Back to 11…er, 12… [UPDATE4]


Hooboy. Those living near portals… note that they’re turned up to 11 while temporally close to full moons (next one is on Friday 4/19). Last night was brutal… but, with a purpose.


Alas, no graph or meter (save for us) plainly shows what happened, but…

Note: The portal system is omniversal.

…and this…


We watched what happened, live. Looked like beings and wasps caught in a tornado.

The portal system is being purged — again — with lower level things and beings that have been camped out in there for a long time finally whooshed out. These are the same beings that’ve been hanging on through each previous purge, but this time they couldn’t handle the energy and were totally cleaned out.


Despite this positive outcome, several of us had to endure yet another spate of stooge-sanctioned aircraft buzzing our various houses — at 1:00 am and 7:00 am — loudly monitoring the energy (or trying to) in as annoying a manner as possible. Like the idiot TWBs (a tall and thickly white and bald flavor of ET that often pesters CATs), these stupid agencies act like they own everything, portals included.

All your pancake base are belong to us!

However, if these various agencies (yes, we’re watching you read this) continue to disturb CAT sleep and buzz ’round us day and night… well, you’re not gonna sleep, either. Do you really want to have THAT DREAM again?

One, two… kitty’s comin’ for you…
…three, four… kitty locks your door…


…five, six… there goes the OLDSMOBUICK…

In the meantime, watch this thing come out of the sun, starting at 4:24 UTC:





Then… it looks like it gets grabbed…

…seven, eight… better absquatulate…
…nine, ten… your defenses end without rhyming.


… eleven, twelve… hmm.


Looks there was another solar event of some kind around 2:00 UTC on 4/18:

Here’s the video.

There’s also a WHOMP going on (still):



Ooh, this looks like it’s gonna hurt:

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 9.23.37 AM
Watch the time-lapse: BLAM.

Looks like we might feel its effects quick, too. Perhaps around 1:00 am PDT. That sunspot we were all watching let loose right after it passed us. Interesting.


As expected, the above solar blast is being felt NOW. It’s been going top-down, from the most sensitive to the least sensitive. Symptoms include sudden headache, extreme fatigue, somatic heat, and an itching then inexplicable closing of the eyes (even if you’re not tired). There’s also a feeling we can’t quantify, like we’re thirsty… but we’re not thirsty… we have a craving for something… yet don’t want to eat or drink. We have no idea what that one means.

Note that this could all blow over quickly… or not, we won’t know till we know.

Something else has been confirmed: when the sun now has any kind of energy event, the Wave X waves it broadcasts flow radially, in all directions, not strictly directionally, not one vector, so… it doesn’t matter which way the blast goes, we all feel it. So… buckle up. Don’t forget to Ground (to either the OE or the NE), Protect, and BREATHE through the energy.

If you have a paper lantern… wear it.


And now for something completely different.

This little yellow bundle hung out in one CAT’s Japanese maple for ten full minutes this morning, which is quite unlike them.


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  1. I believe there is a portal about 12 miles (approx) from me. Would that be considered close? Pretty strange dream last night…😳

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  2. How do you know if you’re near a portal?
    Just wondering as I don’t think I’ve ever been near one.

    I’ve been many places, but never had any experiences like what you cats have had from being near one.


    1. I researched into this since 2015 and found out the following regarding 7 Earth planetary chakras and 4 spinner wheels (vortices):

      The locations have been designated by Robert Coon. They are markers on the Dragon Ley Lines, which, if drawn on a flat map (2-dimensional) would appear as a figure of 8 lying on its side (infinity symbol). The curving sweeps of the dragon lines intersect at certain points. The esoteric understanding of these Earth Planetary Chakras and their significance is a course of study on Robert Coon’s website. The use of astrological data is important in understanding how and when some of these locations receive activation, and increase the circulatory flow of the ley lines.

      From Robert Coon’s website:

      I can’t give further information as his work is copyright. But you can look it up for yourself.


      1. That info is obsolete. Besides the changes that the Sister Sun has brought with her system’s proximity, the planet’s increase in vibration and incipient dimensional split has changed things dramatically, as have our actions along with that of Guides and HO (Higher Order) beings. Please don’t see our lack of information as caginess or concern for copyright. We’re simply keeping info from those who would try to misuse it (as they have done in the past) and hurt the OE/NE, or anyone else. Actually, at this point, such action would only bring harm to themselves, as we’ve charged the Gaia portal system to seriously whack anyone who tries to use it for selfish or nefarious purposes. This is an energy charge many times greater than that of a galaxy (it’s off the charts)… and even then, it grows more and more powerful by the hour, excited by the incoming Wave X energy… which is the cause for those unexplained flashes of light and explosions experienced here and there across the planet and within the Sun (in the solar portal). This was part of last night’s charging. This energy also carries its own mind and intelligence, by design — it is very “cat-like” — so it is never the same, guaranteeing that there is no pattern without the key. Even possession of the key would do no one any good without the system’s trust, as it is now alive. That is enough info for now.


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        1. Took some video of birds and kangaroo’s a couple of days ago… 3 different vid’s, and all had flashes of light.

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        2. “This energy also carries its own mind and intelligence, by design — it is very “cat-like” — so it is never the same”…..nicely said….source energy intelligence that is spontaneous & unpredictable & cannot be 2nd guessed, as it is supposed to be….xo

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          1. Describes some of us perfectly ~ which only makes sense when you are funnelling, eating and sh!tting SOURCE all day/night long…

            To get through this horrific Ascension while stupidly running the very highest frequencies just short of physical self-immolation….in order to survive this it appears I had to merge my Lyran energies with my Dragon energies, and have ended up running THAT hybrid of myself here in human form, the most.

            Wonder what a Lion/Dragon would look like:


  3. Dumb question (probably): where are the portals, as they relate to specific earth surface locations? Is there a credible source(s) you can recommend to read up on them, maybe with the locations listed? Maybe a quick Portals 101 here on SOC for the newer or lesser informed? If you don’t want to list a source here, could you email me privately?


  4. Been quite the roller coaster and I’m finally listing the house next week… the one that has kept me by the local portal for nearly a decade and in this town for two. SO curious to see what will happen the next few weeks. If it’s ready, I’m ready.

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  5. Woo Hoo the wasps are gone! I hope also the huge black spooky bees and spiders too! Oh and all the neg entities that think it’s okay to harass us, gloves on!

    Thanks CATs

    Much love ❤️

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    1. I was just talking today whilst having my first ice cream of the year that is was good the wasps weren’t around yet, I am quite happy with spiders and others, though earwigs have always creeped me out a bit, but wasps just seemed to be little stripy jerks to me.

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      1. Also did your spooky black bees have little bits of red on them is I saw a dead one last week, never seen one before, but then the study of insects is not a hot topic for me.

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        1. @ Pam141 The bee was really big and completely black, no colour on it, very strange! Come to think of it, I haven’t seen many wasps outdoors lately but then again I have been totally walking around in a daze!

          Much love ❤️

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  6. Got a portal 100 feet away! LOL!

    Just notice I feel like I have lead boots on and a tendency to spring wide awake at 3-4 AM.

    It’s not a big portal, too small for ships, just 15 feet Yeti (don’t call them big foot, that’s another group) and they really like French bread 🥖 also Fae folks.

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  7. Hmm, you shouldn’t have mentioned “pancakes” …
    I think cats are the best, noiseless thieves …
    These are burglars, too:


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    1. I don’t know what my cats have stolen more: pancakes or baguettes; I find bits of baguette all over the house. I just don’t understand the “Carb Cat.” Then again, mine also eat the edges of plastic bags, the idiots.


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  8. It was a dark & sleepless night last night & it was particularly intense one, wasn’t it. Newbie here, so how do we know where the portals are located & are portals any different from a doorway that may have been surreptitiously opened by a relative who was practicing the dark arts on the low?

    Y’all, get some rest tonight, you look like you need it. 😉


    1. Dark portals are very temporary — they’re also all done. You can’t open those at this vibration, anymore. As for locating them… you can either see them or you can’t. The govt thinks they can fly around and locate them with machines, but they don’t know what they’re doing. That’s about all I can say.


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        1. The Dark Universe is also completely gone, so anything that used to live there has been vaporized. This is what those dark things at the core of the ca8al were trying to access with the LHC. However, they don’t fully believe this, so they’re keeping to the same silly tactics and techniques, guaranteeing that the next time they try to do this, the LHC will eat itself — and them with it, if they’re still around.


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          1. Yep, finito Benito for the dark portals/conduits. Only pure Source Love energy now flows. Most of that occurred in Jan 2013.

            I had an interesting experience this January on a mountain pass in Colorado… I grew up in Arizona and we have those desert vortexes known as “dust devils” as they spew a lot of dust around. But I saw a snow version of that in January and not just one of them but a whole family of them! Had to wonder if I was seeing elementals saying hi?

            In the Alps of Italy on very cold nights, I’d see this light on the opposite ridge of the valley, it’d start at the ridge line and bounce down the mountain through the trees in some very steep terrain. It was about the size of a VW Beetle. It was very bright. I figured it was some sort of forest elemental energy being? I saw it on more than one occasion.

            In the summer of 2015 there was a strange micro tornado of mist that came down the Champorcher Valley. I was on the 2nd floor balcony of a friends chalet. It paused and then headed directly for the houses. I said “un uh…. just try it”…. and it tried it! Then it hit like an invisible wall and stalled out. What happened next was there two arms came out of the vortex and a kind of mist hand formed and flipped me off! I am probably the only person ever to get the finger from a vortex…

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        1. Hmm. Okay, it’s the 17th for me but the 18th for the Schumann meter. In the previous two months, the whomp started at 19:00 on the 17th. Yep, it’s a few hours off. It’ll still be interesting to see how long it lasts, but less of a Qincidence. Drat, thought I had something there!

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  9. Okay, so here’s how it played out today. At approx. 12:50 PM PDT, I was returning home from a pleasurable trip to the Skagit Valley (April is Tulip Festival month there) (A little tourist plug.) (I digress) I was at a stop light when what I can only describe as a split second glitch in the matrix. It was like when the lights flicker in a storm. The entire scene went to null point for just a micro-second and then resumed as if rebooted. This was accompanied with the usual tonal shift business, too. Something most definitely shifted. I seem to be generating a rather large amount of heat now. Any ideas?

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      1. Thanks for sharing that J.
        I experienced smt similar today without the lights. While playing guitar on my bed, for less than a second there was a feeling of heavenly bliss. I looked out the window to spot the event wave, alas not yet.
        If I need to describe it, felt like all timelines came together in that moment. First time ever I experienced this. My angels must have sent it, I was down and miserable for two days.
        Very humbling experience.
        I feel this is only a tiny fragment of what’s coming, I now start to understand the long and winding road to reach that point where we are able to absorb the great wave or whatever is coming.

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        1. It is not long and winding, nor is there even a “road”….we have been ready for it for more than half a decade. We are already sitting on it, for many years now.

          It is the COLLECTIVE, that has been holding it all back….it is humans always feeling “humble”, that has been delaying it.

          And if you are still one of the 99.999999999% of humans still nursing FEAR, don’t worry ~

          ~ Because only those of us tiny minority who have been cooked and tortured all this past decade and thus prepared to be hardened/CRYSTALLIZED Conduits of this Great Wave, will be mainly running it and *anchoring* it to the fullest possible extent…all for the sake of the entire population of ‘humble’ humans, who can’t do this.

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      2. @ J Hmmm! we also had an odd experience Wednesday.

        We were in hospital as my daughter had an MRI scan, pretty stressful experience but anyway. Mum came with us for support as my daughter gets so stressed in hospitals. We were waiting in a room off the side of the main ward as my daughter cannot handle the loud noises in the main waiting areas.

        We had the door open as it was so stuffy. It was really busy, bright, nurses bustling around as is quite normal for hospitals. Then, for just a couple of minutes, everything went completely silent, no voices, no nurses, the light went out and it was as if everyone had suddenly disappeared. Then, a couple of minutes went by and just like that the lights were back on, nurses everywhere, children laughing and people chatting. It was as if we had jumped into another dimension momentarily…

        Much love ❤️

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          1. @ CAT Eds, thanks for the confirmation! Things have been truly odd. I have been sleeping with the lights on for the last few nights because the shadows are just there all the time. Had a really horrible dream last night. I can not remember all of it but it was filled with some kind of really dark energies/entities. All I remember was that I was lying on my side and for some reason my wrist was bleeding profusely and I could not stop it…❤️


  10. Turkey vultures have been flocking around my home town in NW Pa. lately. Any thoughts? Beware of the milk thief sisters, disguised as golden kittens! There’s a price on their heads! Peace.

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    1. I am a Venango native transplanted to the south. Seeing flocks of wild turkeys on my way to work here this spring. Ironically, one landed in my tree the other day, and I am about 200 yards from the Intracoastal waterway. Seagulls, pelicans, and herons. But turkeys?

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  11. Hooly dooly… left hip went ‘clunk’ last night. So.. in a ‘stasis mode’ until it comes back ‘online/inline’. Annoying much? meeeowwwwwwwwch!

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  12. Is anyone else experiencing an all-time low? As in: Dark Night of the Soul (episode 777) meets torpor.
    Off the charts.

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    1. @ public display. Yes. Bit cheesed off and really can’t be bothered following the stupid games being played out on the world stage anymore. Ho hum same old same old! It’s just not fooling people anymore.

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    2. Strange how we’re all different on receiving these waves. They’re going faster as I observe, for a happy thought would last a day or so. Now, I will have 3/4 emotions in a day. Peace.

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    1. So am *I*.

      For quite a few years now.
      Pleading, begging.

      (and here I used to just send THEM back immediately , with my White Light Source Hugs……so those lucky [email protected]@rds apparently got all the breaks)

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  13. Mundane house chores today as i hung up clothes kept getting small golden flashes of light on the clothes I was putting away. Despite blinking and rubbing my eyes the flashes softly continued. Any ideas of what this was?

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      1. Thank you for your response – reread updates 2 and 3 while I don’t understand the various meters and solar videos guess I’m along for the ride. Love the car in the paper lantern!

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  14. I forgot to mention… on the 16th April (Australia time), I took some video footage of birds and kangaroo’s at the back of our home. When I played them back, each of the vid’s (3) had very clear ‘flashes’ in them. I also felt a wonderFull and joyous Love. @ John Helios: Awesome! SO good to hear.
    P.s. Hip is better, but i’m pretty much wiped out.

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    1. Crap it. I had already mentioned the vid’s stuff… sorry All.
      Brain fog. Time for curling up and receiving lots of pats.

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  15. Sifoo not like wasps, wasps like to fly into Sifoo’s mouth and ears and pick fights. On the brighter side, Sifoo is getting quite good at golfing them on volley using a small metal shovel with a nice swing to it. It’s not like I didn’t warn them.

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  16. S R meter is acting different! And so are people around me. Sending out Love/Harmony to All. Peace.

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