EVENT Step 6 Countdown Has Begun [UPDATED]

Event Step 5 was fairly mild. The next Steps (6 and 7) feel medium. We will definitely feel them. Step 6 feels very solar plexus/heart-chakra driven. It will begin around the end of the countdown, and go on for a few days. We’ve noticed that some people go through it a week before, some a week after, so the countdown is really just a placeholder … Continue reading EVENT Step 6 Countdown Has Begun [UPDATED]


The MEOWRACLE is working overtime. Now that the holidays and SuperDistraction50 are officially over, it’s time to start WORKING to make things happen. If we wait around and dunk toes, we’re never gonna get wet. Believe us when we say that we’re also talking to ourselves here. So… As many of us as possible need to seriously commit to a few things for the next … Continue reading THE MEOWRACLE SAYS: "PREPARE THE WAY" [UPDATES]