Your Juicy M3 Election Prediction

“DO NOT pull down on the safety bar. *I* will lower it for you.”

Ready? Time for the juicy.

One of the Meowracles — M3, not known for prophetic dreams — had a prophetic dream. In it, Hillary wins the election. Hang on… remain calm, it gets good. M3 saw Hillary rig the election to win — but also saw her rig a little election fraud for Trump, so the DNC could later claim that Trump was trying to rig the election! [Evil.] Later, a security camera shows that it was the DNC stooges who rigged the Trump thing, but that’s farther down the road. In the meantime, Hillary wins and LOTS of people are bummed and afraid, but then… she gets sick… and dies, relatively quickly. THEN we have an honest do-over election and Trump wins (on the timeline M3 saw).

As for The Event, it’s to happen AFTER all this rigamarole. It will happen on all timelines, but then they will split. The really interesting question is: is your personal future timeline influenced by you reading this? Are you your own grandpa?

Note that it’s reeeeeaally hard to foretell the future, considering free will and all the timelines ducking and weaving, so don’t be too hard on psychics who might get it wrong; they might have been viewing a different timeline. Not sure if we can stand much more of this timeline torture, but we are infinitely grateful to our friends in high places for helping us through this.

You can unbuckle after the ride comes to a complete stop.

UPDATE: Well… looks like this happened, but in a different way! Still, seems like M3 saw a different timeline.

18 thoughts on “Your Juicy M3 Election Prediction

  1. ALL of the claircognizants (there are five) said that the above is true… at least for their timelines. I instantly relaxed after reading it. NOW it really is time to relax and break out the popcorn. No wonder all the Friends-on-High (FOH) kept calling this The Big Show!-CAT4


  2. FYI, we have it confirmed that Kerry is going to the underground Antarctic ET/SSP base to meet with “the Big Bad.” Sadly for them, Kerry will taste like old chicken.-M1


  3. Super Cool. This dream would explain the few predictions that I think are rock solid. Also, Yes, to Anonymous about Kerry. Put some catsup on it.


  4. Oh I intend to have both. There are just so few things still kept Sacred. And that's the Right To Have Both Cake and Popcorn if you can.Should have that added to the Bill of Rights at an appropriate Time.


  5. I'm not having the cool prophecy dreams like some of you, but i'm seeing a lot of 222,333,444 lately, so that's something right? 😀


  6. I'm so excited my hands are shaking. Trying to put these links correctly. This Gary Larrabee is one I saw within the last couple of days on Ascension with Earth website, he evidently has his own You Tube Channel which evidently is centered around the RV and Dinar Intel. After listening to Gary Larrabee's videos, you can hear that he is a devout Christian and seems trustworthy. I don't know who this Elaine reporter is but this Report just came in. It shouldn't surprise you CATS. You just finished posting this same information!! LOL LOLYeeeeHaaaaaa! Gary Larrabee You Tube Channel”General Dunford in the White House, Obama Out, and Hillary Dead” website is linked below Gary's video:, I have been checking this link today: the info that “the Plane is not landing” I know that the report from Elaine is not too detailed. I have heard for awhile now that a Clone was being used because Hillary was dead. What's news is that the two Clones are gone! We'll have to wait and see how long it takes for this to be announced. But Whoopeee!Is there some kind of Prize that is appropriate for occasions like this? You CATS were SPOT ON!ME – OW!!!


  7. Looks like M2's prediction was the winner (sorry M3!). Does this mean I'm on the GOOD timeline??-CAT6


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