Things Are Happening

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5 thoughts on “Things Are Happening

  1. Couldn't formations like these (and other double rainbows, sundogs etc, ) be due in part to the reflective crap from chemtrails? The rainbow circle around the sun (visible typically through sunglasses) remind me of all the dangerous chemicals, pollutants and harmful materials they're spraying us with. Thoughts? Also, we know you post crytic messages because Cognoscenti read your blog, however, even a scap of an update would feel less teasing. Thanks for all you do.


  2. Also, I should've said… The CAT doesn't mean to be cryptic. It's just that sometimes it's not in some key beings' best interest for EVERYONE (incl. those who might try to monkeywrench it) to know. Rather than post for the sake of posting, we usu. only post when we notice something happen — and verify it. Or are guided to bring information forward. We would never intentionally tease. That would be mean. We could never be mean.


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