things still out there for the time being, but they won't last much longer. “Monkey mind” not “moneky mind.” Damn keyboard.-CAT6


  20. Btw, the new daily division of commenting approvals and answering questions is working very well. Thank you, Da-da. As always, trades are allowed should you have scheduling demands.-CAT5


  21. Ya know… we looked at this and there's something to it:http://www.tbyil.com/The_Stealth_Danger_of%20LED_Lights_Barbara_Minton.htmMy dad put an LED bulb in his garage, and all of a sudden his garage door opener stopped working. He called to have it repaired, and nothing was wrong with the opener mechanically, but he still had issues. The repair guy then realized the bulb in the light was an LED, and when he removed it, all the problems went away. LEDs interfere with radio frequencies, so it is possible and probable they effect our bodies. ~M3


  22. I had personal info it was coming the 18-21st. feel now my guidance was wrong and wondered if I should trust any of it.


  23. The Event, the promised Event, is beginning now. Look above in the comments and look for that kind, anonymous commenter who mentioned focusing on love in your meditations. Not only did this work, but I experienced something that I'd experienced many times before when I was much younger, but had forgotten about till now. They said:”…try focusing on something in your life that brings you into that feeling, pet, kids, partner, or hobby whatever it is, capture that emotion and bottle it, use it as a tool to open the door.”-CAT5


  24. It's not just LED lights. Blue spectrum light after sundown messes with the human CNS and circadian cycles something fierce. Interestingly, there's also a small but growing minority of science/health nerds who now believe that actual literal grounding helps offset some of these effects. They'll advocate either barefoot contact with the earth ir earth grounded surfaces or modifying footwear so that it becomes conductive. The really hardcore ones will literally work conductive teachers into their mattresses so that when they sleep their bodies are creating a fully grounded circuit with the Earth's surface.Yellow light after sundown devoid of blue spectrum appears to be much less disruptive to human physiology.


  25. CAT6, thank you for your answers! One more question, if I may. I have noticed over the past few weeks that I see (on the inside of my eyelids) a sparkly “asterisk” of color when I get deep into my meditation. It looks like a sparkler that we light on 4th of July. The “asterisk” is shooting sparkles from the center outwards, and has a splash of color, usually yellow or gold, around it. Today I feel prompted to ask you if this is something or just my eyelids making this picture.-Also One Who Believes


  26. Meanwhile from Cobra…”It is therefore beyond my understanding how certain people actually believe that this blog is some kind of elaborate scam and that I am manipulating people. These people have serious trust issues and would benefit from a therapy. Also, people posting banana or donkey comments on this blog will be forever banned from posting anything again. And if you do not know what a banana or a donkey comment is, think twice before posting and predict the consequences.This is not a joke, this is a serious war in which I have given to a noble cause far more than most people have, and I have lost far more than most people have. Therefore I deserve respect.The surface of this planet has far more darkness than me, the Resistance or the Pleiadians have ever expected. Clearing of this complex situation unavoidably creates delays. I do not like them. You do not like them. Nobody likes them. So stop being a beta, stop whining and complaining and DO something to make the surface of the planet more bearable. You can not afford private property to become part of the Contact Dish project, because “only the Cabal can afford to own property”?Here is land for sale under $500 that is suitable for Contact Dish project which I found spending 20 seconds on google:https://www.landcentury.com/under-1000-land-dealsSomeone has made a brilliant comment and put Contact Dish project very nicely in the context of the Event:“So the key is to think about it in a multidimensional way… there is no one linear step by step path to the Event. There are many different timelines shifting in probability and alternate ways it can happen. By disclosing these projects they are co-created in the field created by the RM and all of us. This timeline stabilization then raises the overall vibration and quantum field which then supports all positive timelines. Including the one where the Event happens. “What to expect now? I can promise you blood, sweat and tears:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood,_toil,_tears,_and_sweatAnd then, I can promise you Victory of the Light.When? Nobody knows. The Event will NOT happen until the vast majority of plasma toplet bombs are removed.”I guess more people are seeing him for what he really is. I mean how long is he going to keep pushing this toplet bomb narrative?


  27. By the way… what about Cobra and his “toplet bombs”? Are there such things, or is he crazy?


  28. Cobra is… a little out there. We don't see anything like what he describes. It makes us question a lot of what he says, actually. Another example: there is no “galactic central sun.” It's actually a supermassive black hole. All galaxies are accretion disks for very very large black holes. The one at the center of our galaxy is terrifyingly powerful — and there used to be a “prisoner” inside it! Yikes.~M3


  29. I use grounding sheets and they do wonders to repair the body. Living in an apartment on the 4th floor in an asphalted city, it's one of the few ways to “ground”. I also use a “Geoclens” plugged into any old socket. No idea how it works, but I totally feel the difference.


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