Welcome to the Post-Historic World [UPDATED 7-2-17]

Dark entities? Neutral/bad ETs? POOF. Gone.

THIS IS THE FIRST SITE TO REPORT THIS. Some credit, please, reposters.

Folks, something has happened. We’re not sure if what just happened was The Event, or one of them, but after tremendous energies last night @ 8:15 pm PDT (even the M’s were nauseous)… the dark beings/entities plaguing the earth are ALL GONE.

Completely. POOF.

Even the dark being that was in the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy is gone. And all neutrals who were leaning-dark or working with the dark are also gone. (Like the tall whites.)

HEALING was also done on some of the CATs; not sure about others. One had a clot in a leg removed, and another had some gut healing; another had their shoulder worked on. All are alive and well this morning.

As for the New Earth “rapture” everyone’s been anticipating… we have no idea when that will happen, or even IF it will happen (though we ALL keep having visions of it).  Eventwise, we saw a gynormous wave of energy coming around 8:30 pm on July 1st PDT and come it did. That was the strongest one yet, at least for us.

It will take some time for us to sort this all out, so consider this a working post.

By the way… this is how things usually look in the EM spectrum from 0-35 Hz:

And this is how it looked just as this Event was happening:

We’ve not seen this before from this location.

Then, it stopped:

These are showing the Schumann Resonance from 0 to 35 Hz.

And now, the next day, we have six or seven VLF frequency signatures that weren’t there, before.

The above meter is showing the EM spectrum from 0 to 24000 Hz. Those spectral lines at the top weren’t there before.

And now look at THIS:

Wow. Riometer data from the time where this Event whacked all the negative entities. More than double the previous energy. Needless to say, things are very quiet, now.

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  1. FYI, I think M6 is seeing one avenue, but of all the timeline avenues, I think there is still a bit of dark activity. It's really hard to pinpoint, since there are so many streams to look at. The one with the CATs is indeed empty, but immediately adjacent ones are still slightly populated with negatives. Some ETs are totally gone from our universal neighborhood (tall whites, black eyes, etc.), but for the most part we're now seeing the negativity and darkness greatly diluted, but not totally gone. What happened was a preemptive event we think designed to save a bunch of us who were in danger from baddies.~M2


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