Sorry, we fell asleep at the switch again. We’ve had Yet Another Timeline Jump.

We’re going to carry some of the previous post updates forward.

We has this Wave X burst this morning. It looked like it was gonna hurt:

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 9.23.37 AM
Watch the time-lapse: BLAM. That is a ship on the bottom right, btw. Not sure whose. it looks mostly empty inside.

We said this morning that we might feel its effects quick, and feel it we did:


As expected, the above solar blast is being felt NOW, as both a timeline jump (that many have written about experiencing today), as well as a triple ouchie blast (see it there on the far right?).

It showed up elsewhere:




It also showed up as a CME:


It’s been felt from the top-down, from the most sensitive to the least sensitive of the CATs, usually in that order. It seems to have let some if us go for the time being, but symptoms included sudden headache, extreme fatigue, somatic heat, and an itching then inexplicable closing of the eyes (even if you’re not tired). There was also a feeling we can’t quantify, like we’re thirsty… but we’re not thirsty… we have a craving for something… yet don’t want to eat or drink. We have no idea what that one means. Could just be us.

Don’t forget to Ground (to either the OE or the NE), Protect, and BREATHE through the energy. If you have a paper lantern… wear it.


Around the time of the above timeline jump, this little bundle hung out in one CAT’s Japanese maple for ten full minutes this morning, which is quite unlike them. They usually flit about, but this guy was very calm… and very yellow:

Ack… a Donovan song just popped up.


Look at MIMIC get swamped by the Wave X energy:

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 10.39.47 PM


Another CME, a pretty big one…


…it’s gonna hit Stereo B hard… but it doesn’t work, anyway. No idea when we’ll feel the effects of this, if we do.

Also, there are so many ships coming out of Portal One that it’s almost not worth covering. Here are a few clips, and the whole timelapse:

Some ships out the bottom.
Traffic jam!
Echo (typical with iDs).



There were also a couple other energy events. Here’s one of them:

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 12.04.52 PM


[FYI, we moved this post up one.]

Here’s what that CME looked like:

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 1.20.10 PM
Here’s the whole loop. Note the planet-sized ships moving around the sun’s edge.

Here’s a view of the *next* one:

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 1.42.55 PM

These are being listed as CMEs and flares, but CACTUS (seen at bottom) is treating them all as CMEs. We’re gonna guess that we’ll feel the effects of these beginning this evening, and then one after the other, as there were more mini-CMEs in-between:

Here’s one.
Here’s another one.
This is really interesting. From this timestamp at 18:36, watch the sun (at the three o’clock position) till 20:24, here. See how things GO BACKWARDS, back into the sun?

Then there’s another event, that looks like the opposite sort of the above energy:




Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 1.37.31 PM
Watch the loop again around this time. Ships go into the sun at three o’clock and exit the sun at four o’clock, with another outlier censored on the left image, but seen on the right image.

Here they all are:

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 1.48.55 PM
(via CACTus, Computer Aided CME Tracking.)

These are the root events that drive the “solar wind” that some people keep citing.

More as we find it.

150 thoughts on “YATJ #53 [UPDATE3]

  1. Well, even without a cat whisperer around, I sure have felt this one. Both yesterday and today. And with all that’s on my plate at the moment, i (dare I say) powered through it and found the necessaries were a blessed distraction from the fuzziness… captured the almost full moon on the iPhone this evening and discovered that the energies were warping the photos, but the moon was shooting out rays all around it. The first photo made it look like I was shooting sunrise instead of moonrise. That was a first for me.

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  2. Whoever keeps falling asleep at the switch, I suggest their name be taken off the list for “who gets to be Dr Strange” on NE 😉. yesterday at 2ish MST, I had the heave ho’s 15 times in public. NEVER HAS HAPPENED TO ME B4! Not the flu. Pure water n yellow bile only. I felt perfectly fine b4 and perfectly fine after. I even went to work. While my stomach was in my nose, I was thinking Schumann and am I experiencing a time line jump? Cuz this sux😵😳😝

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  3. I notice the MIMIC has removed that data and are only updating to 4/17/19 (although you can see the beginning of that white show up on eastern africa). when those all-white-out images were showing up on the MIMIC 1st version, they stopped updating that one and went to version 2. wonder what they have up their sleeves now to keep us from having a looksie loo.

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  4. Yes, I was symptomatic today – primarily extreme nausea AM with occiput headaches/pain and bone pain, esp in upper arms.. itching mostly at ankles, then in PM MT tiredness( a bit less nausea), enforced nap – my daughter had bad migraine, second this week…

    SR meter did act weird late today – was checking it quite often, then the last time I updated it it had the huge black space and another 8 or so hours of data – I swear I had only updated it an hour or hour and a half earlier, 10:00 pm I think- could have been nothing, but it really surprised me (almost did a double take) as the previous update was still showing some of the last white area before the black (I’m always so hopeful about tl jumps – look for better things with family and myself – found some ).


    PS – I don't have a paper lantern, but will take a Donovan song any day – had a crush on him in my youth I was into bookbinding and made a cloth covered book with an inset picture of him sitting in a stone archway wearing an embroidered black velvet caftan… sigh, 1960's youth – lol kg

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    1. Ditto for me on the weirdness of the Schumann meter. I was checking it regularly and all of a sudden, *blam*, another 8 hours or so of data and a huge timeline jump appeared. But I hadn’t noticed data missing earlier and I knew I had checked it within those 8 hours. Had me busy trying to remember what I had done with my day and counting on my fingers!

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  5. Good morning all.
    Just woke up from a dream in which the sky cracked open and then an image appeared, first the Cat’s Eye Nebula (no joke) which turned into the WSA-ENLIL graph with all the colours and energy flowing. Then a white wave blasted and I had to close my eyes. Looked up again and the same scene took place: images and a blast.
    When all of that happened there was an inner knowing of: this is it!

    Last evening I noticed several small objects, size of a small bird, fly by. Almost to quick to be seen. Not like in the corner of my eye, in plain sight, yet so fast one could not see it fully. Felt benevolent. Happened 4-5 times.

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    1. “Then a white wave blasted…”


      Ahhh gawd…..THAT is my *beloved* SOLAR FLASH.

      PLEASE keep on replaying and envisioning and energy-injecting/supporting that scene, to manifest it here ~faster~…..

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      1. Yes. That would explain why the TWBs didn’t fire at us the last time they flew by our houses, low and slow (pretending to be a jet). We got that they were thinking the word, “Gone.”

        -CAT Eds.

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        1. Oh I’m so glad to read that and happy for you! 😁
          I sang out loud:
          Halleeeee-luuuuu-jaaaaaahhhhhhh! ✨

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  6. Theres a three hour gap on the sosfrr.ru chart from 9pm to midnight UK time. Haven’t seen a gap like that before. Then came here and found out we are being treated to cocktails now. CME and timeline jump. Anything else we can throw in the mix! Few ice cubes and a slice of lemon? The cute cat is obviously seeking illumination. Sorry, couldn’t resist that. Hope everyone gets through the effects soon. 🐈🐦😏

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  7. Fatigue, brain fog, so much so I could barely speak! And YES to eye itching, very annoying. I thought wave energy is to help awareness, I’m steadily declining back into a stupified zombie…

    Thanks for the validation anyhoo x


    P.S. Still seeing white mist inside and outside everywhere. And catching strange falling things, like big rain drops appearing. Probably the bloody landgulls using zombies for target practice!

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  8. What is it that they’re not showing us on the SHM? That black block.
    Yesterday evening, the graph was stuck at 21something hours while it should have been at 5am (looked at it around 23pm and we’re 6 hours behind Tomsk).
    It was back to livefeed this morning.

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  9. “There was also a feeling we can’t quantify, like we’re thirsty… but we’re not thirsty… we have a craving for something… yet don’t want to eat or drink. We have no idea what that one means. “
    Sounds like what comes from straddling the OE and NE simultaneously.

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  10. Owowowow, I’ve been hit just like you guys… extreme headaches and fatigue all around.

    But this is for the best! It’s another confirmation that SOURCE is doing the job right. Hope you guys are handling it just as fine, and don’t forget to BREATHE and meditate, everyone.

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  11. Here’s a freaky timeline story…felt fatigued, curled up on couch and right before I dozed off, I saw myself walking down the street…same me, in clothes I have in closet, carrying a bunch of folders/notebooks, hair in a bun…weirdly wonderful!! On a SR note…been following monitors since 2012…last night was biggest timeline jump (blackout) I can remember! Btw, hypnosis revealed I was a 5D Sirian Explorer…explains my LOVE for cats!! ☮️ 💚

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    1. Just to make sure I got that right: were you able to actually see the street and yourself whilst lying on the couch? Or do you mean daydream-like?


  12. Emotions running high …
    I fall asleep in front of the PC, bumping my head against the monitor, in spite of my best efforts to keep my eyes open …
    Look at him – I am the same … BOOM!

    Does anyone have a recipe for this condition? Thanks.

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  13. Wow. Had a dream that a jet that i thought was an F-4 flew by… then it began to hover and I realized it wasn’t a regular jet. Then it started shooting these little black bombs at people on the ground… which I was then watching on TV, somehow… the bombs were gas bombs which emitted a black vapor, and there was this terrible moan from the crowd. People around me began screaming and running and i was trying to get everyone to remain calm. THEN I looked outside and saw people ZOOM up into the air! I realized what was happening and got my family together and then I woke up. Damn.


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    1. Good to know, thanks.
      Now if only my cold could go away.
      I’m probably the only person on earth that can catch a cold in spring/summer (I don’t have any allergies, fortunately).

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    2. This probably has to be the best news I’ve received all month. Yay! Thank you, CATs. It’s good to know all of my (and our) struggles do have meaning, in the end.

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    3. Funnily enough, I saw someone’s cat sitting in the back of my garden earlier today, just staring in my direction. only time it’s ever happened.

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    4. Thank you cats. I wanted you to do that but couldnt ask. Glad I am still with you and all the others!

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    5. Ok… please note that this doesn’t mean anything in terms of who’s going to the New Earth. We CAN’T see that, we’re not allowed to. We meant everyone is doing well in the ways they need to be doing well… if that makes sense. Everyone will go to where they are best served — OR where they initially agreed to go to help. If you’re the guy in Region X to keep the peace during Event Y, then that’s an important job. Don’t forget: no matter where you go, there you are. SOURCE is with you no matter what. Basically, you ARE the New Earth.


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      1. Yes, thank you. I didn’t convey my feelings into the proper words. Something seemed to shift for me last evening. It’s as if I’m in the eye of a storm. I can see the world, as it is now, swirling around me but I’m centered inside myself, unshaken and at peace. NE doesn’t so much feel like a destination but a state of being, at least for me.

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    6. Hi CATs,
      Good to know! Thank you! 🙂
      “Btw, we kinda *LOOKED* at everyone who typically reads this blog… and you all look surprisingly well. Very well, in fact. None of you have anything to worry about.”
      Are you talking about our health or something else?

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    7. @ Cats. Wow. Thank you for looking. I am so pleased we are all doing OK, as at times you can’t help falling into the worry wart trap that you are dying when some of the energies splat into you. Much appreciated. X

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      1. I AM the total opposite of all of you here:

        “… And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad

        *The dreams in which I’m dying are the BEST I’ve ever had*
        I find it hard to tell you, I find it hard to take…”

        ~ Mad World

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        1. Holy crap, you have no idea how much I literally can’t wait, to “die”!!!
          (without having to ‘reinsert’ myself back into this experiment, timeline after timeline for mission success)
          I actually salivate now, over the bliss-induced contemplation of my freedom….

          Die, transform, transmute, shift, transcend, dissolve, “poof”, exit…….WHATEVER. Just BRING it.

          For the past decade it constantly makes me jump up and down clapping my hands with childlike JOY, in boundless *anticipation*.


          1. Everything in “Divine Time”, for We All planned this. You would’nt want to spoil the best part. Peace/Harmony.

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        2. I don’t know if it’s the opposite.
          For a very long time I felt trapped in what I saw as a marathon with no finish line.
          The idea of dying seemed the only way out. Upon closer examination I didn’t want to die, I wanted a different life.
          That is exactly what is happening right now. The race is over and I’m getting ready to experience the greatest show ever on earth. Actually it’s already begun. That is what I’m here for, otherwise I wouldn’t still be alive. I am happy and grateful to be on this planet.

          Of course I respect your dying wish. And if that is what your heart truly desires, I hope your wish is granted.
          Thank you for your work and service on Planet Earth. May the Force be with you. ❤️


          1. We’ll be blunt: dying is the easy way out. You’re here to learn and tough it out. Yes, it’s hard sometimes, but you knew this coming into this lifetime. By toughing it out, you gain HUGE rewards. Giving up often means that you have to come back and do the lesson all over again… but we don’t know how things will work after The SHIFT. You might have to go to another planet to work on what you already agreed to work on. The Old Third-density Earth probably won’t be available for some time for those old lessons. It’s served as Spirit Kindergarten and Elementary School and Middle School and High School for a long time, but the building is old and abused and needs renovation. And 4d/5d is basically Spirit College. So, you need to dig deep and find that spark to keep going so you can advance. You can do this.

            -CAT Eds.

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          2. @Public Display Name

            You are totally NOT alone in feeling that way! Thousands of “us” have felt that way fir quite a while now.

            Some of it is the dis-etanglement from all things 3D. The attachments that once held a firm grip on us have slowly dissolved.

            And what once held great fascination? Now not so much.

            And is part of our path

            ACIM says (chapt 15 i think)

            “No one can hear Him speak (of the Loce of God/Source for you) and long remain willing to linger here. For it IS Your WILL to be IN heaven where You are complete and quiet”

            Its a good place to arrive to. Some just arrive earlier than others. But EVERYone will eventually get there.

            Nothing wrong at all! Accept the release in calm and rest in Source – where You actually belong! 💗💗💗

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    8. Hi CATs,

      As I mentioned before, my furry guardian angel passed away a bit more than a week ago… 😦
      I am still fighting the emptiness that it made in my heart and my life…He was so loved that I can not imagine anyone replacing him…
      Despite that, I am getting a strong nudge towards getting another cat…I want to have exactly the same cat! I know it is not possible…and it breaks my heart… 😥
      Do you have any suggestions for me? What kind of cat should I get?…and when?

      All opinions and thoughts are appreciated!

      Thank you so much!

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      1. June Happy
        Years ago I listened to Coast to coast radio show where a woman’s cat died, and she was led to find another cat that had just been born and was shining or glowing. I think it was the same cat coming back for her. Also it was an ascended Master and spoke to her telepathically. she described what the cat was saying to us on the show and it was quite interesting. Perhaps your next cat WILL be the same cat coming back for you!

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    9. Ha, that’s quite funny, we had a visit from a neighbour’s cat two days ago. She came into our house, what never happened before! We friendly escorted her back to the door…when I imagine you were dragons 😀

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    10. @ CAT Eds, oh thank goodness! I don’t suppose you got a wee peek at my daughter did you? Sorry I can’t give her name on here or my real name! But you probably know that anyway 😉

      Much love and gratitude ❤️

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    11. Thank you so much it means a lot to me. ❤️
      Didn’t want to ask neither.
      We’ll see where we end up. It’s all good.

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    12. I am feeling this whomp but I had to take my kitty to the Vet and forced myself to drive the 35 miles, when I returned My 2 dogs and 3 cats are all deeply sleeping and have been most of this day, I wondered what the Sun was doing, Thanks for the confirmation.

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    13. Im pretty surprised you saw that too. Been feeling light headed and anxious lately. Might be going to the doctor soon, just to be sure…


  14. Could not keep my eyes open Thursday afternoon. No Zoomph. Had nausea the day before. My territorial Tabby slept with me all last night. Probably in an effort to stay together or protect me through time line realignment. She is on guard watching the yard outside for intruders most nights from a front window. Low growl means trouble sighted or “that’s no Easter bunny”. I am protected and loved.

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  15. There may be some confusion regarding the Schumann Resonance meter in Tomsk. While this meter does register energy and changes at those frequencies, it’s measuring energy AT THAT LOCATION. The earth is huge, and meters in other locations will typically yield different results. However, if OTHER meters register similar readings, then that’s significant, and local variation can be ruled out. This is why we usually post multiple meters when we see something, so you can see the pattern. Even amongst ourselves as “meters,” we look to see what percentage of the group felt or experienced something. (For example, more than half of us had a dream last night of people ZOOMING up into the air! Ahem.)

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. one static monitor in the middle of Russia…multitudes of clones scattered globally…excited electromagnetic energy bouncing between Earth and ionosphere…just feel it, at that moment. [was also flying last night in dreamscape!!]

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    2. I dreamed about being in a rocket ship going fast upwards and we were going to fight some bad bugs like in Men In Black the movie.

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  16. Similar to what Yellow Rose for Texas saw, people flying up into the air to go Home (after a Flash). 🙂 Peace.

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  17. Some of the CATs were out in public together today, grabbing some lunch, and someone at a nearby table casually started talking to us about politics (why?), mentioning some CNN “analyst” and wondered what we thought (like we were Jane Q. Public). We looked at each other blankly: None of us knew who they were talking about.

    So we asked, “Who?” and one whole side of the restaurant (who’d apparently been listening) burst out laughing, and thought we were roasting said analyst… but we really had no idea who the person was. They mentioned another celebrity “news” person… and we had no idea who that person was, either.

    -CAT Eds.

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    1. Good. There’s no way I would talk to a CNN analyst or any other reporter. Most people I know say they don’t watch TV or the news. It’s so funny not feeding into the politics and news. I’d be like who’s Mueller?

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    2. Sounds like an attempt to pull you into the muck (energetically), but you Cats are beyond reach. They know it, but try anyways…oh that “broken record” energy…😊

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    3. lmao!!! 😀

      back in 80’s after i got stabbed, and Source intervened and saved my life, i went into deep Fundamentalist Christian phase. Everything was Christ centered or just wasn’t interested. (only Christian music, activities etc. and even then, didn’t watch tv)

      so when my sister in law brought up concerns about Madonna at a family gathering and her “wanna be’s” …

      they couldn’t stop laughing when i said “Who?” followed by “What is that?”

      pffft ❤

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        1. one stabber … four separate incidents within a few week’s time to “neutralize” me …

          1.) i’m walking with laundry in a upper class apt community and hear someone running behind me … i turn to see a huge man with a hose (pantyhose) over his face and head running straight towards me ….

          i’m stunned
          and freeze

          he grabs me throws me into bushes and thankfully says:

          “SHUT UP”

          i WAS silent until that moment, stunned in disbelief
          BUT when he ordered me to “Shut up!”?

          i let out a very loud blood curdling scream that i was later told had people in bed literally sit up

          then` began to beat him with my purse … but no need
          with the scream?
          he ran

          2.) within a day or two … someone broke into my apt twice in SAME night
          once ~ while i was gone
          second time ~ when i returned

          i had lived alone until THAT night. turned out to be old friend of my next door neighbor who had just quit his job and was headed back to California next day

          i had mercy
          the police said this to me

          “he had ALREADY robbed you. when he came back, what do you think it was for? to ask you to play checkers?”

          so i moved

          3. next week i crashed my car into a ditch, awoke to spotlight above me in a hospital. when we saw car the steering wheel was just inches from seat. my aunt looked at me in disbelief and said:

          “how are you still alive? your uncle (6 ft + and strong body build) died specifically of the impact of the steering wheel hitting his chest”

          other than hurting to breathe …. continuing TO breathe i did

          SO therefore, 4. i walked to convenience store and young blonde, ALL American polite guy who asks me for directions and happens to be selling his car talks me into “test driving it”

          i had a photographic memory at the time and told him so
          i asked to see his license and plates and told him i’d remember when i was 80
          (that’s funny now … she “left” and sometimes i can’t remember my name … o.O )

          anyway, he said there was a trick to first gear, nothing mechanically wrong with car, he’d show me and i could drive back he was polite and i was 19 and he even opened door for me (what a gentleman i thought)

          then he pulls into secluded field and when i attempted to open door i realized it was locked. the old pull up locks

          unfortunately, it had been sawed off

          (apparently, when he gentlemanly like had opened the door for me? he had also locked it)

          so now i couldn’t get out.

          when i turned he had a knife

          one always wonders what one’s response would be

          you can’t imagine or really know til it happens to you

          i said “you *(&^*_(_)_^&(*)* $%^)&( i’m going to kill you!”

          and i went straight for the knife …

          wasn’t the response he expected from a 90 lb little teenage girl
          i’d been in private school all my life
          i’d never been in a fight
          not even sports
          reading was my favorite activity

          BUT nevertheless, turns out i did NOT like someone pulling a knife on me and when i went on to say “one of us is going to die” …. i didn’t mean me

          unfortunately, i reached for knife with my bare open hand (still have scars to prove it) … and immediately withdrew my hand as it cut me … so he kept the knife

          and stabbed me
          17 times

          while i fought, hitting his head against steering wheel etc

          at that point i looked down and saw blood coming out of different parts of my body like fountains and felt lightheaded. i realized that if i passed out, i wouldn’t know WHAT he did to me so i said

          STOP! I’ll do whatever you want

          he was a tad relieved. and told me to put my head down on the seat (this way he could drive and i couldn’t be seen)

          the lot he’d driven into was right off of a VERY busy street. it was also 5 o’clock traffic at that time so he couldn’t just exit while i was trying to keep my wits about me

          i tried to roll down window, but it too was rigged and would ONLY roll down a couple of inches.

          SO … i screaamed


          but it was 100 degrees and everyone had AC on and windows up
          NO ONE heard me

          and then … at last i screeeaamed

          “GOD HELP ME!”

          and poof!

          the door opened

          the door i had banged against
          tried so desperately to open

          i must have been in shock because i just looked in disbelief and didn’t move until i heard ONE word


          which snapped me right out of my daze and i did just that

          i want to say that i wasn’t the only one stunned
          because the guy?
          from that second?
          he didn’t move either
          he seemed frozen or something
          no attempt to grab me or stop me

          my parents moved me back home …
          i had PTSD

          but then i went to church … and as i realized i had hit clean rock bottom (a little hard to do anything when you could freak out at any moment and categorically refused to leave the house even though i did not want to be at my parents)

          i went to church, ignored preacher and just said

          “God, ALL of my life i have prayed to you but for ALL i know there is NOTHING but thin air up there … IF YOU ARE REAL?


          i felt something “heavy” lift up
          and heat come down
          and i KNEW that i KNEW that there WAS a God and He (ok Source) had just “touched” me

          and i felt “squeeky clean”

          what would and should have taken years with psychiatrist and thousands of dollars to “cure”? … was gone

          and once again, i sort of skipped when i walked (i’m little .. only 5 ft tall so sometimes i have to just to keep up with my taller friends 🙂

          anyway, it was THAT day, that i sort of figured ANY time AFTER that wasn’t really mine as i wouldn’t have had it anyway and dedicated my life to service …

          it was the worst thing that ever happened to me
          it was the BEST thing that ever happened to me

          i KNEW i had “changed” the night as i prayed for family and friends as i did/do each night … when i said “please don’t let him die without finding Christ”

          yep … a different “me” to be sure …

          anyway, its why i LOVE people and protect them and do the things i do mostly “listening” to an inner nudging that NO external authority gets to trump … ❤

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          1. So now you know something most don’t, how powerful you really are. That’s real self-confidence and you can’t buy it or fake it.

            I’ve practiced martial arts most of my life, to the point where I’m not really affected by threats of violence. I know I’m capable of going from 0 to 110 without missing a beat if I have to.

            I’m pretty sure it won’t happen again, judging from my own experience. They might be insane but usually not suicidal, and they have no trouble picking up the signal.

            Thanks for sharing!


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          2. Dear Sifoo 💞 💗💌

            I have learned “size doesn’t matter” even though I’m little and mostly gentle, more than one much “bigger” than me has visibly”squirmed” when i turn to look at them directly, without averting my gaze and say … nothing 😉


          3. @ Sifoo (and everyone else)

            I totally need to add that my faith and confidence us UNWAVERING … And my size or “special skills” completely irrelevant…

            BECAUSE my faith and trust is NOT in “ME” but in “He” who walks besides me. Im undaunted by the power ANYONE else might have because THE Source of ALL power is besides me.

            I trust that my Source guides me. Directs me. Supports me. Protects me in ALL things.

            EVEN if otherwise completely alone in a car with some maniac demon directed to kill me with a knife.

            And I’m trapped .. Alone..and defenseless…

            Matters NOT in the least!

            If i had to rely on my own strength and power? THEN i would be worried.

            But my EXPERIENCE (not even faith – but outright EXPERIENCE) taught me CLEARLY otherwise.

            It was a “gift” and to “keep it”? I “share” it freely with ALL 💞


          4. But like you said. This is impossible to “fake”

            People “sense” BS immediately as they innately “sense” what is Authentic Power.

            I can rely on me
            Or my Source

            I chose the latter long ago
            As in REALLY

            So THAT us why when someone comes into my presence very FULL of themselves and THEIR abilities?

            It ONLY takes me taking my sweet time to finally glance up at them and look directly at them without looking away for them to “get”

            This game THEY might be “playing”?

            I’m NOT “playing”

            and i don’t even have to say a word to be CLEARLY understood


            One HAS to BE centered and standing on a solid foundation (the highest vibes someone else mentioned)

            You KNOW when you are there NOTHING CAN touch you.

            And when you fall?
            The choice to lower?
            Comes at a price


          5. The “game”?

            Is that of Control and Domination

            OR of “Might”

            BOTH of which stem from FEAR

            the “game” I’m NOT playing

            Is the “game” OF Fear

            They “sense” my lack of fear

            And frankly it unnerves them

            From my size they can’t figure out WHY

            From my “vibe” communicated directly eye to eye? they sense I’m for REAL

            In the end it is my very refusal to “participate” in that “game” of fear that terminates the whole ordeal

            They move on because there is NO shortage of others who WILL “play” and fear whom they CAN and WILL “Control and Dominate”

            But the experience of OUR encounter I’ve heard is memorable and one i hope they meet in many others in times to come ad more if my brothers and sisters resolutely resolve to terminate ALL engagements and “detours” into FEAR 💗

            May LOVE and Peace replace this in the hearts and minds of ALL as we walk in the PEACE WE Create and REFUSE to relinquish to ANYONE for ANY reason



        1. dearest! precious angel Lilly!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

          you've GOT to KNOW … you are in my heart and often make it to my prayer list at night!!!

          sooo grateful for you my sweet angel! ❤

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          1. @ Dear Iota, you are amazing! You are so, so loved and protected, I have no words but will wrap my arms around your beautiful heart and soul! ❤️🙏❤️

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    4. I was at a small party the other day, and a woman brought up a topic she’d watched discussed on TV.
      I don’t watch TV, and said so, and I also said the show was dull.
      Another person present said, “You know what, I’ve always thought you are a schmuck, especially when you start talking about energies. What do you do then?”
      “I read books and listen to music”, I said.
      “Ha, that’s boring”, she said.
      Not much later I left.
      No one to talk to these days … ☹️
      Brother J had spoken about this division, even between siblings and closest friends, yes …

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      1. @Antoniatailor

        But YOU beloved Soul ARE NEVER alone! YOU who are ONE Self! United with Your Source!

        At ONE with ALL aspects of Creation! Unlimited in Power and in Peace. YOUR mind is Holy and the Light that eliminates from it brings Light unto Creation itself!

        How blessed are ALL who benefit from YOUR very presence in their midst! Though they might fail to recognize it consciously, their Spirt DOES and is grateful!

        Truth requires NO agreement nor acceptance not even recognition to BE True and remains perfectly unaffected by ANY of that.

        Thank you for coming and BEING
        ALL of Creation is blessed by YOUR presence 💗

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      2. So true, I just hang with Minky most days. Yet some Are showing signs of life. Peace in Harmony.

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  18. Okay think I have just had one of the strangest symptoms? Yet!

    My hands make the noise of the sea! I was meditating for just a short while and stretched my arms afterwards. I lowered my arms slowly and as my hands went past my ears I heard some white noise! I put my hands to my ears, covering them lightly and they sound like seashells when you hold a big one to your ear! Now what is all that about?! I have noisy hands!

    Much love ❤️

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    1. Lily, I had a weird hand thing going on for a while yesterday, too. I was putting groceries away and all of a sudden my fingers starting tingling. It was an intense pins and needles feeling and it lasted for maybe 15 minutes. Thought it might be a new ability of some kind coming on line, but I couldn’t figure out what. Didn’t seem related to healing, which is when I’m used to having sensations in my hands. Curiouser and curiouser!

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      1. @ Kolibri ❤️ Curiouser and curiouser indeed, the unusual is becoming the ‘normal’! Never know what is coming next, maybe my guinea pigs will whistle ‘Over the rainbow’ tomorrow morning when I greet them with a carrot 😉 🌈

        I wonder what the finger tingling was, have you tried playing an instrument or painting, maybe you have a new talent in the arts or maybe some kind of new healing power! These are truly amazing times! Although it’s been incredibly tough, I realise how fortunate we all are to be here experiencing this!

        Much love ❤️

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  19. Wonderful Cats & M’s thank you for the Updates. I was asleep during the big timeline jump but when I woke up I knew something had happened & like you, I too was thirsty but not, hungry but not, then I was gently reminded that the Solar Energy coming in was a New Source of Food for the mitochondria adding more fuel to expanding our dna. Interestingly I feel the same again today 🙂

    too funny I have seen the word “spy” so many times the past 2 days. well that makes sense now, wasn’t sure who it was cause generally I see a cat if your checking in

    Loved your last post – Cat Avengers … End Game! Indeed there is a Tidy Up happening. Kudos for all you do 🙂

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    1. @Lore lol!

      They NEED the recognition that what they hold to be True and their perspective that goes unquestioned might actually BE quite questionable.

      It struck me as a Holy Encounter and served everyone involved 💌


  20. Woken up to beautiful sunshine and a smiling daughter, the first night for a while not filled with shadows!

    Had a ‘spiritual’ spring clean yesterday, and everything feels better ☺️

    All windows opened, fresh bedding a lovely breeze and beautiful sun! Thank you! ☀️☀️☀️

    Much Love & Light to ALL ❤️xxx

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  21. A surprisingly wonderful and insightful Event update just now, synchronistic as all hell to the point of Zero Point ridiculousness….

    ….and includes some Event narrative comparisons such as the one already mentioned here, “Yellow Rose for Texas”:



    For those of us Conduits who are holding the light of the Great Wave/Flash when it comes up from the core of the Earth, up through our feet and up to the sky like pillars — my Higher Self intel has always been that there is NO immolation/incineration or any destruction at all of the Physical Body during this process — only incredible “BLISS”.

    Instead, just as the CATs here have described….when we choose to make the full transition into our Higher Energy Body, we will simply and painlessly and very happily go, “Poof”. ;D

    And disappear/reappear.

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  22. New Gaia Portal ❤️

    Inspections of Higher Ascenders are completed.

    Those unwilling for the upward movement are soothed and transferred.

    Heavenly Partners assume the Guardian role.

    Flights of Hummingbirds fill the skies.

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    1. “Those unwilling for the upward movement are soothed and transferred.”

      Translation: There, there, poof! 😉

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  23. So, regarding the big whomp and timeline jump we just had, turns out there were seventeens involved after all. The February and March whomps both started on the 17th at 19:00 Tomsk time, which is noon Universal time, and went for 24 hours. This most recent one started at 12:00 AM on the 18th, Tomsk time, which is 17:00 on the 17th, Universal time. Including the timeline jump, it also went for 24 hours. And really, if you were Q and trying to make a point, why would you use Tomsk time? Things that make you go hmmm!

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  24. ok … so sometimes posting here and “effects” afterwards make me go quiet or just keep stuff to myself.

    BUT the timeline jumps are just insane already.

    i haven’t bothered to even keep up because it seems every morning there is a “new me” and new timeline to deal with.

    BUT sometime last week (seriously tried to “think” to determine specific date but brain STILL too “foggy” and just can’t)

    anyway, it now leaped into the undeniable, i’ll relay just three

    aside from the once again, i’m “me” but just a “10% version of ‘me'” that happens regularly? now i had physical confirmation

    i had dropped my mouse (computer mouse) the week before and the lid thinggy that holds batteries in place went flying and i glanced up to see that it had “landed” under desk in middle of room. i continued with what i was doing and forgot about it.

    later i flipped the mouse bottoms up and realized that it was open and i had forgotten to retrieve the back cover thinggy so i got up to get it and it was NOWHERE to be found.

    i got up and did my thorough search, i swept, moved furniture with an ever increasing “again” feeling inside. I was determined NOT to let it annoy or disturb me that something that is supposed to be a certain way just blatantly is NOT anymore

    so i told myself, “let it go” and “you can always put duct tape or something to keep batteries in” just do one more round of sweeping and searching just in case so puppy won’t find a new “treat” to promptly swallow.

    and when there was “nothing” i made a resolute intention to put it out of my mind (ignore it)

    and THEN i walk into Petco give my phone number for their rewards and ZERO. Blank. NOT in there. she finally looks me up by name and email and though i have a very unique name, it took some time but she did find me and couldn’t understand why then the number didn’t come up? …. i just smiled, shrugged and “let it go”

    i went to pick up my nephew and had to clear the seat for him to sit. so it was clear when he got in. nothing on it. empty.

    now THIS past week:

    for one? i was SO exhausted i didn’t even bother to attempt to work. the mind fog was unbelievable …. at some point i reached for computer and mouse and reminded myself to get some duct tape so batteries wouldn’t fall out, so i flipped the mouse …

    back on there
    blatantly in place

    then when i went to get my furry babies food? i looked on passenger seat and found bright pink lighter on it that hadn’t been around oh … for couple of months. remember this is the very seat i had completely cleared the last time in vehicle. I have black leather seats so bright pink would have definitely stood out….

    went back to Petco … my number still turns up “no one” … for YEARS i’m there … but now? i’m not … though through some hoops i can eventually be found … i looked at her and said “we jumped timelines again. just ignore it, it happens all the time now” i smiled and left.

    these were physical and not just in my mind or field of perception …

    so concern was ….

    are we recuperating? being restored? or did i “go back”?

    really want to move forward … and on to NE …just so very tired still ❤

    where are my cotton candy clouds i wanted to be my little contribution??? :/

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    1. @ Iota totally with you ❤️ Timeline jumps are non-stop! Yes please let us all be on positive ascending paths, no reverse, just forwards and up!

      Much love & light and flying pigs! ❤️☀️🐖 xxx

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    2. Cool iota! My morning shower was groundhog day, 3rd time I believe. Left eye twitching during lightning storm. Peace.

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  25. the concern also stems from THAT last week? my son’s first gf tried to commit suicide his bday was fri mar 29 and that started depression … she tried on monday. no one bothered to notify me til wed when they were refusing to release her and moving towards an indefinite period … so she told her mother to call me, that if anyone could get her out? it would be me

    i went into instant protective mother role and after making sure she was ok? i promised her i would handle it and would NOT let anything happen to her … so i then did my whirlwind thing i do … she laughed as she heard voice mail of DA returning my call and making himself available to me after hours since the judge had been the one to give me his number.

    after making sure i had a good handle on the situation…. then it sunk in WTF????

    she had a round the clock sitter present every moment so it was hard to get in a word without it being noted but when someone else walked in and spoke to sitter i looked at “D” and said “REALLY? …. you want your mother to be ME????”

    she lowered her eyes and shook her head …

    I kissed her forehead gently 3 times with tears in my eyes BUT then i told her “you wait D” i told her … “you just wait til you are 100% ok … you’re going to get it! you will be begging them to let you back into this place when i’m done with you!” … she laughed and pretended the “i see nothing … hear nothing” cute little thing she does … but she knew i was serious and hurting … she reached up to hug me and tell me she loved me.

    anyway, she’s out. i know my intervention was crucial in that situation, even in just the moral support and feeling my presence and that they could lean on my strength and that they could trust i would NOT LET ANYTHING happen to her … that i’d make sure she was ‘safe’ i know they “needed” that …

    and so … THAT was a timeline intervention … one way could have gone south … this way was supported, cared for, loved and secure.

    good for them

    concern for me

    i’m such a small percentage of “me” that i rarely engage unless necessary any more. i hate to disappoint the people who remember some dynamic version of me that has long now “left” … almost feels like i don’t want to “ruin her reputation” … she LOOOVED Everyone and EVERYONE LOVED “her” …

    this “me”? i barely observe and register … unless something really CALLS forth the old parts of me to respond? they slumber … somewhere else … sigh …

    i felt i “did” what i was “supposed to” … for them
    but for me? it was like moving backwards in time

    and indeed THREE physical confirmations of “things” appearing ONCE again, where they had NOT been there before (another “missing” thing showed up in my purse)

    and the confirmation i was NOT “there” anymore? … PETCO …
    after YEARS of being there?
    now i am NOT

    oh … and people flying up in the air?

    though i understand the whole “we’re not killers” stance the CATS lovingly stated as to why they did not kill the TWB.

    i don’t share it
    at ALL

    I AM

    took decades. but as i came to that point in THIS very blog.

    the dark has won repeatedly because they are consistent and UNdeterred and their actions MATCH their intentions withOUT hesitation or remorse.

    while we give chance after chance after chance which translates into leaving them “free” to wreck their havoc once again … and NOT just “once” … but OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER … with determination, conviction and unwavering committed persistence … NO hesitation produces results

    this is undeniable

    i’m a mother. when a mother detects a contamination attacking her child? she acts decidedly ~ with conviction ~ and without hesitation to “kill it” …

    she doesn’t put it in a bubble of love and lift it OR exalt it … not even for one tiny second.

    it attacks. she eliminates it. she doesn’t put it out on a field where it can find its way to attack another child or 100 children for thousands of years.

    even with her own child. sparing the child from the consequences of its choices is a recipe for disaster … AND it gives the child the “wrong” message and validates choices that do NOT merit validation, not to mention it deprives the natural evolution that is what they “deserve” (this is intended in a positive way .. to experience the repercussions of our choices is what we “deserve” AS it affords us tremendous insight and potential for unprecedented growth)

    when i wrote the above months ago? CATS agreed completely … just about everyone agreed with “ENOUGH”

    well … i meant it. i turned in my resignation papers for my “PERPETUAL Fly Swatter” Job and NEVER will i accept the “Doormat” one much coercion has been put on my to accept.

    so now? i have protection in place. but if “Infringement” IS insisted upon?
    i have NO intention to “swat” it away more than once
    NOT the SAME source anyway

    so … from that? i too had a dream. … i was at a table with 5 others … they all “seemed” good and “friendly” …. but i was observing and “feeling” … and i realized … they weren’t.

    and as SOON as i did? … my eyes squinted and teeth shut tightly in my mouth the way they do when i’m serious … and …. they ALL realized i “knew” … exactly ONE second before they ALL “flew up in the air” … but they went up in the cloud of smoke of disintegration i’ve put in place … was “nice” to “see” it worked ….

    there was no remorse. no anger. no judgment.

    (ok timeline thing? in MY timeline “judgment” was spelled “judgement” … i was a spelling bee champ. it was …. whatever … sigh)

    anyway, we ALL must do what our hearts tell us to. this is the one place we can’t “follow” anyone else or their choices or reasons.

    Mine tells me i’m done.
    i have ZERO desire to continue with my “Perpetual Fly Swatter” profession
    and they have ZERO intention of EVER desisting

    it is their hallmark
    and just ONE reason for their remarkable level of effectiveness

    i intend to be AS consistent and committed

    THEIR choice
    THEIR repercussions

    i’m sure it HAS been a real grand field day to experience

    THEIR choice
    OUR repercussions

    but you know … it was just time to change things up i felt … i can’t in good conscience play their pinata or canvass to their painting OR “swat” them away so they can pester another.

    not anymore ❤

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    1. @iota Thank you for your wonderful rant! You’re speaking from your heart and your talking to the heart, there is no room for the mind to step in and start lamenting: “…but, but, but…”. You have put into words so eloquently, what my heart wants to shout out so badly, but it needs the mind to put it into words, I tried, but I failed. I guess, it takes a mother’s heart to paint the picture like you did, or it will be an ugly depiction of a nightmare. I am deeply touched by your words and as a father, I have experienced exactly what you said, I had to fight for the right to let my son defend himself when he gets attacked. This New Age love and light mentality has been weaponized against us humans and when we don’t put an end to these attacks, they will not end. We have had first hand experience with “kids”, that had no soul in them, empty shells that are controlled by daemons…they are not our brothers, just pure evil psychopaths. That, by the way, was already recognized by Rudolf Steiner a hundred years ago!
      Thank you once again iota, for speaking your truth.

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      1. Dear Mr K

        Thank you for your courage AND love! It takes BOTH to speak TRUTH from the heart!

        There are MANY “tests” faced by humanity that differ, but at least ONE faced by ALL ( though often unrecognized)

        It is where OUR inner guidance is NOT the “popular” choice (or accepted, or expected or some version of a “should”)

        And so before one lies the choice….

        Do we betray OurSelf?
        (go with the crowd, do what’s “expected” or what whatever our version of environment, religion, peers, family etc say we “should”?)

        Or do we remain true to Self even if it means standing alone?

        I won’t have many “regrets” about my life when i leave here. But EVERY SINGLE ONE that i WILL?

        ALL involve heeding “another’s voice” above MY own

        High price to pay
        Too rich for my taste

        And everyone here KNOWS this

        In ALL the stories, movies..even our own lives… The endless abuse goes on and on and on…UNTIL at last , finally, someone ends it.

        Even in my own story of being stabbed? Though my father searched the entire city ALL night and didn’t find him.

        My mother was happy at what most likely would have happened if he had. (in TX daddy’s don’t take kindly to men “messing” with their little girls)

        my memory all but “erased” his actual face. But a yr or so later i walked into a friends business saw one of the workers blonde etc..but I’d seen many, i can’t remember if he looked at me or not. I just immediately “felt” chilled . danger and walked out!

        Later he was arrested having stabbed a 14 yr old girl and suspected of more.

        Im sure that it was him.
        And I’m sure neither HER daddy or the girl or other victims were “happy” like my mother and other’s who might disagree that daddy didn’t find him and put an end to THAT. ( true story )

        the dark have persevered BECAUSE they have been “allowed” TO persevere by some misguided notion of love that somehow equates to sparing them to do it yet AGAIN. and AGAIN and AGAIN

        And they take full advantage of this

        And so they continue
        And WILL continue
        Until they ARE deterred
        And that’s just fact

        We can all look at history or even our own lives to verify

        and MEAN it

        ACIM says “our tolerance for pain is high but NOT without limit”

        And it CLEARLY specifies that we “have a RIGHT to DENY the power of ANYTHING but Source to affect OUR lives”(in fact it states that IS the proper use OF denial)

        And i categorically HAVE
        And DO

        yet this Free Will choice I’ve made?
        HAS been violated 785,955 times. (at least)

        I’ve been consistent for decades
        They gave been completely undeterred



        Now it is


        I cannot bear the consequences for the choices of another ANY more.

        While doing so had worked out really great for “THEM”…

        for ME?
        not so much
        nor for their next “mark” that they were allowed to live to harm i would imagine

        Take heart
        Have Courage
        And take appropriate action without hesitation

        “THEY” certainly do not …

        Though experience has taught them most WILL hesitate
        Tbey count on it

        There is NOTHING unloving on allowing BEINGS to face the repercussions OF their choices

        And i actually believe ot WOULD have “helped” them evolve and make “different” choices by at least a millenia or so by now

        ALL the answers we NEED are withIN

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  26. Hi all!
    Today I saw a big white craft flying, long and in a baguette shape in lack if a proper english word.
    Thought it was a plane first but no.
    It moved horizontally to the left and then back to the right, then it disappeared. Scene lasted a minute or two. There was a huge white energy field around it.

    I’ve seen other crafts before, silver ball shapes. This one was huge, as it was visible from miles away.
    It was broad daylight as well which made me think I’m about to go Roy Neary.

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  27. I felt exactly this (odd cravings/thirst that nothing seemed to satisfy) but was having a difficult time articulating it. For me it started on 4/18 and continued all day yesterday (4/19). I also noticed a couple of odd things this morning (4/20) which may be a result of the timeline jump: 1) I was looking for a certain sweatshirt in my closet and couldn’t find it, so I thought maybe I had left it at my parents’ house the last time I visited them, then after taking a shower I checked my closet again and it was right there in front of me, literally on the 2nd hanger, so I don’t know how I could have possibly missed it; and 2) I work in the tech field (software development mostly) and thus have a workspace with several computers + monitors – one of my laptops was out of place this morning, which is VERY odd because I haven’t touched that computer in at least 2 weeks.

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  28. I had a pair of Jehovah’s Witnesses come to my house this morning while I was on my first cup of tea. One of them was impaired and did all the talking, while her partner (a kindly older woman) watched. The former was clearly feeling the energy of the exchange — not only standing on a property where a portal was not far away, there was something else going on, too. Her voice was vibrating for a number of reasons, full of energy and emotion… not the least of which was that she had wronged me (and others) in a previous life and this current lifetime was part of her lesson. It was all so touching and wrought with emotion that I teared up involuntarily, as did the older woman.

    THEN, not five minutes later, I saw a WWII warbird lay a “parade” contrail whoopdedoo right in front of my house… followed by an adult bald eagle and its sibling… that I actually got a picture of! Quite a morning.


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  29. Can one of that CATs or M’s have a look at my partner. She is having symptoms of sleep apnoea, but it doesn’t seem right to me. She’s not overweight, nor does she snore or have any other causes.

    She describes it as she knows it’s there, and she has to pull herself out of it to start breathing again, and says it’s like someone sitting on her chest.

    Last night when she took a gasp I asked if she was okay, but she was slowly shaking like she was in a trance, it lasted about 5 seconds and then she snapped out of it. She is getting quite worried and I’m not sure what it is. Any info whether its negative entities, something sinister or anything else would be amazing.

    Thank you.

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    1. We’ve had that, too. It seems like it’s a couple things, Wave X being one of them. Might be a good idea to have to visit a sleep lab; they have sensors you wear at night that monitor your breathing. Might want to do this just to be safe. Negative entities are few and far between at this point. Thinking positively makes huge advances right now.

      -CAT Eds.

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      1. Thank you, she’s not the kind of person to get medical advice easily. The thing is it doesn’t happen all the time she will have a few days that it will happen then it will stop for a little while. Strange. Maybe it’s just when Wave X energy is high, because it only started 2-3 years ago.


  30. @Christopher ..

    So Feb 2? That’s awesome Chris! Even if we get a bit “scattered in these timeline jumps? Its looking like this blog may end up being a sort of “convergence” point where we can all kind of “check in”!

    Glad to have you as fellow traveler my friend! Peace to you as well and thank you! 💌

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  31. Wow, coincidental…err no such thing right?! I was going to keep this to my self, until Chris’s Post. ✨ I had 3 dreams last night about holding breath, catching breath and inhaling! The first dream was jumping off something very high, I held my breath. The next was running, not away or to something, not in fear, but in anticipation, I was breathing fast. Last was diving into a pool, it was deep and I had to hold my breath, a few times wanted to inhale but knew better to. Reached the surface and took a huge deep breath. I meditated on it and “heard” is; we can breath now! What ever stage you feel you are in (Do you hold your breath a lot? Or feel you can’t catch your breath? Or not able to breath deep enough?) we are close to and some are at “zero point” now – which means stop focusing on what you don’t want and start focusing on what you want. Ditch the preverbal anchor and start sailing by following your heart/passion/joy! ✨💕👍

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  32. I saw something last night when I took my dog out that looked like an actual star sitting on the top of my neighbors roof is this a little ufo does anyone know? 🤓

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  33. I send my energy of Peace/Love to All who come across this message. May every One have a Beautiful week. Peace.

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  34. Can you CATs also ‘see’, what this lady is able to see?


    More on the current activity around the sun ~ April 21, 2019:


  35. Regarding UPDATE 3, thanks CATs, that explains why my daughter would not sleep last night!

    Much love ALL


  36. My brother Marc has a gallbladder operation tomorrow, Tuesday 23rd at 14:00 utc+2 (New York 8:00am, London 12:00pm noon, Sydney 0:00am midnight).
    May I ask all of you a favour: please send him love and blessings.
    Thank you very much.

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    1. @Public Display Name

      Sending love and healing tonight to restore health and peace to ALL and guide and direct the surgeons. But mostly to let you know we love you and we care! 💗

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        1. Thank you for replying in my mother tongue ❤
          You made me feel special,


          1. @The CAT(s) That Lived

            Where is the horror show?
            That was a message of thanks …


          2. I am glad it made you feel that way.
            Perhaps this is not the time nor place to say this, yet you have been on my mind for a few months. It has become much stronger over the past few days. I wanted to share that feeling with you. Already typed this yesterday but deleted it. Today I felt a push to do so.
            Have a nice evening.

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        2. @Public Display Name

          Well, hello, it’s nice to meet you!
          Ough, I had a very rough night,
          And I still find it difficult to come to …
          But don’t we all …

          Love to you,


  37. This Friday, Holiday here in Germany, we drove to my Sister. My husband and my 3-years-old were sitting in the back of the car. You parents here know what’s going to happen now:
    we were just about a mile away from home and my son asked: Mamaaaaa, when are we at aunties?
    I said: soon, only one hour sweetie
    Son: That’s to looooong for me, I’m sooooo bored – started crying
    Immediately I “saw” my Higher Self rofl-ing, as I’m asking the same question like all the time, getting the same answer (soon) AND complaining/acting in exact same way (that’s to loong for me, I can’t do it that long, you said soon, when is soon, soon in my or your time-sense + started crying……) bwahahahahahhahaaa
    So I recognized, the term “soon” has another time quality for adults (Higher selves, Guides…) as for us, the kids in the back of this earth car 😂

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