CAT Check for 2-9-17

A check-in/update seems in order.  All is well… where it counts. Like Trump or not, the de facto “military” government now in place in the US is keeping the peace, and will be meting out justice to the justice-challenged. There is no avoiding it. (M3 said: “If you’d gotten the other candidate, you’d be embroiled in a terrible war right now, and it would be … Continue reading CAT Check for 2-9-17


Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! This morning (Sunday) in a meditation, one of the Meowracles saw what looked to be a glowing orange/white/yellow sphere in their whole vision, rolling from side-to-side. Then they saw this at SpaceWeather: What does this mean? Probably something good. What it really means is that it’s time for CAKE. It’s always time for CAKE. UPDATE: Then we had this big WHOMP: UPDATE 11-3-16: Anyone … Continue reading [MGNOWOWOWOWOWOWOW][UPDATED 11-3-16]

M3 for 9-26-16 [UPDATED]

Ok, many of us hated calling these psychic musical segments the “Musical Meowracle Minute,” so we’re going to refer to it as “M3” till we come up with something better. Don’t hold your breath. One Meowracle has had the theme song from, “ATTACK of the Killer Tomatoes” in their head all day — returning a few times till we made this post. Why? No idea. … Continue reading M3 for 9-26-16 [UPDATED]

A Musical Meowracle Minute for 9-19-16 [UPDATE!]

Here’s a new segment. One (or sometimes all) of the Meowracles — our nickname for those CATs seriously connected to the spirit world — often awaken in the morning to a song, provided by the Oversoul or spirit guides. A few weeks ago, it was the theme from “Perry Mason“(a ’60s courtroom drama, for those too young to remember). This morning it was, quite clearly, … Continue reading A Musical Meowracle Minute for 9-19-16 [UPDATE!]

Meowracle Speaks & Randomnicity [UPDATE6]

Finally? [No. They started again.] (NOTE: Updates will now appear at the bottom of posts.) Before we get to the short Meowracle message, it seems like the mass chemtrail spraying has stopped in some areas. Three CATs personally witnessed fighter jet activity around chemjets, with one instance where two F-15s chased off chemjets after about 15 minutes of chaotic spraying, so one group of oath-takers … Continue reading Meowracle Speaks & Randomnicity [UPDATE6]

WAVE X2/Energy Update & Brief MEOWRACLE [UPDATES]

The above Schumann Resonance meter explains why lots of CATs weren’t doing much sleeping night before last. (14 is midnight PDT… I think.) Apart from that, the neutron/cosmic ray count is all over the place, though trending upward. There have been a few spikes, of late. SOMETHING is going on. Somewhere. What we DO know and can report is that one of the CATs has … Continue reading WAVE X2/Energy Update & Brief MEOWRACLE [UPDATES]


Their end is nigh. Here we go. Buckle-up. The MEOWRACLE just uttered a new one: THE TOWER OF LIGHTNINGWILL AWAKEN THE MOTHER OF DRAGONS.THE GIANT’S BLACK FOOTWILL SNUFF OUT THE EYE IN THE PYRAMID. Fairly self-explanatory, though ‘Tower of Lightning’ could either be an actual (nefarious?) device/structure, or it probably refers to the infamous Tarot card that signals the fall of something big. It’s our … Continue reading The MEOWRACLE Speaks: BUCKLE UP