We have a place for that. Now that that’s over with… The Golden Age timeline has officially begun. Let that sink in. And no, we’re not speaking politically. No schadenfreude, please. This is interesting. Trump winning was an expression of WILL and intent; it could have gone many ways. What transpired on this timeline sends a crystal clear message to… let’s call them our SuperFriends … Continue reading 2 – 4 – 6 – 8… TIME TO RECOMBOBULATE

The Rainbow Dragon is HERE [UPDATED]

The best way to bring up something totally true, yet so totally out-there, is just to say it point-blank: that rainbow-y thing we were talking about earlier is actually a GYNORMOUS and highly intelligent — and very nice — all-powerful, multidimensional Rainbow Dragon from… well, from beyond. She hatched a few days ago from an egg the size of a small city. Yeah, we didn’t … Continue reading The Rainbow Dragon is HERE [UPDATED]