The Event Illustrated V: COSMIC FIRE

Let’s get right to it.

The COSMIC FIRE portion of The Event (which may have more parts to it, we’re not sure) is coming for us around Halloween timeframe. You heard it here, first. This is perfect timing, really, given how some elements of the population typically use this season as an excuse to delve into and propagate darkness. This will no longer be allowed. Now that ALL dark entities are gone, everyone needs to work on purging their inner darkness and negativity. Needless to say, the less you have, the better.

When the cosmic fire comes (no, it’s not “hellfire”), don’t be afraid of it. It’s coming to totally remove all negativity, which it will do without fail, as well as completely reconnect you with SOURCE. What happens after that depends on who you are, deep down, what you want, and the state of your relationship with SOURCE.

We suggest you embrace SOURCE (esp. considering you ARE SOURCE), as well as the next stage in your personal evolution. Everything is unfolding perfectly, and perfection has but one SOURCE.

As Da-da recently posted elsewhere, people on the ‘net keep using the word “HATE” over and over again, especially in terms of a certain politician/party. We’re not political, but we strongly suggest that people put aside their differences and, if they have a problem with something/someone, ask SOURCE for help in resolving the problem (or Brother J, or the Oversoul, same thing). Don’t ask SOURCE to remove the person from the planet, or do violence. Instead, ask SOURCE to help you with your relationship with this person. Let go of the hate, before it’s too late. Turn off the HATE, and consider its opposite. LOVE is steaming toward us pell mell on the LOVE EXPRESS. If you have a problem with any of this, now’s the time to look at it.

We wondered if we should post this now… then decided that, by knowing the TICK TOCK timeframe, people could concentrate on purging darkness and negativity from themselves (that’s what we’re doing).

NOTE1: There may occasionally be delays in posting comments for the next 30 days, due to various summer vacations, sporadic WIFI, the odd hairball, and various commitments, so please don’t be surprised if it takes more time for them to appear. All negative comments will be deleted.

NOTE2: It’s VERY important to show gratitude… for everything. Don’t take anything for granted. We are all so very blessed and looked after by so many, be sure to thank those who watch over you — and SOURCE — in your meditations.


12 thoughts on “The Event Illustrated V: COSMIC FIRE

  1. Note: It's also possible that this portion of The Event will happen earlier.~M2


  2. LOL…hairball! Good one!You kids are AWESOME and I LOVE your positivity! Keep up the great work!Love Always,Stargazer ❤


  3. LOL…hairball! Good one!You kids are AWESOME and I LOVE your positivity! Keep up the great work!Love Always,Stargazer ❤


  4. last night as i meditated prior to going to sleep i asked higher self when was this purging event going to occur. i heard “fall” (feeling early fall). in the dream i had of this event, i took in the scene. there were leaves on the trees and the weather was moderately warm – but not hot. don't even know if it was a dream – as i could “feel” the experience. those of us who have been purging and awakening – whose Souls/Oversouls are deeply involved in this process guiding we humans – are already experiencing these moments of NOW Serenity. i am having more experiences with others – those interactions where you see the Light within them and feel it in your heart. it is quite beautiful.


  5. While I can tell exactly why, this is one of my favorite SOT posts ever. Something about it all just gives me (pleasant) chills. And I'm not saying that just because the cat-face illustration made me laugh out loud.Right on! Purge the darkness! Visualize a better world! We can do it.


  6. Yeah, the M's said, “around Halloween,” since they saw Halloween decorations and fall leaves… but that could be any part of October.-CAT2


  7. Btw… I was told we would wear HAPPY COSTUMES this year, not scary or evil. Halloween will become synonymous with “The Event”: a time of joyful spirits who overcame the darkness and pressed on into the light, a celebration across the cosmos. Anything that inspires mirth and goodwill will be welcome.~M3


  8. Good Lord! I have just realised, the vision I had of the Event, I was walking through the woods, and now you come to mention it, I recall leaves on the ground, and autumnal colours…Maybe this is why I have always loved Autumn with a passion, that and it being so utterly beautiful in every way. It is no exaggeration to say that if I had my way, I would most happily live my entire life during Autumn 🙂


  9. I would say likely sooner! Why? It is quality action(s), intention(s) and awakened realization(s) that factor. Compassion too. People are being spiritually 'coerced' to learn quickly, intend in parallel and meaningfully act… Kindly… mostly thanks to being 'held hostage' by government, media (bias), police, religious institutions, etc. Time isn't a factor, it is merely there to keep track of work by 'the man'. Times UP!


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