Meowracle Speaks & Randomnicity [UPDATE6]

Finally? [No. They started again.]

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Before we get to the short Meowracle message, it seems like the mass chemtrail spraying has stopped in some areas. Three CATs personally witnessed fighter jet activity around chemjets, with one instance where two F-15s chased off chemjets after about 15 minutes of chaotic spraying, so one group of oath-takers are clearly honoring their oath. Let’s hope this trend continues and spreads to more metros.

Also, it should be noted that we’re all in “a quiet period,” now, energetically (what Lisa Gawlas jokingly called, “the Void“). Not sure why, or what this means exactly, but we probably need it. We also have no idea how long this will last, whatever it is.

And now the Meowracle message, short and sweet:

A horseshoe in the sky marks the end of the cabal.

You mean like this?

UPDATES [as of 7-10-16]

1. Chemtrailwise, we have eyewitness reports of virtually spray-free blue skies in N.CA, parts of OH, and Austin, TX. N.ID and Manhattan had a long respite, but are now apparently seeing tons of spraying. Could be that local air nat’l guard units are doing the right thing and warning the chemjets away. Could be a timeline thing. We’re working on it.

2. Many of us are having interesting bird sightings, which of course could be due to all the planetary changes and disruptions of habitats. Three CATs saw a huge golden eagle last week, as well as two bald eagles. Very unusual for their respective, disparate locales.

3. In this morning’s meditation, things felt 10X lighter than in the past — but with a bunch more nasties poking in at the edges of protection. Something’s most definitely up, but we feel nothing but peace.

4. Sadly, the whole FBI-declaring-crime-ok thing has convinced those air crews who were on the fence to return to spraying as of 7-8-16 in most areas. Maybe they were just on vacation. Either way, there will be hell to pay after The Event. At least NOW people might remember how skies looked and how fresh the planet seemed WITHOUT spraying. 

5. And now spraying has stopped again in lots of areas that used to see nothing but. Weird. [7-10-16] 

6. UPDATE: Spraying has begun again on the West Coast, as one cabal faction refuses to go away. Shoot-down orders are in process. 

23 thoughts on “Meowracle Speaks & Randomnicity [UPDATE6]

  1. They have more expansive brains… the planners of this…and they are much older. The scope of capacity that is human is only an aspect of thier knowing.Im sure this isnt a victory but was also forseen. Look for other revelational things to start happening. The chemicals were being made in india for obvious reasons and I think they had recruited 'help'…which likely means they had componentry that didnt involve straight chemistry. It is also likely that after some few decades that there werent any people actually invoved with the spraying who knew what was going on.This is very disconcerting and relates directly assertion that there are places in the unites states government that take orders directly from satan. I know the spraying was dynamic.They were responding to information coming from somewhere and the locations could change daily.


  2. Alas, new info coming in. Looks like spraying has started in NY and ID again, as well as other places. But… is that a timeline thing??-CAT3


  3. Yes spraying is in force heavily in the midlands uk. I did wonder myself the begginning of last week if it had stopped but then the bags of scum began again.


  4. So has anything really changed? I don't get how people can say the cabal is done when apparently they still have money and power to keep spraying?


  5.“The new study reveals that Sagittarius A* (Sgr A* for short) has been producing one bright X-ray flare about every ten days. However, within the past year, there has been a ten-fold increase in the rate of bright flares from Sgr A*, at about one every day. This increase happened soon after the close approach to Sgr A* by a mysterious object called G2.Do you think this could be the Schumann Resonance whomps we're seeing?


  6. Indirectly, yes. The Schumann Resonance refers to those frequencies (4-48 Hz) at which the earth itself is vibrating, and like any complex (living) object, it vibrates on many frequencies and at many levels. Add into that the multiple dimensions existing in our vibrational gravitic soup bowl and you've got Complexity with a capital C.Note that those flashes astronomers are seeing occurred approx. 26,000 years ago; it's taken the light that long to reach us. In fact, the NEXT WAVE issuing directly from the galactic core is happening right now, at the core, but we won't see its effects till 28016 AD. It will be much stronger than the one we're currently experiencing.


  7. Not sure why you would get the Cabal has ended. I understand you want this to happen. If it did I think we would be under marshal law do to some economic issue with lots of chaos. When the Cabal ends what will replace it? All the scenarios don't seem so great…


  8. DO NOT let the machine take your manifestation power. IMAGINE your perfect timeline, with love and light and truth and justice. Do it now.-CAT5


  9. @CAT2 I'm not with the Cabal as I understand it. I do stay friendly with three groups and I don't keep that secret. To me it seems nesesary at this time. Not knowing what comes after the Cabal is an issue. People normally don't respond well to change. We have seen the effects of mass panic through out history and people can be dangerous. I'm not here to be negative. I'm here trying to figure some things out and a lot of this is new to me.@CAT5, I understand what you are saying and why. Don't think I am wired for the love and light yet. I'm reasonably sure a lot of people aren't. It is difficult to imagine something your not familiar with. The training and programming run deep. Hopefully this wave thing that is on its way her will creat a difference. Honestly I do feel some kind of change, but I don't understand it yet…


  10. Spraying stopped in southern Germany and southern Sweden around the same time. Then started again, sporadically. Now it's stopped again. Every time they hold it of for a few days it gets crazy hot and the sky is completely clear. And everyone pretends it's normal of course…


  11. I too enjoy the fresh air, this is one of my pet projects and for a while I couldn't believe my eyes. They still seem to be spraying enough to cover up Ethel at critical times, though. Can't wrap my head around this one. Maybe for some reason delaying is just not the preferred strategy any more…


  12. NYC: Hard to say. The spraying is going on every day again now, but it appears to be staying at a higher altitude than before. I see the planes going in high up, laying down a scrim of relatively thin, gauzy cloud. But underneath, we have the old-fashioned tall puffy summer clouds of old. We've also had some rainy days with total overcast, and I have no idea whether that is sprayed in or natural.The best I can say, is it seems different than it was, not as clear as the five weeks or so we had in June when it seemed mostly spray-free, and yet not quite the spray-o-rama we've had for years. -CAT9


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