The MEOWRACLE is working overtime.

Now that the holidays and SuperDistraction50 are officially over, it’s time to start WORKING to make things happen. If we wait around and dunk toes, we’re never gonna get wet. Believe us when we say that we’re also talking to ourselves here. So…

As many of us as possible need to seriously commit to a few things for the next 60 days, or so. These things aren’t easy, but if we try easing into them, they won’t be so difficult. These individual tactics support those higher-order beings working toward The Event.

Here’s what we need to do:

1. Start meditating, ideally two-to-three times a day. A morning meditation, a noon meditation (say, 5 mins), and a longer nighttime meditation. We’re not talking about hours-long marathon sessions followed by levitation, we’re talking about doing what you can when you can, but doing it regardless. If you forget, no problem, just make up the time. We’ll publish a quick meditation primer this week to help get us all on the same metaphysical page. It’s time to start making meditation a part of your regular day, if you don’t already.

2. STOP (or reduce) your alcohol consumption. Drugs and alcohol lower your vibration, plain and simple. Again, we’re only talking about 60 days here. You’ll actually save a FORTUNE by not drinking. We know this is tough for some (we hear the groans, they’re coming from The CAT staff, too), but see what you can do.

3. Cut back on eating meat. Eat more fruit and veggies and whole grains, using meat as more of a garnish than a main course. Again, it’s only for a relatively short period of time. There’ll be plenty of time to celebrate later. Drink lots of clean, pure water.

4. Most importantly, in a meditation today or tonight or very soon, imagine a BIG RED BUTTON in your mind marked “GOOD,” and PUSH THAT “GOOD” BUTTON! We all need to commit to doing GOOD, en masse. Turn GOOD on full-blast. Turn it to 11. This may sound silly, but it’s not. We’re being guided to say this. The real Powers That Be know what’s good for us and they say PUSH THE “GOOD” BUTTON. So, push it! Push repeatedly until the elevator doors close and life starts to GO UP!

5. Finally, we’re doing an all-day mass-meditation this Easter, March 27th, 2016, across all faiths, all spiritualities, all timezones. Exact times aren’t important. What’s important is that, on this day, we all meditate on, and pray for, and contemplate the existence of a world of love and light and peace… for all.

Here’s your countdown:

These meditations and actions are arguably the most important ones of our lives. Our collective vibration is already rising. You can see evidence of this all around you, as more and more truths come out, and more and more dark forces/institutions fall, as light floods in to replace the dark. One serious hurdle remains, but we can’t tell you what that is till it’s toast. Basically, the more people involved in bringing light to the darkness, the shorter the time to The Event.

Note: This is the closest to an Event Countdown we can safely give. The Event is NOT set for Easter Sunday 2016, but… you never know.

So, get your unicorn on and get busy.

Wait… one more thing. We’re nearly all Javanarians here, so join our near-constant Javanarian EVENT ritual: hold each cup of coffee aloft — each time you get one — and sip its glorious coffeeness (or tea-ness, if that’s your bent), then imagine yourself transmuting the drink’s darkness into light, and say to yourself: “GOD, I needed that.” 

Works every time. MEOWRACLE out.

NOTE: This has nothing to do with any Project Bluebeam/fake invasion/faux-First Contact apparently scheduled for mid-March. (We heard that had been foiled.) However, this is interesting and offers some good advice.


  1. Fortunately I just killed the last glass of wine in the bottle before I read this, so I'm in!


  2. Makes you wonder what will happen to all those folks who are scared by the coming events and turn 100% to alcohol and drugs and worse.


  3. Why didn't you tell them the rest, e.g., expressing your uplifting or highest truth to others with passion in your voice yet compassion in you heart. Light workers are fucking lazy and expect Source to do it all for them. Pathetic… No wonder the'ce been hacked, whacked and cracked by evil. No drinking… Why? It lowers your inhibitions and you tell the (evil?) truth. Hurts when you find out you push a “good” button externally, or 'imagine' it rather than know in your heart what is truly godd about you and what possesses you is simply evil. Duh.


  4. Normally I don't care if the “big picture” is nowhere in sight for others… just more fun/work/reward for us to grow on for that closer look… But knowing all the extra hype “they” push for TV events, only making them look so much more like “The Hunger Games”, is “not” just me- and so “right in plain sight” is very comforting… I even think the ones with faces pressed to the screen are feeling sad and ashamed when they see the mess left behind.Believe Love..? at “the” football game..? (that looked more like flag football)… Up in your face, to blind you from seeing all the money made from betting on “the game”..?Also seeing why sooo much coffee the last few days has had me out of the house on “walk abouts” all the time… hang-on, I need a re-fill, again.And the ridges on all my chunks of quarts seem to be getting much sharper.You made being dragged out of bed to read this Very Much Worth-It.


  5. Grow a Soul? No. Restore a genetically modified, epigenetically programmed, emotionally flipped, mentally disabled and conciously limited being who each individually thinks they are the big dog, incarnate into human beings is the goal… Then cromo luminous beings. ( Yes, the CAT source f-ed up the true terminology… Issues with evil distortions -I digress.). OK, yes, if one gets out of the fear based animal paradigm and wishes to truly evolve a Soul, it SHALL be restored, given karmic work, balance, intent, and an actualized manifestation (on THEIR SOUL PART) of something ANY living being can state is truly good for the LIFE of all!


  6. Tod,You are invited to come spend some time here in the heart of Good Ole Boyville, where Budweiser six-packs, Guns, Rodeo, and Cowboy music reign supreme. In fact the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is usually about this time of year. You can show up there and try expressing your uplifting and highest truth to others with passion in your voice. Maybe you can achieve what I could not. Then come back and share with us the beauty of your experience(s) and all of the changes you made in their opinions and viewpoints.I'll be busy meditating here inside where I am safe. When I am too busy to actually sit and meditate, I just try to repeat a simple mantra: FULL DISCLOSURE AND THE EVENT, FULL DISCLOSURE AND THE EVENT….Now I will add the “pushing the GOOD button” scene, that is my kinda easy.Thanks Meowracle


  7. I like you, you're much fun.Is “grow my Soul” the same as “grow a Soul”..?What happens if… I disregard My Soul that yours would grow..?Judges..?(are out getting coffee… again..?)I wonder if it's this “red button”.I Love buttons, even a new-born will push.Have a not messed-up dayOn me.(e pig e net i cally, so cool)(still looking-up “karmic work”, I told you I'm sort of new at this)


  8. Hey…We should work on this together..?Rulers of Empire”All” works bound by Greedand most of all Murderrendering only a tiny shadow of”True Debt Owed”We await the final tally for all your”good works”your”Power”To move Heart(Earth)


  9. Easy makes you a Pussy… Q.E.D.(Da Da and other math geeks should get that!)Seriously. Ascension is not about being lazy, easy, and “safe”.Why? The Good Ol Boy club of pretending redneck cockfuckers has ONLY FEAR to keep you HIDING.I wholeheartedly suggest CALLING so called officials, rednecks, assholes, etc. OUT on their socially unacceptable B.S. Be intelligent and frame your argument for MAXIMUM EMOTIONAL/intellectual/social PAIN with an uplifting 'good' intension in your heart. You know, how I'm doing to you? 😉


  10. I've been in many interesting and passionate discussions, fights and parties with said rednecks… NEVER got hurt. Heaven isn't a place you die to get to… You have to manifest it! It takes bold action, perseverance and for people to want to STOP being so… NASTY.


  11. You evolve or grow your soul (syntropically) through the thought, action, and reflection of your truth. (That is the part that makes your heart feel good). You devolve or shrink your soul (entropically through the mechanism of decay) through the thought, action and reflection of your mis-truth. (That is the part that makes your heart feel bad.)Your souls? Mostly your responsiblity… UNLESS you allow another who is NOT your TRUE twin flame access. Then both entities share responsiblity. Nothing to judge, as both are accountable.


  12. Was that your hearts moving or are you just Faking them? You know… I would hate to think you would waste the intention, thoughts and truthful actions of Source. I mean… You CAN bullshit Infinite paradox because SURELY you are god with all possibility mapped out because nothing is random in your (ever so massive/galactic/Universal/Multiversal/(sub)conscious expression! Right! (Gotta love the New age B.S.)! Admit it… YOU ARE TOO LAZY to care and only interested in a FEW (low) chakras because 'class' is boring… Time to evolve, kiddies. God makes you his doG as the 'G' spirals in on itself. A -Tod is but a doT, as he MINIMIZES his impact due to the fact he doesn't want to smush a bunch of delicate foulers… Oops! Did I say that? U meant for me to say flowers? You STINK. Evolve and change that diaper!!!!


  13. What is insulting? SOCIETY tells you that when you are “insulted” your heart 'hurts' (picture the world's smallest violin playing the theme to “Days of Our Lives”, here!). I say, MAN up and recognize when you are knee deep in bullshit, pull up your sleeves and SHOVEL! (Grew up on a farm! In the U.S., you know, with rednecks that use delicate language to describe deicate flowers… just before they throw on more fertilizing sh… Oops! Got me going with the coffee, here! Sorry to be insulting bet if you wish to be unconditionally open to new ideas, so as to facilitate evolution, you need to feel that red RAIN!!! Dance naked in it, if you aren't too afraid to show what you got! 😉


  14. It is a GREAT thing that I was able to TRUTHFULLY hack your so-called 'code of ethics' with a simple conditional modification… my conditional use of “and”! I was both insulting AND foul, simultaneously!!! Why? This is the same thing done to you during “guided” meditations! You ABSOLUTELY trust a being you (hope) to be divine but FALL, as you FAIL to examine the truth of the experience -that they OMIT the truth!!! What do they typically teach?!? Do nothing but hope and intend… let the big dragons and Source work it out. Sounds like They are setting up a heirarchy where you always have a messiah! Why? They INTENTIONALLY forget the third ingredient for the manifestation… ACT. All of us need yanked off our butts and must act in alignment with Life! Now! Express it to others!


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