The Thrice-Great Backatcha


Since we’re forced to sit on the Justice timeline (and others), we thought we might as well comment on it. The most fascinating part of all this political angst being thrown around, with the Left constantly accusing Mr. T of what they themselves are guilty of, is that it’s actually happening to them…

…Justice is closing in on THEM.
It’s a perfect illustration of that that old magick saw, “Whatever you send out will come back to you thrice great.” And this has all definitely been just that, word magick. (Note that we use the old term.) The one side/ca8al is tripling the negative mojo back onto themselves…. and they don’t seem smart enough to know when to stop, or what the hell’s going on. They are doomed, and refuse to pull their heads out while their world crumbles, a study in cluelessness. Well, we’re not gonna shed any tears for them, but it is sad.

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  1. Thanks for this post. It all seems so obvious to me, the way this is all playing out.
    On an energy note, I seem to be having severe brain fog and exhaustion. Started yesterday afternoon and isn’t letting up. Maybe from the CME’s and flares you posted the 3rd update about?

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  2. The wheels of justice turn veeerrrryy slow. We’re talking years. And my mom has boil-sized cancer welts coming out of her skin. She is running out of time… Do we have to see all the bad guys in prison or Gitmo first?


    1. Be of good cheer! The last two full moons have been in the sign of Libra. The symbol for Libra are the Scales of Justice. Double Libra energy. Last of these was this past Friday. The wheel has turned, justice is here now. Grab some popcorn and watch the show!

      In addition, Uranus goes conjunct with the sun today. Uranus is the planet of sudden and cat-a-strophic changes. In addition to all the other whomps, we will be seeing the power of Uranus focusing and amplifying through the sun bringing even more fun and surprises! Dancing shoes, please….

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      1. duganknows is spot on correct, and I’ve been hearing about all this “popcorn” and “show watching” for the past 8 years now and all there is to watch, is the brain-fog inducing Earth Circus.

        Can’t even watch it, don’t CARE.

        It’s been TOO much and it’s been TOO long.
        It all has played out so far with a carrot up Uranus….I’ll tell you what WE would never do — we would never torture our children in the back seat of the car by driving around in circles for 10 years, never actually *arriving* at Auntie’s house, and telling them a thousand times that we will be there “soon”.

        The only thing I want to know right NOW, is what the hell is going on with the fleets of ships around the Sun, with their prep work for the SOLAR FLASH….I don’t give a fig if it’s a bunch of Blue Birds working on it, or a bunch of Black Bee People…..just tell us WHAT IS GOING ON out there.

        Not down HERE. We are leaving all of this silliness behind.


      1. I assure you it’s mostly a done deal. Running these trials in public using regular courts would be collective suicide, guaranteed civil war. There can be no question which side is in control once the crocs start hitting the fan, the entire head has to come in one chop.

        Now take a deep breath and think of something n(ic)e 🙂


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    2. If she’s got welts, it’s likely mycotoxins. It would be worth getting her on the Doug Kaufmann diet if she’ll do it, starve out the fungus!


    3. Anything you can do to make the body less sour and toxic.

      Freshly squeezed lemons (believe it or not), cayenne pepper and more. Less coffee and sugar (unfortunately), no processed crap.

      The most reasonable explanation I’ve come across is that the cells are more or less suiciding themselves because the environment is too toxic/sour. That explains why there are so many solutions out there that works for someone, there are plenty of things you can do to detox and adjust your pH.


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  3. Greetings CAT’s, M’s & other entities who are assisting us at this time. Thankyou for all that you do for us.

    Are the ca8al etc etc etc et al going to be “wiped out” here in Australia & NZ?? If so, great big sigh of relief!

    For those of you who don’t know, we in Australia will be experiencing a Federal Election on 18th May. Let us not vote for the incumbents or those who do not have Australia’s best interests at heart!



  4. And yet Holy 45 does stuff like this: asks for UN language referring to reproductive health care for rape survivors to be removed.

    French permanent representative to the UN Francois Delattre said the country was “dismayed by the fact that one state has demanded the removal of the reference to sexual and reproductive health … going against 25 years of gains for women’s rights in situations of armed conflict.”

    And going for Iranian oil again? I just get so depressed.


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