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Here’s the latest from Sophia Love’s June 30th (free) newsletter. She also had a link to Allison Coe’s QHHT talk about The Event that we shared a week or so ago.

Btw, over the next few days, we suggest that those “called” either fast or eat light (fruit and veggies and grains and water and coffee and tea and ok, yes we would like a cookie, please…). Those of whom we speak might want to steer clear of meat and alcohol. The energy is getting very zingy, and it’s much more comfy when you “eat right.”

Sophia – One with an update on the coming shift

This conversation took place May 24th, 2017 at 3:30 AM.


I was woken up. Is there someone now who wants to connect?
It is I. It is One.

Hello. Did you wake me 2 nights ago as well?

I did, yes. There are some updates and some things to be said. I will say them now.


You have passed the point, as a planet, of decision.

Decision regarding what?

Decision regarding just how it is this change over will be accomplished. When the term “planet” is mentioned here, it is meant to indicate physical planet as well as, or in concert with, the beings upon her. In your case, those beings are mostly humans.
This is not to say (that) there are not others using the planet as a home, for there are many. Humanity though, is the majority. It is humanity to which I speak now and address the comments, the update. These are your people.


This decision is not so much one of method, but one of options chosen. There is only one way to proceed with a change such as this. You must push through it.
Thus far, you have been helped. You’ve been shielded from the force of the sun and protected from its full impact. In fact, that full force was the stuff of biblical prophecy and seen by others before this time.

What awaits mankind now at this time is a kinder, gentler move. It is offset by a protective grid. It is, however, a move. It fast approaches and is inevitable. 

There are questions and this is expected. What point has been reached now allows for some explanations to be offered for consideration.

As the planet moves and is blasted in new frequencies, it will be as if you are on a ship entering rough seas. Only the “seas” won’t make you seasick from the movement. It will not be a movement you can discern but a shift in awareness.
It will be, in some ways, like getting new glasses and ears at the same time. The world around you will look, sound and feel different.

It will appear more brilliant, more vibrant, more alive in every sense. You will sense the life force around you. This will occur not just for the sensitives, but for everyone taking the journey. A choice has been made, for the most part, as of now, as to who that will be.
There is a soul journey, a contract if you will, that was set prior to your birth here. It has been brought up, reviewed, considered and decided upon for most of you now. This trip, and all its accompanying details, has been scheduled.
It’s been said right along that you are creating this, meaning the empirical you. It still holds, yet what you are creating is NOT THE FACT OF YOUR ASCENSION, but your method of participation.
Humanity is choosing, once again, to incorporate as much of itself as possible into the new earth. It is in this diversity that the most astounding beauty is found.
You are diverse lot, in method and substance. Those of you, calling yourself star seeds, may feel called to other stars while on earth and human, yet, the fact of your human genome defines and calls you also. In this way, all of you are human.
You desire unity and in unity there is a decision of absolute acceptance. This you may call agape or unconditional love. It is not the love you imagine in your love songs and love dramas. It is another form of allowing each of you to be, without harm or judgment. Some of you would not be, under prior conditions, considered “acceptable” for unity or ascension. This is what has changed. You’ve made room on the bus for some unlikely passengers.
What has happened is that mankind has, with characteristic passion, re-defined itself. It has had to.
For, although your audience is, until now, primarily made up of those considering themselves light workers, light warriors and star seeds – it is not the majority of humanity.
The majority of humanity is a diversified lot. There is a great deal of deep religious doctrine in the vernacular that now contributes to the definition. It has to, as all of those desiring a better, newer, changed earth – will see one.
The combination and collaboration of visions now births a new one. This is the change upon you now. It will include ideas and happenings unfamiliar to all of you. You are creating this in unison.
Do not believe, because of hearing this message, that it is the only truth being spoken. The truth is disseminated to many. Not all share it or travel in your circles of influence. Yet each is a component of the whole.
The fact of your shift is and has been always inevitable. The method has now been more specifically defined. It will, in a very human-like fashion, be a brilliant melding of Gnostic and Sacred texts, as well as those as yet unspoken. Creation is pleased with this and expands the pleasure.
I am seeing a sort of beating heart, but it is not a heart, it is a planet – it is beating. There is a glowing light being emitted from it.
The human has again added its peculiar and specific brand of love to the collective – into life itself. Right now, you see dark surrounding the “beating” planet and its light. This is because the idea has not spread. It will and does, as we speak.
Do not think Sophia, that you are being spoken to because you are lesser than any of those reaching out to you. It is not the case. You are a jewel and those speaking want to get closer to bathe in your light and also, ease your transition so that your strength and substance is retained.
Creation itself appreciates and is enthralled with the human. That is all for now.
Okay, thank you. Goodbye.
Goodbye Sophia.
This conversation ended.

24 thoughts on “Update From Sophia Love

  1. Having weeeeeird body pains I'm not used to having, is this part of the process? Started yesterday.


  2. I was thinking back to several posts ago…I recall some images of leaves cut up into figures. Then a little bit later there was the symbol of 42 Moroccan Tangerines awaiting their destiny into a bottle of Grand Marnier. The Cats and M's said these were just hints and the full meaning couldn't be revealed yet. Just wondering if it's Ok now ?


  3. Spiritual Ascension is not a democratic event based on collective choice. It is based upon what is encoded within your heart, mind, body and soul as an individual. Otherwise, the property of you and Earth would be easily corruptible by so-called sacred texts. We've all seen and experienced psychic “diversity” on this site!!! No thanks. It is time to select the ones who don't want to harm, control, manipulate, kill, rape, etc. Think about it within, that's all you need.


  4. YES, lots and lots of weird body aches and pains….craving fruit, water, grains, my morning cup of Joe and plenty of body massages. Starting doing Yoga it has helped a lot.


  5. Very nice reading. Miracles will help with your troubled dreams as you continue to link with your Brothers and Sisters. For any that seek, imagine yourself as a beautiful red rose, true and innocent. You shall receive my Love with the grace of a gentle honey bee.


  6. Wow; a week or 2 ago, someone clearly called me by my first name while I was (I think) in the dream state. I haven't really been able to reconnect (or consciously remember things if I have) but I have put protections in place before seeking more interaction. Thank you cats (and others) for what you do; I'm somewhere between your “clair-sensitivities” and completely dense/unaware, and this site really helps get my conscious brain (if not my whole being!) oriented in a positive manner. I suspect (and hope) there are others who, while not able to be super-clearly tuned into things energetic, are learning a good deal from your site. So again, thank you for what you do, and please keep it up as long as possible; it is a positive force for many.-M


  7. Hmmm, “M”?It wouldn't be “Miriam” or “Miriam” or something similar would it?Only a couple of weeks back during meditation someone called out that name to me, it was a middle aged man and then he looked shocked and called me after by my own name, “Mark”.Weird old world ain't it…Energies intense today.


  8. Imagine yourself as you like but if you want to bee psychically pollinated go right ahead and be a gullible flower! Did your ears just ring like a bel?


  9. A bell rings for a 4D psychic Troll spreading his honey out on his flypaper trap. Please be careful with your thoughts leading up to the Event. The Trolls are definitely out! Omega (omicron), indeed!


  10. There is protection in psychic anonymity. Never imagine yourself as something another suggests in meditation! That is how you attract bees!!! (See above comments!)


  11. Anonymous, It is clear that my inclination is Love, not isolation which is the opposite of a troll. What do you suppose the purpose of life is if not to be closer to one another?


  12. Hi Caleb33,Something called out “Mike” as clear as a bell (it is unusual for me to hear this so directly in any state). I'm hoping some rest time here for the US holidays will permit me to catch up centering myself… spending it w/ extended family so opportunities and irony are certainly in the mix. Weird world/cosmos indeed!


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