649: Meterage, etc. ~ [UPDATE3]

Hang 20.


So, this meter is actually upside-down, the way they have it set up. Zero is at the top. Note the steps around 11 (which is 9 pm PDT); those steps go UP from 20 Hz to 30 Hz. Interesting.

A little jump.

This is the energy (in red) around the new moon.

More new moon energy.

More steps.

More jumpage.

What the heck timeline is this??


In no certain order:

  • People keep talking/asking about the “AI Grid Overlay.” There is no AI Grid Overlay. There might be some icky algorithms deployed at the 3d level, but if you vibrate UP towad 4d, you’re less affected.
  • CATs and everyone else keep asking if we’re still here because we need to be on tap for something that’s to happen, or if there’s still something we need to work on. For most everyone, it’s both.
  • One of the M’s saw a Pleiadian the other day, wearing dark sunglasses — and riding a skateboard down one of our streets! Hilarious. That’s one way to avoid annoying “alien” questions. She was just cruising down the street and checking out all things 3d.

More as we find it. Be sure you’re meditating and working on your own Ascension.

Shred that gnar, kitty.


The time of WILL is upon us. If you don’t have much, get some. The CAT Colonel is in the house.

No smoking!


Recent solar activity:

“halo II” basically means it’s earth-facing.


Looks like we’re also having timeline adjustments: