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This latest from Sophia Love explains why some of us have been dozing off. Very interesting.

April 11, 2019
From a point of pure love, I reach out now to a point of pure love. I seek information about angels. Is there someone available to connect with that information?
Yes, Sophia, we are here. We are a legion of angels, at your service.
Hello! Thank you for coming forward!
You are most welcome, most welcome indeed!
There are so many of you! (The visual with this contact was a huge gathering of angels… they went further back than I could fathom, I did not see the end of the grouping. Sophia)
Yes. We are gathered now, so pleased at having been called in this way, called by you. What is it you would ask of us?
Oh, there are so many things…
Go ahead then! We have many who are willing to respond.
Thank you.
Do you sometimes incarnate as human?
You are aware of this*. Yes, we do.
What makes that happen?
Extreme urgency and choice. It is sometimes the will of the angel to choose life in the physical form. It will be for experience, for the other end of the giving and receiving spectrum.
This is not chosen often. Yet, it is a choice that occurs more than once for an entity. All incarnate beings begin someplace else – the choice to be human is a heavy one. In the current cycle it is especially burdensome as the values and lifestyles and happenings are so opposite to those that are angelic.
As was stated initially, it is most often for extremely urgent situations that this occurs.
I am taking from your comments that such an extreme situation is ongoing now on earth.
It is, yes.
Okay, then.
When not incarnated, what do you do?
We watch.
We tenderly hold, sometimes for entire lifetimes, beings in need of extremely powerful protection. Not all of you do, not even the majority.
This time now on earth however, is awash in angels – both incarnate and otherwise, protecting you as you proceed through your transition.
Note – the energy of them was so, so powerful. It was putting me to sleep and this was in the middle of the day. It was a struggle to maintain the connection. I fell asleep for a few moments here, woke up and re-stated my intentions. Sophia
Are you able to continue?
We are here, Sophia.
Thank you, please go ahead. What else can you tell me? I feel you all so powerfully, it is having an anesthetizing effect on me.
We will attempt to hold up, hold back. Yet, many are assembled.
Okay, let’s keep going. I’ll do my best. You are all so very strong!
As are you! We have waited for such a long time for you to receive us. The call was heard loud and clear today.
So many (angels) incarnated on the planet now chose lives that were/that are colored with pain. This was done for more than one reason.
First, it may have been because there was another who would have experienced the pain if not for them. They, you would say, “stepped in”, in that case. Took a lifetime so that another would be spared.
Second, and most often, are those incarnated angels who are here to guide and protect and assist in the process. They too have often chosen difficult lives. Not always.
You have among you Archangels in human form. You have among you Angels.
Will they ever show as their angelic form during this lifetime as human? I refer now to the process we currently experience, that of letting go of ego and personality that holds us to the earth and to the third dimensional programs.
An interesting way of describing what occurs for you now, yet not entirely accurate.
This process of returning to your origin is one of becoming who you are in essence. What form you present varies as in each moment you’ll choose and decide. This will be angelic if you choose an ultimate return to that form and yet if what is chosen is continued assistance for humanity – you will not stay there.
(Note – I took this to mean that if you were an incarnated angel, and had incarnated to help humanity, that you would remain human until your work was complete. Sophia)
We see the lives and circumstances shifting rapidly now into an ever-changing menagerie.
Much depends on purpose. All depends on intent.
Please, tell me about Angels.
We are a race of beings who began for an ultimate point/purpose of service to the race.
Service comes packaged many ways.
Yes, there are wings.
They emerge when called out, when brought forth out of necessity.
There are angels for every incarnate being on earth.
There are moments when we gather. These are moments of great catastrophe.
What we do is ease pain. We sometimes bear pain.   We often remove the possibility of instant death. There are sometimes accidents with life and we intervene at such times.
All harm is not stopped. It cannot be. We do not have control of individual life, or lives.
We are ever watchful.
We can be called on for assistance, for comfort, for protection, for calm. We always respond.
Who do you answer to?
Why to the creator, of course. We will …
(there was silence)
I don’t hear you.
You are asking more than one question.
In a sense, I guess that I am.
Each incarnate being has an angel, more than one often, but always (at least) one. You may refer to this as a constant companion. If you attempt, you may visualize/see your angel.
They will not always show themselves as winged. We choose how we appear to you, according to your beliefs and your need at the moment.
How would one attempt to see his or her angel? Is there a method?
There is, yes. At least one that has proven to be most effective.
Would you explain it for us?
As your angel is always with you, there is never a “wrong” time to attempt visual confirmation. Understand that in most cases this will not be physical. You won’t be able to touch your angel. You will, under welcoming conditions, maybe feel them however. This will occur as a sense of presence.
It will feel powerful. The contact is best initiated when you feel wonderful. This could happen anywhere. When filled with joy, intend to see her or him. Use your mind to imagine them right there, enjoying your joy with you; reveling in it. For they are.
Angels are celebratory beings! You may try asking for their name. If you suddenly then hear a name or a name comes to mind – that will be it! Request confirmation.
With a name you’ll be able to ask for a visual. Whether or not you see them will depend on your own level of tension, anxiety, acceptance, peace. It will be fleeting but impactful. It will be clear under conditions of peace. This is because the effort to slow themselves down enough to be seen, is massive.
Their purpose is not to entertain you but to protect you. This requires their consistent attention and effort and is their primary purpose. It will precede any other action taken by them.
If you do not see them, it doesn’t mean that you are without an angel.
Humanity can trust and relax and know that they are powerfully protected and fiercely loved.
We are here now in force also because so many of our kind have incarnated. We are friends and associates of those while human. The multiplied importance of this moment on earth, as well as the force of those that would stop it (the “dark t-shirts”), brings us here.
We do not rest, but watch as you do.
I must go. Thank you.
Is there anything else? Any sign you leave us when you are nearby?
We do not leave calling cards as a rule.
You will notice, and only by paying close attention, a change or shift in circumstance or personality or health, that has no worldly origin. Pay attention then. Look for us. We are there.
Thank you.
Thank you, Sophia.
The conversation ended.

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  1. Thanks. I’m gonna contact my angel when I’m happy and joyful, have mostly done it otherwise. That’s not fair, I see that now. In bad and good times, the latter probably yields better results.

    I assume The Adjustment Bureau is based on reality as well.

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  2. Thank you so, so much CATs this post resonates so deeply. I know that I/We are protected and loved more than we could ever imagine!

    Does also explain the exhaustion of late!

    Much love & light to CATs, Angels and ALL ❤️🐱👼🏼☺️

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  3. Off topic, but I was wondering…
    Is there a spiritual significance for liking mint (my favourite herb and flavour) and purple (my favourite colour)?

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  4. I love the flying beings …

    While angels are always with us, we can meets friends anywhere, at odd places too …
    Friends in the street:


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  5. Has anyone been experiencing a lot of hiccups recently? 4-5 times a day in the last couple of days.

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  6. I wonder how one can recognize an angel in a human form?
    Do they have some special traits?…


    1. They’re usually wearing a t-shirt that says, “No Angel.” 😉

      Seriously, we’ve had them walk right past us and say something incredibly profound and keep walking; they looked like anyone on the street, but once you know what to look for you can spot them every time. It’s more a feeling you get that you have to learn to trust.

      -CAT Eds.

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