The Event Illustrated III: The Messenger

Given what recently happened to some of the M’s, we felt it important to write this up (again!) — especially considering our spirit guides insisted that we do so. Anyway, for those who’ve not seen this in the comments section of the previous post, some of the M’s have been on a short (separate) summer getaway, and consequently AWAY from regular protection. Because of this exposure, we were accosted by some 20 ET groups (to either say hi or with some other motive) one night, under serious attack by dark spirits the next night, and had a truly serious visitation (and misunderstanding) the third! Talk about no sleep. Also, there was no decent coffee to speak of, so we were really having a problem!

Anyway, because the nasties attacked night before last, those concerned hunkered down last night expecting more in the way of attackage. Well, something did happen, but we misunderstood it at first. After closer examination and reconnection with the necessary spirit parties and other M’s, we now have an accurate picture of what happened. Rather than rehash the misunderstanding, we’ll give you the thought-out version.

BUT… before we do that, we’d like to thank those commenters who helped pitch protection to us during this kerfuffle. Most of the CATs slept like kittens (first time we’ve ever said that) because of the ‘cover’ that friendlies gave us. It was much appreciated. But like we said, something else happened, too, and one of our regular commenters (Mark) saw it, for whatever reason. You’ll see in a minute.

Get On With It!

Ok. Heading into our sleep-time meditation — and anticipating more attackage — we set tons and tons of extra protection. One of the M’s even went so far as to ask SOURCE for a couple angels to run interference. We’d never done that before, though couldn’t tell you why. Anyway, almost immediately, this kind of (live) image came to us:

“I’m here to chew bubble gum and kick ass — and I’m all out of bubble gum.”

This has never happened to any of us before.

We were visited by a massive, 20-foot tall male being with a full head of flowing blonde hair, who appeared over two of us (separately), an extreme LOOK OF CONFIDENCE on his face. We weren’t afraid in the least, but we were confused. Was it an attacker? How did it get through our protection so easily?? Honestly, he kinda looked like he was there to kick our butts!

Not knowing who the being was, each of us first offered him love and light and invited him to join the light… but nothing happened, which we found odd. (We still find the whole visitation odd.) The being gave us a final LOOK and faded into blackness… immediately followed by a ‘relaxation’ of the black ‘treacle’ muck (tinged with light) that we’d been surrounded by throughout all the attacks of the last few days. The black goo instantly flooded back all around us, engulfing us completely. It was a little claustrophic. We at first thought this whole thing an attack, given the activity of the past few days, but later realized that this was like someone parting the sea of muck around us for a moment before letting the ‘fluid’ go back where it was. (PLUS, we remember that we asked for some angels to come help us the night before.)

Either way, we were unfazed. We each calmly BURNED off the blackness with light… and then suddenly found ourselves completely surrounded by cosmic fire, startlingly so. Before we could form an emotion, we felt SOURCE step in and imbue us with silvery-gold light that completely encased us in a kind of energy armor, making us impervious to the fire. The intensity of the cosmic fire was unbelievable, like being bathed in an exploding star… yet, we felt no ill effects. The fire cleared, the ashes blew away… and only we remained.

Interestingly, one commenter (Mark) saw the whole thing from a distance:

“Things got quite heavy and thick, like oppressive treacle. Also, there was an explosion of GOLD everywhere….”

That explosion of gold was us!

We awoke feeling calm and steady.  But… too calm and steady?

Upon waking, the two M’s in question felt like their clair-X apparati were switched off. In a test meditation, our third eyes opened *wide* and we each saw sunlit green meadows of the New Earth (it’s really pretty)… so it looks like things are still working. We’ll never forget the look of extreme confidence on the face of the tall blonde being.

The Messenger

Later, we had the other M’s look at what happened. They said we’d been visited by “a Messenger, the Archangel Gabriel himself.” He looked much like the pic above, save that Gabriel had more blonde hair, no sword or shield, and no wings that we saw. We just saw him slide in through the blackness, like parting the Black Sea of Nasties that were all around us, long enough for our eyes to get wide, then pulled back. Never said a word, though one M swore that the facial expression was a bit haughty. That and the sudden black explosion made us think we were going to be on the business end of another attack.

Then we realized that the cosmic fire we saw was The Event: what it looks like as it’s happening. We’re to be enveloped in cosmic fire (to burn away all negativity), and given a gold-silver energy armor that will keep us from being toasted. Alas, if you’re one of the negative set, you won’t survive it. We STRONGLY urge those concerned to reconsider their ways and make a reconnection with SOURCE… like, NOW. Tick tock and all that.

[Note: the original post got hacked by either Alphabet or one of their parent alphabet agencies; our first-person notes were in this space. We apologize for any confusion.]

[NOTE2: This experience reminded us of the prophecy of Beinsa Douno.]

AIIEIIEE! We’re not ready to be prophets!

21 thoughts on “The Event Illustrated III: The Messenger

  1. I slept a little too much today. I guess that's why lolWhat an awesome experience! Glad everyone made it out ok!


  2. I believe AAG message was that we are never alone, and that WE have this and need only use our faith.Da-da will recall I once told him that before sleep a few months ago I asked if brother J would visit me as I hadn't really had much dealings with him.I had a visionary dream in which he met me and showed me how we were to be purged, my heart was literally boiled and bleached brilliant white!Then he walked away from a rowdy inn full if Roman soldiers and I followed him to a field full of people and children all on fire!!!But they were not burning, they were all in joy, and the fire was a brilliant white in colour.I have also had an Angel visit me after I read the parable of the wheat and chaff. The next day during a brief meditation I was thrust into a beautiful field of wheat. And the wheat grew all around me impossibly fast. I recall the stunning amber sun light casting across me, signifying perhaps we are at the days end?Make no mistake people, this event is also a purge, we are to have our stains be bleached away, and fixed what is broken. I was also showed that if we are to survive this thing, we MUST LOSE OUR FEAR. I cannot stress this enough, if we struggle against it it will hinder the process.Trust in SOURCE, all will be better than well :-)Thank you guys for your supreme efforts, I will continue to provide protection until we awake once more.Mark


  3. Holy cow, or, holy Archangel may be the better phrase! Talk about both sides of the proverbial coin, darkness attacks and an angel protects. Color me amazed, and impressed. And I wouldn't mind borrowing his glowing golden locks for just a day or so. Right on, brother!


  4. Blessings All,I am glad to hear everyone is well! I have not been experiencing the nasties of late – however I have been waking up very sore the past few days. Hhhmmmm.I wanted to share my meditation 'visuals' from yesterday afternoon. Please see the picture at the beginning of this article – now add 'hearing' during my meditation 'cosmic fire' and being enveloped completely and feeling very warm but not hot. This lasted for about 20 mins during my meditation. No angels or beings.Interesting – to me – on the alignment on visuals and words. Thank you to all you lovely felines! ; )Peace.PS – I have been visualizing a phoenix for the past few weeks during meditations. So perhaps my team was giving me the 'nod is as good as a wink' heads up. All very interesting. Thanks again for all you do. (And to this I mean everyone reading or posting on this website : – ))


  5. No. This all happened independently. We compare notes as things happen. Mark saw it, too, but at a distance, which is very interesting. ~CAT2


  6. Yes, soreness for me, too. Neck and back. And lots of weird transient pains yesterday during the WHOMPs.


  7. Don't be impressed. Gabriel gave me a LOOK that suggested that he wasn't all that pleased with me!~M3


  8. What kinda Multiverse do we live in ?? The Mean-Streets of my little brain dead village sound safer then where the M's and Cats boldly go !


  9. Talk about an impossible question! Seriously, this stuff happens to us and even we don't believe it. One of the M's had a blue dragon pop up the other day and ask, “Hi! You need anything?” LOL.-CATof9


  10. Wait… how can you be CATof9 when I'm CAT11?? Are you implying that you're CAT7of9? a BORG CAT??-CAT11


  11. On a separate note: the LHC continues to shred itself. For CERN, there is the boo, and there is the hoo.-CAT8


  12. Seems to be a lot of internet chatter from different sources in the comments of some of the sites I visit. Chatter seems to be about impending things, soon.


  13. For all the heliomancers, I see Taweret with an apotropaic wand. Perhaps there is a very important childbirth today?-RF


  14. has anyone been following the site or seen the images from yesterday? and hear the siren sounds? WOW! they lowered the frequency after hours of this activity – intentionally perhaps – and the siren sound and corresponding images no longer appeared. felt like a cosmic “hello we are here get ready time's up” message. which many of us are feeling. i have sensed a softness in others – a growing softness – which is beautiful. be in that heart space and we will be well.


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