WHAT is The Event? [UPDATED]

BELIEVE… that you’ll be thrown up into the air by a callous photographer. AIIEE!
AND that The Event will be happening any day now. AIIEE!

Regular CAT readers kinda already know much of this, but new folks are coming in and asking the same question over and over, so… here’s the answer. The question: “What is The Event?”  Here’s what ~AM said in a comment. [Note1: ~AM edited this as they weren’t entirely happy with the way we were providing answers. ]

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Stand UP and Be Counted [UPDATED]

Until now, no one really knew what the Long Man of Wilmington symbolized. Hello, all. We were given explicit instructions early this morning on what to do. This isn’t for everyone, just for those who can do it. You know who you are. If you have some imagination and some energy, you can do it. You’re not being asked to do anything unless you feel … Continue reading Stand UP and Be Counted [UPDATED]

The Event Illustrated V: COSMIC FIRE

Let’s get right to it. The COSMIC FIRE portion of The Event (which may have more parts to it, we’re not sure) is coming for us around Halloween timeframe. You heard it here, first. This is perfect timing, really, given how some elements of the population typically use this season as an excuse to delve into and propagate darkness. This will no longer be allowed. … Continue reading The Event Illustrated V: COSMIC FIRE


As we said in a recent post, we had never read Ken Carey’s books (we don’t get out much) till very recently. This, our final Carey excerpt, is from his first book, written in 1979 in just 11 days, eventually published in 1982. (The first four chapters are amazing.) Here is Carey’s description of The Event, which is not only an amazing glimpse into what … Continue reading The Event ILLUSTRATED IV

The Event Illustrated III: The Messenger

Given what recently happened to some of the M’s, we felt it important to write this up (again!) — especially considering our spirit guides insisted that we do so. Anyway, for those who’ve not seen this in the comments section of the previous post, some of the M’s have been on a short (separate) summer getaway, and consequently AWAY from regular protection. Because of this … Continue reading The Event Illustrated III: The Messenger

Lesson XX: Don’t be an ET Slut

Don’t just give it away. Welcome to the can of worms, pre-Monday edition. What you’ll be reading happened just last week to some of us and even we don’t believe it. Before we begin… note that there’s nothing left for you to do, Eventwise, save for making your choice between one of the following: SOURCE and the New Earth Staying here to help out, or…  … Continue reading Lesson XX: Don’t be an ET Slut


  We had never read any of Ken Carey’s books (nobody tells us anything), but we are currently digesting them and passing them around quickly. For those who read this blog, the excerpted book is a must-read; Carey’s description of The Event, written back in the late ’80s, is amazing. It is also supremely reassuring.  [Note: this is the Oversoul speaking directly to you, through … Continue reading The Event ILLUSTRATED II


[Note: This post is very interesting, but not just for its content. The comments section, like all our comments sections, contains as much (if not more) information as the post itself in terms of Eventage detail. Be sure to give them a look if this is the first time you’ve looked at this.] Lynn and Da-da’s most recent “Five for Friday” post offers confirmation of … Continue reading The Event ILLUSTRATED 1