650: Changes ~ [UPDATE4]

Another jump… with a difference.

So, we had another jump. No big deal, right?

So, that happened. Where are we now?


Some CATs have reported “crumbing” dreams from last night (during said jump):

dreamt that i helped someone get a ticket to the big game, but as we went up the steps, an old brick structure in the distance next to the big modern stadium cracked and fell over, causing the whole stadium to crack and fall — making the walkway we were on separate at the end, such that we had to go back. i wasn’t upset, just concerned that people get back away from the crumbling structures. one of the emergency responders looked stricken, like he couldn’t believe it.

Does this mean some of us are NOT going to be here for The Big Show? No idea. Consider it yet another data point. But it suggests that our world is set to crumble. This will be a good thing, but many will see it otherwise, hence your presence.

Some CATs have also been physicially seeing and hearing hawks and vultures and mockingbirds and owls and woodpeckers like crazy — but we’ve also started having “HAWK” visions, where we see a hawk come to rest on a high wire. (One CAT’s main guide is a hawk, though he seems to saw “CAW” a lot, lately.) In this most recent hawk vision, we suspect it’s our Higher Self letting us know that we’ll be better able to see into the distance, with greater clarity, soon… or it just meant, “Tired from flying around too much? Grab this power line.” [zap]


In the Frustration Dept., Sophia Love’s “ONE” contact claimed that ‘something was going to happen in a fortnight.’ You know how we feel about posted deadlines… but it seemed genuine. It was genuine. It was also wrong. ONE can’t tell exactly when anything’s going to happen any more than we do, given all the free will and boneheads flying into SUVs all over the place. For those not from the UK, a fortnight is two weeks… and the deadline was almost a month ago. Her latest post kicks the can down the road, just like Blossom’s posts have done lthe past few months. Frankly, we don’t even believe US anymore, or what we see, until it actually manifests; all bets are off as one traipses between timelines. We actually have some ground-breaking stuff to share with you, but we want to make sure we’re not being jerked around, first. Also, it may not be for 3d eyes, so…

It bears saying again:

The only way to get to the New Earth is via Ascension, and the only way to EVOLVE in such a dramatic fashion is to meditate. One of the Buddhas (and perhaps some yogis) did it while alive (though the first Buddha had to come back for one more lifetime — because he forgot to address SOURCE!). One Buddha — Guru Padmasambhava — actually melted rock he was touching during his Ascension transformation:

He went from 3d to 6d to 9d in about two seconds. The heat from this melted the rock as he used it to stand up. (And yes, he had six fingers on each hand.) He stressed communion with ONE (we suggest using the omata meditations) and SOURCE.

Needless to say, it can be done. So, MEDITATE. Like your life depended on it. Don’t whine about it. Do it.

(Admittedly, Padmasambhava had a serious head start by incarnating with all his memories intact. This can also be done. ANYTHING can be done if you want it badly enough.)


And then we have this parting shot, from a galactic higher-up during the last Casseiopeia session, which rang true:

Goes with the above dreams. Take heed.


We’ve had some movement with the two giant-ship timelines; they’re still up next to each other, but are starting to show separation. One major participant is now aboard the ship CATs are on, whom we were waiting for. (Note that we don’t know what ship that is.)

Note the starts and stops.

Also note that these are 3d meters, mired in 3d, so they are becoming increasingly useless.

Meditate as much as you can. Time is of the essence. Reality is starting to crumble. If you encounter any object or person in your dreams or meditations that makes you SINK, let go of whatever or whoever it is and let them drop away; use that SWORD to cut them out if they sink into your flesh (in your dreams/visions). That SWORD is an infinity SWORD, so you can pull as many swords off it as you need, to do most anything you want, limited only by your imagination. DNA winds from the tip, up into the hilt.

Note: Colors here are just for style. SWORD will probably be WHITE.


Oh, this happened yersterday; it may affect us soon:


Another excellent offering from Saratoga Ocean (thanks to J for pointing this out):